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Re: Thyroid nodules and mercury? by #80968 ..... Hypothyroid & Wilsonís Disease

Date:   7/28/2007 2:50:06 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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**nodules .... cold hands and feet, periods of severe fatigue, pain in hands, sensitivity to cold, Reynauds, headaches, chronic sinus congestion, low body temp, depression, OCD, and anxiety .... brain fog, forgetfulness, long/short term memory loss, comprehension difficulties, sensitivity to heat, painful/heavy menses, tinnitus, plantars fasciitis, GERD, cystic breasts, and eyelid twitches....**

SOUNDS like a a viral autoimmune disease of some kind: Epstein-Barr or one of the others. My sister has EBV -- all of the above symptoms and many more. They are usually progressive - getting worse/more symptoms as you age.

If you have adrenal fatigue, your doc should have you on Isocort to start. Since you don't have antibodies, a little Iodine can't hurt. Stop drinking the tap water to begin with. Check out the tests they do on tap water all over the country -- a report is usually published locally every year. They all say:

"Our water is really ok ... but people with immune dysfunction shouldn't drink it".

Your T3-4 levels might show some thyroid resistance, which is not uncommon w/ concurrent menstrual problems. How is your blood sugar?

Check out the Blood Type Diet -- find out your blood type, and follow the guidelines for a few months. You will be amazed at the wonderful results.

hoping all goes well,
a fellow-sufferer

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