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Atelier Robin F125 first impressions by Newport ..... Rife Forum: Bio Resonance

Date:   5/5/2007 12:21:00 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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The F125 square wave frequency generator replaces our F150/155/105 frequency generators. It is a completely new design with many new features. The main one being that it can run standalone up to 1500 program files copied from a PC or Mac. It is also possible to connect the F125 to a computer via a USB port and control it with the F100 3.0 software for MS-Windows in the same way our F150/155/105 operate from a PC.

Been using a Zapper (Ultimate Zapper) now for a few months with some very good results, both in Candida, parasite control as well as zapping flu bugs as they showed up. So buying a Frequency Generator (FG) was the next logical step up, and I chose the F125 to start on.

The F125 is well made the interface is simple to operate, the software installs on all OS and downloadable pre-scripted files are available including special ones for Hulda Clark frequencies and as a Pad device or attached to a Ray tube.
Download F100 Frequency Files:

I donít have an EMEM or other Ray tube so the device was used as a Pad attached to zapper hand holds and footpads via the alligator clip cord purchased with the unit.

The amplified output is adjustable from 0-13V and has Max output current 125 ma, which appears to be plenty. Even with only the footpads used (no handholds) the frequencies work well on the upper part of the body and my favorite script the "Lymph & Detox" is felt all over.

I did run two parasite scripts, the first was the Roundworms_Comp and it produced distinct die off symptoms the next day. The other was the Hulda Clark roundworm script and it also produced reactions. I do run the parasite scripts with both Hand and foot contacts attached.

When hooking up the contact points I hook the alligator clips from the F125 to each footpad then hook the handholds to each footpad. This leaves me with two positive and two negative contact points. Wet (salt water) paper towels are used eliminate the copper from touching the skin. Removing a single contact point lessens the frequencies and is noticeable so I would imagine that this 4 point setup is a must for a full powered session.

After using it now for just a few days I love the unit, the quality of everything is top notch and it is simple to operate. Here are a couple of things that may be worth implementing in a future version:

- An audible beep when file ends would be nice
- Backlit LCD might be a future feature
- File renaming ala Cell Phone s might be a good future feature. This would eliminate the file name restrictions (currently only numbers) when using the unit. This is a nice to have since renaming can be done on the computer but this is my first impression and I instinctively expected Cell Phone behavior...
- CBL2 could have longer separated wires; currently the wires are combined then split only a few inches before the alligator clips. If this split was longer by maybe 6 inches then that would make it easier to use for handholds.


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