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This is my story:

About mid-august 96 I was heavily affected by rheumatism and by chance I
stumbled on a man, 83 years old, who had a kind of "holliday resort" where
he taught people whith illnesses to eat properly, and thats just about what
he does.

He gave me a bowel-rinse and a soda bath to clean up the skin, one of the
larger organs! Anyway, whith a diet consisting only of carotjuice and
bicarbonate of soda I started getting better at once, four months later I
could let go of all medicines!

At the same time I was there four elderly men were visiting him, not for
"treatment", but just to pay him a visit. They had all survived and
defeated cancer in their prostate gland, no radiation or chemotherapy. A
woman from Stockholm, Gudrun Pettersson, had just arrived to step up her
self-treatment of her pancreatic cancer. She told me this: In april 96 she
had been diagnosed whith cancer an was offered immediate surgery. Luckily
she had read a book by JOSEF OSTLUND from Nyhamnslage. She had a very good
friend whom had done just the surgery she had been offered, that friend was
barly alive and had really not much to look forward to. SO GUDRUN REFUSED!!
"DISAPPERED" (It was the size of a football when she begun her treatment!)

Today she is still a stict vegan, alive and kicking and feeling like she
was twenty again.

Please read this concerning Laetrile (B-17)!

You will most probably increase Your chanses radically to get well and free
from cancer by doing four simple things:
1. Increase Your intake of RAW vegetables as much as possible,

2. start Your day with a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in 0.5 ltrs of water 
+ Minerals (i.e. especially Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium) and DONīT
forget Your carotjuice!!!
+Ample of water during the day (should be tapped in the evening and left
out of the fridge in a open container so possible traces of clorine  and
fluoride can be gased of)!!!

3. Avoid fruit, potatoes, rice, bread and pasta, (sugar is perfect food for 
    a cancercell !!!!!) cheese, milk, egg, coffe and meat. Use fat fish
instead if You must but Only very sparse!!

4. and most important: every day You MUST make what is known as
paradise-slush: A handfull (one dl) of INDIAN BEANS (Mung beans) is grown
every day, on the third day You take the sprouts and put them in a mixer
together whith a little (sparse) water, then dilute it to apr.0.5 ltrs
covering its taste whith some juice. The high content of Laetrile (A
nitrosilosid) will cause the cancercells to produce free cyanide internally
and they die rapidly!! Ordinary cells are protected by rhodenase, a
substance lacking in cancercells of all types. 

I have more material on people that have beaten servere forms of cancer
without operations or radiation, amongst them a stadium IVa Hodkins who was
tested by his doctors after two months on paradise-slush, they couldnīt
find any trace of his disease!. Itīs in swedish and I havnīt translated it
yet ( I will after this ).Typicaly they all got positive feedback from this
diet in as little as 1-3 weeks. Please try it!!


I highly recomend You to Take a look at !!

On that site You can read  much more of the things I am talking about. ROSS
TAYLOR is an Australian Top-notch who one day was stuck by lightning when
he was told he had cancer, an not just any cancer. It was secondary
malignant melanoma, one of the big killers. He survived and wrote a book
about his experiences. It gives hope and is full of valuable tips, itīs
easy to read, cheap and all the proceeds goes to the Cancer Support
Association in  Perth: The ISBN nr for the book
is: 0 646 30875 0, i guess it can be ordered whith help of that number if
You pass the tip on to someone who doesnīt have internet. BUY IT!

I might add that keeping a diet that is very heavy on RAW vegetables and
low in protein probably keeps anyone healthy as long as you donīt carry a
burden of "very bad genes" or an extremely polluted environment.
Also: Look at

Respectfully, Lars Bengtsson, LOMMA, SWEDEN

I should mention that Josef  Ostlund heavily advocates a vegan lifestyle,
and uses very good arguments!!!
It should rightly be added to the diet I suggest in my mail but Iīve found
it merely turns people away and, just maybe, they would lose out on this

Itīs easy to argue however, that what You Yourself put into Your body (app.
1.5 kgīs a day, water not included), is of far greater consequense to Your
health then almost any medicines or any environmental factors.

Mr Ostlund, of course, have many more who can tell about good results!

Lars B



Prostate cancer and raw diet