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Re: on day 28..need help with Qs by kathryn101 ..... Juicing Forum

Date:   2/16/2007 6:54:52 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Ashley...Sorry you haven't received a response before now. However, after all
you've been probably won't like mine. :-)

I don't feel the 30 day juice fast is necessary. I think the best way to do to do it 'with' a healthy Diet and life style. Now that's just MY opinion, but my husband and I have been juicing for years.

If you want to drop a few pounds...and clear up your skin...and that's all the
problems you have...I would suggest you get on a good healthy diet...low fat and
low carb...and do juicing along with that. And you for sure need a little oil
in your diet.

Are you adding cucumber to any of your juices? Because cucumber is very good for
the can juice the cucumbers along with whatever juice you're having...
and you can also munch on them during the day.

Our favorite juice is carrot, spinach and apple....and it's good for so many things.

Raw carrot juice has all the vitamins that are needed by your body, so carrot juice
is priceless. It's a good cleanser for the liver...good for the skin and eyes...
I always have carrot as my base.
Spinach is good for the liver and a good cleanser for the's high in
chlorophyll...which is very healing in general.
And that apple...well, it just adds a lot more cleansing benefit and much needed
nutrients... and I'm all for cleansing and getting all the nutrition I can get...
as long as it's done naturally...I'm not much on many of the supplements.

With just juicing carrots, spinach and're getting calcium, magnesium,
potassium, chlorophyll and tons of other good you're encouraging
your main organs to cleans and be healthy. And that's a good thing! :-)

You've been on a long fast...hope you're feeling good...but I'd imagine you're not
so perky. Check out the post to Derrick above...I suggested a couple of really
good books...that you can get for little of nothing...that will open the door to
a whole new wonderful world of juicing to you....good luck. kathryn


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