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Re: Where is 33542? by #33452 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/8/2007 10:48:50 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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My sincere apologies Shroom and thanks for your last message... there are times when I am busy working and often try to pretend this isn't really happening, so consequently try not to spend too much time focusing on the illness. But lately it has been the fact that I have been experiencing migraine headaches and have been out of commission—was very sick today almost like a die-off feeling as if I have the flu. I just tried 1000mg of vitamin c and salt last night so maybe that was the reason I couldn’t function today, but nonetheless, I haven’t been able to even think straight recently.

Besides the fibers, I also have been seeing plenty of cocoons lately with little heads coming out of a sac with the beginning of these horns emerging...hard not to think of the connotation here--[could it be...........Satan? :> for those of you who remember that Saturday night live skit] A hard situation made more difficult is that my daughters live with me and are shortly going back to college—but one will be living with me. I think they have parasites / morgellon’s also. I don't want to add any more stress in their lives by telling them anything other than I think we picked up a parasite during the last spring break. And to try and get young kids to keep their towels and clothes off the floor to eliminate these critters that I am seeing on the toilet, sofa, the floors, after using the lint roller on the bed sheets etc. is not possible, even if I do tell them the whole story. I know that telling my youngest any more than I have, will totally freak her out. The implications here are causing me great concern—I am going out to buy them some of the supplements that have helped me, but I don’t know if they can handle the die off symptoms…and is she going to spread this to her college roommate?

Another major stressful situation is that there is a man who is basically stalking me right now--long story as he is someone I befriended because he had no family, was lonely etc. and we tried a website business together that didn't work out. I love him dearly as he has a good soul and when normal, has been a good friend. However, there are times when he is out of control and doesn’t act rationally. I have been trying to get him to seek out help for years because I think he is Bipolar, pardon the label—i.e. he calls me 16x a day through the night, is there waiting for me when I get home after being out with friends etc.; and when he feels threatened, he is lashes out in anger and panics, especially if I am busy. I have great compassion, but my patience is running thin right now because he won't do cleanses or anything else to help himself for that matter. Oh well, that is for another forum, isn't it?

So if you don't hear from me for a few days, this is why...I am praying that I don't lose it all together as I still need to go through a divorce, my friends aren't interested nor would they believe all of this... I just got positive lyme results back, my air conditioner just broke [am sweltering] know, just the normal [?] life stuff.

It is so hard for me not to be able to talk and share what is going on with whom I call 'the fortunate ones', that are healthy and feel good--namely, my friends. So I will always come back, seeking answers and trying to help when I can--I thank all of you for the support that you have given me and others. It a good feeling to know that someone cares, so God bless and thanks for listening…


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