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Re: just found out ive got mercury toxity by saved1230 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/12/2007 8:48:01 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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It's great you found out you have mercury poisoning. Many of have mercury toxcicity and don't realize it. It is in our amalgams, as as well as many vaccines, and unfortunetly in many of our environmental things and even in fish. We have been chelating our son who is autistic for many years now, with good results. My husband and I have both had Amalgams out, and I like you I have one more. We have not chelated yet. What does the doctor have you chelating with? An oral agent, IV, trandermal, or suppository? I hope you don't mind sharing. We also do things to support out sons liver, keep his minerals up, as chelation also will deplete mineralS, and try to keep candida under control, chelation also stirs up candida due to the mercury and metals leaving via stool and urine. Your doctor is right, you will not get better until you get that mercury way down. I hope your doctor told you that many other metals that might be there will come out before the mercury. Such metals like tin, lead, nickel, and other things. When our liver has been compromised by heavy metals chelating out the bad things is not as easy as someone who does not have an over load of metals. There is alot of information on chelation and many views of which way is right and not right. You are on the right track by getting your Amalgams out. Do know though, the one Amalgam you still have in your wisdom tooth, does still leach mercury into you system as you chelate. You might just hurry to get that out, so the chelation can do it's job. There is so much to learn, just keep on going. If you ever have questions and want to ask other you could go to yahoo and find groups of people to talk to. Look up autism and mercury, and though you don't have autism that chelation that people do and the questions that are asked and answered are invaluable. Good luck, keep us all posted.

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