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I am a Man of Kent from the Garden of England. I suffer from chronic fatigue and chronic pain symptoms. I have been treated and mistreated for over twenty years by conventional medicine; some good and some not so good. I have no diagnoses but I would guess its Fibromyalgia. I have had unnecessary surgery on my spine to correct a back pain problem. After that I became a depository for every conceivable pain killer, mind blanker and sleep inducing pill available. When I got unbelievable excruciating abdominal pain my doctor showed me the door. “Don’t come to see me anymore with your imaginary problems”, he said. I had gall stones, biliary stasis and my blood works said my liver and kidneys were failing. I couldn’t eat sensibly, I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t sleep and I had the stressed out attitude of a bear with toothache. What was I to do?

No sleep
Poor diet
No exercise
Irritable and moody

I was on the highway to hell. At this point as I sat on the in tears on the kitchen floor my guardian angel spoke and said. “Take control of your destiny.”

I stood up and took my first step on my quest to get of the highway of hell and cure myself. I to the took my pills, every one and threw them in the toilet bowl, I felt a certain amount of satisfaction as I flushed the cistern, which was short lived as I spent the next three month in withdrawal. I fond a good doctor who booked me into a top pain management course in London. Over several weeks they equipped me the knowledge I needed to start recovery; psychology, physiotherapy, therapeutic stretch, exercise, occupational therapy, relaxation, diet. By the end of the course my head was swimming but using target setting I gradually and imperceptibly improve from disability to mobility, sitting for 10 minutes then 20 minutes, standing up, kneeling, walking, swimming; relentlessly year on year getting fitter but never well. The bouts of abdominal pains continued and then one day I came across the curezone site and starting reading about liver flushing. I decided to do it and prepared as if I was carrying out a religious ceremony. It was the one single act that made the greatest difference to my life and I expelled what I would describe as a two inch white radish; an impacted calcified gallstone. Fairly soon after I found that I could exercise freely and vigorously, within limits, and two year and 35 flushes further on I am no longer a zombie. I still have the pain and I still have Fybromyalgia but I don’t have the energy sapping poisons and mind deadening toxins caused by the enforced lifestyle of being ill, on medication and stressed out. I am cutely aware of my Fybromyalgia symptoms and am currently searching for a solution.

It is amazing what can be achieved by Epsom salts, Olive oil, Lemon juice and Faith.

Still doing my maintenance flushes, eating well, exercising and keeping a good attitude.

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