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CureZone > Dr.Schulze > Patient Handbook > Table of Contents   Herbal Formulae  Incurables Program  Index of Ailments

Dr. Richard Schulze


Some individuals stand out because of their passion for research and their ability to bring their findings to the world. A researcher may reveal many profound things. As individuals, however, it is rare that any one researcher provides all the keys we need for health. It is more likely we will discover some aspect of the researcher's work that truly works for us rather than everything the researcher offers. For this reason, it is important we each use our own truth detector to decide what we want to accept and what we want to reject no matter how authoritative the researcher may seem. We introduce you now to some of these rare individuals, independent researchers, who have devoted time and talents to bring us keys to creating health. 

Dr.Richar Shulze
Richard Schulze

Where did Richard Schulze get his exuberant energy? , his zest for life and his drive to tell the world 

"I do believe that everyone can be healed of any disease."

It started at the age of 16. Chest pains and numbness in his left arm sent him to see a doctor. He was concerned as both his parents had already died of heart disease. Both the diagnosis and the prognosis were grim–tests and x-rays showed he had deformed heart valves. Without surgery he was told he would only live to about the age of 20. He was scared. He didn't want to die so he entered the hospital to prepare and wait for surgery. While there, he became friends with Bob, another heart patient in the ward. Bob didn't return to the ward after surgery. When young Schulze learned that Bob had died in surgery, he quickly dressed and ran from the hospital.

He sought the advice of his Great Aunt Hattie. He remembered her herbal preparations had helped him in times of sickness as a child. In addition to herbs, he sought advice on natural healing everywhere. He started juicing and he gradually changed his diet. He started to get regular exercise as well. He also discovered, "You have to learn how to give and receive love to have a healthy heart." Three and one-half years later he returned to see the doctor. The doctor was amazed at the x-rays and test results–Richard's heart valves were normal. The doctor told Schulze a miracle had happened. Schulze agreed but added that he had worked very hard for that miracle to happen.

A few years later Richard was working in a lab at a Naturopathic College when he accidentally spilled boiling oil over his hand. A medical specialist told him the flesh was burned to the bone–a 4th degree burn. He was told skin grafts would be necessary as the skin was completely destroyed. When he learned the skin for the grafts would be taken from his "butt," he declined any operations. His inner voice told him to try Nature's way. In 30 days he returned to show the doctor his hand. It was covered with fresh skin. Again the doctor said it was a miracle and again Richard said he had worked very hard for the miracle.

Schulze's next miracle occurred after a skiing accident. He heard a loud popping sound before becoming unconscious. When he awoke, one leg was limp with no knee strength. Again he visited a specialist. X-rays indicated ligaments and cartilage were destroyed. Again he was told the solution was surgery so ligaments could be transplanted from a donor. He left the doctor's office determined to create another 30-day miracle. After 30 days, however, he still wasn't able to walk. But in 60 days he was walking with a limp. In 90 days his knee was restored and he was able to walk normally. Again he returned to the doctor. "It's a miracle," the doctor exclaimed. "Yes," agreed Richard, but I did a lot of work to create this miracle."

In his hunger to learn about natural healing methods, Richard Schulze studied under two great healers. The first was Bernard Jensen. Tuition fees at Jensen's health ranch were $900. Richard sold his car for exactly that amount and hitch-hiked to the ranch. He was able to pay the fee but when the students all left to stay in a motel at the end of the day, he realized he needed a place to sleep! Without anyone being the wiser, Schulze slept in a hollow in the hedge bordering Jensen's property throughout the course. In the morning, he showered using a yard sprinkler. Later at the school of famed herbalist, John Christopher, Schulze became a teacher and practitioner. Incurables came to the school for help and Schulze started to realize the extent to which people could be helped with herbs and natural healing methods. With experience, he became convinced that herbal formulas needed to be strengthened to meet the increasing toxicity of the environment and deteriorating food sources. Many traditional herbal formulas, he felt, were not strong enough for today's world.

In the 1970's, when Schulze opened a clinic in California, he developed his own herbal preparations. Over a 20-year period, he often helped people who were dying. He quickly learned what it took to get people well. For those who came to him, he prepared potent herbal products using carefully chosen organically-grown herbs in high dosages. He developed a program for incurables and his clinic became known as a place where those who had no other hope would find help. Schulze says he was not trying to cheat death–he recognizes physical death as a natural and beautiful process. He says, "When we finally die after living a healthy natural lifestyle, what I have seen is we go with no pain, a big smile on our face…" Having said that he quickly points out that he respects the individual's freedom to choose: "Forcing someone to submit to natural healing is no different than someone forcing you to take drugs and have surgery."

He admits, as well, that many people who entered his clinic were not willing to do what is necessary to reverse their diseases naturally. He would not work with anyone who wasn't fully committed to taking responsibility for their own health and to regaining health.

He knew he had to be inconspicuous to avoid legal prosecution for treating people with diseases. There were no signs on his clinic and the windows were covered. Government regulators, however, targeted him as a result of a lecture he delivered at a convention. Government agents with battering rams, bulletproof vests, and machine guns broke in one night and carted him off to jail. He escaped a jail sentence on a technicality but knew he had to be careful. He closed his clinic. With a young family, his mission now is to inform those who are hungry for information about natural healing. He lectures and offers booklets, audiotapes and videotapes through The School of Natural Healing. The video programs, in particular, give step-by-step instructions on how to reverse debilitating diseases. A strong desire to regain health is necessary as the process of getting well becomes a full-time job in the early stages. Schulze explains methods to cleanse or clear toxins from the body–no small task in the beginning if an advanced disease is present. He also explains methods to increase circulation to speed healing, methods to rebuild tissue and methods to stay well. Schulze makes his potent herbal formulae and tinctures - formulated for today's more toxic world–available through the American Botanical Pharmacy.

"Many people," Schulze says, "want information specific to their disease." 

However, in his practice he found, "…the basics of getting and staying well are so powerful, that 98% of the time specifics are not necessary."

Biography of Dr. Richard Schulze Dr.Richar Shulze

Dr. Richard Schulze is one of the foremost authorities on natural healing and herbal medicines in the world. He operated natural cure clinics in New York, Southern California and Europe for almost 20 years up until 1994. He still teaches throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia and has for the past 17 years. He has designed natural therapy programs, which have assisted tens of thousands of people worldwide to create miracles and regain their health.

When he was 11, his father died in his arms of a massive heart attack. At 14, his mother died of a heart attack. They were both only 55 years old. At 16 years of age, he was diagnosed with a genetic incurable heart deformity. After curing himself of this so-called incurable disease through changes in his life-style, and NO surgery, he set out on a mission to help others. He continues this healing crusade today through his daily work to expose the truth, to reveal the unlimited healing power of our being, to educate on the use of herbs and the fundamentals of natural healing, to help people to help themselves and to expose the medical, pharmaceutical and even herbal industries. He is considered an innovator, a purist, and even an extremist by many of his colleagues, but to his patients he is considered " The man who has the guts to say and do what the others were afraid to". In the field of natural healing, he dared to pioneer new techniques and therapies which went far beyond what most people thought possible with Alternative Medicine. The outcome of his work has been the achievement of miraculous and unprecedented results. His formulae and incurables program are used at clinics worldwide to help people heal themselves from degenerative diseases such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Neuromuscular disease and even A.I.D.S. These results have caused reverberations in both the Natural and Medical communities.

Dr Schulze apprenticed with the late Dr. John Christopher and taught with him at his prestigious School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah. He continued to teach at the school after Dr. Christopher's death for another 12 years. He has been the Director of the College of Herbology and Natural Healing in the United Kingdom for 12 years and is also Co-Director of the Osho School for Herbalists and Natural Healers in France and founder of his own School of Natural Healing in Southern California. He has taught and lectured at numerous universities including Cambridge and Oxford Universities in England, Trinity Medical College in Ireland, Omega Institute in New York, Cortijo Romero in Spain and other natural therapy and herbal institutes worldwide. He has been the guest speaker on numerous radio and television shows in the United States and Europe. As a teacher, he is loved for his intensity, passion, and dedication to students, sense of humor, creativity, and his exciting, enthusiastic and evangelistic teaching style. He is most recognized for his unequaled understanding of Natural Healing.

In the 1970's, he was the creator of Professor Cayenne's Herbal Products and, today, the American Botanical Pharmacies line of industrial strength pharmaceutical botanical extracts. He has manufactured these herbal products in the United States and Europe for over 17 years and also designs herbal formulae for natural clinics and natural product companies worldwide. His herbal formulas are famous for their strength and efficacy.

He served an internship with the famous natural healer Dr. Bernard Jensen. Besides having a Doctorate in Herbology and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, he also holds a degree in Herbal Pharmacy and three degrees in Iridology. He is certified in eight different styles of Body Therapy and holds three Black Belts in the Martial Arts. He has written many clinical research papers on the topics of Botanical Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and the making of Herbal Preparations.

He has written for Sam Biser's famous newsletter, has done many video and audio tapes and has co-authored books in Europe.

Common Sense Health and Healing
by Richard Schulze

 ISBN: 0967156750

Price: US$ 16.00

Available from  - Available from Barnes & Noble

Check Availability from: Canada ... United Kingdom ... Deutchland ... France ... Japan


20 Simple, Easy and Powerful Steps to Create a New Healthy Life.
What if there was an option to Doctors, Drugs and Surgeries...that you could prevent and even heal diseases just by making simple changes in your daily routine?

After spending 20 years in clinical practice helping tens of thousands of patients heal themselves, Dr. Schulze discovered that there are certain basic health habits that can help anyone regain their health and even heal disease.

Inside this book are 20 very simple ideas, some so simple you will be shocked. Yet put into practice each and every one of them was powerful and effective enough to change his patients' lives, heal their diseases and create vibrant health.

Following these steps can change your life, too!

Dr. Richard Schulze Biorgaphy

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Where to obtain Herbs and more Information?

  • Dr. Richard Schulze's Shop: The American Botanical Pharmacy,  Phone: 1-800-HERB-DOC (1-800-4372-362) (1-800-TEACH-ME)  Website:
  • The School of Natural Healing.

Other Web Sites:

Interviews with Dr. Schulze (By Bob Mantz)

Bob and Schulze talk ....VODKA! [MP3 Sound File]

Ever wonder what Dr. Schulze takes on a daily basis? So did Bob....... [MP3 Sound File]

Dr. Richard Schulze Speaks to interviewer Bob Mantz of Princeton about the SARS epidemic - 1.6mb MP3 file [MP3 Sound File]

  • Clarkia -Parasites Killing Tincture
  • Most of Christopher's tapes are available here:
  • Some of the tapes are only available while pursuing education through The School of Natural Healing.
  • One excellent video tape that has a lot of the tincture making info is the video:
  • Some of the tapes include 
    • HEALING CANCER NATURALLY (4 Audio Tape Series)
  • The videos
    • The Dr. Richard Schulze Story + Testimonials (2 hrs.)
    • Dr. Richard Schulze's Natural Healing Crusade (8 Video Series):
      • VOLUME NO. 1:
        • (1) The Natural Healing Revolution Begins! 
        • (2) Dr. Richard Schulze's Personal Healing Miracles. 
        • (3) What Natural Healing Is NOT!
      • VOLUME NO. 2: 
        • (1) The Difference Between Natural Healing and Medical Intervention. 
        • (2) What Determines Your Level of Health? 
        • (3) The Foundation of Natural Healing (Simplicity, Change and Responsibility. 
        • (4) Blockage: The Cause of ALL Disease!
      • VOLUME NO. 3: Elimination: The FIRST Step.
      • VOLUME NO. 4: Dr. Schulze's 3 Healing Food Programs.
      • VOLUME NO. 5: 
        • (1) Natural Child Birth, Natural Death, Dangers of Suppression, Diabetes and Enzymes.
        • (2) Dr. Schulze's 3 Healing Food Programs (Cont'd).
      • VOLUME NO. 6: 
        • Movement
        • Circulation
        • Hydrotherapy.
      • VOLUME NO. 7: The Healing Power of Your Mind and Emotions.
      • VOLUME NO. 8: 
        • (1) Immunization, A.I.D.S., SuperTonic, and the Snuff Experience. 
        • (2) Healing Testimonials, Healing Animals with Herbs and MORE on Natural Healing.

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