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Bruce is the Managing Director of Biosafe Technologies P/L, and a leading expert on Antimicrobial Intervention Programs that incorporate Acidified Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide Technologies.
Although not a scientist by qualification, Bruce, since the late 90's has worked solely with Chlorine Dioxide's precursor chemical Sodium Chlorite. Bruce undertook to get people to understand that Chlorine Dioxide has unequaled benefit's in many applications from home to large Industry, personal health uses to national security decontamination recommendations for treating the likes of Anthrax. Bruce spent many years working on different activation processes for the safe production and use of Free Chlorine Dioxide. Bruce understands what Optimum Activation Curve's are and when you suggest using a product that comes under strict guidelines like Chlorine Dioxide does, you don't want to be making mistakes. People are having their health and safety put at risk by some who making recommendations for Chlorine Dioxide use at levels that will one day kill someone as it has done in the past. When you talk about using something at 1ppm, you must know your facts and base your recommendations on those fact's and not thought. Bruce has challenged many scientist's, chemist's, Q.A Manager's and Food Techs with his knowledge and always proves efficasy based on the data he has obtained by doing many tests and trial's and having them documented by an approved Microbial testing lab. Bruce has also since the late 90's worked closely with Government Department's to look at problem solving, value adding, fresh product shelf life extension and sanitation and disinfection standards improvements.
Bruce pulls no punches when it comes to warning of the danger's of the chemistry he is involved with and will not recommend use of the product's if he believes he could not prove efficacy in doing so. Bruce has major concerns when it comes to his business finding illegally labeled and transported product's regularly, and his major concerns come when people are being told to use orally these product at 1000's of times their allowable strength's, he notes the many blogs with people complaining of nausea and diarrhea as overdosing on this dangerous chemical. But in the same breath would like people to understand they can achieve the same benefits using the chemicals at safe levels and concentrations that are not a danger to health and environment.
Bruce does not want to be seen to be detrimental to the use of Chlorine Dioxide as it is his business, but he makes the PROPER use of Chlorine Dioxide his challenge now. 

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