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Re: India, by MH by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/20/2007 2:29:43 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Well, do you see many catholic leaders in the budah temples? Do you see many budah temples in the UN countries? The UN is just waiting for a nuclear excuse to remove India and her feuding neighbors. Some of the early chem trail spraying was done over India. The UN may tolerate allot of religions, as long as they stay in their place, otherwise mother church will not put up with too much. A 500 foot tall budah temple might as well as a bullseye on the back door as long as the Roman Empire rules this world. When the usa starts it up with Iran/North Korea, I would not want to live within a 1,000 miles.

The catholics invited the government in when Constiteine was pope, together the church/government conqueered the world and all those world wide catholic churches worth billions of Dollars were built with government blood money, they have the biggest richest churches in the world and then comes along a 500 foot budah? Sounds like India is asking for a fight with the church.

I like the story of when a Kentucky preacher went to India and 100% of all the Budah leaders "feared" him and not one could do a miracle from their God, they all fail in fear of the ole Kentucky hillbilly when he challenged them to come on up stage with their budah gods and show what they could do and none would move forward, they knew they could not ask anything of budah and expect a miracle for all to see. When the mayor seen along with the rest of the budist that the local blind man was given a new set of eyes at the command of the Kentucky hillbilly, no one in the crowd was thinking about budah, because he was going out the back door in shame.

Just stories of course, I have zero doubts that if the history was revealed, the budist have their roots in the roman empire church history one way or another, the stories are similar enough. The discovery channel stated that the deli lama was all for the 500 foot budah, while the people were as poor as the rats they eat, makes people wonder whats up. It also stated that the 150 million needed for the idol was all donated, so where are all these budist around the world when the people of India are poor?


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