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Dr. Richard Schulze
Patient's Handbook 

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“Healing Cancer Naturally”

   In 1998, the HEAL staff went to Seattle to attend Dr. Richard Schulze’s seminar “Healing Cancer Naturally.”  As usual, Dr. Schulze gave a powerful and enthusiastic seminar covering the politics of cancer, how people develop cancer, how to heal cancer, and numerous personal healing stories from his nearly 30 years of experience healing cancer in his clinic.

   This article will attempt to pass on the basics of that wonderful seminar to you.

   To begin with, Dr. Schulze covered the politics of cancer.  He made a statement, which at first seemed strange, but after careful consideration made a lot of sense. He said that if we were to eradicate cancer from the United States, it would almost certainly mean a total economic collapse!  This is because so much of our gross national product (GNP) is centered around the trillion-dollar-a-year drug and medical industry, the fast food industry, and all those industries which are supported by these industries.  Think about it… If we were to really “cure” cancer, it would mean the end of the costly medical treatments currently being utilized by hospitals across the country, not to mention the expensive drugs, surgery, and follow up treatments.  The fast food industries would be out of business because people would be eating fresh, organic foods instead of the high fat and cholesterol diets they offer.  Cancer is big business.  There is very little motivation by those who make their living “fighting” cancer the medical way to change tactics.

   Further, statistic published in a report by the federal government’s General Accounting Office (GAO) demonstrated that, in a 10 year study of the treatments for breast cancer, chemotherapy contributed no noticeable improvement.  Radiation is a known cause of cancer.  Surgery usually only cripples the patient, making it much harder to heal.  All said and done, the “untreated” patient usually has a life expectancy of up to four times longer than those who place themselves under the care of modern medicine.

The Basic Premise
   Dr. Schulze simplified the equation for curing cancer to “Stop doing the things that cause cancer, and start doing the things that heal cancer.”  So, the rest of the seminar was spent covering those things that cause cancer, and what things we can do to start healing.  Healing cancer is really all about education.

What Causes Cancer?
   Cancer is currently much more wide spread than previously thought.  Autopsies on men over 50 years old, who died of other causes, showed that 1/3 of them had prostate cancer.  At the turn of the century statistics showed that 1 out of 25 people got cancer.  This year, the statistics are 1 out of 3.  By the year 2000, experts claim that everyone will have some form of cancer!

   Is this showing us that our modern-day lifestyle is drastically wrong?  Can we learn from these statistics, and make the positive lifestyle changes necessary to heal us and keep us healthy throughout our lifetime?

   Cancer cells are present in everyone.  When we have a healthy immune system, we kill these rogue cells before they proliferate.  However, once our immune system gets depressed, these cancer cells can get the upper hand.  Our immune system is effected by what we do physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physical Influences
   Statistics show that if we smoke, drink, and/or eat a high fat, low nutrition diet, we increase the risk of cancer.  In fact, 70% of all cancers are directly related to diet.  Animal based foods contain fat, cholesterol, hormones (both natural and artificial), steroids, and pesticides in concentrated form.  Our bodies react negatively to these substances, and they contribute to illness.

   Additionally, being sedate (i.e. a couch potato) increases the possibility of sickness.  Blockage, whether it is of blood flow, lymphatic flow, nerve flow, or “energy” flow, is the basic physical factor behind disease in the body.  A poor diet, lack of exercise, plugging our lungs, bowels, livers, and kidneys with junk causes poor circulation (blockage) which results in disease.

Emotional Influences
   It is a proven fact that our immune system “listens” to our emotions.  When the brain makes chemicals as a result of our emotional state, our body's immune system has receptors which actually respond to these chemicals.  So, if you “hate”, your immune system responds to that emotion and becomes suppressed.  If you “love”, your immune systems responds with a positive boost.  Remember that feeling of being in love?  Remember how you felt all over your body?

   Years of pent-up frustration, feelings of guilt, sadness from the loss of someone or something important in your life, the “victim” mentality-- all these types of negative emotions are eating away at people’s immune systems.  If you want to heal, or remain healthy, its time to deal with these emotions, once and for all.

Spiritual Influences
   God is the Great Physician.  In fact, nothing we do physically or emotionally will make any difference unless God provides His power to heal.  Our bodies have been imbued by God with the divine blue print of how they are to heal.  We think nothing of it when we accidentally cut our finger, watch the skin scab over, heal, and finally all trace of the injury is removed.  How much more willing is our body to heal itself from all forms of disease and injury?

   The simple, yet divine healing miracle is repeated millions of times every day and we need to get in touch with this healing power.  It is not within ourselves alone to heal, but from the great I AM who breathed the precious gift of life within us.

Cancer Not Always A Curse
   Dr. Schulze said that cancer shouldn’t always be considered a “curse”.  In fact, it is really just our body’s way of telling us that we’re doing something wrong.  We have to stop “fighting” cancer, and start “loving” the parts of our bodies that are sick.

What Cures Cancer?
   As already mentioned, a healthy lifestyle can prevent and reverse cancer.  Eating the right kinds of foods, which are conducive to health, is essential.  We need to stop eating animal based product such as meat, dairy, and eggs.  These products are full of growth hormones-chemicals which promote growth.  In fact, the medical term for a cancerous growth (tumor) is “neoplasm”, meaning “new growth.”  When we are going through puberty our bodies naturally produce growth hormones which help to develop the human sex organs.  After maturity our bodies shut down these hormones.  However, if we continue to eat hormone saturated animal products, we artificially continue this process.  Is it any wonder that breast cancer and prostate cancer are so rampant among the American population?

   As always, Dr. Schulze emphasized the importance of eliminating the wastes from our system. The audience was stunned when he related how persons contaminated with radiation survived if they had frequent bowel movements, and died if they did not.  Getting good nutrition into our bodies and the wastes out are critical factors in healing cancer.

   If we have the best nutrition possible and take in all the best herbs, even if we clean out our elimination channels, unless the sick part of our body gets the necessary blood, lymph, nerve, and energy flow, it can’t heal.  Circulation is the means of breaking up “blockage” and permitting the healing process to begin.  Circulation can be obtained through exercise and hydrotherapy.

   Since emotional and spiritual factors are specific to each individual, everyone needs to work these points out for themselves.  However, some points Dr. Schulze made can be used to better our chances for healing.  Cancer many times effects “type C” personalities.  These are nice people who just have trouble expressing their frustrations, and may have negative feelings about themselves.  It is important for these people to express themselves.  Expression is a form of elimination.

   Affirmations are an important part of healing.  We are exposed to constant negative input from all around us.  Even the news on TV or radio can be so negative it almost overwhelms us.  We need to turn the negatives into positives.  Start thinking positive, loving thoughts, and enjoy your life.  Learn 1000 jokes and laugh more.  (“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22)


   To order the audio tapes from this seminar, call Dr. Schulze's Natural Healing Publications at 1-800-TEACH-ME.

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