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My Success with Salt Water Purge this morning! by boldyloxx ..... Constipation Forum

Date:   8/13/2007 8:49:07 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I am very very excited -- This Sunday I read an article about how to cleanse the intestinal tract with 1 qt. water and 2 teaspoons of salt.

and being that lately I have been a little constipated, I thought I'd try it this morning.

Within minutes after drinking 1/2 of the quart of water, I had to run to the bathroom. Everything blocked inside of me for 2 days nicely came out- as well as one rather large 4 inch long liver fluke parasite and some smaller ones.

I think I ended up making about about four trips to the bathroom this morning- and the cleansing felt very soothing and pleasant- and very thorough. I had more energy this morning at work as well. Also a dull headache I had is totally gone now.

I really reccomend this flush for all of us- Especially during those times when we can get constipated while parasite cleansing. Believe me, it will flush out all the dead clumped up parasites causing constipation and probably quickly eliminate any die- off symptoms that day.

I used unrefined Sea Salt in tepid Spring Water.

I reccomend using tepid distilled water- and because regular table salt has alot of solvents and toxins in it, I reccomend using only unrefined Sea Salt or Himilayan salt.

All you need is a quart of water and 2 teaspoons of the Sea Salt , and a quart sized container to shake up the salt in - and drink in the morning before breakfast.

Awesome!! I am extreemly impressed !!

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