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Do OP for Tooth Infections by larx ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/22/2007 2:18:08 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Oil pulling, which is mouth rinsing with olive oil etc, definitely seems to cure tooth infections. The oil pulling forum is
This message at that forum,
describes people's incredible results from oil pulling.

I had several abscessed teeth and infections for over ten years. They made my gums a little tender and the gums would bleed a little from brushing my teeth. I got tooth aches every few months. I used garlic, essential oil, or herbs to suppress the infection pains, but I didn't know how to get rid of the infections completely, until I learned about oil pulling on March 5th. After 4 days of doing it, the gum bleeding stopped and gum tenderness greatly reduced. After a few weeks, blisters on the gums from infected tooth roots started to disappear. I used to get bad headaches about every week or two, but haven't gotten any since then. I've only gotten a few minor headaches which haven't lasted long.

Conventional dentists are dangerous. See
Root canals, fillings, cavities and missing teeth tend to develop hidden infections in tooth roots and in the jaw bones. These infections become systemic in the body, causing suppression of the immune system and thus allowing more serious diseases to occur in any other parts of the body. So ending the hidden tooth infections can restore the immune system and alleviate problems throughout the body.

Metals etc used in fillings, crowns, root canals and even braces cause serious toxic reactions. Nickel is generally used in crowns etc and often produces breast tumors in women.

Biological dentists are much better than conventional ones. They use much safer products and methods. With oil pulling a dentist would seldom be needed at all. The greatest benefit reported from OP in the above survey of 111 people was whiter teeth. Teeth, gum and skin health were also the other main reported benefits.

I haven't seen a dentist since 96. Before that I hadn't seen one since 1980. I thought my raw food vegan diet would keep my teeth and my whole body healthy. But I developed early MS-like symptoms in 96, so I read Dr. Huggins' book on replacing mercury fillings and found a biological dentist in the St. Louis area. I had to get them replaced in a proper order according to small electric currents in each quadrant. I got 5 fillings replaced with composite or ceramic and got one removed but not replaced. I'd first gotten the fillings between 1960 and 77. After adding eggs, Sea Salt and spirulina [later switching to chlorella] to my diet, and after replacing the mercury fillings, my MS-like symptoms faded pretty quickly. The x-rays in 96 revealed about 4 abscessed teeth, but I didn't know how to kill the infections until now.

It's amazing how effective the OP is. It involves taking about a teaspoon of oil and swishing it over the teeth and gums for about ten minutes once a day. I use coconut oil, but olive oil and others are also said to be effective. Brushing with oil, instead of toothpaste, is also probably a good idea. But the brushing should be done for several minutes, with lips closed over the brush.


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