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Dr. Richard Schulze
Patient's Handbook 

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Letter to a Friend
Natural Healing and Power of Choice
Dear Friend,

We received your letter regarding your concern for your very sick or dying friend/relative. I would like to share with you the following thoughts. Please keep in mind that what I am about to tell you I learned from many years in the clinic, the school of hard knocks. At first, it may sound a bit cold or cruel. I assure you it is not and I send this message with love. In fact, what you may be about to do could be cruel.

First of all, I know you are excited about the possibility of your friend or loved one being healed. So am I, and you are probably a great believer in the healing power of herbs and natural healing. So am I, and I am sure your friend or loved one doesn't want to die, but trying to save someone's life is usually the same as trying to force an alcoholic to stop drinking. It rarely works.

The first thought that enters my mind is why didn't your friend or relative contact me personally, instead of you? And why are you the one who bought the Save Your Life Collection, or the herbal products, and not they. Now you probably have a few excuses for them but I have heard them all. I actually know why they didn't contact me barring that they can't speak or write. The reason you are contacting me is because you are much more of a believer in me, herbs and natural healing than they are. If fact, most of the suffering they are currently experiencing is due to the countless drugs and medical procedures they have volunteered for and are probably only interested in what you have to say as a last ditch effort. I know you are probably willing to do anything to be well, but are they? The fact is, they didn't even attempt to contact me themselves, which in my experience shows they will probably never complete the programs.

I suggest to back off; give them a few telephone numbers, some of my literature, one of my video tapes or the catalog from the American Botanical Pharmacy. Then just sit back, bite your tongue and see what they do with this information. Chances are probably little or nothing. If there is any chance for their success on the programs, they must make all of the first steps. The majority of the time you will hear plenty of excuses, and they will decide to go with what their medical doctor says.

I have had many students who have regretted that the last days they spent with mom, dad or uncle Harry was forcing them to undergo some natural therapy, swallow some bad tasting herbs, and listening to them complain as they dragged and tortured them through the programs. Dr. Christopher used to warn, never work on your relatives or friends, and this is why. Hopefully, this information will save you from a bad experience and a life of bad memories.

Remember, there are many paths to follow, and natural healing isn't for everybody. Give your friend/relative the right to drown themselves in chemical poisons and cut and burn their diseases away until they look like Frankenstein, if this is their choice. It is always O.K. to point out alternatives, but a good friend supports you in your decisions, and holds your hand while you are making them. My own brother usually chooses medical torture over my guidance, and I support him 100% and give him my love. It took me a few years to learn how to do this and now we really love each other and have a better relationship than ever.

Forcing someone to submit to natural healing is no different than someone forcing you to take drugs and have surgery.

If you still feel I am wrong, sleep on it a few days. If the person, doesn't have a few days, well, it is probably too late anyway. If, in a few days, you still want to go ahead with this, then this is the first step.

I do believe that everyone can be healed of ANY disease. Is it too late? Who knows? Make sure and watch the last 2 videos in the Save Your Life Collection that deal with the mistakes people make on the incurables program and the positive things I say about natural death.

As I said before, just give them a little information and see if they act on it themselves. In order for natural healing to be effective, the patient must totally believe in what they are doing and be 100% committed and self-involved.

It is very important that you constantly monitor how much time and energy you are putting into helping them and to always make sure they are at least matching your time and energy; preferably, they are doing more than you and are more excited than you. If they are not, BACK OFF.

If it is still a "go", then get out the Save Your Life Collection and watch the video tapes with your friend/relative day and night. If you don't have this collection, order one from us immediately.

PLEASE remember, I cannot offer you any specific health advice. I can only suggest what material we have for educational purposes only.

Good Luck and God Bless You,
Dr. Richard Schulze

Common Sense Health and Healing
by Richard Schulze

 ISBN: 0967156750

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20 Simple, Easy and Powerful Steps to Create a New Healthy Life.
What if there was an option to Doctors, Drugs and Surgeries...that you could prevent and even heal diseases just by making simple changes in your daily routine?

After spending 20 years in clinical practice helping tens of thousands of patients heal themselves, Dr. Schulze discovered that there are certain basic health habits that can help anyone regain their health and even heal disease.

Inside this book are 20 very simple ideas, some so simple you will be shocked. Yet put into practice each and every one of them was powerful and effective enough to change his patients' lives, heal their diseases and create vibrant health.

Following these steps can change your life, too!

Dr. Richard Schulze Biorgaphy

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  • Dr. Richard Schulze's Shop: The American Botanical Pharmacy,  Phone: 1-800-HERB-DOC (1-800-4372-362) (1-800-TEACH-ME)  Website:
  • The School of Natural Healing.

  • Clarkia -Parasites Killing Tincture
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    • The Dr. Richard Schulze Story + Testimonials (2 hrs.)
    • Dr. Richard Schulze's Natural Healing Crusade (8 Video Series):
      • VOLUME NO. 1:
        • (1) The Natural Healing Revolution Begins! 
        • (2) Dr. Richard Schulze's Personal Healing Miracles. 
        • (3) What Natural Healing Is NOT!
      • VOLUME NO. 2: 
        • (1) The Difference Between Natural Healing and Medical Intervention. 
        • (2) What Determines Your Level of Health? 
        • (3) The Foundation of Natural Healing (Simplicity, Change and Responsibility. 
        • (4) Blockage: The Cause of ALL Disease!
      • VOLUME NO. 3: Elimination: The FIRST Step.
      • VOLUME NO. 4: Dr. Schulze's 3 Healing Food Programs.
      • VOLUME NO. 5: 
        • (1) Natural Child Birth, Natural Death, Dangers of Suppression, Diabetes and Enzymes.
        • (2) Dr. Schulze's 3 Healing Food Programs (Cont'd).
      • VOLUME NO. 6: 
        • Movement
        • Circulation
        • Hydrotherapy.
      • VOLUME NO. 7: The Healing Power of Your Mind and Emotions.
      • VOLUME NO. 8: 
        • (1) Immunization, A.I.D.S., SuperTonic, and the Snuff Experience. 
        • (2) Healing Testimonials, Healing Animals with Herbs and MORE on Natural Healing.

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