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Date:   9/7/2007 7:36:20 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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"What are ionic compounds?
Ionic compounds are basically defined as being compounds where two or more ions are held next to each other by electrical attraction. One of the ions has a positive charge (called a "cation") and the other has a negative charge ("anion"). Cations are usually metal atoms and anions are either nonmetals or polyatomic ions (ions with more than one atom). Think back to grade school: The same thing that makes the positive and negative ends of a magnet stick to each other is what makes cations and anions stick to each other.

Usually, when we have ionic compounds, they form large crystals that you can see with the naked eye. table salt is one example of this - if you look at a crystal of salt, chances are you'll be able to see that it looks like a little cube. This is because salt likes to stack in little cube-shaped blocks.

Sometimes when you see a salt, it looks like a powder instead of a cube. This doesn't mean that the salt is not a crystal - it means that the crystals are just so small that you can't see them with the naked eye. If you were to put the powder under a microscope, chances are that you would see little geometric blocks."

Above copied from:

Ionic Fizz is an ionic magnesium combination of magnesium with added vitamins and minerals by Pure Essence Labs. It is a powder/crystal that one mixes with water.

I couldn't find on label the type of magnesium that is in it.

I personally use Natural Calm...magnesium citrate in ionic form. It is absorbed very well and helps with my constipation and fibro pain...


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