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      1. Eliminating Bowel Disease
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      2. Foreward to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease
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      3. Peripheral neuropathy, dental metal, cavitations
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      4. Cancer - Brain tumor, Tapeworm, Parasites
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      5. cerebral palsy
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      6. Amalgam
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      8. Colon Cancer
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      9. Bone cancer - another flax cure 
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     10. Breast Cancer, Irene King: My Experience with Cancer
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     11. Ria Swift: Cancer survivor
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     12. Essiac Tea Heals Tumors
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Subject: Eliminating Bowel Disease

Eliminating Bowel Disease

The problem with medical drugs is that they often merely relieve pain and 
discomfort without curing the underlying condition. When the drugs are 
discontinued, the disease returns, sometimes with greater intensity. Of 
course, when no real cure is available, symptomatic relief may be better 
than nothing, but in the case of irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative 
colitis and Crohn's disease, a real cure may be possible through diet.

Dr. G. Borok, a general practitioner in South Africa, has had considerable 
success with intestinal problems using an elimination and rotation diet 
developed by Dr. Marshall of Norwalk, Connecticut. In more than 5,000 
patients with irritable bowel syndrome, 99.9% have experienced relief of all 
bowel symptoms. In cases of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, the 
response rate is between 85% to 90%. Other symptoms, such as those affecting 
muscles, joints, lungs, and kidneys, as well as emotional symptoms such as 
depression and anxiety, improve in the 80% to 90% range.

The elimination/rotation diet starts out with one or two foods being allowed 
at any particular meal. For the first week, wheat and milk are avoided 
because many people have allergies to them. Any of the patient's favorite, 
commonly eaten foods are also avoided.

If any food triggers a reaction, it is replaced with another, until no 
symptoms are experienced. When all symptoms have cleared, favorite foods are 
returned to the diet one-at-a-time. Foods that produce symptoms twice are 
withdrawn for three months.

If patients are already receiving cortisone therapy when they come for 
treatment, it is discontinued as soon as possible, because the drug hides 
symptoms and makes it more difficult to pinpoint offending foods.

Based on information in: Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, April 1998

Excerpted from Spectrum Magazine


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Subject: Foreward to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease

This documents provided by:

The Arthritis Trust of America

This article is the "Foreward" to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and 
Rheumatoid Disease With Rheumatoid Arthritis by Anthony di Fabio & Gus J. 
Prosch, Jr., M.D


Our Purpose

We want to help you to get you well:

    * by convincing you that generally it is an outright lie, that arthritis 
is incurable;

    * by means of books and articles that expand your horizon (and your 
physician's) on causes of ill-health;

    * with the gentle support of some self-help treatments; and

    * through your commitment to guided tours led by knowledgeable 
alternative medical health professionals of your choice, using treatments of 
your choice.

We can and do supply you with some of the world's best wellness advice and 
down-to-earth reading references and other resources. We have no vested 
interest or stock holdings in those whose help or products are recommended.

Considering all of the above, you're sure to run into the claim of 
"quackery" especially by the professional who does have a vested interest in 
holding onto your "patient" status, or suffers from his or her own hidden 
desire to remain ignorant. So bear with us a moment while we discuss the 
nature of quackery.

The Nature of Quackery

Much of the advice proffered so liberally by many health professionals while 
creating this book bucks traditional medicine, but represents safe, 
innovative, non-traditional treatments when applied properly. Given the 
success stories told repeatedly, it's hard to understand how anyone could or 
would want to continue with totally ineffective, often damaging traditional 
treatments for arthritis!

Those who would persuade you not to try safe, workable alternatives would 
call such treatments "quackery," and those who would help you toward 
wellness as "quacks."

John W. Campbell, Jr.4 was a remarkable modern writer and thought-provoker, 
who was commemorated by naming a crater on the far side of the moon the 
"Campbell" crater.

A "Quack" According to John W. Campbell, Jr.

"Now let's consider for a moment what's meant by a 'quack' in the medical 

"The usual charge is that a quack is someone who uses an improper treatment, 
one which does not help, or actually injures the patient, while inducing the 
patient to pay for his mistreatment, and keeping the patient from going to a 
licensed doctor and getting the treatment he needs. That a quack is in the 
business solely to make money at the expense of suffering humanity.

"Now any time A disapproves of B emotionally, he'll attribute B's actions to 
some generally demeaned motivation -- 'just for money' being the most 
common, with 'just for his own pleasure' being a runner-up.

"Let's be objective about this business of what a quack does. Suppose a man, 
calling himself Dr. Jones, treats a patient who has a lethal disease, and 
uses a method he knows for a positive fact will not save the man's life. He 
charges fees, and sees to it that the patient doesn't go to any other 
therapist -- just gives him some drugs that do not save him, but let him die 

"That set of actions fulfills exactly what the [medical establishment] 
accuses those awful, nasty, wicked quacks of doing.

"It is also precisely what an [establishment medical] doctor does when he 
treats [an arthritis] patient; he knows that the standard treatments for 
[arthritis] do not work, do not save lives. [Arthritis], treated by the 
[medical establishment] methods, means [continuous pain, disfigurement and 
possibly] death.

"The [medical establishment], moreover, does everything in its power to make 
it impossible for the victim to get treatment from any other therapist who 
might be able to do better, and most certainly couldn't be less effective.

"The patient [may], moreover, wind up broke, and his family in debt -- a 
charge constantly leveled against those wicked quacks! -- by the time he 

"But this is not quackery, of course.

"Why not? Because the doctors know they are doing their best, with the best 
of intentions -- despite the [medical establishment's] convictions that he 
must be evil -- and actually does better than the [medical establishment's] 

"Oh . . . I see. That never happens, huh . . . ?

". . . how about that unlicensed non-M.D. -- that charlatan, that fraud, 
who'd gotten crackpot ideas from studying silk-worms and wineries, no less! 
-- who started treating human beings for rabies? That chemist, with only 
half a brain, Louis Pasteur?

"Or how about that licensed M.D. charlatan, expelled from the hospital and 
the medical society -- Semmelweis? [Semmelweis solved childbed fever and 
demonstrated the importance of cleansing hands before touching patients.]

"Or take a few other notorious quacks like Lister -- who was most violently 
attacked for his temerity in opening the abdomens of living patients. 
(Ethical doctors of the time never opened the abdomen until after the 
patient died.)

"And Ehrlich, another chemist, who invented the concept of chemotherapy.

"Every time someone outside -- or even inside! -- the field of medicine 
brings up a break-through discovery, he'll be labeled a quack. The field is 
too emotional.

"He'll be charged with being a fraud, charlatan out after money, a 
blood-sucking leech. . . .

"Actually, it's pretty clear, the definition of 'quack' is someone I believe 
to be dangerous, evil, destructive and unprincipled!

"Trouble is -- the term 'quack' was -- in their own place and time -- 
violently hurled at many men we consider today among the greatest medical 
heroes. [Semmelweis], Jenner, Koch, Harvey, Ross, Lister, Pasteur, Ehrlich, 
Sister Kenny, even Roentgen, who didn't even try to practice medicine!

"One very certain thing about the field of medicine: it is not, and never 
will be a field of objective science. It's too deeply dominated by emotional 

Your Search for Wellness

So! You've probably been to an establishment medical physician about your 
present ill-health.

You've probably been told that your pain is a consequence of age or 
genetics, soon to lead to an incurable condition! -- Or that it is such and 
such a malady, and is already incurable! That very nice man, that fine 
mannered, knowledgeable doctor said, "Here's a pill. Take it three times a 
day. Learn to live with your condition and pain!"

He may also have warned you against quackery -- people who claim to have 
cures, but only want your money -- also conveniently overlooking the fact 
that he claims not to have a cure, but is perfectly willing to take your 

He's an Authority -- a MEDICAL DOCTOR. Possibly he's one of the very best in 
your region, highly educated and trained, a respectable, leading citizen, of 
the highest ethics, a family man, recognized by both your local hospital and 
your insurance company as a man to trust.

Since -- you believe -- all medical doctors are equally trained, equally 
knowledgeable, all have had the same education, the same training, have read 
the same books, and all are at the very forefront of research, you'll profer 
trust in this nice man (or woman), you'll go home, suffer, take the pill 
three or more times a day, and be emotionally stricken as your body 
progresses into a grotesque disease condition.


Hopefully, not any more! Not after reading this book, and others available 
elsewhere. Thankfully people are beginning to wake up, to realize the 
ineffectiveness and futility of relying on traditional medicine, as more and 
more folks take up alternatives -- and achieve wellness.

Not all establishment medicine is bad, of course. It simply uses a faulty 
standard usually designed by medical boards, insurance companies, 
pharmaceutical industries, trade unions such as the American Medical 
Association or American Dental Association, or ivory towered professors in 
medical schools whose research is dominated by the pocketbooks of 
pharmaceutical industries -- hardly an unemotional or unbiased grouping.

While the gold standard of medical scientific proof is that of controlled, 
double-blind studies that often cost as much as $40,000,000 to establish the 
fact that one kind of pain killer is slightly better than another kind of 
pain killer, the crux of medicine is and should be whether or not people 
achieve wellness, and how they do so. We have, therefore, included actual 
case histories (usually under pseudonyms), describing how people suffered 
and what they did to achieve wellness.

In the osteoarthritis chapter you'll learn that William Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D. 
solved one of the basic mysteries of osteoarthritis, having proved his 
solution under rigorous scientific studies. Others also worked on pieces of 
the puzzles, and these include natural-medicine-oriented Rex E. Newnham, 
D.O., N.D., Ph.D. and Michael T. Murray, N.D., nerve specialist Roger 
Wyburn-Mason, M.D., Ph.D., surgeon/acupuncturist Dr. Paul K. Pybus, 
reconstructive therapists William J. Faber, D.O. and James Carlson, D.O., 
general practitioners Jack M. Blount and one of us (Gus J. Prosch, Jr., 
M.D.), chiropractors like Paul Goldberg, D.C., M.P.H., and many other health 
professionals -- all of whom have volunteered extremely useful knowledge.

Osteoarthritis is no longer a necessary concomitant of aging, being 
treatable and solvable. Would it also surprise you to learn that rheumatoid 
arthritis has been capable of being cured for many years?

The necessary treatment factors, usually involve (1) proper nutrition, (2) 
detoxification [mercury, foci of infection, herbicides and pesticides] (3) 
strengthening of the immune system, (4) elimination of foreign organisms 
[parasites], (5) treatment for food allergies, and (6) treatment against 
candidiasis, a yeast/fungus infestation. While accounting for all of these 
factors, and while all are necessary ingredients to achieve wellness, in 
particular cases they may not be sufficient, as each of us are designed with 
genetic differences and reared in differing environments.

What We've Learned

Both of us have experienced nearly fifteen years of freedom from rheumatoid 
arthritis, and one of us has successfully treated thousands of rheumatoid 
arthritis patients.

We've learned two impressive fundamental truths:

    (a) All health not related to genetic defects is a function of what we 
eat, drink, breathe, how we eliminate, the nature of our living styles, and 
our response to and the levels of experienced stress. "To be healthy," says 
the wise man, "then clean up your act."

This book describes how to start cleaning up your act!

    (b) There are probably more ways known to stay or get well than there 
are ways to achieve illness, or to stay ill. Apparently -- from the nature 
of wellness principles -- we humans work very hard to stay ill!

The Many Layers to Wellness

It took one of us (Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.) six weeks to halt the progress 
of "galloping" rheumatoid arthritis, two more years to pay attention to 
candidiasis, nutrition and food allergies, and the next 13 years to 
understand what's really going on with the factors that create rheumatoid 
arthritis and the other 79 related rheumatoid diseases. The following are 
layers which, when peeled apart sheet by sheet, surely will produce wellness 
in virtually everyone:

1. Stress

Stress is the greatest contributor toward a sick body. As a necessary 
ingredient of life, stress is totally unavoidable, arriving at our doorstep 
because we live, and appearing as either a physical or emotional stressor.

Physical stress includes heat and cold, polluting chemicals, daylight and 
darkness, the pull of gravity, microorganisms, changes in humidity and air 
pressure, accidents and sports, and so on.

Emotional stressors include offenses against others or against ourselves, 
shool discipline and study, work -- particularly if detested -- marriage 
relationships and divorces, and certainly the loss of loved ones.

According to Derrick Lonsdale, M.D. [Why I Left Orthodox Medicine], "Each of 
us live in a dangerous world, surrounded by all kinds of invisible 
stressors, many of which are indeed bacteria and viruses. The defense 
reaction to a stressor, however, regardless of the nature of the stressor, 
is much the same."

Some folks can handle enormous amounts of stress, and others very little, 
probably as a matter of their differing nutritional intake, state of health, 
and genetic factors.

We can make choices to reduce stress, but, short of death, there is no way 
to totally eliminate stress. It is our choices that determine the nature of 
our stress.

Whenever undue stress is unavoidable, or even if you've conditioned yourself 
to believe that a stress activity is enjoyable, some folks will get well 
simply by choosing to remove themselves from an environment of undue stress.

Stress has many faces, and it is never solved by blaming others, although 
it's possible that removing yourself from others may be necessary.

There are so many faces to stress that it deserves a book by itself.

Some folks can get well from rheumatoid arthritis and related rheumatoid 
diseases simply by removing themselves from stressful situations.

2. Nutrition

As we've repeatedly written -- as has Joel Wallach, D.V.M., N.D. and Ma Lan, 
M.D. (Dead Doctors Don't Lie; Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures, etc.) -- a 
successful farmer knows more about nutrition than the vast majority of 
health professionals graduating from the standard medical school. A 
successful farmer knows with a certainty -- a certainty upon which his 
family's welfare relies -- that unless he feeds his cattle, chickens, hogs, 
sheep, and so forth the very best nutrients, their market value will be low, 
and his income accordingly will suffer. Unfortunately few American farmers 
have learned to apply this same philosophy to their plant kingdom crops, as 
they seem to be stuck in the limited nitrogen/phosphorus "fertilizer" cycle, 
along with the use of hybrids that produce large, healthy appearing 
vegetation with lopsided nutrient values or without a whole lot of 
nourishing qualities.

Most religions teach that man is both spirit and animal. And while it is 
most important to nourish the spirit, this can be increasingly difficult 
without persistently buttressing our animal natures with the proper 
nutrition and nutritional supplements. If not, the spirit may leave the body 

Everywhere on earth are healthful foods growing wild: insects, worms, nuts, 
fruits, various vegetation. There's probably more healthful edible foods 
growing wild on this planet even today than there are unedible, poisonous 
foods -- but we and you are not about to break our childhood conditioning to 
seek after it. So, what is left?

Well, the closer we can come to the diet of our foraging ancestors, the more 
healthy we will become, excepting, of course, unavoidable intake of 
parasites, bacteria, et. al. In other words, we need organically grown food 
free of pesticides, herbicides, and chock full of enzymes, vitamins, 
minerals, and essential fatty acids. If we were to plant and raise our own 
gardens, insuring that the soils are balanced and mineral-laden, we'd more 
than likely not need vitamin and mineral supplements.

As it has become increasingly difficult to obtain what our animal natures 
require, we must do the best we can. After having chosen the very best store 
products available to us, we must choose wisely in supplementing with 
various vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids -- because our foods 
no longer contain the proper balance or they lack sufficient quantity of 
these life substances.

Those are just the general principles. A scientific discourse on the proper 
food baffles the best of physicians, so don't expect this non-encyclopedic 
book to provide you with foolproof, complete advice suitable just for you. 
Each person is genetically different, and each has different requirements, 
and those are the ingredients that you must learn about with the assistance 
of a knowledgeable health professional. The "4-food groups" or "6-food 
groups" recommended by dietitians is nonsense, not even suitable for 
grade-school children, providing incomplete, misleading information, and 
leaving out the very varying biochemistry that makes you different, or 
supports your life.

Derrick Lonsdale, M.D. (Why I Left Orthodox Medicine), describes five 
patients who are non-genetically related. Each of them are clinically 
diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis, each described as having joint 
inflammation, pain and swelling. Traditional medicine would attempt to treat 
each and every one of these five patients the same, but on a nutritional 
basis, each would require a different approach, depending upon their 
biochemical needs which must be learned by astute biochemical analysis. Dr. 
Lonsdale's nutritional approach also emphasizes that rheumatoid arthritis 
and related rheumatoid diseases are not a disease of joints, but a disease 
of the whole body -- and we wholeheartedly agree.

There are many who achieve wellness from rheumatoid arthritis -- and the 
other 79 collagen tissue diseases which we call rheumatoid diseases -- 
simply by improving their nutritional intake to that which best fits them. 
We would guestimate that about 30% can get well by this means alone.

Chose to remove undue stress, and improve nutrition, and you may very well 
achieve wellness from rheumatoid disease!

3. Candidasis and Food Allergies.

Candida albicans, a yeast/fungus, is an organism of opportunity, just as 
many other microorganisms are. Whenever conditions are right these 
organisms-of-opportunity set up shop in our bodies, particularly the 
intestinal tract. Right conditions are provided by the use of antibiotics, 
hormones (cortisone, birth control pills, etc.) and other chemicals, 
exposure to stress, and poor nutrition. A particularly virulent form of 
candidiasis -- the name given to the Candida albicans yeast/fungus infection 
-- is a fungal form that plants itself in the intestinal mucosal membrane, 
there to grow inward rootlets that penetrate all the way into the blood 
stream. (See The Yeast Connection, William Crook; The Yeast Syndrome, Morton 
Walker, D.P.M., John Trowbridge, M.D.; others)

Candidiasis, as will most yeasts, produces either acetaldehyde or alcohol, 
or both. Acetaldehyde is the metabolite of alcohol, the part of drinking 
liquors that gives you a hang-over the next morning. This persistent 
production of acetaldehyde in your intestinal tract passes through and into 
every organ and bodily system day by day, night by night, placing extreme 
chemical stress on your cells, organs, and systems. In time virtually every 
degenerative disease condition can be mimicked, including those of 
rheumatoid arthritis as well as the other 79 so-called "auto-immune" 

Simultaneously, as acetaldehyde is slowly, drastically, affecting your life, 
the rootlets planted in your mucosa are permitting small molecular particles 
of food to pass directly into the blood stream without being digested. These 
particles in your bloodstream are recognized as foreign invaders, and your 
immune system builds up protection against them, forming what's called an 
antigen/antibody complex which is the biochemical beginnings of a food 

The number of your food allergies increases over time, and they have some 
peculiar characteristics: (a) Some food allergies can be spotted as soon as 
you've eaten the substance: headache, nausea, joint pain, depression, 
lethargy, and so on. (b) Some food allergies require as much as three days 
from the time you exposed yourself to the food to kick in with headache, 
nausea, joint pain, depression and lethargy, and so on. This type becomes 
hard to associate with foods eaten by causal observation, and may require 
either a valid blood test for allergies or a carefully prepared log of foods 
eaten compared to daily symptoms (Dr. Braly's Food Allergy and Nutrition 
Revolution, James Braly, M.D.).

Just as infestation by Candida albicans can create a huge variety of 
symptoms, depending upon which tissues are most affected, so can food 
allergies. And, just as candidiasis can mimic rheumatoid disease, and the 
other 79 collagen tissue diseases, so can food allergies.

In short, candidiasis produces food allergies, and both of them not only 
create their own disease symptoms, but both of them can also mimic any of 
the 80 rheumatoid diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Incidentally, you're probably not going to want to learn that food allergies 
behave according to the same biochemical rules as does drug addiction.

Health professionals who have had their patients rid themselves of stress, 
improve nutrition, and conquer candidiasis and food allergies have cured a 
high percentage of those afflicted with rheumatoid disease.

4. Mercury Detoxification, Pesticide and Herbicide Detoxification, and 
Sterilization of Foci of Infection.

Solving stress may get the arthritic well.

Changing stressful conditions and improving nutrition may get the arthritic 

Attending to stressful conditions, improving nutrition, reducing candidiasis 
infestation, and avoiding allergenic foods may get the arthritic well.

-- and any of these life-style changes may be permanent or temporary, 
depending upon each individual's temperament and situation.

But what will surely work? And what will also come closest to returning your 
body (and youthful spirit) back to an early period when you were free of 

Broad Spectrum Anti-Microorganism Treatment

Two foundations, The Arthritis Trust of America and The Road Back 
Foundation, have historically recommended the use of prescription medicines 
to halt the progress of rheumatoid arthritis and some osteoarthritis (about 
10%). The Road Back Foundation recommends a series of treatments of 
minicycline, whereas The Arthritis Society of America has long recommended 
any one, or combination, of several broad-spectrum anti-microorganism drugs.

Both treatments have resulted in remissions or "cures," from rheumatoid 

Coupling broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment with treatment for 
nutrition, candidiasis, and food allergies has consistently resulted in an 
80% cure rate since 1982, according to one of us (Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D. 
of Birmingham, Alabama).

According to Lee Cowden, M.D. of Dallas, Texas, (Health Restoration Systems, 
Inc.) various foci of infection are important to remove, but they will not 
leave completely until accumulated herbicides and pesticides are removed. 
Hebicides and pesticides will not go completely until mercury is removed.

We don't want to use this limited space to get involved in a lengthy pro and 
con as to why each of these factors are so important. That's what The 
Arthritis Society of America's recommended books and articles do in some 
detail. We'll briefly describe the nature of each of the above factors.

Mercury Poisoning

The US Environmental Protection Agency sets no lower limit for the amount of 
mercury that is dangerous to health. Dentists who handle mercury must do so 
under guidelines set by the agency for a very dangerous substance, including 
the need to dispose of mercuric waste scraps in a manner that will not 
endanger our environment, thus also endanger people.

For some irrational reason, once mercury is placed in fillings of teeth 
American dentists consider it no longer of danger because, they say, it is 
in an amalgamated form -- mixed with other metals -- and will not come free. 
This assumption is demonstrably false, and can be easily shown to be false 
by measuring the percentage of mercury from removed fillings and plotting 
percentages of remaining mercury against the time the amalgam spent in the 
mouth. Mercury disappears from the amalgams in a very predictable (linear) 
manner. The longer in the mouth, the less mercury contained in the filling.

The Swedish Medical Association, after resisting these claims of danger in 
the use of mercury fillings and after studying available scientific data, 
concluded they were wrong, and they publicly apologized to the Swedish 
public. Sweden, as well as some other countries, are now phasing mercury 
from dentistry.

The normally intransigent American Medical Association has declared mercury 
dangerous, in agreement with the Environmental Protection Association.

The American Dental Association, however, is so blind, so protective of 
their trade union, that they and their licensing boards have threatened to 
take the license away from dentists who remove fillings and replace them 
with a non-dangerous substance.

When mercury is amalgamated with another metal, the filling exists in either 
an alkaline or an acid environment, the saliva and food mixture in your 
mouth which changes according to what you eat and when you eat.

Two dissimilar metals in either an alkaline or acid environment form a small 
battery which, when activated, produces an electric current. Such an 
electric current is easily measured in each and every metallic filling in 
your teeth.

The joint effect of all the little batteries in all of your teeth is also 
measurable as both a current, and also as a persistent source of evaporated 
mercury in your mouth.

Evaporated mercury combines with organic matter in the mouth to form a 
mercury/organic compound, which your body accumulates. Over time, your body 
will accumulate a considerable amount of mercury from your fillings as well 
as from other sources, such as consumed fish (which accumulates mercury), 
herbicides and pesticides, and additional dangerous environmental stressors 
surrounding us everywhere.

According to Hal Huggins, D.D.S. (It's All In Your Head), and other health 
professionals, here's the two major effects of the use of mercury fillings:

(1) Organic mercury tends to accumulate at nerve ganglion where it 
interferes with the proper functioning of nerve signals. Accumulated mercury 
in a ganglia in the face -- for example -- may easily affect performance of 
a joint in a remote part of the body, causing a form of "arthritis." The 
proof is that when the organic mercury is removed from the ganglion in the 
face, the pain in the joint stops immediately, and the joint begins to heal 
and function properly.

This is but one example among thousands of seemingly unrelated dysfunctions 
that might be cited, including that of improper functioning of the immune 

(2) Organic mercury forms small pockets or envelopes in various tissues of 
the body within which foreign microorganisms set up shop. These are usually 
mutated, anaerobic (live without oxygen) forms of organisms. When our 
macrophages and leucocytes try to attack these foreign organisms as they're 
supposed to do, they are prevented from entering the pocket by the mercury.

Thus, the foreign organisms continue to thrive, producing toxins (microbial 
waste products) which, if our human tissues are not already sensitive to the 
toxins, will, for the arthritic-prone, probably become sensitive to them. 
The daily production of toxins, and their distribution throughout the 
tissues, organs, and systems of our body are what produce the various 
disease symptoms that are then classified as one of the 80 so-called 
"auto-immune" diseases.

It greatly surprised one of us to learn that the red coloring matter used to 
produce partial dentures and full dentures are usually made of a mercuric 
coloring matter. This mercury also leaches out over time, continuing our 
accumulation of dangerous mercury. A clear flexite denture is recommended by 
Lee Cowden, M.D. of Dallas, Texas.

We were shocked to learn from one manufacturer of denture plastic that he 
used cadmium to help keep the red (mercury) from leaching out.

Yea Gad! Cadmium is as dangerous as the mercury, and a major problem for the 
Environmental Protection Agency to keep cadmium from leaching into our soils 
and water systems especially by it's improper disposal.

The problem of obtaining dentures made from a clear flexite material may 
prove difficult, but, if you insist, can be done.

Root Canal and Tooth Extraction Foci of Infection

Extracted teeth and root canal surgery are extremely large sources of 
persistent infections that create degenerative diseases, including the 
various arthritides. "Arthritides" refers to all forms of arthritis.

George E. Meinig, D.D.S. (Root Canal Cover-Up) reports on the work of Weston 
Price, D.D.S., who, under the auspices of the American Dental Association, 
headed studies performed by 60 top-ranking medical scientists from very 
prestigious medical and dental institutions.

Whenever a tooth is extracted, or root canal work has been performed, the 
muscular tissue in the socket is usually left in place, and the dentist 
makes an assumption that the use of antibiotics will penetrate this tough 
tissue killing any microorganisms that may be present after the surgery.

The assumption is demonstrably false.

Steptococus feci, or any one of hundreds of viruses, bacteria or 
mycoplasmas, will find themselves in these open sockets during surgery. 
Within the apparently healed gums, microorganisms that thrive in oxygen in 
the mouth (aerobic) will mutate to a type that thrives without oxygen inside 
the tooth socket (anaerobic).

Only 10% of those infected in the gums will have sore or sensitive gums, and 
will ever suspect that something is wrong.

One of us (Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.) had all of his teeth removed 50 years 
ago, and argued loud and long with those who insisted that the teeth be 
checked for a focus of infection. After all, "I had no root canals 
performed, and my gums felt normal!" Burton Goldberg (Alternative Medicine: 
The Definitive Guide) insisted, and so more to oblige him than because of 
belief, several non-invasive tests were made, and two blood tests.

Two kinds of non-invasive tests are effective in making such a 
determination: (1) kinesthiology, a method of testing for muscle strength or 
weakness in the presence of an antigen or allergen; or (2) a computron, or 
dermatron (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll), a device that sends a 
small amount of current along an acupuncture meridian. By reading the 
resulting effect on a changing electrical measurement one can determine if 
foreign invaders are involved, often what species.

Each blood test confirmed the presence of a species of mycoplasma, one of 
them also inferring the presence of an associated virus.

Under the care of a biological dentist, his computron confirmed the presence 
of both a mycoplasma and a virus throughout the upper and lower gums, also 
naming the organism's species.

Still there was no belief or acceptance, but permission was given to cut 
into a small portion of the gums as a final determination.

Lo! A greyish mass was present. We found this evidence of infestation 
throughout the top and bottom along my whole gum line -- a fifty year-long 
unsuspected focus of infection. These were laser sterilized and cleansed 
with hydrogen peroxide injections.

Later a nerve ganglion that could not be cut into by the biological dentist 
was also cleansed of infection by a medical doctor with appropriate 
techniques, as were other nerve ganglia containing mercury in other parts of 
the body.

According to Dr. Meinig, so long as the immune system is young, and 
functioning properly, these toxins and foreign invaders are properly 
handled. Once we age, as do our systems, the immune functions become slowly 
overwhelmed, and the various degenerative diseases set in.

By the way. None of this kind of dentistry should be attempted without a 
Biological Dentist. They are few in number, and not too easy to find. The 
untrained, normal dentist not only will not believe, but even if willing to 
remove mercury or cleanse foci of infection, they are likely to leave you 
worse off than when you began. Especially dangerous is the possibility of 
accumulating more mercury in your system than you had before amalgam 
replacement with a neutral filling. Specialized techniques and training are 

There are cases on record where once the mercury has been removed, and the 
foci of infection cleared up,(by use of the proper procedures) arthritis has 
totally disappeared without further treatment.

There are also cases where obvious health improvement has been obtained, but 
the arthritis has not cleared. Reason: Stress, nutrition, candidiasis, food 
allergies, and additional problems to be discussed in the following.

Adnoidectomies and Tonsilectomies Foci of Infection

Additional foci of infections may result from improper sterilization after 
adnoidectomies or tonsilectomies, according to Dr. Meinig.

What's Happened to This Important Information?

What's happened to this information, about the dangers of mercury, gum 
infection after extracted teeth and root canal surgery, and possible storage 
of infectious microorganisms after adniodectomies and tonsilectomies?

Why hasn't the public -- or the arthritic -- been told of it?

Although the important medical research was initially sponsored by the 
American Dental Association, when one of us asked his dentist about his 
knowledge of these fantastic, long-term, definitive research works, he shook 
his head, saying, "No, I've never heard of them! They never taught us this 
in dentistry school."

We gave him copies of Meinig's and Huggins' books.

Like so many important medical discoveries, the knowledge got buried by 
mean-spirited, closed-minded, suppressive personalities -- or people with 
vested interests.

Original research records are stored in the American Dental Association 
library archives, and copies are also found in the Price-Pottenger Nutriton 
Foundation (PO Box 2614, La Mesa, California 91943-2614). However, George 
Meinig, D.D.S. has nicely summarized the work in his book Root Canal 

Pesticides and Herbicides

Pesticides and herbicides surround us everywhere. It's as though we live in 
a sea of these dangerous, man-made substances. The initial idea was to kill 
pests (insects, rodents, etc.) or to kill weeds that are undesirable on our 
farms so that we could produce more and better crops. A similar motivation 
led to the use of antibiotics which, at first glance, appears to be a 
miraculous use of nature's own means of limiting undesirable microbes.

However, what has happened is this: Insects, microorganisms, and even 
so-called weeds adapt -- usually faster than we do. One surviving microbe, 
for example, can breed a generation of descendents that not only cannot be 
killed by the chemical or antibiotic that killed its forebearers, but 
thrives on it instead, and so another chemical or antibiotic must be 
manufactured against this new generation.

And so it goes, until there is hardly anything that can be used against 
these adaptable organisms that is not also dangerous to the cells of man.

Dangerous pesticides and herbicides have also become extremely widespread: 
winds spread the chemicals to our shores as does wave; and even traffic from 
country to country by car, ship, plane, and feet which all spread these 
deadly man-made chemicals.

There is little water, whether city conditioned, or farm well-water, stream, 
ocean, or lake, that does not contain these dangerous substances, just as 
there is little produce that reaches our markets that does not contain them. 
Nor are the snows and ices safe. Dangerous herbicides and pesticides can 
even be found in the arctic and antarctica, carried by wind and wave. Whole 
eco-systems and their many varied life-forms are dying by the tens of 
thousands from our poisonous incursions.

Harold Buttram, M.D. (Our Toxic World; Who Is Looking After Our Children?) 
reports that "about 70,000 chemicals are now used in commerce, of which 
several hundred have been tested for neurotoxicity, and among these only a 
handful have been tested thoroughly. Children have been estimated to be up 
to 10 times more vulnerable to toxic chemicals than adults."

Generally, these poisons or their dangerous metabolites are accumulated in 
the parts of the cells of the body called "lipids," or fatty parts of our 

Parasites, including infestations of candidiasis, amoebae, mycoplasmas, 
bacteria, viruses, worms, et. al., will not readily leave the body 
(especially intestinal tract) until these pesticides and herbicides are 
driven from the body.

There are many ways to detoxify herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals 
from the body, among which are (1) 3-1/2 to 4 weeks of sweat sauna at 
1400-1800 F, with replacement vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids 
(Church of Scientology); (2) use of body soaks with special preparations, 
including dry scrubbing, et. al. (3) specially prepared herbs and 
homeopathic remedies, and so on.

Primary, however, and according to Lee Cowden, M.D., is to get rid of the 
accumulated organic mercury compounds, which permits removal of herbicides 
and pesticides, which permits removal of parasites.


Getting rid of parasites, including yeast, amoebae, mycoplasmas, bacteria, 
viruses, worms, et. al. may require a number of different treatments over 
more or lesser time periods.

Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman (Guess What Came to Dinner) says, "If you 
think that parasitic diseases happen only to people in Third World 
countries, think again . . . An astounding one out of six people will test 
positive for parasites," -- those are only counting parasites for which 
tests are made.

Lee Cowden, M.D., for example, may recommend ozone colonics, especially the 
kind that can be used in one's own home. An ozone machine (to prepare 
ozonated water) is purchased and used in the home to freshly prepare a 
number of gallons of water, after which, and with the prior layout of a 
colema board and training in the method, one injects the prepared ozonated 
water into the lower colon. Dr. Cowden's rule of thumb is that for each 20 
years of life it requires about 1 week of such treatment, twice daily, along 
with other special dietary factors.

Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D. (Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management) 
describes other effective methods, as does Sherry Rogers, M.D. (Wellness 
Against All Odds), and

Louis J. Marx, M.D. (Healing Dimensions of Herbal Medicine), may provide 
specific herbal formulations for specific as well as general conditions.

Removing undue stress, satisfying individual nutritional requirements, 
detoxifying mercury, pesticides and herbicides, treating candidiasis and 
food allergies, killing undesirable parasites via prescription drugs, herbs 
and other means, and removing the thickened intestinal lining which harbors 
parasites, microorganisms, and worms will surely restore health with the 
vast majority.

5. Necessary Individualized Treatments

There is another level which might be required for optimum health for some 
individuals, and that is specialized individualized treatments. These are 
whatever individualized treatments are necessary for the specific person. 
For example: a person who has diabetes may very well have a type that 
William H. Philpott, M.D. of Choctaw, Oklahama has identified as being 
caused by allergies to certain widely consumed foods. The beta cells in the 
pancreas swell because of the allergy, thus preventing the body from 
receiving necessary insulin. We've known folks who, on talking with Dr. 
Philpott, have tried his allergy recommendations and subsequently have 
become free of insulin shots thereafter.

Whether or not the type of diabetes is from food allergy, any diabetic can 
benefit from chelation therapy, a method of improving blood circulation in 
80% of the peripheral (extremities) circulation. Such improvement in blood 
circulation is always accompanied by improved nutritional support for each 
individual cell, and thus improves ability to heal.

In fact, the use of chelation therapy can very well eliminate the need for 
by-pass surgery, one of those very costly, mostly ineffective standard, 
obsolete, medical practices.

As each individual differs greatly from others both in genetics, past 
nutritional intake, stress, and other important modifiers of our biology, 
only a trained health professional can determine whether or not Level Five 
is necessary, and in most cases, while perhaps not necessary, may be 

Level Four Toward Wellness. and possibly Level 5, are such an important 
steps (especially when combined with levels 1 through 3) there's virtual 
certainty that when properly, implemented every (100%) arthritic will 
achieve wellness. But this doesn't mean that all of the damage to joints and 
other body systems will necessarily be reversed. Special treatments may be 
necessary for damaged, irreversible problems.

Not just those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, not just those suffering 
from rheumatoid disease (the whole 80 of them), but also a large portion of 
any who suffer from many so-called degenerative disease will achieve 

We knowingly include many forms of cancer among the promised wellnesses 
accomplished through the directions described.

You see, we've sort of snuck up on you!

We started by describing simple levels of healing strategies just for 
arthritides, and arrived at a level that will heal almost everything, so 
common are the causes, and so basic are the common physiological conditions.

The Catch

Implementing the above recommendations can be a serious problem. Although 
The Arthritis Trust of America's physician list contains many doctors 
knowledgeable in one or more of the preceding treatment programs, there are 
few, indeed, knowledgeable or trained in all of them.

Finding a biological dentist in your geographical region, as has been 
mentioned, can be a pain in the tail. The Price-Pottenger Nutrition 
Foundation has a listing of biological dentists.

Finding a compatible physician or dentist may take some time, and may also 
require you to search throughout the country, or even out of the country. 
Some procedures can be accomplished only at the risk of the professionals' 
license in some states, and some medical procedures (such as colonics) can 
be best done by yourself, in your own home after proper training. Some, of 
course may be best with your family physician.

Thus it is -- with all the many implementation problems -- that we highly 
recommend that you begin learning. Learning is what The Arthritis Trust of 
America's publications and books are about. When you've studied the variety 
of aspects to getting well, you can decide for yourself how much expenditure 
of time and effort you will make to heal yourself.

Some things you'll do yourself, based on the knowledge we've provided you.

Some treatments will require guidance by a knowing health professional.

Some treatments will require full attendance by a knowledgeable health 

Some treatments can only be found a long way from your home.

Your best bet is still to begin by ordering books and materials from The 
Arthritis Trust of America and elsewhere.

Study, and decide!

Only you can get you well!


1. James Braly, M.D., Dr. Braly's Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution, 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

2. Harold Buttram, M.D., Our Toxic World: Who Is Looking After Our Children? 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

3. William Crook, M.D., The Yeast Connection Handbook, order from The 
Arthritis Trust of America.

4. Anthony di Fabio, Rheumatoid Diseases Cured at Last, 1985 edition, only 
computer print-out available, The Arthritis Trust of America.

5. Ann Louise Gittleman, Guess What Came to Dinner, order from The Arthritis 
Trust of America.

6. Burton Goldberg, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, order from 
The Arthritis Trust of America.

7. Hal Huggins, D.D.S., It's All In Your Head, order from The Arthritis 
Trust of America.

8. Bernard Jensen, D. C., Ph.D., Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

10. Derrick Lonsdale, M.D., Why I Left Orthodox Medicine, order from The 
Arthritis Trust of America.

11. Louis J. Marx, M.D., Healing Dimensions Through Bowel Management, order 
from The Arthritis Trust of America.

12. George Meinig, D.D.S., Root Canal Coverup, order from The Arthritis 
Trust of America.

13. John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. & Morton Walker, D.P.M., The Yeast Syndrome, 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

14. Sherry S. Rogers, M.D., Wellness Against All Odds, Pestige Publishing, 
PO Box 3068, 3500 Brewerton Road, Syracuse, NY 13220.

15. Joe Wallach, D.V.M., N.D., Ma Lan, M.D., Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures, 
Double Happiness Publishing Co., PO Box 1222, Bonita, CA 91908.

Detoxification Services

Health Restoration Systems, Inc., Dallas, TX, (972) 480-8909.

Non-Profit Nutrition Information and Archives

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, PO Box 2614, La Mesa, CA 91943-2614; 
(619) 574-7763.

This article is the "Foreward" to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and 
Rheumatoid Disease With Rheumatoid Arthritis by Anthony di Fabio & Gus J. 
Prosch, Jr., M.D

If you wish this 350 page book, please send $10 to The Arthritis Trust of 
Canada, Fourth Floor, 300 March Road, Kanata, Ontario K2K 2E2 or The 
Arthritis Trust of America, 7111A Sweetgum Dr. SW, Fairview, Tn 37062-9384

$10 donation, 350 pages paperback; ISBN 0-9615437-3-6
The Arthritis Trust, 7111 Sweetgum Drive SW, Suite 1, Faiview, Tn 37062-9384

Copyright 1997 All rights reserved


Message: 3
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:03:54 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Peripheral neuropathy, dental metal, cavitations

Archives of

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:23:19 EDT
Subject: Re: Request for Info on Synchrometer Electronic Principles

Hi all,

I am going to an open house for Hulda on 
Sunday at Dr Frank Jerome's (dentist in her book and who did my work) house. 
I am from Bloomington, IN where Hulda is. I haven't seen her for some 25? 
years. Her son attended my day care 30 some years ago. I am very eager to see 
her! I feel she has saved my life!! I searched for to years and spent some 
big bucks, to find my problem. I didn't know Hulda had written any books!! I 
read them and learned I had parasites. My immune system was weakened and I 
have peripheral neuropathy. I have had all the metal removed from my mouth, 
One root canaled tooth pulled and a cavitation cleaned. I am taking many 
supplements to rid my body of the heavy metals. I am doing great and very 
thankful to God ,Hulda and Dr. Frank Jerome. I shutter to think where I would 
be if I had NOT read Hulda's books!!


Message: 4
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:14:04 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Cancer - Brain tumor, Tapeworm, Parasites

This is from the  "" discussion group.

From: "Johanne Wayne" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 07:25:39 -0600
Subject: [cancercure] Re: Cyanide Poisoning??!]

Hi everyone,
    I would also like to find a good source of apricot seeds. I was
wondering if there is any study pointing to benefits of laetrile for brain
tumors. I've been fighting mine for 10 years without radiation and chemo but
I keep wondering if apricot seeds would bring me much benefit. I'm also
curious to know why people can eat laetrile in seeds but it is illegal for
doctors to use B17 in cancer therapy. Could it be because the laetrile they
would use would  be synthetic instead of natural? I have been doing
everything Dusan recommends for more  than five years now and I know that
I've benefitted from it but I need more now. I can feel the hormonal
imbalance from my pituitary tumor and the headaches are slowly returning.

    Another question I have about parasites. I was wondering if there are
any treatments powerful enough to cross the blood-brain barrier. I've done
the Hulda Clark treatments several times with minimal success, I've done
Clear from Awareness Corp. with medium success and somehow I'm convinced
that my tumor in the brain is a nest of parasites.

 Yesterday, a long tapeworm came out of me and it was horrific.
I do not eat meat or fish or dairy, I wash all my organic veggies properly
and we hardly eat out because organic restaurants are next to none.

I know my immune system is down because of this.

All of the suggestions that Dusan writes have been followed and continue to

What can I do more?

From: "Johanne Wayne" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 12:48:00 -0600
Subject: [cancercure] Re: Non-Hodgin Lymph-cancer

My daughter two years ago was diagnosed with lymphoma here at Children's
Hospital. She was 5 years old. Because of my own battle with a brain tumor
and the education I've received along the way trying not to fight it with
radiation and chemo and because of having been an RN, I knew better than to
just accept that. Nine professional and respectable doctors diagnosed my
Valerie with lymphoma and were ready to administer chemotherapy. My husband
and I gathered our four children and drove to Mexico, unbeknownst to the
doctors  here in Colorado to ask for a second opinion  at American Biologics
and if it turned out to be cancer, we only wanted a biopsy. Well, I am
pleased to report that Valerie never had cancer. She had an infection in the
lymph nodes and a 10-day treatment of antibiotics took care of the two
massive tumors on both sides of her neck. As a side note, our family doctor
gave us colloidal silver to treat Valerie in a non-toxic way before
proceeding to the cancer diagnosis and silver never worked otherwise the
antibiotics wouldn't have been needed. It was an expensive way to find out
the validity of silver. It was good quality stuff but not effective for
lymph node infections! Anyway, life is a learning experience, isn't it?


Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:32:26 -0000
Subject: [cancercure] Supplement validity

Hi everyone, I want to know something that maybe anyone of you may be able
to answer. Does anyone have documentation or website access on the purity
of supplements? The reason I ask is that three years ago I had active
cancer and went to a good nutritionist that gave me products from
Metagenics and Professional Health Products. I became very ill and almost
died while taking these. One other thing is that my brain tumor grew from
.5mm to 2.5mm during this time of taking glandulars. I had tasted a bite of
turkey and attributed the growth of the tumor to that. Now I'm not so sure.
Taking glandulars when you think about it is the same as eating meat
(assuming the meat is without hormones or antibiotics) right? I took my
health in my own hands since, got my nutritionist degree and am embarking
the doctorate program in holistic nutrition at Clayton. I stopped all
glandulars and when I did, started feeling much better. My tumor is now
.1mm at the last exam and I truly want to be free of this. Joan here on the
list offered to help me with the emotional aspect of cancer and disease and
I truly believe that there is a big connection between emotions and

Right now, I take GNLD products which are whole food and organic and
I'm doing quite well on them. They support my body and I do not get sore 


From: "Johanne Wayne" <>
To: <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:04:14 -0600
Subject: [cancercure] Re: Supplement validity

Hi Dusan,

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my note. All that you
suggested I've done three years ago and have lived this way since.
Everything..... I've read Hulda Clark's books and even been in Mexico to
visit but decided not to be treated in her clinic.

We chose American
Biologics for my Valerie that was diagnosed with lymphoma at the time and
detoxification therapy with laetrile for me.. 

I have a zapper also. 
I haven't found the greatest success with all that she suggests but I found
some important information that did give me a breakthrough in my healing. We
got rid of all carinogens within proximity of our home. I make my own soap
and shampoo.

I have noticed that starving the tumor through a natural
shampoo has made all the difference. My body isn't healing as fast as I
would want and I know that the brain tumor that I have grows back when taken
care of conventionally. I refuse that route but ever so often, headaches
come back and my hormones get imbalanced and my liver shuts down. Those
times happen to be when I decrease my supplementation with the whole food
supplements that I was talking about. My husband believes that I don't
nourish my body enough so supplementation is a need. We have four children
that range in age from 4.5-8.5 years old and we homeschool them all. This is
not an option. We've been criticized for the stress that this brings but our
convictions are strong and we do not consider this an option. It does
detract me though from thinking too much about this brain tumor. This is a
positive because the headaches are very frightening to go through. Seizures,
brain swelling, loss of speech and sight, tachycardia not to mention other
frightening things happen. We have a very pure diet and the children and my
husband all follow it with me. They are all convinced that this has kept me
alive and well for this long. I do not look sick at all. I am considerably
thinner (I'm 5'2" and 103 lbs)  because of the vegan diet but I'm fine with
that. I guess that until one goes through a brain tumor episode, it's hard
to relate. I haven't met any survivor of brain tumor that have embarked the
alternative route. I have met brain tumor survivors that have done the
conventional route and do not have a vivacious, fruitful life now. They are
slaves to the synthetic hormone replacement therapies. Headaches plague them
along with seizures and extra weight along with other symptoms not to
mention that the brain tumor grows back eventually more often than not.
There are no brain tumor success recorded in alternative therapy literature
and we fully realize that we are going at this alone. From our observations,
tumors and cancers, even in their most advanced stages respond very well to
all the things you suggest on your website. We know of very few but some
people that are willing to commit to such a lifestyle have success. More
people rather cheat in one thing or another because of family pressures, or
that they have more trust in the conventional system or they don't want to
put out the effort. We do put the effort. There is no cheating here. We
actually enjoy this lifestyle very much. My children eat seaweed and other
things other children would never try. It makes our family special in a
sense. I started supplementation three days ago and again the headaches have
subsided considerably. I know that you probably can't answer more than you
have but I  wanted to share with you my situation. I appreciate so much all
the work you've done for everyone. I believe in it all. I have to find a way
to increase this healing mode I'm aspiring to. I'm realizing that it will
take more than diet although in our family, diet is the main way to healing.
If you have any other suggestions for me, I'd appreciate them. I trust
Yeshua (hebrew for Jesus) will lead me into the right situations. He has so
far and I praise Him for that.

Have a good day,

Sincerely,          Johanne Wayne


Message: 5
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:38:42 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: cerebral palsy

From Aerchive of

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 11:44:40 -0700
From: kirk salvatore & linda sexton <>
Subject: Re: loss of muscle mass

Pam  try magnet therapy. My friend with cerebral palsy was able to
move her "dead legs" a fraction of an inch after 40 minutes contact
with a magnet insole placed under her shoes as she was confined to a
wheelchair totally for the three years previous without the ability to
move her legs a fraction of an inch.  Now she can walk with crutches.
and she has regained the use of her arms which were going too. I am a
magnet distributor after having witnessed the relief from aches and
pains in my family.  you need a mattress to sleep on for best
results--as it is when you are sleeping that the body is trying to
repair and heal. sport magnets are good for specific spots.  The
insoles are good for total body vitality--all nerves end in the
feet---if you are increasing the blood flow from the bottom up--all
the body benefits. when you increase circulation--all systems are
receiving more oxygen and nutrients and getting rid of waste
quicker.    if you want more info you can e-mail.  Sincerely Linda


Message: 6
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:06:26 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Amalgam

One message from

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 09:46:30 -0600
From: "David St.Thomas" <>
Subject: Re: Amalgam

For the record -
I agree that Silver amalgam fillings are the worst.

Some people seem to have no problems.
I had mine removed (very large ones) over a five-year period.
It changed my life.
In addition to the mercury, I was allergic to silver.
I had to detox from heavy metal poisening after the fillings were removed.
I used Kombucha to do this.

Over a two year period, my hair grew back, my ability to concentrate
returned, and my depression
abated. I'm still working toward optimum health.

Dave 'mouth full o gold' St.Thomas


Message: 7
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:10:09 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Colostrum, Die off,  parasites

One message from [] list:

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 12:05:49 EDT
Mailing-List: list; contact
Delivered-To: mailing list
List-Unsubscribe: <>
Subject: [bowelcleanse] Colostrum, Die off, and more parasites??


Ok peoples.......I am excited, but trying to remain calm and realistic.

Here is my latest adventure with Colostrum.

As you know I started taking it and my throat and headache cleared up.  I  
was taking one capsule in the morning and one at night, but decided I was 
ready for two in morning and two in evening.

Now, remember I have done two parasite cleanses , taken loads of anti fungal 
herbs and had my share of bouts with die off 6 months or so ago.

I have not had a die off reaction in months.  I was warned that individuals 
with bacteria, candida, etc might experience a "healing crisis" or die off 
when beginning to take colostrum.  Flu like symptoms for a few days.  
I ignored that, thinking that I had already rid myself of all the major 
(Yea, right).

Two days into my colostrum taking....(I cut out ALL antifungals that I had 
been taking on a daily basis....Grapefruit seed extract,etc).  I was only 
taking Colostrum, multivitamin, flax oil, and MSM.  
I woke up and felt like a MAC truck had slammed into me.  My head hurt, my 
gums were painful, my eyes swollen.  The best way to explain it is a horrible 
hang over.
My stomach was queasy and I was very disappointed.  I thought I was getting 
I was very upset at the prospect of emailing all of you and saying, "Never 
it is not working. :(  

But, then I considered that maybe I was going thru die off.  
But, this die off was worse than any other I had experienced.  Could it be 
The answer yes! This morning when I went to the bathroom I passed MORE 
Something I have not done in a long time.....with NO anti parasitic 

The main thing that I like about Colostrum is that your body does not rely on 
strong herbs to kill the toxins......your immune system destroys that bad 

Could this be what I have been looking for?
I am holding my breath.  Will keep you updated. 

Jeanne Marie  

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Message: 8
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:22:55 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Colon Cancer

From This Site:

				God's Way to Ultimate Health

                             By Rev. George H. Malkmus

The year was 1976. I was 42 years old and I was told I had colon cancer. 

A tumor about the size of a baseball had been found underneath my left rib
cage where the transverse and
descending colon come together. I was devastated! I asked, "Why me Lord?" I
didn't understand!

It was because of this - what appeared to be a tragic event in my life, and
the research and personal
experiences that followed - that I was taught GOD'S WAY TO ULTIMATE HEALTH.

Let me elaborate a little more on how it all happened.

In 1976 I was the pastor of a Baptist Church, near Glens Falls, New York, a
church I founded in 1970. It was a very successful ministry. Membership in
this church grew from nothing to over 600 members. In addition to the
church, we had a Christian School, grades K through 12, along with a Bible
Institute, both of which I also founded. Five large busses brought people
to the services, while my radio broadcast, America Needs Christ, was heard
on many radio stations each week. Over a dozen young people from our church
and school were in college preparing for full-time ministry. Trul y, this
seemed to be the high point of my ministry and God was certainly blessing. 
Just prior to all this, I had watched my mother die of colon cancer. Mom
was a registered nurse, and she
believed her doctors when they told her that chemotherapy, radiation and
surgery were her only hope of
surviving. Mom submitted to these treatments and died a horrible death! At
the time of her death, I felt it was the treatments she received at the
hands of the medical doctors that ultimately caused her death rather than
the cancer itself.

What was I to do? Should I submit my body to the same medical treatments
mom had? What I had seen my
mother go through was so horrible! Also, as a pastor for 20 years, I had
sat at the bed-side of so many
people and watched the devastating effects of chemotherapy, radiation and
surgery experienced by others in
the treatment of their cancers, I had also conducted the funerals for many
of them. 

Another thing that bothered me was that in so many cases prayer didn't seem
to make any difference. I had
seen some of the most dedicated Christians, even after great faith,
personal prayer as well as collective
prayer, get sicker and sicker and often die after going the medical route.
What should I do? I had a family
and a church that needed me. Many people told me I should go the medical
route and some were putting
pressure on me to do just that. 

It was during this time of uncertainty that I turned to an Evangelist
friend in Texas by the name of Lestor
Roloff for help. Brother Roloff was one of those "health-nuts." We often
affectionately referred to him as
"Carrot Juice Roloff." I was really in a dilemma as to what I should do for
my cancer when I called Brother
Roloff. His advice to me sounded strange. He advised me not to go the
medical route of chemotherapy,
radiation and surgery, as mom had gone... BUT TO SIMPLY CHANGE MY DIET TO

Wow! That sounded too simplistic! But it sure sounded better than the
medical route which I had pretty well
decided not to pursue. So, overnight I changed from a meat-centered, cooked
and processed food diet with
plenty of sugar desserts, to an all-raw diet with lots of carrot juice. I
stayed on this total raw diet for
approximately one year. I didn't eat any cooked food during that year ...
just raw fruits, raw vegetables and
one to two quarts a day of freshly extracted, raw carrot juice. 

The results were spectacular! Almost immediately I started to get well! In
less than one year, my tumor...

Read the rest here:

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Message: 9
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:24:14 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Bone cancer - another flax cure 

Subject: Another flax cure 
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 18:41:46 EDT 

Hi Shirley,

This is going to sound unbelievable, but we've had another cancer cure
using nothing but cottage cheese and flax oil. My husband's father was
diagnosed with incurable bone cancer about 7 months ago. We told him to get
on the flax immediately. But, he just wouldn't take it consistantly.
Finally, about 3 months ago, my husband found out that dad was deterioring
rapidly. My husband travelled from Sacramento to Grants, NM to convince dad
to take it and to explain what he needed to do. He decided that he'd start
out with 4 tbl of flax (a lot) per day. After two days, he decided he could
tolerate more. A day later, when my husband left, he was taking 8-10 tbl of
flax per day! It has now been three months and we just got the news: Dad
had his bloodwork done--- 0 cancer!!! The doctor did not believe it so he
had another test done; again it was negative. Still disbelieving, he
ordered a third test---still negative! I asked him to write a testimonial
so that we may publish it at our new website The Hobbit/Health & Healing.
I'll let you know when I get it, and if you want to publish it on your
website, you're free to copy it. (Read the testimonial of
the"incurable" multiple miloma (bone cancer) in an 81 year old man
completely healed (in remission) with flax seed oil.)

Your Flax Oil Friend, Rachel Parent


Message: 10
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:27:26 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Breast Cancer, Irene King: My Experience with Cancer

From Archives of

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:33:46 -0800 (PST)
From: "I. King" <>
Mailing-List: list; contact
Delivered-To: mailing list
Subject: [cancercured] My Experience with Cancer

From: "I. King" <>

I sent this to another list that I belong to when I commented that I
had refused the convention chemo/radiation route after my cancer
surgery.  I had been debating if I should send this, but after the
last couple of days, I decided to share it anyway ;-).

My name is Irene and I'm 47 years old.  Last year I was diagnosed with
breast cancer.  There was a lump about the size of lime removed which
we all thought was benign.  Well, it wasn't.  After the surgery, I
went to a master herbalist.  Several weeks later when I went for the
follow-up surgery (lymph node removal and the tissue surrounding the
area where the lump had been), the diagnosis was that everything was
clear. Was I glad that I refused a mastectomy!!  

Deciding not to go the chemo-radiation route was pretty easy.  The
oncologist approved by my HMO was (and I'm being nice in this
description) an obnoxious Nazi asshole.  The radiation oncologist
understood my concerns and said that we'd just monitor everything.  So
far, so good!!  So here's my regimen as sent to my list.


Thanks for everyone who asked about my regimen.  As I said before, I'm
not prescribing to anyone … I'm just relating what I did and how it
helped me.  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to
write me and I will tell what I can remember about everything that I
did.  Believe me, it wasn't easy!

And now, the story :-):

I was dragged kicking and screaming to the herbalist. I had already
talked with her a couple of times and she insisted that I start
IMMEDIATELY on an all-raw, vegan diet.  I was totally against the idea
of a raw diet.  What did that have to do with anything?!?!?

At any rate, desperate times call for desperate measures and so I went.

She put me on a regimen that literally changed and saved my life.

First and foremost is that I had to eat an all-raw vegan diet.  I
learned to like it - sort of. 

I try to drink at least a pint a day - a quart or more when I can. 
Each cup of juice should contain at least two of the following:
carrots, beets, FRESH celery, ginger, wheatgrass, barley grass, (I
sprout these myself) parsley, or dark green vegetables.  Don't ever
use brown, wilted celery.  It can be toxic.  And it goes without
saying that all vegetables should be organic whenever possible.  If
not, get the freshest you can find and scrub well.  I also throw in
apples, oranges and lemons (whole) from time to time.  I think my
tastebuds are permanently traumatized!

Spirulina with organic sulphur (MSM), Vit. C powder, and organic
cayenne.  I also add nutritional yeast, barleygreen, beet powder, and

During crisis: up to 9 garlic cloves (raw) a day.  I put in a small
food processor with parsley, lemon, and a little sea salt to cut down
on smell and make it palatable. Otherwise, two cloves a day when I
think of it.

Coenzyme Q 10 - 100 mg once a day (expensive!)
Vit. D-3 - 800 IU a day.  1200 during crises.
Vit. C - 2000 mg
Vit E - 800 IU
Selenium - 250 mcg.
Melatonin - 3 mg.
Colloidal minerals - One tablespoon three times a week

Herbs:  With any herb, it's good to take a break from them one or two
days every two to three weeks.  When crisis has passed, it's not a bad
idea to go nearly a week or to scale down.  Every Sunday is my
herb-free day, with an occasional long weekend thrown in.  When I
first started, though, I went for a straight six weeks with no days
off.  When my diagnosis came back clear, my herbalist suggested that I
begin to take an occasional day off to give my body a rest.

Chaparral tea - one cup two times a day with 10 drops chaparral
The tea is made by soaking two very rounded tablespoons of the dried
herb in a quart canning jar in just enough vodka to cover for about
10-15 minutes.  Then fill up the jar with boiling distilled water. 
Must use distilled because it uses all the goodies that the herbs
have.  Then let the jar sit for 8 hours, preferably in the sun.  By
the time it's ready to use, it should be tan and cloudy.  Tastes truly
nasty!!!  But it smells like the desert after a rain. I call it my
herbal chemo!  She taught me how to make my own teas and tinctures, so
I do a lot of my own stuff now.  The tincture is made by filling a jar
half full of herb, then adding boiling water enough to just cover. 
After it cools, fill jar to the top with vodka or everclear grain
spirit.  It should sit at least a month before use.  Shake once daily.
 I'm drinking the tea now only several times a week.  I keep a bottle
of tincture available "just in case."

This is important - Because it is such a strong and powerful plant,
chaparral is NOT a "one size fits all" herb.  It has to be used
judiciously and only when there is a great need for it.

Echinacea tincture (both kinds of echinacea) - Because of the way she
"brews" her tincture, I cannot hope to duplicate it, so I buy from
her.  During crisis time, three to six dropperfuls a day.  It's not

Astragalus tincture - Make my own.  One to two dropperfuls a day.

Burdock root and red clover blossom tincture - ditto

Parasite cleansing tincture: Use only for one week - maybe once every
three/four months. This is strong stuff!  Tincture consists of green
black walnut hulls, wormwood, garlic, cayenne, ground cloves, and
ground pumpkin seeds. Use tincture instructions above and use two
dropperfuls a day - one in the evening and one at night.  Should also
take capsules of ground cloves and black walnut hulls at the same
time.  Can't use this the way you can use herbal fiberblend.  I was
pretty horrified at what came out!

Cleansing Stuff:
During crisis:  two enemas a day, some with strong black coffee
(cooled down of course!)  I still do them from time to time if I'm
feeling a little "stove up." 
Herbal laxative - I think it's the same formula as Dr. Schulze's #1
intestinal formula, except that it worked better.  I don't know what
she has in it but it's easy to use.  It has the same effect as herbal
Intestinal Flora - I can't remember what I'm using off the top of my
head, but it's a capsule a day.

Dry brushing every day.  Natural brushes can be found at Target,
Wal-Mart or K-Mart for about six bucks.
Castor oil packs three times a week. Castor oil on a cloth against the
skin over the liver to stimulate immunity. Use a heating pad and don't
let it get uncomfortably warm.  This sounded goofy to me, but it worked!
Warm water with lemon each morning.
Sunshine every day.
Twenty minute walks to start - build up from there and make working
out a regular part of your routine. I'm planning to walk a
half-marathon later this year!
Rebounding - fun when you can't get outside.  Because of limited
budget, I found a nice little cheapie trampoline for about $20 at
Service Merchandise.
Hot/cold baths & showers
Spend time on and for yourself.
Pray - a lot.  I had to learn how to pray for myself.  I think that's
the hardest thing for people to learn how to do.
Get others to pray for you.

My experiences:
When using the green food, prepare for unexpected results!  Unlike
tableted vitamins, they actually work.  If you're on barleygreen,
wheatgrass, or spirulina, you already know what I'm talking about. You
get energy, see changes in the skin, etc. I was really skeptical when
I started, but my hair started growing faster and my skin cleared up. 
My skin is as soft as someone in her 20's and I'm 47!

If a cancer patient is drinking a lot of beet juice, be careful.  It
can be an explosive detoxifier.  To say nothing of the fact that it
turns certain bodily fluids various shades of pink and red!!  You can
get a real feeling of illness as your liver tries to cope with the
aftereffects of toxins dying off.  Look up Herxheimer Reaction (or

I had to start adding some cooked food to my diet after six months
because I noticed that I was shedding a lot of hair.  After about
three weeks on cooked food (rice, steamed veggies, stir-fry, my own
home-baked bread, etc.) the shedding stopped.  My diet is now about
80% raw and 20% cooked (about 95% of the time :-)).  That's what's
best for me.

Obviously this is a long and difficult regimen.  I can't always do
everything every day, but I do my best to do the most that I can. 
Actually, the supplements, herbs, etc., are secondary.  It's the
lifestyle changes that are the most significant.  Sunshine, fresh air,
laughter and prayer are more important than anything!

The one thing I can say that I respect the doctors for is that they
take cancer very, very seriously.  And so should anyone.  You have to
hit it with everything in your arsenal.

I hope you found this interesting.  Reading back over it, I can't
believe that I was able to stick with any of this!  

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Message: 11
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:32:41 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Ria Swift: Cancer survivor


From: "ria swift" <>
Subject: cancer survivor
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 13:04:34 PDT

Hi Dusan,

I just ran across ONElist's  information on the net.  I had cancer three 
times and was healed naturally the second and third times.  I am writing a 
book about my wonderfully adventurous journey.  I join your group to present 
myself as a helper for other people who struggle with this overwhelming task 
of finding a cure.  Please pass my e-mail onto those who would like further 
information on what I found worked for me and a resource for a great healing 
method.  I was surprised to find that no one had mentioned Hanna Kroegers 
work.  She was a precursor to Dr. Clark.  Hanna was an amazing healer from 
Boulder, CO.  She actually laid her hands on me and healed my ovarian 
cancer.  Hanna left this plain last summer, but the retreat is still 
functioning and people can go there for one wk. intensives to learn natural 
healing techniques.  But I must tell you that it is great to see what you 
all are doing and to finally hear people talk about parasites as a cause of 
cancer.  Hanna believed and treated cancer with either a parasite cleanse or 
a fungal cleanse.  Her treatments are not expensive and readily accessible 
to whomever needs them.  She has a health food store in Boulder called 
Hanna's Herbs.  I strongly recommend checking out her line of herbs and her 
products for detoxing foods and self.
Best of luck to you all.
Ria Swift


Message: 12
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:44:49 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Essiac Tea Heals Tumors

From this page:

Breast Cancer Testimonial

Essiac Tea Heals Tumors

An herbal tea blend helps regress cancer tumors, detoxify the
liver; and purify the blood and other body systems

By L Kathryn Haynes


Well Being Journal Vol. 7, No.2


THERE CAME A QUICK RAPPING at my door. It was the postman delivering a
certified letter. With my hand shaking and my heart beating a mile a
minute, I reached for the letter. My eyes riveted on the return address for
a clue as to where it came from, I recognized the name of the surgeon's
office where I had recently gone to get my breasts examined. At the time of
the examination, the doctor had suggested that I set a date for surgery
before leaving the office. I had done that. But, having second thoughts, I
had phoned and canceled the appointment.

I ripped open the letter and read: "I am certain that you understood when I
explained my concern to you. The radiologist in my office stated that there
is a large mass in the left breast which is different from the other
tissue. It is recommended that the mass be excised." The letter went on to
say that I needed to phone and reschedule an appointment for surgery. It
was signed by the doctor. I was petrified, but for some inexplicable reason
I was in no hurry to have surgery.

For several months, I had been feeling a fullness in my right breast, and
both breasts were sore to the touch. When I had gone for my regular
mammogram, the technician told me I wouldn't be getting the results until
the end of the week, in spite of the fact that the radiologist read the
x-rays in the morning. I new I was going to be on edge every time the phone

I went for my annual gynecological check up. The doctor said my right
breast should be checked by a surgeon. It felt denser than it had the
previous year. I was given the names of several surgeons whom I might call.

My husband drove me about fifty miles from our home to see a doctor I had
chosen from the list. The doctor and an assistant examined me. The
examination was painful due to the pressure they put on my breasts. They
were trying to see if any fluid would come out. It didn't.

My complaint had actually begun with the right breast, but the in-house
radiologist studied the mammograms I had brought with me and decided that
it was actually the left breast that was showing a change. The doctor
described what I had as a large mass, and he recommended that I have a
lumpectomy per-formed on my left breast. I was smiling and joking while the
doctor explained it to me. The doctor, however, did not smile. That led me
to conclude this was serious business.

At first, I felt happy about the idea of getting rid of a big lump. Then
the doctor mentioned that scar tissue would probably form where the lump
was excised, and that the removal would not prevent another lump from
growing in the same place. I thought to myself, "Surgery seems to be a
no-win situation."

I was told I needed to cut out caffeine, take vitamin E, and start taking
oil of primrose on a daily basis. I could buy what I needed at a health
food store. It was also suggested I discontinue hormone replacement therapy.

I was alarmed when the doctor suggested that I might have to be placed on a
male hormone to get rid of the pain. The last thing I wanted for myself was
to look masculine. I pictured hair growing on my face. I thought to myself
that I would rather be dead than turn into a freak.

The next day, my husband drove me to a nearby health food store to buy the
vitamin E and other items I needed. We ran into a women who had helped him
with some health problems he had once had. She told us about Essiac tea.
She said many people had come into the store asking for it, and that they
had had wonderful results. She was so enthusiastic about it that I thought
to myself, "I can try it, and go under the knife later, if I decide to.

Early the next morning, I started on the program of drinking Essiac tea. It
was to be consumed on an empty stomach once in the morning and again before
I went to sleep. The tea had been used in Canada to cure cancer. I didn't
know for sure that I had cancer, but the doctor had described what I had as
a large mass.

Essiac tea had been used by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, to successfully
treat thousands of cancer patients from 1920 until her death in 1978. The
treatment brought remissions to hundreds of documented cases, and the tea
came within three' votes of being legalized by the Canadian parliament in
1938. The tea had the support of many prominent physicians, including a
well-known doctor in the United States by the name of Dr. Charles Brusch.
He is known for the prestigious Brusch Medical Center and for treating
President Kennedy. He claimed a personal cure for cancer in his lower
abdomen using the tea.

The main ingredients of Essiac tea are burdock root, turkey rhubarb root,
sheep sorrel, and slippery elm bark. In 1966, two Hungarian scientists
reported "considerable anti-tumor activity with the burdock root. In 1984,
Japanese scientists discovered the mixture to be capable of reducing cell
mutation. The Japanese named the new property they found in burdock root
"the B-factor," for burdock factor. Essiac tea breaks down nodular masses
to more normal tissue, while greatly alleviating pain.

Rene Caisse found that the tea reduced tumor growth and that the other
herbs acted as blood purifiers, carrying destroyed tissue as well as
infections thrown off by the malignancy out of the body. It was observed
that the tea also strengthened the body's defense mechanisms, enabling
normal cells to destroy abnormal ones as nature intended. If a tumor did
not disappear, at least it could be regressed, then surgically removed
after six to eight Essiac treatments. Yes, I believed I would take a chance
on the tea,and go under the knife later, if I decide to.

The next morning, I awakened when it was still dark outside and I ingested
the tea on a empty stomach. After breakfast, I took vitamin E, oil of
primrose, and some multiple vitamins. During the day, I took vitamin C.
There are orange groves near where we live, and my husband began making
fresh orange juice every morning. At night, before I went to sleep, I
ingested Essiac tea on an empty stomach. This regimen went on for six weeks.

During the treatment, a feeling of confidence came over me. I realized that
1 was no longer afraid about my breast. I put off calling the surgeon's
office to reschedule the surgery. I had peace about doing this.

After taking the tea for six weeks, I noticed a remarkable improvement in
my breasts. The pain I had experienced had disappeared one week after I had
begun taking the tea. I also noticed the breast tissue seemed softer and
mote supple. This was more the way breast tissue is supposed to feel.
Before taking the tea, my breast had felt dense, lumpy, and hard. I hadn't
been able to lay on my stomach because of the pain. After the treatment, I
definitely noticed an improvement.

There was only one side effect with the tea: a constant itchy feeling on my
arms and other parts of my body. I stopped taking the tea for two weeks,
then took it again for six weeks. I again stopped for two weeks and then
did another six weeks. I had peace about my breasts. I went on with my life
and forgot about it until it was time once again for my annual mammogram.

The week after the mammogram, an envelope came in the mail. I opened the
envelope and read: "We have reviewed the radiologist's report of your
recent mammogram. There is no evidence of malignancy, and although this
does not guarantee that there is no cancer, it is reassuring."

My heart leapt with joy, but I still wanted to make sure. I got on the
phone and requested the radiologist's report. When it came, I read the
words: "No definite dominant mass or speculated density is identified."
This was evidence that my breast tissue had improved since my last
mammogram. I had good reason to rejoice. 

I. KATHRYN HAYN its is trained as a teacher. She has a masters degree in
education and a learning handicap teaching credential. She has written a
book on the subject of ADD.


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Message: 13
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:48:16 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Lung cancer

From archives of

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Subject: [cancercured] Re: Welcome to

From: Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson <>


My name is Shirley. My husband Charles was diagnosed with cancer of the
lung 3 years ago. His  routine physical checkup at the VA hospital
revealed a tumor in one of his lung. The doctors wanted to perform a
biopsy immediately to find out if the growth was malignant and they were
already talking about radiation and chemo "therapy". From past
experience and knowledge, I knew that this was not the answer. These so
called "therapies" provide no hope for real cure. Biopsies are very
traumatic to the body and chemo/radiation are well known to destroy the
immune system. Instead, I immediately began to treat him with
Homeopathy, raw vegetable juice, herbal formula in tincture/extract form
such as the essiac formula, the Hoxy formula, and 
For the past 2 years doctors have continued to monitor Chuck's tumor
with CAT scan and PET scan. The tests revealed that a small mass still
remains in his lung, but the doctors aren't concerned about it because
the tumor has completely stopped growing and Chuck experiences none of
the usual symptoms associated 
with lung cancer. To this day he remains healthy and well. I have
created a web page "Alternative & Self-Help Cancer Therapy Programs For
People & Animals (Alternative to "cut, burn and poison'' modalities of
surgery, radiation and toxic drugs)at 
In that page you'll find also many other testimonials of cancer cures
with RAW food and juices, as well as other natural therapies.


Message: 14
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:49:33 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Multiple Sclerosis, MS, Crohns

Speech to the MS Society

Good afternoon everyone. I was paralysed by MS in 1989. I nearly died from
Crohn's Disease in 1994. In both cases, I had to take control over my own
recovery. Without doing so there would have been no recovery. It takes
single-minded determination to make recovery happen. The battle is won or
lost on the battleground of the mind and spirit. From DAY 1, I decided I
was going to win. I didn't know how, but I knew I would. I decided that I
would not succumb to the inevitable decline that people with MS are
conditioned to expect by neurologists and the MS Society. I have an iron
will. I knew that my will and whatever intelligence God gave me would lead
to success. I told this to my neurologist. He looked right through me. He
gave me neither answers nor hope. Nor did the MS Society. I had to find
both on my own. And I did. I started by giving up going to neurologists.
And I stopped asking the MS Society for answers.

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth. Just think
about it for a moment. Mercury ranks with plutonium on the scale of
toxicity as the most poisonous thing on Earth you can expose yourself to.
And 80% to 90% of the population is carrying a mercury time bomb around in
their mouths which leaks mercury into their central nervous systems and all
their body's tissues every single day. Information about the toxicity of
dental mercury has been accumulating for over 150 years. The first cases of
MS were recorded shortly after mercury was first used to fill teeth in the
early 1800's and they were recorded in those who had mercury in their
mouths, not in those who didn't. You will never read about this in the
information package on dental mercury that the MS Society disseminates. In
fact, their package defends mercury to the hilt.

Years ago the Society never talked about dental mercury. Today, they can't
avoid it.. There is too much publicity implicating mercury with MS.
Nevertheless, the Society has no intention whatsoever in admitting that
dental mercury causes MS, no matter what evidence is presented. To do so
would mean the end of the MS Society. So, they print the reports of a group
of third-rate researchers to support their claims about the safety of
mercury and cross their fingers that the public will fall for it. Here's a
sample. The symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to the symptoms of
MS. Mercury causes mercury poisoning. But mercury doesn't cause MS. Next,
in a study of 87 people with MS 83 had dental treatment prior to the onset
of MS. Dental treatment means mercury. But, because 4 people didn't get MS
after dental treatment the 83 who did could not have got it from the
mercury. These absurdities are so breathtaking you'd have to be brain dead
to believe them. Incidentally, I got MS shortly after I had 14 mercury
fillings replaced with new mercury fillings.

Dr. Hal Huggins who is a dentist and dental researcher writes, and I quote,
"The Multiple Sclerosis Society, has been averse to looking into this
situation. It is almost as if the organization wants to be looking for a
cause and cure for this disease, but not to find one. They have actively
campaigned against looking into the mercury issue. They have sent out
letters stating that they have thoroughly checked the literature and have
found no correlation between amalgam and MS. Yet Dr. Schwartzendruber (who
is a Ph.D. experimental pathologist at the University of Colorado) has
written about 20 reference articles …that show this relationship to be
valid.)" End quote. Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, M.D., says that "voluminous amounts
of scientific research" exist incriminating dental mercury as the cause of
MS and other related diseases. What does the MS Society do with this huge
body of evidence? They use money donated to the Society to manipulate the
evidence and to bury the truth. Dr. Rona declares, quote," The safety of
mercury-containing dental amalgams has never been proven…Mainstream dental
dogma dictates that any unproven treatment be labelled as
quackery…Supposedly scientific groups like the ADA and the CDA declare that
amalgams are safe…Based on actual scientific research, this is nonsense."
End quote. Dr. Jacob Swilling is a research scientist who has devoted the
last 24 years to the study of the causes of disease. He writes, and I
quote, "The evidence is overwhelming…When we submit to common dental
procedures... we submit to a source of toxic poisoning…that has no equal in
terms of…the resulting illness and disease, suffering and death". End
quote. Dr. Murray Vimy, a Faculty of Medicine dentist in Calgary, points
out that, and I quote, "the USEPA (The Environmental Protection Agency)...
views filling scrap as a toxic bioharzardous waste to be sealed in
leak-proof containers and carted out of the dental office by hazard control
experts in armored trucks. The dental profession considers it to be
absolutely safe when implanted permanently into your teeth." End quote. And
so does the MS Society.

Canadians for Mercury Relief is an organization of lawyers, scientists,
professionals and lay persons that is lodging the largest class action
lawsuit ever filed in Canada against the Canadian Government because it
knew in 1976 that dental mercury was a highly toxic substance that was
destroying the health of the Canadian people and it decided to cover up
this information instead of making it public. Here's what the MS Society
has to say about this in an email I received from Deanna Grotzinger on May
6, 1997.

"Thank you for the information about your efforts regarding Canadians for
Mercury Relief. This organization had not been brought to the attention of
the national office previously and it is useful to have the information."
End quote. (Now, does this mean that it is so useful that the MS Society
will be talking about all of this publicly? Have you heard them utter a
single word about it?) Then, the email continues, quote, "the question of
mercury especially as it pertains to dental amalgams and MS is a
controversial and not necessarily straightforward issue." End quote. (This
is the double talk of an Organization that is spouting nonsense and trying
to protect itself at the same time. If you ask the MS Society about dental
mercury they'll send you out information sanctioned by the Mercury Industry
and the College of Dental Surgeons. Mercury Incorporated doesn't see any
problem with dental mercury so that's good enough for the MS Society.) The
MS Society calls mercury controversial. Mercury is about as controversial
as a bullet in the back of the head. Their response to my email is that "it
is useful to have this information". I bet it is. I wonder whose back yard
they buried it in. The MS Society figures that people will believe the
Society's nonsense if they just keep on repeating it often enough.

The Society says that there is quote, "absolutely no evidence", end quote,
that removing dental mercury will cure MS. That is absolutely correct. But
it is a calculated and misleading statement that tells less than half the
story. Removing dental mercury alone will not cure MS. But, if after
removing dental mercury, an individual has DMPS and DMSA chelation , the
mercury will be flushed out of the nervous system. When you add the hormone
DHEA to this powerful detoxification program remarkable recoveries such as
mine become possible. DMPS and DMSA have been around for years. And the MS
Society knows it. These are sulphur-based amino acids, the building blocks
of protein. They have been used with great success to detoxify lead miners,
children suffering from lead poisoning and people suffering from dental
mercury poisoning. You will never hear the words DMPS or DMSA ever being
mentioned by the MS Society. They simply ignore the subject of chelation
completely, and the hormone DHEA completely as well.

The Society's moral bankruptcy should be obvious to everyone by now. The
Society refuses to acknowledge that even one piece of evidence exists
showing the link between dental mercury and MS despite massive and
incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. Their mission is to manipulate
public opinion so that the truth about MS is never discovered. In a moral
society they would be brought in front of a tribunal and be called to
account for their actions. But we don't live in a moral society. So the MS
Society is allowed to stay in business functioning as a servant of the
Dental Industry. The MS Society is allowed to operate behind a veil of

In a declaration that discourages those with MS and destroys all hope the
Society states that it has no idea what causes MS and that there is
certainly no cure for it. This declaration is an admission of failure by
the Society. MS is a condition of toxicity and deficiency. The toxicity is
metals or chemicals or both. Dental mercury is the cause in the vast
majority of cases. There may sometimes be a viral or bacterial component.
The deficiencies involve nutrients, minerals and hormones. The hormone DHEA
is one of the keys to recovering from MS. Studies have proven this beyond
question. That's it. That is how I approached my recovery and the results
are incontrovertible. 8 years ago I was bedridden. You can judge for
yourselves the truth about my recovery. Anyone who wants to find out more
can call me at 683-4047 in Vancouver. I'll be happy to talk to you.

The MS Society can't afford to have someone out there claiming they've
found a way to recover from MS. Recovery might become contagious. A cure
for MS spells the end of the MS Society. So, they have to explain away my
recovery. They declare that I am in remission. IN REMISSION means The
Disease has gone away for a while but, don't worry, it'll be back. We know
all about The Disease. They say that my story is merely anecdotal.
ANECDOTAL means it's only a story. It proves nothing. People's stories
aren't the truth. The truth is what The Medical Establishment says is the
truth. When these two reliable old standbys don't work, they resort to
their trump card: there's no proof. They can't lose with that one. They use
these three put-downs to patronize, to debunk, and to dismiss anyone who
dares to say they have recovered from MS. The MS Society says nobody
recovers from MS. They are really saying that I am either lying or that my
recovery was a freak accident. They'll say anything to try to discredit my
recovery. The MS Society speaks a language called Official Truth. When you
reject the Official Truth you can start to find the Real Truth. The Real
Truth is that MS is caused by toxins. People with MS have been poisoned.
The MS Society says it is the leader in finding a cure for MS. The Real
Truth is that this is a marketing slogan they have created to hide their
true mission - to suppress the search for a cure for MS. The only thing the
MS Society is a leader in is in raising money to sustain the Society. Run
for the cure. Ride for the cure. What a sad joke.

It won't surprise you that there isn't one single book critical of dental
mercury on the MS Society's book list. After this talk, I will give a list
of books and internet addresses that reveal the truth about dental mercury
to anyone who wants it. When you read the evidence you will be compelled to
conclude that the MS Society's position on dental mercury and their refusal
even to acknowledge the existence of chelation is criminal. There is one
more book you should read. Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D., has written an
expose of The Medical Establishment called The Medical Mafia. The title
says it all.

Orthodox Medicine's idea of helping people with chronic illness is to drug
them. Millions of dollars poured into MS research every year are poured
right down the drain and into the bottom line of chemical companies. The
ever-elusive magic drug will never be created. No drug ever cured any
disease. No drug will ever cure MS. MS is not a prednisone deficiency or a
deficiency of any other drug. Drugs are chemicals. They are created to
suppress symptoms and to make profits for chemical companies. In the
process they kill thousands of people every year and destroy the health of
tens of thousands more. Modern Medicine is driven by corporate profit. Not
the health of the public.

It's no surprise that you will never hear the MS Society tell anyone to get
tested for metal toxicity or mineral and DHEA deficiencies. This only
involves simple blood and urine tests. Well, even simple lab testing is a
threat to the MS Society. If people find that they are toxic and deficient,
and they will, this would expose the Society. So the Society never utters
the words "lab testing". They have a mission - to protect themselves and
their friends at the College of Physicians and Surgeons and The College of
Dental Surgeons whose livelihoods depend on the MS Society helping to
perpetuate the lie about the safety of dental mercury. The Dental Industry
generates billions of dollars every year in revenue. It cannot afford to
have the MS Society oppose mercury. The dominos would start to fall. So, it
makes sure the MS Society remains solidly pro-mercury. There is too much at
stake here. The Dental Industry is totally corrupt and will do anything to
retain its market and its power. And so will their friends at the MS Society.

If you want to find out the truth about dental mercury and MS you can take
my example and investigate the facts I have presented to you today. My
recovery was no accident. I ignored the advice of the MS Society and had my
dental mercury removed, had chelation and took DHEA. My recovery was
immediate and dramatic. I now help people with MS from all over the world
get the information they need to start on the path to recovery. I am doing
the job that the MS Society should be doing. They're too busy running for
the cure.

Kenneth H. Presner
1340 Burnaby Street
Suite 305
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6E 1R1

PHONE: (604) 683-4047