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      1. SHARK CARTILAGE AND CANCER, colon cancer
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      2. HYPERACTIVITY and Homeopathic Medicine 
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Subject: SHARK CARTILAGE AND CANCER, colon cancer


In a special interview with The Digest, Dr. A. Donald Angeletti, MD, of West 
Caldwell, New Jersey, related the following case history:

"In November, Fred, 43 years old, came to see me with cancer of the colon. 
He was tired, very tired! He had lost 25 pounds and was so lacking in energy 
that he finally had to stop working.


"I put this patient on shark cartilage."


A CAT scan revealed a lesion in the right lobe of his liver. His oncologist 
had administered chemotherapy. Well, lesions on the liver are not usually 
responsive to chemotherapy.

"I put this patient on shark cartilage. By February, the liver mass had 
shrunk by 50 percent, and Fred regained 10 of the 25 pounds lost, in spite 
of the chemotherapy that had weakened his immune system. He had enough 
energy to return to work.

"The specifics? Fred took 80 grams of shark cartilage, four times a day, 
applied rectally. Shark cartilage will work only if the body is saturated 
with it. A multivitamin helped to improve Fred's appetite. He will probably 
have to continue using shark cartilage forever, but he will be monitored to 
see if the amount can be decreased. If the scan still shows shrinkage three 
or four months from now, we will decrease the amount gradually-with a 
watchful eye."

Editor's note: Beware of the shark cartilage capsules that are permeating 
the marketplace. The process of pulverizing, which creates heat, can 
destroythe protein strain of the cartilage and cause denaturing.

For serious problems, large quantities of shark cartilage are imperative. 
Recommended amounts are about a gram per two pounds of body weight, so an 
average of 100 capsules would be necessary where need is critical. Liquid 
vials make much more sense than capsules-they work faster and are more 
potent. One vial is the equivalent of 80 to 100 grams! That's why Dr. 
Angeletti used liquid vials.

Five very significant constituents have been identified in shark cartilage, 
some of which are selectively cytotoxic-attacking the toxic enemy like 
air-to-air missiles.

Keep in mind, too, that shark cartilage can work for many blood or lymph 
disorders, including cardiac, breast, and brain problems. It has even been 
shown to be helpful for inflammation.

Shark cartilage is available from: Allergy Research Group, 400 Preda St, PO 
Box 489, San Leandro, CA 94577. 1-800-782-4274.

Sources: Case history. A. Donald Angeletti, MD, 603 Bloomfield Ave, West 
Caldwell, NJ 07006.1-201-226-5081; Amino Acid Journal of Bone and Mineral 
Research, Apr 1994, 9(4):567-76; Protein Science, Ja n 1 9 9 2 , I (1): 1 6 
1 - 8; Angiogenesis Research: Cancer Letters, Jun 15, 1990, 51(3):181-6.


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   Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 11:28:14 PET
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Subject: HYPERACTIVITY and Homeopathic Medicine 


It's estimated that 10% of American children have some form of behavioral or 
learning disability. For these unfortunate children the routine answer is 
Ritalin or Dexedrine, a kind of biochemical straightjacket that is now taken 
by hundreds of thousands of children.

But homeopathy has an alternative treatment for kids who bounce off the 
walls and act up in class, says homeopath Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D., 
M.S.W, director of the Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds, 

Ben, age 5, was worse than rambunctious. He was disobedient and defiant; he 
often got hysterical and would shout, cry, yell, throw things, hit children, 
push them around, get suddenly violent, and he always had to be in charge. 
His bones ached, he had painful warts, he often had ear infections and had 
taken a lot of antiobiotics by the time his homeopath treated him.

A single dose of homeopathic Cina, made from the flower wormseed, completely 
turned Ben around. Almost overnight he became a model boy: "He is terrific, 
as perfect as a boy can be," declared his mother.

Jimmy, age 9, was an abused boy. His parents were alcoholics who either beat 
him or ignored him; most of the time he lived in a foster home. In school, 
his teachers described him as a disruptive trouble-maker. He constantly 
hummed, sang, and twiddled; at night, he tossed and turned; he was always 
impatient, over-active, and restless.

Yet a single dose of homeopathic Veratrum album, made from the flower white 
hellebore, changed all this in 2 days. It was as if he were a completely new 

-SOURCE: Mothering, Spring 1995, pp. 97-101.