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I was born in 1974. 33 years old. I have been an avid faster when the body called for it for around ten years. I know the ups and downs, the insides and outs, and have heard all the nay sayers argue with my theories. The plain truth is that it is your fast, you can run it how you see fit.
Fasting is safe and extremely healthy when done properly.
Plenty of liquids and make sure you still get your nourishment through green teas as your heart must still beat to keep you alive. I also incorporate small amounts of natural foods in my fast to stave off stalling and to keep away heachaes and dizziness.
works like a charm and has never failed me.
Life gets in the way of your ideal body, sometimes we cannot all follow a healthy diet. This is when fasting comes in handy. It's always there, doesn't require we buy this or that, and gives you a sense of control.
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