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desperate for answers/help/advice/anything to keep me sane by kb140 ..... Chlamydia Forum

Date:   8/21/2007 8:19:12 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Ok, please read this with an open mind - I have no reason or benefit to lie here but I feel I have nowhere else to turn. Here's my story:

I moved to USA from UK in 2000. I met my wife in June 2001. Before my wife, my last sexual partner was late 1999 or early 2000 (and before that I did sleep around a bit). I have not even held hands with anyone else since we were together, let alone be unfaithful. We have 2 kids 18 mnths and 3 yrs. After our 2nd, she had an IUD put in. She had heavy periods since insertion. We planned to start trying for another child later this yr and she had iud taken out. Just before she had symptoms for Chlamidia. When the IUD was taken out (just over a week ago), she was dianosed with Chlamidia. She thinks she tested negatively for it a few months ago and will see the records for sure tomorrow. I have just found out that I am also positive. I have recently taken a new job that means i'm on the road quite a bit, so plenty of opportunity if I looked. She claims not to have been unfaithful - I believe her. She is convinced I have been up to no good and i'm probably going to lose my marriage or at the very least the trust of my wife. At the moment, I feel like at least if I cheated, I would have myself to blame - now I feel like life is so unfair is it really worth living (but then remember my kids and that is the only thing keeping me going right now). I need help/advice/friendship (my wife is the only friend I have)/anything right now because I don't know if I can survive. I'm not going to do anything stupid, but have considered it and ruled it out. Life is so unfair - I need answers. Please assume everything written is the truth. I need help.

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