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Help for a newbie by Daisey ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   5/4/2007 7:29:17 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi! I'm Daisey..Nice to meet you all. I have a story and some questions...

I didn't grow up in a family that was mindful of natural health. We ate dollar burritos, donuts for breakfast and never a veggie.

As I've grown into my mid age...30's :-) I'm starting to read all these fascinating things that I should have done. (and my health is showing the folly of my past's lack in healthy choices).

My Dh has been sick his whole life, and our whole marriage. (almost 7 years) His mom has Chrone's and his dad has Lupus. My husband(Jay)was raised on processed convenience foods and constantly taken to the doctor and stuffed with Anit-biotics and meds.

In the 8 years I have known him...he's always had Severe Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Digestion ,Very Poor Elimination,Brain Fog, Reaction to Wheats and Dairy foods,, etc. This is all despite his very determined and dedicated practice of abstaining from sugar and faithfully working out (Gym) on a regular basis. He even went through a season of no pork or junky fast foods..and has never been given to drinking sodas much at all. As a teen he did drink beer quite a bit. But that was just a teen thing.

My problems are not so severe, but are getting worse as I mature. I guess having babies , getting up at night with babies and not getting enough rest is taking it's tole on me. I have a severe addiction to sugarfor sure, and I suspect I need a hardy parasite cleanse from all I am reading. I tend to hemmorrage after a birth and for some reason I'm finding that I really need an herbal iron booster to keep me ticking. Lately I am ALWAYS dragging and just generally don't feel good. Bloating, Mood swings, and severe fatigue and lack of energy are mine main battles. I've done one 8 day Master Cleanse and have begun trying to figure out how to turn all of this around.

As for my children (Three boys under 6 years of age) We taught them to love Honey, Agave Nectar and things like that and try to avoid processed and sugary foods. I don't always do great. Some weeks the budget only allows fish sticks etc., but I've taught them to eat salads, blender veggie/fruit drinks, and veggies, and take supplements.

I've just about hit a brick  wall though trying to figure out an order of things..(cleanses, clushes, menus, fasts, etc.) Fix my Dh's health (and mine). We haven't had the money to see a Naturopathic Health Care Provider. We'd like to. But it's not something we can do at this time. So I'm having to hunt down SO MUCH information on my own and I AM OVERWHELEMED.

I WISH i could pull it together enough to follow the Nourishing Traditions way of eating. But it is so complex and overwhelming and I'm finding it REALLY hard to get started. Like. I learned of it 3 years ago and I STILL haven't found a place to start.

 I've begun giving us all Cod Liver Oil, Spirulina, B Complex, Floradix Iron for me, The Veggie Blender Drinks , Virgin Coconut oil, liquid chlorophyll, herbal teas, ACV, etc. WE can't always afford to have ALL of it at once..but we are usually taking some to all of these...

.......and still we just have no Health or Zest. So I'm realizing we need to Cleanse. Yet there are so many of them...

Thus the detailed question.....Where to start!?!?!?hahaha

 If you have any light to shed, or if you could get me started on a good order of cleanses, superfoods, or herbal medicines that would be effective for our  family...or other health "things" we need to do...I would just love you to glory for sharing it. 


Blessings to you and have a lovely day...Daisey


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