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Re: --answer--Acidic Minerals by moreless ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   2/5/2007 11:11:57 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi vulcanel,

We do not want "YOU" to stay confused now do we ?

If "YOU" would learn to read a little Better, "YOU" may could have Learned from my past posts that Epsom Salt contains both an Alkaline Mineral called Magnesium and an Acid element called Sulfate !

And when this is combined with water it has an Acidifying effect because of the Sulfates it contains !

And as the Magnesium is then utilized by the body to help the Liver and Kidneys to properly Regulate the Proteins in the body, the sulfates also help to Regulate the Protein Isotopes, by Causing the Protein to hold to the Alkaline Isotope !

For you see, not everthing may be as it may First seem to be !

For more info on this subject, "YOU" may review the
site !

As to Plants containing phosphates, "YOU" may Learn more about this by also reading info in the
site , "IF" "YOU would like to gain more understanding ?

Plants cannot be properly ionized without phosphates, thus one may not have Top Quality Plants without enough Phosphates to Cause the Binding of the Alkaline Minerals by Phosphates !

"YOU" may be amazed at how many things you may Learn, which "YOU" seem to be Lacking in understanding , "IF" "YOU" open "YOUR" mind just a little bit ?

Smile Tis your choice.

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