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I was originally born in St. Paul, MN, and although I am technically a resident of Iowa, I am currently living in Illinois to study medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. I am extremely fascinated by the brain and consciousness, and I hope to someday give back to the Universe by helping others via neurological surgery.

Shortly after I began college, I discovered a very special genre of electronic music known as Psytrance. I am now on a quest to share this amazing, intelligent music with others, for it has imbued me with a relentless motivation to make my dreams a reality.

---What Is Psytrance?---

Psytrance is a special type of electronic music, originating in Goa, India (Goa Trance), which is constructed using a bassline of 16 equally spaced beats per measure, in contrast to most other genres of electronic dance music which consist of 4 beats per measure. This vibrating, 16-beat Psytrance bassline, played at a speed of approximately 145 beats-per-minute, creates an oscillating wave of bass, a wave of energy, identical to one of the four major frequencies of energy that are present in your brain. This frequency, referred to as the Alpha wave, is most prevalent during periods of meditation and low anxiety. This suggests that one’s mind is able to synchronize with the familiar pattern present in Psytrance, resulting in significant mental stimulation, increased physical energy, and decreased stress. Simply by focusing on this powerful music, one instantaneously becomes motivated to dance, exercise, etc., with greater intensity, and a more positive mood. This makes for one of the most powerful dancing experiences one could ever imagine, providing an unbelievable amount of dance floor energy, and a positive, welcoming vibe from its followers, which allows Psytrance events to last several days, sometimes even more than a week at a time, through rain or shine.

My experiences at these events, with the positive people and energy that surrounds the music, have allowed me to fully awaken... to fully know myself, my surroundings, and my place in this Universe. Psytrance has given me a relentless motivation for everything in life, including school, exercise, and helping others. My experiences with Psytrance have also helped me to achieve a greater level of spirituality, by helping me to understand how many organized religions had always taught me what to believe in and how to practice those teachings. These same experiences have allowed me to developed my own unique spiritual beliefs, which I practice independently using my own unique motivations, thoughts, and prayers.

Psytrance / Goa Trance events have allowed me to acquire a deeper appreciation for my existence than I had ever imagined possible...

...and in return, I promise to share the music and events with others, in order to spread positive, healing energy throughout my surroundings, as long as I have the opportunity to exist in this infinite Universe. ॐ 
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