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Re: ADD/ADHD & Aspergers by oldmother ..... ADD/ADHD: Attention Deficit

Date:   5/9/2007 9:31:11 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Wow! Thank you for sharing your story! Where was this information in the late 1980's...and the computers, the networkings. Alot of trial and errors with my diagnosed ADD 3rd grader. Never put him on the drugs. A naturpath saved my sanity with him. Keeping him away from GameBoys, sugar...He will be graduating college next year. And then there is our youngest...again the magical age of 3rd grade.
Going to the dr. for help. Giving her the 'magic' blue pill of adderol...the drug of the day. It is always fun watching your child come off the pills at the end of the day...and the teachers saying they need MORE. After a year of this insanity....
(MOTHER's!!! LISTEN UP!.....ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR INSTICTS!!!ALWAYS!!!ALWAYS YOUR GUT!!THERE IS A REASON YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!!!...)I'm sitting in the doctors office....there are FOUR adults holding down this SCREAMING 10 year old who looks like she was in an Auschwitz camp...going for another round of blood drawing to make sure she's not getting a poisoned liver. Enough was enough. No more magic blue pills that did not work by the 2nd week. I later find out why...last year.
She was diagnosed with something called Aspergers. With much wonderful writings...
my favorites Attwood and Willey...I agreed! This is what she has.
One almost needs a psychology degree with this syndrome! Here are some things
that have really helped. (Im not a doctor...this is what has worked for us..)
Keeping the blood levels stable. Doing a parasitic/detox cleanse. (I used Paragone...and mild herbs like fennel....colon enhancers from VitaminShoppe.
for like 2 weeks. The hyper activity subsided. (Limited cartoon watching! anime,or fast scene changings)That really has helped. (ABSOLUTELY NO COKE/Soda...fake juices...)We poison our kids, then wonder why they are bouncing off the walls!
I have found when needed....depending what is it depression, not focused...anxieties... certain amino acids have come in handy to even her out.
Even the Naturade Protein powder mixed in hot oatmeal, frozen berry slushies seems to fill in the gaps. She is currently in public school...but that is questionable for next year. I might have to homeschool her. She's falling through the public school cracks. (I have her enrolled in an expensive learning center right now. They are GREAT!!! There are alot of kids from her school going there. What is this saying about our public schools?!)Keep a close eye on your child. If they are slipping. Don't let it go, or they will get so far behind. Middle School is stressful enough as it is. Elementary years are a wild ride. Hold on tight.
I do want to let you know that it gets better. Easier? My oldest did well by HighSchool, because he could 'turn the radios off' in his head. He was able to filter things out better...then when he was younger.
Again...THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY! I hope it inspires others. It's scary sometimes trying to 'figure stuff out' for your child...because you want the very best for them.
Perhaps drugs are needed in some cases. Read Read Read....before placing your guineapigchild at the hands of the pharmacutical companies. Detox. Nutrition.
works wonders. It did/has for me and my family.


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