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Re: Trying to get off blood pressure medications by inspiraller ..... Hypertension Alternatives Forum

Date:   2/2/2007 9:48:09 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Its good to hear you breast feed for a long time. I think this is the most nutritious food for a baby.

Im blood type A myself and yes I know a lot about Blood Type Diet s as it was the first every program I got into when I really started researching and experimenting with diet. The book Eat Right for your type will go into recommendations and yet its true that the vegetarian diet is more suitable for this type. Though there are other factors like dosha, ailment and individual genetics which will prove exceptions to the rules.

Im sorry to hear you had your gallbladder removed. It seems like you definately had a problem with your liver and the kinds of foods you ate to get into that state. It doesn't mean you don't have stones in your bile ducts or liver. I would recommend looking at the Liver Flush Forum . Try the Hulda Clark flush.

The important thing for the liver is not to get overworked since it already does so many other things. - high protein meals, fried foods, cold foods, sweet foods and any meal larger than 2 handfuls will put strain on your liver and especially mercury. I have since given up fish to cleanse myself of mercury which is why im on this oral chelation forum.

For the liver I recommend -
- drinking 4-5 pints filtered water a day
- Eating small regular meals, ideally warm to aid digestion - essential for liver problems. Ideally vegetarian home made dairy free soup.
- apples - helps dissolve stones
- turmeric - helps phase 2 detoxification
- sacromyces boulardi probiotic - especially good for gilberts syndrome - which I have.
- lemons help digest food and kill bacteria- provided your not sensitve to them. Bear in mind they're not good for teeth so not good to have before you go to bed. In the morning is better.
- cinnamon, stevia intead of sugar

I recommend avoiding -
- acidic foods - tomatoes, oranges except lemons. Lemons help digestion and leave an alkaline base.
- bread, anything with yeast or thats fermented like most fruits and juices in cartons because it feeds bacteria, encouraging your sweet tooth
- most fruit, sugar, honey, blackstrap molasses, brown sugar, dates - basically anything with Sugar in it. go for stevia and cinnamon.

For weight loss -
- exercise
- colonic cleanse for a week
- drink more water to feel full and eating less. Try psyllium.

For high blood pressure -
- drink ozonated water
- deep breathing exercises
- drink barley grass or wheat grass - or get powder and mix with water

For protein -
- quinoa
- beans
- nuts and seeds - almonds are the healthiest. Soak in lemon water to clean and make easier to digest and they taste good too.

For tastebuds -
- avoid anything tasty for a while to adapt to more natural seasoning
- try chinese medicine to adapt to the really bitter flavours

For withdrawel symptoms - flu, migraine etc
- vitamin c supplementation

I strongly recommend you research online for more detail.

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