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      3. Progress report 6 weeks on program Ultimate Fast
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      4. #26 Using "The Clark Method" Newsletter
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      5. Brain tumor
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   Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 00:50:12 +0200
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Brain tumor

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Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 18:57:31 -0700
From: Hans Oussoren <>
Subject: [cancercure] Response to "Info"

My name is Hans and I am 22 years old.  I would like to respond to Johann
who asked for 
some info/experiences on laetrile.
	In fall of 1989, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  A Craniophyrigoma.
persumed location was by the Pituitary gland.  I had brain surgery done,
8.5 hours.  (I 
can give more detailed info for anyone interested in specifics - please
e-mail me and I 
will do my best to answer any further ?'s)
	Before I get to detailed in the nitty details, and the ups and downs, I
want to 
let you now tht I could not have gotten through this with the support of
the many 
freinds, family and lots of people that I didn't even now, who were praying
for me.  
	They said they removed 3/4 of the tumor, however cat scans showed that it
still the same size?.  
	I was scheduled for radiation (mask made, locations choosen) but we (my
and I) did not feels comfortable with going this route.  We continued to
pray for wisdom 
into what we should do.  
	As we sought direction, I was overcome by a violent reaction to
"dilantin", a 
medicine to "prevent" seizures, which I had never had.   The rection
brought blisters to 
various area of my body including my face and my throat, putting me in the
burn unit of 
the local hospital.  i was so prone to infection.  This was, needless to
say, horrific. 
 	We then decided to got to a clinic in Mexico that worked with diet and
as well as laetrile (a.k.a. Amygdalin)  This treatment has been very
positive.  I am 
still om the diet to this day, a diet that excludes refined sugars( I may
have honey and 
mape syrop) red meats ( chicken, fish and beans for proteins is o.k.).  The
involves a mix of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.  Also several
vitamins to keep 
the immune system up to par.  
	The last cat scan that i had was @ 3 years ago.  The doctors let us see the 
pictures (trying their best to explain things).  They were ery puzzled b/c
the cat-scan 
showed that the tumor was the same size, BUT, the insides seemed to be
clearing.  The 
doctors were puzzled and suggested a biopsey be done.  (No thanks!)  Thsi
clearing of 
the inside of the tumor is just how the diet is to work/.  The diet builds
the immune 
system which in turn fights foreign objects.  
	Today, I am still on that diet, as well as the amygdalin.  Don;t get me
the diet is not always easy, esp. if others are eatig foods you can't eat,
right in 
front of you.  Still tough, this many years later.  
	I have to mention, again, that without the prayers of many. and without the 
Lord's will, none of this would have been blessed.  I am thankful that it
	All the best to all of you out there.  I enjoy your letters.  
	Take care,and
			God Bless.
		Hans Oussoren
Phil 4:13  I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength.. 


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   Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:51:11 +0200
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Dr. Hulda Clark -- a testimonial

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 11:34:25 +0200
From: "Dr. Clark Assn." <>
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Subject: Dr. Hulda Clark -- a testimonial

Dear Guest of! 

Last week I got this testimonial from a customer in Colorado Springs and
would like you to have it also (see below). 

We now have the new domain name which points to the same
site as We hope that this will make it easier to find us in
cyber space. 

The new book "The Cure for Advanced Cancers" is due out October 5th. The
video with an interview with Dr. Clark around the same time. Our next
Newsletter is about ready to go to print. 

Wishing you health and happiness. 

David P. Amrein 
President, Dr. Clark Research Asscoiation 


"It was great hearing from you.  Dr. S. is really a sweetheart and has 
been a great support for me in the past.  Unfortunately I don't see very much 
of him anymore since we've been following Dr. Clark's cleansing programs.  He 
said if all his patients got  on the "program" he wouldn't have many patients 
left.  Even he was amazed with my progress.  However  the BIG improvement was 
with our daughter, K. 

Let me tell you a little about her.  All through her life she has had stomach 
and colon problems.  They kept getting worse and worse.  We took her to 
medical doctors of all specialties in hopes of finding someone that could 
help her.  She would have, what we started referring to as, "attacks".  These 
started in her teen years.  The pain in her abdomen was so severe that she 
would lie on the floor in a fetal position and cry in pain.  We would rush 
her to the emergency unit.  She could not walk; we would have to carry her. 
They could never find anything wrong and after a while, the pain would 
subside and we would take her home.  She would vacillate between  bouts of 
diarrhea and constipation.  She was such a happy, talented girl that our 
hearts would break for her when we saw her in such pain.  She was always very 
small and very attractive, as well as a talented vocalist.  She had so much 
going for her and yet suffered so from these "mysterious" attacks.  She also 
started experiencing severe migraines in her senior year of high school, 
through college and into her adult years.  Over the years, the attacks and 
the migraines came more frequently making her afraid to go anywhere.  This 
was really difficult since in twenties she had become a national speaker, 
traveling frequently.   She trained herself to give seminars with migraines. 
She was successful but miserable because of her physical  condition. 

After she got married, she and her husband moved to Las Vegas.  Her condition 
continued to worsen until she stopped eating altogether because she could not 
process food at all.  She was getting desperate.  She got down to 100 pounds 
and we became very worried about her.  One day a friend told her about a Dr. 
M., who was quite well known and who had specialized in liver conditions. 
He had written a couple of books, including one on migraine headaches.  Even 
though he was a MD, he studied and dispensed homeopathic medicine.  She went 
to see him and he told her that  the migraines were from her liver and after 
testing her said that she was allergic to almost all foods--all dairy, flour, 
sugar, wheat, soy, etc.  Her liver was not functioning at all.  He gave her 
some liver medicine and put her on a strict diet.  There was so little she 
could eat that she had a woman prepare her food specially for her without 
including any of the foods she was allergic to.  She still looked  so  frail 
because of her food restrictions.  She held tight to her diet just to 
survive.  Also during this time, she found a colonic therapist that started 
working with her.  For the first few times she went to her, the therapist was 
amazed that she could not get anything  to come out. 

Then in April, K. and her husband moved back to Colorado Springs.  She sought 
out a colonic therapist here and it just happens that the therapist she found 
believed that physical problems came from parasites.  She gave her a tincture 
to help kill them and K. started passing small parasites.  She was so amazed 
at seeing these parasites, she urged me and my husband to go.  Well, before I 
would do anything so drastic as getting a colonic,  I had to know more about 
it.  So I got on the Internet and put in the words "colon" and "parasite". 
Dr. Hulda Clark's name kept coming up over and over.  So we went out and got 
her book, "The Cure for All Diseases".  I immediately ordered three of the 
parasite cleanse packages.  Because of a mix-up, we only got one at first and 
I gave it to my daughter and got her started.  I also ordered a zapper.  K. 
started both, along with a Super Colon Cleanser.  She started getting amazing 
results.  Just after using the zapper, she passed an 8 inch liver worm about 
1 inch in diameter.  Then they just started coming daily.  She got another 
liver worm with a HUGE blood fluke suckered to it.  When she went to her next 
colonic, she passed many, many blood flukes, each about the size of a 
quarter.  Then later at home, she passed a 40 inch worm with a diameter a 
little larger than a pencil.  It has been three months, and she is still 
passing worms--- lots of them and many quite large.  She is on the 
maintenance program but is doing the other cleansing programs, one at a time. 
 Weekend before last, she did the liver cleanse and passed a lot of toxins as 
well as 600  or so stones.  Her stones were dark, dark green, almost black. 
She called me from Washington State today (she has a speaking engagement 
there) and she says she feels terrific. 

About 2 weeks after she started on Dr. Clark's programs, she found she could 
now eat everything and she has no migraines or attacks.  She is a new person!
  However, the thing she is most delighted with is the fact that she is 
ovulating.  She has been trying to get pregnant for the past 2.5 years but 
tests showed she wasn't ovulating.  Shortly after she started Dr. Clark's 
program and just after the first 2 liver worms came out along with all the 
blood flukes, she could feel her body changing mid-month.  We finally figured 
out that she was ovulating!!  She and her husband didn't want her to become 
pregnant during the cleansings so they took precautions.  However after the 
liver cleanse, she felt she was ready and so she tested herself mid-month and 
sure enough, she was ovulating.  She was so excited.  It is too soon to know 
if she is pregnant but she is confident that it won't be long. 

My heart is so happy for her.  She is such a joy and has blessed so many 
others in her short 29 years.  Thank you, Dr. Clark, for giving her life back 
to her.  Our prayers have been answered!  She has gained weight and even 
though worms continue to come out of her, she feels she has certainly been 

Our own testimonies pale to hers, but my husband and I have gotten great 
results also.  My husband passed a 24" liver worm.  I have passed many, many 
lung flukes (and continue to do so) and no longer have trouble speaking in 
the mornings because of phlegm in my lung and throat.  Diabetes has always 
run in my family ( I was even pre-diabetic when pregnant with my children). 
I passed many pancreatic flukes so I am quite confident that I won't suffer 
from diabetes. 

We are telling many of our friends who have been experiencing severe physical 
problems and they have had phenomenal results.  A son of one of our friends 
was so sick that he had even contemplated suicide.  Only K. could convince 
him to try this alternative treatment.  After a week, he called me to say 
that he had gotten his  life back.  He was only 29 and for the first time in 
many years, he felt like it.  Another friend of K.'s who has been diagnosed 
with brain cancer at 29 years listened to K. and is now in touch with Dr. 
Clark's staff.  She has been using the zapper and following the 
parasite-cleansing program along with chemo.  Hopefully, she will experience 
wonderful results too. 

I hope this as inspiring to you as it has been to us.  Please pass our 
thanks on to Dr. Clark. 

J.     12 September 1999 
Colorado Springs, USA" 


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   Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:51:27 +0200
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Progress report 6 weeks on program Ultimate Fast

One message from prostate discussion list:

The first part of the program is Ultimate fast, bowel/parasite cleanse.

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 12:48:25 EDT
Subject: PROSTATE90 Progress report 6 weeks on program
X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 sub 64

I have found the book and this web site to be a priceless source of info. 
that no doctor I've seen could or would have provided. Thank you!

First a brief history.

Diagnosed 2/19/99 as the result of a psa test showing 5.1 up from last years 
Needle biopsy samples came back gleason 6. I was staged at T-1c. Early stages 
of prostate cancer definetly "curable" says my urologist, " a no brainer". He 
wants to start cutting in 2 weeks.
After a month of trying to separate the "virtues" of surgery and various 
forms of radiation I finally throw up my hands and declare "all of this 
sucks, I cannot submit to any of these treatments". and start looking for an 
alternative. I spend the next month reading and searching the internet for 
alternative treatments and finally settle on the methods in Larry's book as 
the most logical for me.

4/27/99 - start fast- I have some prior experience with fasting so the 
fellings associated with it were not totally foriegn to me. It was not that 

5/4/99 - start pcspes- I started at 6 a day as recommended on lable.

5/5/99 start new diet- This continues to be the most difficult part of the 
program. After 42 years of the typical american diet I find old habits are 
hard to break. But I have remained dedicated to it for almost 6 weeks now and 
very determined to make it work. My diet is now primarily grains, vegitables, 
fruits, beans. I allow fish about twice a week and since I'm an avid deer 
hunter and love venisen ( which is free ranging and very low in fat) venisen 
once a week.NO sugar,dairy,white flour,white rice,salt.

5/5/99 start supplements- Along with the whole body cleanse and pc spes I 
A-C-E-S complex, Modified citrus pectin, lycopene, co-Q10, green tea extract, 
B-complex, grape seed extract, zinc, colloidal minerals, sun chlorella, 
Jarrow iso-rich protein powder, and homeopathic remedies for 
detoxification.The homeopathics are the result of electro-dermal 
screening.I'm getting a colonic about every other week.

5/13/99 get sick- I believe the pc spes got to my digestive tract. I lowered 
the dosage to 2 a day and have been slowly raising it back up to currently 5. 
I had light headedness, dizziness, queezy stomach, nausia, reduced appetite, 
Currently I feel great.

OK enough build up. I had a psa on 6/5/99 that came back 2.7. Almost half in 
6 weeks time. I only wish I knew how much is attributable to pc spes and how 
much to lifestyle changes.My plan is to continue this program through the end 
of august and go have a power doppler ultrasound.I tried to get a psosticint 
scan as a baseline prior to starting but insurance would not pay.I have seen 
2 urologists, 2 radiologists (one of which is Dr. Fred Lee. My experience 
there was, to be polite, memorable), 2 oncologists.

I welcome your comments. I have no medical training and currently do not see 
a doctor (that may change, but all I've talked to are very negative to 
alternative treatment).Obviously my plan is to rid myself of the cancer and 
return to normal life. What will normal be then? Probably not what it used to 

Jim Little

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   Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:51:36 +0200
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: #26 Using "The Clark Method" Newsletter



                              Using "The Clark Method" Newsletter 

by Bonnie O’Sullivan 

March/April 1999 Number 26

Dear Friend,

                      Late Breaking News on the Legal Front

"Although Melaleuca lost its court case against me and although they were
given the lab results
showing 14 out of 15 of their products are benzene-polluted, they have
vowed to prosecute me
all over again. And this is a ‘health-oriented’ vitamin provider! Their
children’s vitamins have
benzene and they do not want to clean it up! Readers be warned." 

  — Dr. Hulda R. Clark

If this outrageous behavior by a company supposed to be "built on solid
principles" makes you angry too, please
tell them what you think. Write to: Melaleuca Inc., Frank L. VanderSloot,
President, 3910 South Yellowstone
Highway, Idaho Falls ID 834020-6003.

                         Dr. Clark Answers Your Questions

Question #1: Is it true that Malonic Acid is detected more in inorganic
food than organic and sometimes not
at all in organic food?

Dr. Clark: Yes. It may be due to pesticide use.

Question #2: What treatment do you recommend for Hepatitis C?

Dr. Clark: That is very easy: Dental cleanup, other cleanups, parasite
killing, zapping and liver cleanses.

Question #3: What parasites and toxins are involved in Parkinson’s Disease?

Dr. Clark: Main toxin is mercury from old amalgam.

Question #4: What can we use to make Black Walnut Tincture if we cannot
find Everclear alcohol (and cannot use Vodka according
to the new edition of your book)?

Dr. Clark: There must be some native pure alcohol! Send some samples to:
Century Nutrition, 757 Emory Street, #398, Imperial Beach CA 91932. Put
each sample on a bit of white paper towel, in a small plastic bag, clearly
labeled with the brand name and size of bottle. We will advise the
newsletter if we find acceptable samples.

Question #5: My British-made Ozonator does not say how much ozone it gives
out. Is this critical? Can it over-saturate or under-saturate the olive oil?

Dr. Clark: Any strength is sufficient since it takes only a short time (
hour on oil, 5 minutes on water) to get an effective beverage.

Question #6A: Do you believe it to be possible or probable that Mad Cow
Disease can be spread through milk?

Dr. Clark: Why would it not be possible?

Question #6B: If so, what would counteract it?

Dr. Clark: Try sterilizing (not just boiling). Use Hydrochloric acid drops,
2 drops of U.S.P. food grade 5% HCL solution per cup (8 fluid ounces) of milk.

Question #7: How often do you do the liver cleanse yourself?

Dr. Clark: Once in about 2 months.

                     Success Stories Using The Clark Method

Case #1

Dear Dr. Clark, 1998

I felt I had to update you on the progress that we have made here in the UK
with your therapy . . .

First, a very prestigious organization and one that I doubt many here in
the UK have not heard of, asked one of our therapists if they could test
the effectiveness of your therapy by sending him (he lives near the center
in Bristol) several cancer patients. He agreed and they sent him four
cancer patients. Their cancer very seriously affected each of them and one
was terminal with only one month to live. The therapist, Roy MacKinnon,
rose to the challenge and started to treat them. The results have been

One girl, a single parent, had a month to live and had had a double
mastectomy. Huge tumors were protruding from her chest wall, one the size
of a grapefruit. This lady now has seen these reduce to the size of little
tomatoes. The constant draining of fluid in her lungs where the cancer was
discovered to have spread has now stopped and she has just been away on a
vacation. She is feeling fine and has a lot of energy. Gone is the
breathlessness she has suffered, noticeable when Roy would to talk to her
on the telephone.

A leukemia patient has seen her white blood count reduce from 38 in just a
few months to 9.4, which is normal. She too is well and healthy, in fact
they all are. They have done so well that the organization has asked if
they can send more patients Roy’s way. They apparently value the therapy on
a par with Hoxsey or Essiac, but of course it supersedes even those great
therapies, as they will see with further proof.

My own patients are doing extremely well and my pride and joy is a lady in
her sixties with pancreatic cancer who was originally given only a few
months to live last April. But here she is this April and appears to be
very healthy, her hair is growing very well — this had been a problem — and
she walks three miles to her doctor for checkups and three miles back.

Another one of my patients is a cancer patient (said by his specialists to
be the longest living survivor of his particular cancer in the UK if not in
the world). He has had severe colitis, due, the specialists assured him, to
the extensive radiation therapy many years ago that they said ‘kills’ the
bowel as it has his kidneys — he is on dialysis. He had not passed a normal
bowel movement for many, many years and recently started the Bowel Program
as per your instructions. Since then he has been passing normal bowel
movements. This has added such a quality of life to him that he has phoned
several times exclaiming that it is a miracle and that I must send you his
very grateful thanks. Of course he is now asking if it is possible for him
to regain the use of his kidneys!

Whilst I was typing this another patient called to say that on this, her
9th liver cleanse, she has passed two black things that look like black
leeches and they were trashing about in the toilet pan as if in their death
throes. Her husband has a pacemaker but recently they had it checked out at
the local hospital on an EKG machine and were told it was safe to use the
Zapper. He loves his Zapper and does not miss a night zapping for which he
says he can feel the difference.

I have had a truly inspiring case recently. A lady was suddenly diagnosed
with acute leukemia five weeks ago and given 5-7 days to live. They gave
her chemotherapy as it eases the pain of such cancer deaths and put her on
morphine. I was called in to assist by a family member who was told about
my successes by the lady herself, a 50 year old woman with a 12 year old son.

I raced to the hospital on day 2 of the 5-7. She herself sat up the whole
night reading The Cure for All Cancers and took in enough to say, "Yes, I
agree, let’s go for it." We started her zapping and using colloidal silver
for her infected gums, and put her on supplements as recommended by Dr. Clark.

Her blood count went down to 2.9 hemoglobin (normal 12-16), white blood
cells went to 0.64 (normal 4-10), neutrophils dropped to 0.8 (normal 2-8)
and platelets 6 (normal 150-400). Through it all, the family, respecting
her wishes when she was drugged, zapped her twice daily and got the things
down her that they could. Bottled water was brought in from uncoppered
houses and all her food was brought in sterilized and cooked properly. Raw
goat’s milk was given once per week, sterilized as per page 54 of the
Cancer book. The blood vessels in her eyes burst as the chemo took her
almost to death and the doctors said ‘any time now.’ But she pulled through!

The doctors are hailing it as medical history. They want it written up in
their magazines, etc. and are asking questions about the therapy as they
say they have not seen anything like it before. The hospital nutritionist
is asking all about the diet and the doctors keep bringing people to see
her mouth, which has from the first day on the colloidal silver been clean
— no bleeding, no pus and no thrush; these are a big problem for such
patients and hospitals use Nystatin and Corsodyl, which are polluted.

She is home now and very thankful to be alive, and was ironing when I
called her yesterday.


Case #2

The following letter was published in a newspaper in Ecuador:

I used to practice medicine using unorthodox approaches in Scottsdale,
Arizona until I was set up by the authorities and lost my license to
practice there. I came down to Ecuador, where there is freedom to treat as
you see fit.

One amazing case I have is a five-year-old boy with Ewing’s sarcoma with
tumors in his armpit and chest wall. He made the rounds from Miami
Children’s Hospital to John Hopkins Medical Center where he was operated on
and given the maximum doses of chemotherapy and radiation. Finally, he was
sent back to Ecuador to die. He arrived in my office with a catheter in one
of the veins of the heart, where his mother could give him injections of
morphine for his intense pain.

I started him on increasing doses of tincture of walnut hull, Wormwood
Combination, and fresh ground cloves, according to the recommendations in
Dr. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Cancers. It is hard to believe, but
this child was off morphine and the oral painkillers within 24 hours. His
appetite returned, and I took him off the junk food he had been allowed to

Within two weeks, he returned to the activities of a normal five-year-old.
His tumors are regressing and his blood levels have returned to normal. His
only medications consist of vitamins, herbs and enzymes.

Had I been confronted with this case in the US the program I put him on
would have resulted in board action, media criticism and possibly a
malpractice suit. Saving this one life was worth the misery I went through.

                                 Updates From Bonnie

                                           Lugol’s Iodine

Several people have called over the past four years asking what kind of an
allergic reaction
should they expect from Lugol’s Iodine. As everyone is different an
allergic reaction can be
different for each person. For instance, you could feel like you are going
to throw up or you
could develop hives. One person I know had a reaction of their chest
turning bright red and
throbbing. Most people are not allergic to iodine and the odds are even
better of not having an
allergic reaction if you put it on your skin as opposed to drinking it
(although drinking it serves a
different purpose). 

A good way to tell if you need iodine (it is needed for a healthy thyroid
gland) is to put a drop of it on the bottom of your foot and watch to see
if it disappears.

          If it stays visible for 24 hours you do not need it 
          If it disappears before 24 hours you need it 

If it disappears, bring your iodine level up to normal by putting 2
eyedroppers full (the amount that comes up into the dropper is an
eyedropper full) of Lugol’s on a saucer and, using a child’s paint brush,
paint it on the bottom of your foot. Do this daily until the iodine is
still visible after 24 hours, then stop. Once a month paint it on your foot
again to see if you need more iodine.

We have found a source of Lugol’s Iodine and are now including it on our
order form. The name of our Lugol’s Iodine is "Thyroid Aid" and it is made
to Dr. Clark’s specifications.

                           The Rife Radio Frequency Tube

I recently invested in a Rife Radio Frequency Tube machine. I was motivated
to order it when I
received my Explore magazine, Vol. 9, Number 1, and read the first article
The Cause and the
Biological Treatment of Cancer by Dr. Karl Horst Poehlmann, M.D., Australia
(article is at
back of this newsletter). [The Explore magazine is excellent. To order call
(800) 845-7866.]

In his article I learned that Dr. Poehlmann is successfully using the Clark
Method to treat his cancer patients. He has his patients alternately use a
Zapper and a Rife Radio Frequency Tube (he calls it a "Rife Beam Ray")
every other day as well as take the parasite killing herbs, etc.

I have had my Rife tube for almost three weeks and have used it every other
day. You don’t have to touch it in any way — you just sit within a few feet
of it. It kills anything with the same frequency that you have programmed
into the frequency generator of the machine. All you do is set the
frequency generator to the amount of time you want and the frequency you
want. I set mine to run for about an hour with the four frequencies for
tapeworm programmed to run 5 minutes each. The rest of the time it is set
for fungus,
bacteria and viruses.

My first reaction was that I had a feeling of a slight pressure in my
sinuses and in the glands behind my ears. I felt it for the first week and
then it stopped. After my second session of 1 hour, a "pre-cancer" spot on
my back came off — it was a raised, rough, white patch of skin that had
been there for several years and it peeled right off. Also, since using the
tube, I’ve been remembering my dreams (they’re vivid, in color and feature
people from the past and present).

I like that I don’t have to keep turning the dial down (so I don’t get
shocked) and then up again for the next frequency between every frequency
as I do when using my Electromagic (previously AstroPulse) Model D Rife
machine. Once the tube is programmed you just turn it on and forget about
it for an hour. Your hands are completely free —but you do have to stay there.

Recently a friend (and subscriber) called and said she went to a meeting
and had a session with the Rife Radio Frequency Tube in New York. (Spencer
Feldman gave the session — I bought my tube from him.) My friend called to
tell me that her hearing improved after that one session — she discovered
it the next day when her husband noticed that she didn’t have the TV turned
up as loud as she usually did and remarked about it to her.

I love the tube for how easy it is to program and use. I feel between using
the Rife tube on a regular basis (anytime I want to read for an hour) and
taking one tsp. of the Parasite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) daily I should
be free of tapeworms and anything else I might pick up.

They are expensive and are extremely fragile to ship. I was lucky that mine
arrived by overnight UPS in perfect condition. Spencer informed me last
weekend that he is no longer going to carry the model I bought because
there is no guarantee on the bulbs from that particular manufacturer. (I’m
sorry about this, as mine was less expensive than the other model that
Spencer carries.)

There are three parts to the Rife Radio Frequency Tube machine: a
transformer (it looks like a small car battery and is quite heavy) that
changes our US (120 volts) AC wall current to (12 volts) DC current, a
frequency generator (small, lightweight, black box), and the long, thin
Rife tube, which is mounted on a metal box that is the size of a long
tackle box.

For more information call Spencer Feldman (914) 679-3061 and please mention
"Bonnie O."

                                     The Chi Machine

I’ve been using my Chi machine for two years and I believe it is the best
thing next to a Jacuzzi
for relaxation that exists. I also like the fact that there is no
maintenance involved! 

While using the Chi machine your whole body moves like a goldfish. It moves
your feet back and forth 1 inches, 150 times a minute. It oxygenates your
blood in 15 minutes as much as a 90-minute aerobic workout.

It oxygenates your lymph fluid and improves its circulation like bouncing
does (only you exert no effort).

It improves nerve flow of the spinal column, strengthening the nerve
attachment to the vertebrae.

It helps with bowel function as it improves peristaltic action of the

Using it requires no effort. All you do is lie on your back and put your
feet up on the machine and it moves your feet back and forth sideways.

The Chi machine was developed in Japan and extensive research was done to
create the best possible balance, "throw" and timing for improving health.
If you are interested in this passive exercise please call my 800 number
and ask for more information. The cost is $460.00 plus tax (UPS ground
shipping is included). The machines are shipped out of New York.

                                  How To Get To Sleep

Can’t Sleep? When your head hits the pillow say to yourself "I’m asleep,
I’m asleep" a few
times and you’ll be asleep! It works for me and I’ve never before been able
to reliably shut my
thoughts off when I go to bed. Dale calls it self-hypnosis. It works! Try it! 

            Aspartame ("NutraSweet," "Equal," and "Spoonful")

One of the first Special Reports I published in The Road To Health was
about Aspartame and
the harm it is doing to the people who consume it. Several years have gone
by and it is still being
reported that people are becoming seriously ill from Aspartame without
realizing it is the
culprit. Enclosed on the next 8 pages are three Internet reports about
Aspartame. If you have
friends or loved ones who are still drinking it in diet drinks or consuming
it, hidden in their
foods, give them a copy, it might be just what they need to read to figure
out a health problem. 



Notice: The Material in this letter is for educational purposes only and is
not intended as a prescription for any illness.

Notice from Dagmar Ward:

As a successful and thankful patient and student of Dr. Clark since 1996, I
represented her method for 2 years in Germany. My services include: Self
Health Consultations, Classes in Syncrometer Training and Experimental
Research. I have 3 years experience consulting with patients. Dr. Clark
trained me.

Please call for an appointment: 011-52-66-312116 Tijuana, Mexico. Thank
you, Dagmar Ward

Aspartame ("NutraSweet," "Equal," and "Spoonful")

World Environmental Conference and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Are
Suing for Collusion with Monsanto

By Nancy Markle

I have spent several days lecturing at the World Environmental Conference,
Subject: "Aspartame Toxicity and Current Disease Epidemics."

In the keynote address by the EPA, they announced that there was an
epidemic of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus, and they did not
understand what toxin was causing this to be rampant across the United
States. I explained that I was there to lecture on exactly that subject.

When the temperature of Aspartame exceeds 86 F., the wood alcohol in
Aspartame converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn
causes metabolic acidosis. (Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of
fire ants). The methanol toxicity mimics multiple sclerosis; thus people
are being diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis in error. The multiple
sclerosis is not a death sentence, where methanol toxicity is. In the case
of systemic lupus, we are finding it has become almost as rampant as
multiple sclerosis, especially in Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers. Also,
with methanol toxicity, the victims usually drink three to four 12-ounce
cans of them per day, some even more. In the cases of systemic lupus, which
is triggered by Aspartame, the victim usually does not know that the
Aspartame is the culprit. The victim continues its use, aggravating the
lupus to such a degree that sometimes it becomes life threatening. When we
get people off the Aspartame, those with systemic lupus usually become
asymptomatic. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse this disease. On the other
hand, in the case of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, (when in
reality, the disease is methanol toxicity), most of the symptoms disappear.
We have seen cases where their vision has returned and even their hearing
has returned. This also applies to cases of tinnitus.

During the lecture I said "If you are using Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal,
Spoonful, etc.) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms (spasms, shooting
pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches,
tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred
vision, or memory loss) — you probably have Aspartame Disease!"

People were jumping up during the lecture saying, "I’ve got this, is it
reversible?" It is rampant. Some of the speakers at my lecture were even
suffering from these symptoms. In one lecture attended by the Ambassador of
Uganda, he told us that their sugar industry is adding Aspartame! He
continued by saying that one industry leader’s son could no longer walk —
due, in part, by product usage!
We have a very serious problem. Even a stranger came up to Dr. Espisto (one
of my speakers) and myself and said, "Could you tell me why so many people
seem to be coming down with MS?" During a visit to a hospice, a nurse said
that six of her friends, who were heavy Diet Coke addicts, had all been
diagnosed with MS. This is beyond coincidence.

Here is the problem. There were Congressional Hearings when Aspartame was
included in 100 different products. Since this initial hearing, there have
been two subsequent hearings, but to no avail. Nothing has been done. The
drug and chemical lobbies have very deep pockets. Now there are over 5,000
products containing this chemical, and the Patent Has Expired!!!

At the time of the first hearing, people were going blind. The methanol in
the Aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the retina of the eye.
Formaldehyde is grouped in the same class of drugs as cyanide and arsenic —
Deadly Poisons!!! Unfortunately, it just takes longer to quietly kill, but
it is killing and causing all kinds of neurological problems. Aspartame
changes the brain’s chemistry. It is the reason for severe seizures. The
drug changes the dopamine  level in the brain. Imagine what this drug does
to patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. This drug also causes Birth
Defects! There is absolutely no reason to take this product. It is Not A
Diet Product!!! The Congressional record says: "Aspartame makes you crave
carbohydrates and will make you Fat." Dr. Roberts stated that when he got
patients off Aspartame, their average weight loss was 19 pounds per person.
The formaldehyde stores in the fat cells, particularly in the hips and thighs.

Aspartame is especially deadly for diabetics. All physicians know what wood
alcohol will do to a diabetic. We find that physicians believe that they
have patients with retinopathy, when in fact, it is caused by the
Aspartame. The Aspartame keeps the blood sugar level out of control,
causing many patients to go into a coma. Unfortunately, many have died.
People were telling us at the Conference of the American College of
Physicians, that they had relatives that switched from saccharin to an
Aspartame product and how that relative had eventually gone into a coma.
Their physicians could not get the blood sugar levels under control. Thus,
the patients suffered acute memory loss and eventually coma and death.

Memory loss is due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are
neurotoxic without the amino acids found in protein. Thus, it goes past the
blood brain barrier and deteriorates the neurons of the brain. Dr. Russell
Blaylock, Neurosurgeon, said: "The ingredients stimulate the neurons of the
brain to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees." Dr. Blaylock has
written a book entitled "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" [Health Press
(800) 643-2665]. Dr. H.J. Roberts, Diabetic Specialist and world expert on
Aspartame poisoning, has also written a book entitled: "Defense Against
Alzheimer’s Disease" [(800) 814-9800].

Dr. Roberts tells how Aspartame poisoning is escalating Alzheimer’s
Disease, and indeed it is. As the hospice nurse told me, women are being
admitted at 30 years of age with Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Blaylock and Dr.
Roberts will be writing a position paper with some case histories and will
post it on the Internet. According to the Conference of the American
College of Physicians: "We are talking about a plague of neurological
diseases caused by this deadly poison." Dr. Roberts realized what was
happening when Aspartame was first marketed. He said: "My diabetic patients
presented memory loss, confusion, and severe vision loss." At the
Conference of the American College of Physicians, doctors admitted that
they did not know why. They had wondered why seizures were rampant (the
phenylalanine in Aspartame breaks down the seizure threshold and depletes
serotonin, which causes manic depression, panic attacks, rage and violence).

Just before the conference, I received a Fax from Norway asking for a
possible antidote for this poison because they are experiencing so many
problems in their country because of it. This "Poison" is now available in
90 plus countries worldwide. Fortunately, we had speakers and ambassadors
at the conference from different nations who have pledged their help. We
ask that you help too. Print this article and give it out to warn everyone
you know. Take anything that contains Aspartame back to the store. Take the
"No Aspartame Test" and send us your case history.

I assure you that Monsanto, the creator of Aspartame, knows how deadly it
is. They fund the American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic
Association, Congress, and the Conference of the American College of
Physicians. The New York Times, on November 15, 1996, ran an article on how
the American Dietetic Association takes money from the food industry to
endorse their products. Therefore, they cannot criticize any additives or
tell about their link to Monsanto.

How bad is this? We told a mother who had a child on NutraSweet to get the
child off the product. The child was having grand mal seizures everyday.
The mother called her physician, who called the ADA, who told the doctor
not to take the child off the NutraSweet. We are still trying to convince
the mother that the Aspartame is causing the seizures. Every time we get
someone with seizures off of Aspartame, the seizures stop. If the baby
dies, you know whose fault it is, and what we are up against.

There are 92 documented symptoms of Aspartame, from coma to death. The
majority of them are neurological, because the Aspartame destroys the
nervous system. Aspartame Disease is behind some of the mystery of the
Desert Storm health problems. The burning tongue and other problems
discussed in over 60 cases can be directly related to the consumption of an
Aspartame product. Several thousand pallets of diet drinks were shipped to
the Desert Storm troops. (Remember heat can liberate the methanol from the
Aspartame at 86 F.) Diet drinks sat in the 120 F. Arabian sun for weeks
at a time on pallets. The service men and women drank them all day long.
All of their symptoms are identical to Aspartame poisoning.

Dr. Roberts says: "Consuming Aspartame at the time of conception can cause
birth defects." The phenylalanine concentrates in the placenta, causing
mental retardation, according to Dr. Louis Elsas, Pediatrician Professor,
Genetics, at Emory University in his testimony before Congress.

In the original lab tests, animals developed brain tumors (phenylalanine
breaks down into DXP, a brain tumor agent). When Dr. Espisto was lecturing
on Aspartame, one physician in the audience, a neurosurgeon, said: "When
they remove brain tumors, they have found high levels of Aspartame in them."

Stevia, a sweet food, Not An Additive, which helps in the metabolism of
sugar, which would be ideal for diabetics, has now been approved as a
dietary supplement by the FDA. For years, the FDA has outlawed this sweet
food because of their loyalty to Monsanto! 

If it says "Sugar Free" on the label — don’t even think about it! Senator
Howard Hetzenbaum wrote a bill that would have warned all pregnant mothers
and the caregivers of infants and children of the dangers of Aspartame. The
bill would have also instituted independent studies on the problems
existing in the population (seizures, changes in brain chemistry, changes
in neurological and behavioral symptoms). The powerful drug and chemical
lobbies, letting loose the hounds of disease and death on an unsuspecting
public, killed it.

Since the Conference of the American College of Physicians, we hope to have
the help of world leaders. Again, we ask that you please help us, too.
There are a lot of people out there who must be warned, please let them
know this information.

Integrative Medicine, National Health and Alternative Therapies 

                          Aspartame and Vision Problems

In a study which appeared in the Journal of Applied Nutrition authored by
Dr. H.J. Roberts (Vol.
40, page 85-94, 1988), the following eye problems were found in persons who
complained of
adverse reactions to Aspartame use: 

                Percentage of People with Aspartame Reactions

     Decreased vision and/or other eye problems (blurring, "bright
flashes," tunnel vision)
     Pain (one or both eyes) (9%) 
     Decreased tears, trouble with contact lens, or both (8%) 
     Blindness (one or both eyes) (3%) 

Dr. Roberts details the effects of Aspartame on the eye in his book,
"Aspartame (NutraSweet): Is It Safe?"

In 1987, Dr. Morgan Raiford, M.D., an ophthalmologist and an expert on the
effects of methanol toxicity on the eye testified before U.S. Congress
about the large number of patients he treated with vision loss due to
Aspartame (65 cases as of July 10, 1986). At that time, Aspartame had been
on the market for a short period of time and in relatively small amounts.

Here is a statement from Dr. Raiford:

Facts About Aspartame:

May 20, 1987

"The above product is also manufactured as NutraSweet. This pharmacological
spin-off is a highly profitable item, with a growing market. These products
are used as a sweetener, some 200 times as sweet as regular cane sugar.

"This product has some highly toxic reactions in the human visual pathway,
and we are beginning to observe the tragic damage to the optic nerve, such
as blindness and partial to total optic nerve atrophy.

"Once this destructive process has developed there is no return of visual
restoration. We are beginning to see and observe another toxic reaction,
which affects the central nervous system, which is related to phenylalanine
levels in the central nervous system. These observations are more vague;
however, it stimulates damage to the brain and the central nervous system,
having the manifestations as PKU Neuro Damage. Over 3,000 cases have been
reported, and the FDA to date has ignored this existence."

Human Visual Pathway Damage:

The human visual pathway admits ninety percent of our intellectual input to
the brain and central
nervous system. All of the learning processes are centered here during
one’s lifetime. The
mechanism of this tragic damage to the human visual system (that visual
loss takes place) from
this product is and has been known for over a decade. When this drug enters
the digestive tract,
largely the upper portion, this molecule spins off a by-product known as
methanol or methyl
alcohol. This product enters the bloodstream and when these portions reach
the highly metabolic
region of the optic nerve and retina, partial atrophy can and does take
place. The vision cannot
go without oxygen and nutrition for more than ninety seconds without
revealing some damage.
Total loss of vision is present and there is no return. In the very early
stage, which is referred to
as the "wet stage," treatment can be given and will reserve the destructive
pathology to the optic
nerve and retina. This must be in the mind of the physician and he must
understand the chemical
ongoing process. 

This writer has seen many cases where the patient was allowed to go to
these degrees of blindness. As this diagnosis of optic neuritis was
rendered, as the term idiopathic neuritis of optic nerve was given, usually
steroids were administered until systemic gross body and facial moon
developed. This therapy has demonstrated the total lack of basic
understanding of biochemical physiology at the molecular level.

The variability or onset of the optic nerve atrophy is of a type that one
must first think of this pathology, and it requires a certain amount of
listening to the patient. The quantity of symptoms varies with each patient.

Over the past year this writer has observed the fact that any portion of
the central nervous system can be and is affected. Since the chemical
phenylalanine is mixed up with some metabolic mess, we have seen symptoms,
noted by the individual, of varying hue in the extremities, sensations of
dullness of the intellect, visual shadows, evidence of word structure
reversing and some hearing impairment.

This can and will in time cause problems in learning. The medical community
must alert itself that we have a problem that has surfaced due to the drug
industry. Parents must be alerted to the side reactions of this toxic product.

Recently, an ophthamologist in India reported improvement in a number of
his patients’ conditions after the elimination of Aspartame for a period of
time. That ophthalmologist and a surgeon (J. Barua and A. Bal) published an
article in the Journal of the Diabetic Association of India (Vol. 35, No.
4, 1995, page 92-107) which discusses the dangers of Aspartame use.

Of course, it is important to find substitutes for Aspartame. It is equally
important, in my opinion, to avoid going from one toxic sweetener to
another. I put together what I feel are healthier sweeteners for the
general population on a sweetener resource list on my web page. Diabetics
can safely use some of these sweeteners and others in moderation (depending
upon their condition).

                    WARNING! NutraSweet is A Neurotoxin 

The THALIDOMIDE of the 90’s is ASPARTAME otherwise known as EQUAL,
NUTRASWEET or SPOONFUL. In May 1992 Flying Safety Magazine explained the

In pregnancy the effects of Aspartame can be passed directly on to the
fetus, even in very small doses. Some people have suffered
Aspartame-related disorders with doses as small as that carried in a single
stick of chewing gum. This could mean a pilot who drinks diet sodas is more
susceptible to flicker vertigo, or to flicker-induced epileptic activity.
It also means that all pilots are potential victims of sudden memory loss,
dizziness during instrument flight and gradual loss of vision.

Some pilots have experienced grand mal seizures in the cockpits of
commercial airline flights and have lost medical certification to fly, and
with it their careers. The FDA has received more than 10,000 consumer
complaints on NutraPoison. That’s 80 % of all complaints about food
additives, yet they remain comatose and have done nothing to alert the
American public who assume that since Aspartame is so highly advertised, it
must be as safe as mother’s milk. The FDA consistently approves killer
drugs as the February '94

If you are using Aspartame and have headaches, depression, slurred speech,
loss of memory, fibromyalgia type symptoms, loss of sensation in lower legs
or shooting pains, loss of equilibrium, vertigo, anxiety attacks, chronic
fatigue, vision loss, floaters, retinal detachment, seizures, heart
palpitations, etc. you have ASPARTAME DISEASE! Many physicians are
diagnosing multiple sclerosis when in reality it is methanol toxicity,
which mimics MS. Get off this dangerous drug right away. MS is not a death
sentence, but methanol toxicity is!

Fifty-one percent of FDA approved drugs have serious risks and could cause
adverse reactions that lead to severe or permanent disability or death. The
Center for Disease Control, Johns Hopkins University, and the New Jersey
School of Medicine estimate that 80-120,000 Americans are killed by
prescription drugs every year. That this atrocious holocaust persists has
everything to do with money and nothing to do with public health. Monsanto
reaps $2 billion/year from the Aspartame toxic bonanza. This can buy a lot
of bureaucrats! Does FDA mean "Fatal Drugs Allowed?" The FDA works for
industry, not citizens. FDA head Arthur Hayes overruled
his own board of inquiry to approve Aspartame then went to work for
Monsanto’s public relations firm. Federal attorney Sam Skinner was assigned
to prosecute Searle for fraudulent tests in their application, but switched
sides and went to work for Searle’s lawyers and the case died when the
statute of limitations ran out.

Honest FDA toxicologist, the late Dr. Adrian Gross, wrote to Senator Howard
Metzenbaum: "The views of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety read like a
script written for Abbott & Costello in the sense of their having
perceptions inside-out and upside-down ... FDA may have gone through the
motions ... such a ‘process’ or DANCE represented a farce and a mockery."

Aspartame is a molecule composed of three components: aspartic acid,
phenylalanine and methanol. Once ingested the methanol, wood alcohol, that
has killed or blinded thousands of skid row drunks, converts into
formaldehyde and formic (Ant Sting Poison). Formaldehyde, a deadly
neurotoxin, is common embalming fluid, a Class A Carcinogen. Phenylalanine
is also neurotoxic when
unaccompanied by the other amino acids in proteins. Aspartic acid causes
brain lesions in neuroendocrine disorders in experimental animals. There
are 92 documented symptoms including:

                      Muscle spasms
                      Weight gain
                                                              Hearing loss
  Blurred vision
                                                              Slurred speech
  Heart palpitations
                      Anxiety attacks
                                                              Loss of taste
  Memory loss
                                          Joint Pain

    The best way to understand NutraSweet is to think of it as a minute
         dose of nerve gas that eradicates brain and nerve functions.

NutraSweet is in 5,000 foods and on every restaurant table for the same
reasons tobacco is
everywhere: Greed, Addiction and Profit! Monsanto owns the NutraSweet
Company and sister
Searle whose chemists discovered Aspartame while testing an ulcer drug. If
you’re taking other
medicine, consider possible reactions you may have. In 1969 Searle
approached Dr. Harry
Waisman to study the effects of Aspartame on primates. Seven infant monkeys
were fed the
chemical in milk. One died after 300 days, 5 others had Grand Mal seizures.
Searle deleted
these findings when they submitted this study to the FDA! The best way to
NutraSweet is to think of it as a minute dose of nerve gas that eradicates
brain and nerve


  Brain tumors and other
                             Chronic fatigue syndrome
                                                        Mental retardation
  Multiple sclerosis
                             Epstein Barr
                                                        Birth defects
                                                        Systemic Lupus
  Graves Disease

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology surveyed 80 people who
suffered brain
seizures after eating or drinking products with Aspartame. Said the
Community Nutrition
Institute: "These 80 cases meet the FDA’s own definition of an imminent
hazard to the public
health, which requires the FDA to expeditiously remove a product from the

America is seeing a tremendous increase in seizures. Phenylalanine in
Aspartame lowers the seizure threshold in the brain and blocks serotonin
production. Today our nation is swept by a rage of violence. Researchers
attribute this is part to low brain serotonin levels inducing depression,
rage and paranoia. So President Clinton, Diet Coke in hand, programs
billions of $’s to buy penitentiaries for the paranoid.

Fetal tissue cannot tolerate methanol, and Dr. James Bowen calls NutraSweet
instant birth control. The fetal placenta can concentrate phenylalanine and
cause mental retardation. Aspartame tests on animals produced brain and
mammary tumors. No wonder breast cancer is exponentiating! During Operation
Desert Storm truckloads of diet drinks cooked in the Arabian sun and at 86
F. — Aspartame liberated methanol in the can! Thousands of service men and
women returned home with chronic fatigue syndrome and weird toxic symptoms!

On July 28, 1983 the National Soft Drink Association drafted a 30-page
protest questioning the safety of Aspartame in soft drinks. Then they found
weight-conscious Americans would sip soda all day if it were sugarless, so
they forgot their objections: nor did they tell us that Aspartame makes you
crave carbohydrates and so you gain weight. The formaldehyde stores in fat
cells, particularly on the hips and thighs. Drink diet soda, get fat now,
and later develop seizures, diabetes, blindness, Epstein Barr, MS
depression and death.

Similarly, the American Diabetic Association, which receives megafunds from
NutraSweet ignored a 1987 abstract submitted by Dr. H. J. Roberts (world
expert on Aspartame and diabetic specialist) summarizing 58 diabetic
reactors. He says "I now advise ALL patients with diabetes and hypoglycemia
to avoid Aspartame products." Russell Blaylock, M.D., Neurosurgeon in his

EXCITOTOXINS-THE TASTE THAT KILLS says Aspartame may trigger clinical
diabetes! He says that excitotoxins, which can be found in such ingredients
as NutraSweet, literally stimulate neurons to death, causing brain damage
of varying degrees. Health Press: 1-800-643-2665. Also, "What really
concerns me about Aspartame is its association with brain tumors as well as
pancreatic, uterine and ovarian tumors ... and that so many develop an
Alzheimer’s-like syndrome with prolonged exposure."

NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful are the deadliest toxins in our society because
of their ubiquitous presence in thousands of foods, even children’s
vitamins, medicines, Kool Aid and Jell-O and on every restaurant table.
We’re dosed with millions of pounds every year! This warning should be on
every Aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful product: CHEMICAL POISON: KEEP

300 27th Street, Aspartame: Is it Safe? The Charles Press, PO Box 15715S,
Philadelphia PA 19103 West Palm Beach, FL 33407, Sweet’ner Dearest; Is
Aspartame Safe? A Medical, Public Health Legal Overview (407) 832-2408 on
tape; Defense Against Alzheimer’s Disease, (Dr. Robe rts explains how
Aspartame can escalate Alzheimer’s). Sunshine Sentinel Press: 1-800-814-9800

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, included in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who
in the World, Who’s Who in Science and Technology, and THE BEST DOCTORS IN
THE U.S. Selected by a national medical publication as "The Best Doctor in
the U.S."

BARBARA ALEXANDER MULLARKEY (708) 848-0116 c/o NutriVoice PO Box 946 Oak
Park, Illinois 60303, Bittersweet Aspartame: A Diet Delusion, A leading
Anti-Aspartame authority, former ecology-nutrition columnist for the
Wednesday Journal of Oak Park, Illinois. Publisher of NutriVoice
Newsletter, Nutrition editor Conscious Choice Magazine. Contributor to
Informed Consent Magazine. 
Copy this for your friends, school, workplace, lawmakers, merchants and
physicians! Prepared by MISSION POSSIBLE and distributed worldwide. MISSION
POSSIBLE, PO BOX 28098, Atlanta, GA 30358.

For further information on Aspartame e-mail and put on the
Subject line "sendme
help." Take the "No Aspartame Test" for one month and when your symptoms
disappear send us
your case history with permission to publish. 

Mission Possible is dedicated to the proposition that we will not be
satisfied until death and
disabilities are no longer considered an acceptable cost of business. 

Stephen L. Cimo posted the material on this webpage on December 14, 1996.


Message: 5
   Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 08:51:49 +0200
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Brain tumor

One message from <> list:

Mailing-List: contact
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 18:57:31 -0700
From: Hans Oussoren <>
Subject: [cancercure] Response to "Info"

My name is Hans and I am 22 years old.  I would like to respond to Johann
who asked for 
some info/experiences on laetrile.
	In fall of 1989, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  A Craniophyrigoma.
persumed location was by the Pituitary gland.  I had brain surgery done,
8.5 hours.  (I 
can give more detailed info for anyone interested in specifics - please
e-mail me and I 
will do my best to answer any further ?'s)
	Before I get to detailed in the nitty details, and the ups and downs, I
want to 
let you now tht I could not have gotten through this with the support of
the many 
freinds, family and lots of people that I didn't even now, who were praying
for me.  
	They said they removed 3/4 of the tumor, however cat scans showed that it
still the same size?.  
	I was scheduled for radiation (mask made, locations choosen) but we (my
and I) did not feels comfortable with going this route.  We continued to
pray for wisdom 
into what we should do.  
	As we sought direction, I was overcome by a violent reaction to
"dilantin", a 
medicine to "prevent" seizures, which I had never had.   The rection
brought blisters to 
various area of my body including my face and my throat, putting me in the
burn unit of 
the local hospital.  i was so prone to infection.  This was, needless to
say, horrific. 
 	We then decided to got to a clinic in Mexico that worked with diet and
as well as laetrile (a.k.a. Amygdalin)  This treatment has been very
positive.  I am 
still om the diet to this day, a diet that excludes refined sugars( I may
have honey and 
mape syrop) red meats ( chicken, fish and beans for proteins is o.k.).  The
involves a mix of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.  Also several
vitamins to keep 
the immune system up to par.  
	The last cat scan that i had was @ 3 years ago.  The doctors let us see the 
pictures (trying their best to explain things).  They were ery puzzled b/c
the cat-scan 
showed that the tumor was the same size, BUT, the insides seemed to be
clearing.  The 
doctors were puzzled and suggested a biopsey be done.  (No thanks!)  Thsi
clearing of 
the inside of the tumor is just how the diet is to work/.  The diet builds
the immune 
system which in turn fights foreign objects.  
	Today, I am still on that diet, as well as the amygdalin.  Don;t get me
the diet is not always easy, esp. if others are eatig foods you can't eat,
right in 
front of you.  Still tough, this many years later.  
	I have to mention, again, that without the prayers of many. and without the 
Lord's will, none of this would have been blessed.  I am thankful that it
	All the best to all of you out there.  I enjoy your letters.  
	Take care,and
			God Bless.
		Hans Oussoren
Phil 4:13  I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength..