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Re: Maryland State School Board Advances 'Sexual Diversity' Above Children's Safety by muad_dib ..... Gay/Lesbian Marriage & Adoption

Date:   7/11/2007 7:29:06 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Alright cowboy, why is it deviant? Also, they are teaching kids about it specifically for the health aspect of it, it's not gathering all the kids in the cafeteria and saying "well kids, anal sex is pretty awesome!"
My premise is that your argument for "deviance" is anything that precludes reproduction. Therefore, oral sex, self-gratification, even nocturnal emissions is deviant.
Pedophilia is wrong because it takes advantage of someone who is not mature enough physically/mentally/and emotionally to provide consent.
Hows about if two 10 year olds get married and have sex? What if the girl is pre-pubertal? There's no way she can get pregnant, so chalk that up to the deviant list.

exceptable does not equal acceptable.

Much of the argument against homosexuality is because of the bible verse saying that men should not lie with men as they do with women. So that's why I asked if anal sex between a man and woman is ok.

Finally, I'm not athiest, and I don't care what you think because you have the right to think it. Just like gays/lesbians. I'm merely pointing out the flaws in your arguments and you're unable to provide rational responses.

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