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Pt deux/One I Am At HOME by Ayehasherayeh ..... Poetry Forum

Date:   4/22/2007 1:53:31 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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(Namah Siv-Aye) express gratitude for the gift of grace (Sat Chid Ananda Murt-Aye)

which allows me to dream the dreams that I do
and for realization that what I may dream I may make come true
As I look back even just the last 2 years
when recalling the preferred method of constructing inner mansions
I see most manifestations by grace and quite quick in return

so only a few minor modifications to the original plans remain
then I shall begin upkeep and maintenance or perhaps do it all over again
I dwell continously within the confines of my father's house
In my fathers house there exist many dwelling places
If it were not so I would have told you

I am thankful to have grown the faith that I may see and feel and utilize the yet unmanifest external in a deeply internal fashion as if I have been living in the end since the beginning Only since seeing this and being handed the key (which some call a secret) of dwelling in the end has the beginning been revealed -As for the present moment the beginning does not always come before the end

I know the last specific details arrive soon
Where will I be when they manifest? Right HERE where I always Am! Where else can I be? The future is NOW the past has no influence
If I can dream it to be - when asleep I can dream it to be - when awake
unconscious dreams are a proving ground to learn consciousnes, become aware and begin to dream in waking life in order to create the HOME in which one dwells

Nishprapanchaya Shant
Thank you for realization of ONE
Thank You for my life under this Sun
Thank you for images reflected a mirror and a TOME
Thank you All that is written is All that Is KNOWN
Thank you for the ability to navigate through wires and TONES
Thank you all the more for still getting ĎLOSTí while being curled up at HOME
Popping out of the box
Going up the hill
To fetch the water needed
To annoint the head and open the crown
Transcending 3 states
Increasing the flow of the river
to carry the boat
clearing obstacles from the path
of ocean and sea
Look in the mirror
The last rock is me!

Did I mention Home OíMy Sweet Home?
The calf in the meadow the cows in the corn?
The maiden no longer forlorn?
Kissed by the man neither tattered nor torn,

Thank you for the suPREMe sacrifice of your SUN
The stripes on the back are annointed with oil of GLADNESS
what you have done for the least ONE will surely come BACK to you

With the teaching to run from the central location
The hands have it as far as the eye can see

This is the house that Jack Built

I am thankful I Am Jack!
also with whom I ran up the hill
Thanks for the little Tai Child also.
A too!
jai love You

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