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Re: Lyme Disease!!! Yes!!! by Aherantoxologist ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/6/2007 2:42:38 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Arka asks:

The cures you mentioned interest me and I'm wondering if the cures you speak of were permanent. There are many reports (and I've experienced some of this myself) about the appearance of a cure for Lyme only to have it gradually return over several weeks.

Did you try out Wayne Blakley's, "ProBiotics, and if so were you as impressed after trying it as you were before actually trying it?

Yes, the SuperSilver + Allicin has totally cured me. You are correct to inquire about a re-lapse. Approximately 30 days after I took the stringent 10-13 day course, I noticed a couple of fresh welts, much much smaller in size and itchiness than the first go-around. I had already given the rest of my bottle to my girlfriend who's son was suffering from 'e-Coli' after a trip to San Antonio.

(He too was cured, but drank the 1/2 bottle like it was a soda.)

After the silver solution does its thing, you can expect the rash-spots to dry out from below, ultimately dispersing like a fleck of a thin scab. It's a rather rewarding feeling to know that you've conquered them one-by-one. I do feel I should take 2tbs. per week just in case...
- - -
As to "Wane Blakeley," and his miracle 'ProBiotics' formula: Once again, this guy has come up with more miracle cures. I've heard him interviewed three times and his newest stuff is evidently like a whole Hospital full of cures, in just three bottles! Wayne's newest prime formula works at the electrical-cellular-level. Second, I forget what 'Digesticol' does. Third, 'Fluricol' restores the natural mantle in your stomach and lower intestines, which is evidently really important for post-toxic flush, like with Crones disease.

Search/buy his products here, or call Dr. Bill for recommendations before you buy.


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