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Is Your Water Hydrating and Oxygenating Your Body Like it is Supposed to?
Research says PROBABLY NOT.

Hydration affects nearly every bodily function from digestion and metabolism to brain function and immunity. The more hydrated you are, the more efficient you are at transporting nutrients, hormones, and flushing toxins; the perfect recipe for optimal wellbeing and disease prevention. Medical professionals state that 75% of all disease can be traced back to even short term dehydration. Even more alarming are the clinical studies that reveal 94% of us are dehydrated despite drinking sufficient water. It's no wonder why we as a society are more sick, tired, and stressed than ever.

The key to efficient hydration is making your water accessible to your cells by restoring it to its natural chemical state before you drink it.

The most important factor in understanding hydration is that cells must drink water one molecule at a time. If our water is not of the correct chemical balance and stability, our cells will not have access to it; the drinking water today (irrelevant of its origin or cost) rarely possesses this natural chemical balance.

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