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Re: the effect of iodine on liver flush by Ohfor07 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   5/19/2007 12:56:09 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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For the past 2 months I've been on a gradually-increasing but mostly conservative daily supplementation with Lugol's. About 2 weeks ago I did my second ever liver flush, the first I did roughly 18 months prior.

On the day of the final approach (2 weeks ago), following the Hulda book, I did not take any of the routine supplements / vitamins or the like. I do not take any prescription meds to begin with, so there was no problem eliminating these as well as the book advises. Up till that day, my daily Iodine intake was at 3 skinny drops twice per day, plus or minus the various other supplements the forum & literature suggests may help such an Iodine supplementation efforts.

In both cases, I had no horror stories to report from the Liver Flushing experience. By this I mean none of the bad results as are routinely posted by people on the Liver Flush Forum who, through one way or another, tried a short cut and ended up paying horribly as a result. In both cases, the flush produced plentiful stones, however, in the most recent flush, the stones produced seemed to be more plentiful AND the process of them coming out of me lasted longer (all through the day and partly into the next day), and the stones were visibly larger than the previous. For all I know, this in itself may have been a natural byproduct due to the prior flush, without Iodine having contributed to the results; I dunno.

I intend to do the next Liver Flush much sooner, and had planned to do it within two weeks of the last one the way the book suggests BUT some unexpected interruptions (not health related) have delayed this plan.

At this point, the question of effects from Iodine on the flush is yet another "I dunno" added to the accumulating pile of such I have; I do not know whether or not the Iodine factor had any clear impact on the results of this recent flush.

There is (or was) a somewhat regular poster to this forum who themselves was known to be a fairlly rigorous liver flusher; ConcernedAunt. They may have more conclusive information on the interplay between Liver Flushing and Iodine. I have not seen any posting from ConcernedAunt in some time now and, seriously, am a bit concerned about them. The last I saw from them, they were struggling with other chronic health problems but was continuing to plow on with their particular Iodine Supplementation regimine. Anyone know any more about ConcernedAunt?



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