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Re: Actually by knows ..... Constipation Forum

Date:   8/15/2007 11:56:47 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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For sure the mental component is the most important but in todays society it's a sure bet they've been physically poisoned. Poisoning does negatively affect the thinking aparatus. I've handled quite a few so-called "terminal" people over the years and it always amazes them how their thinking clears up after the poisons and parasites have been eliminated. The physical poisoning is done on purpose because the people that do the poisoning know that it has a negative effect on the individuals thinking. Its by design. Flouride, chlorine, vaccinations, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, synthetic vitamins in the food, on and on it goes. People don't have a chance. (Creation of the Post-Human Being)

If you've been in this for any length of time you know how compalcent people have become. That IS from the mass drugging of society (and a few other things).
I personally was poisoned by the Agent Orange. I didn't realize the mental effect it had on me until I passed it after a liver flush. That sense of hopelessness was gone. I had that since 1971 and it was so subtle I wasn't aware of it until AFTER the poison was gone.

Same-same the parasites. I passed 22 pounds of them in three months back in 97. Bugs that I had picked up in the jungles of Souteast Asia that had obviously multiplied. Both the poisons and parsites were not a creation of my mind. The poisons and parasites have a negative effect on the thinking aparatus. I can attaest to that firsthand.

Of course it all comes down to what level of responsibility the individual is going to take for himself and his surroundings. Most people don't wake up until a crisis comes along. Until then they play the mental games with each other which is some of what you see on this site. But I feel most people here have reached the point where they realize there HAS to be a better way and thus Natural Healing provides that way. Once they have that desire to seek and embrace truth we can work with them and teach them like we were taught to get our health back. That's the beauty of Natural Healing, its going to work whether you "believe" in it or not. It follows the sound physiological principles bodies function under.

As far as judging goes. Unlike you I judge everything and everybody. I've been tricked too many times by the powers that be and other unscrupulous people to not judge.

I'll offer facts and truth to people, no belief system, and sometimes I just take right over and run their lives for them for a while until they can get their bearings and carry on for themselves. I've seen that with combat veterans and child abuse victims.

So the things we do to release the poisons and parasites does indeed have a positive affect on the mind. Especially the liver flush. But I think the people that think it's the other way around are wrong. The absense of poisons and parasites are what effects the mind. There is no mental gymnastics invloved with simple cleansing regimes.

Anyway, keep up the great work. It's nice talking to you... Doc Sutter

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