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Re: Push is coming to shove. Urgent situation. Overwhelmed, help please. by mabulok ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   9/4/2007 8:03:32 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I like your idea getting the reverse osmosis system. Clean, fresh water is one of the best things you can do for your body, and overall health. One thing that caught my eye was your bloating and distended gut. I recently battled a condition with my gallbladder that resembled what you describe, to a degree. I would get full after only eating a couple of bites of anything. Unable to eat I began a systematic approach to discover my problem. My search eventually led me to the water I was drinking, and specifically the chloramine in the water. I found this out by drinking only bottled, distilled water for several days in a row, and was noticeably better. Then went back to filtered tap water and the symptoms returned. Through testing I narrowed it down to the chloramine in the water, and that in turn got me on a search to a clean water source. I too used an r/o system. But to rid my water of the chloramine, I added a deionizer cartridge to my system, then another carbon filter. As an added precaution I installed a tds meter on the incoming and outgoing water. Now my water has 0 tds, no chloramine, no chlorine, no ammonia, nothing but water. And I feel great. I had been battling this condition for over 7 years...and it coincided with my move to texas where they add chloramine to the water supply. In Colorado, where I used to live, only chlorine was added and that was completely removed by the carbon filter. Just a thought, and not that expensive to try and see if it helps. And at the very least, it won't hurt to have clean water to drink. As a side note, I am so sensitive to skin rashes that up until recently couldn't be explained, I have recently installed a whole house backwashing centaur carbon filter. And the rashes are gone. Give it try. You could simply try the bottled distilled water for a week and see where it gets you. That coupled with a high fiber laxative should help you eliminate.

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