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      1. Kidney Cancer
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      2. liver cancer
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      3. Brain tumor
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      4. Epilepsy and parasites : Trace and epilepsy
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      5. Ulcerative Colitis, "Breaking The Vicious Cycle"
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      6. Foreward to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease
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      7. Arthritis recovery By Charles Duvall
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      8. Diabetes is reversible
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      9. Breast cancer, Dr.Clark Method
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   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:53:34 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Kidney Cancer

From :

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:59:02 +1000 (EST)
From: Gillies K <>
Mailing-List: list; contact
Subject: [cancercured] A short story re: a friend of mine

From: Gillies K <>

Hi people. This is the first thing I will have contributed to this list,
so I hope it's good. 

Last year, in August, I met a girl who has just been diagnosed with
secondary cancer in her kidneys- an aggressive tumour.

She had already had ovarian cancer throughout the year before, and had had
most of her ovaries removed.

I had a friend die from lung cancer recently, so when I met this girl, I
told her I wanted to help her. (I'm a Witch, and interested in
herbal/natural healing)
She was already on chemo, and between myself and a friend of mine, we
changed her diet to cut out all 'bad' things, eg- junk food, oils, fats,
ect. We had her eating mostly fresh fruits and vegatables, she bought a
juicer, and drank freshly juiced juices. The only meat she ate was chicken
or fish. She stuck to the diet loosley, and included some different
dietary supplements.
In January this year, she went terminal. She was given 6-12 months to
live. Instead of giving up, we went heath-nuts. I sent her to a
herbalist/naturaopth who gave her a herbal tincture to use evry day. We
cut out all dairy products from her diet (basically anything that would
make her kidneys work harder than they needed to), we put her on differsnt
herbal teas, and an extrememly powerful herbal tincture called 'shaman's
tincture'. She has continued this strict diet.
A few weeks ago, nearly 2 months after going terminal, her doctor called
her up to get her latest test results. She is in full remission. The
tumour will be removed after her body has had time to calm down after such
a long fight.

Shaman's Tincture contains various powerful herbal extracts, including
'soma', a cellular regenarator, that encourages the growth of healthy
cells, rather than the bad ones. Unfortuantely I only know where to get it
in Australia. From a place called 'Medicine Garden' in Sydney, phone
number is : (02) 66222524
This stuff can be expensive is small doses, so I reccomend you buy it in

They also sell a book called 'The Holy Water' by Howard Teats, with some
interesting information about bodily biofeedback, and healing.

Shark cartlidge can also get some incredibe results, but there is a
specific shark that is supposed to work specifically for cancer patients,
so I'll email the info about that some other time.

It is reccomended that once diagnosed, that in some cases, when the cancer
affects the digestive system, that you should go on a purely liquid diet.
This stops the body from having to work so hard to digest heavy bulky
foods, and can concentrate on healing. All fresh fruits and veggies are
good to juice. If you go to a herbalist, they can not only make up a
herbal tincture especially for your needs, but reccomend some good herbal
teas to use. In Australia, the phone number for the National Herbalists
Accociation is (02) 92116437
They should be able to tell you where the nearest herbalist to you is, and
reccomend a good one. Ask to speak to some patients before you go to a
herbalist, find out how good they are. 

Well, that's it from me. I hope this information can be of use to someone,
somewhere. Good Luck, never give up, and Blessed Be.
                             Kristy G.


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   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:59:37 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: liver cancer

from [dentalcleanse]  group:

Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 13:44:31 -0700
Subject: Re: [dentalcleanse] Digest Number 38


Thurston Kiang
05/17/99 01:44 PM

***Let me tell you how my friend's brother-in-law fought cancer.

After he was told that he had three months to live and the conventional
medicine could no longer help, he went to see a Chinese herbalist and took
herbs.  When he finally felt much better, he went back to see his doctor.
His doctor who thought he was dead was completely shocked.  He found no
signs of liver cancer anymore.

The response to the medicine, however, was only to keep doing whatever you
were doing.

It has been five years.  Why didn't the institutes look into this kind of
instances and explore what happened?

Should he not try, he would be dead by now.  And remember, this is after
the conventional medicine gave up.***


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   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:05:03 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Brain tumor

One message from <> list:

Mailing-List: contact
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 18:57:31 -0700
From: Hans Oussoren <>
Subject: [cancercure] Response to "Info"


My name is Hans and I am 22 years old.  I would like to respond to Johann
who asked for  some info/experiences on laetrile.

In fall of 1989, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  A Craniophyrigoma.

The persumed location was by the Pituitary gland.  I had brain surgery
done, 8.5 hours.

(I  can give more detailed info for anyone interested in specifics - please
e-mail me and I  will do my best to answer any further ?'s)

Before I get to detailed in the nitty details, and the ups and downs, I
want to  let you now that I could not have gotten through this without the
support of the many freinds, family and lots of people that I didn't even
now, who were praying for me.

They said they removed 3/4 of the tumor, however cat scans showed that it
was  still the same size?.  

I was scheduled for radiation (mask made, locations choosen) but we (my
parents and I) did not feels 
comfortable with going this route.  We continued to pray for wisdom  into
what we should do.  

As we sought direction, I was overcome by a violent reaction to "dilantin",
a  medicine to "prevent" seizures, which I had never had.   The rection
brought blisters to various area of my body including my face and my
throat, putting me in the burn unit of the local hospital.  i was so prone
to infection.
 This was, needless to say, horrific.  

We then decided to got to a clinic in Mexico that worked with diet and
nutition,  as well as laetrile (a.k.a. Amygdalin)  This treatment has been
very positive.  I am still om the diet to this day, a diet that excludes
refined sugars( I may have honey and mape syrop) red meats ( chicken, fish
and beans for proteins is o.k.).  The diet  involves a mix of fresh or
frozen fruits and vegetables.  Also several vitamins to keep  the immune
system up to par.  

The last cat scan that i had was @ 3 years ago.  The doctors let us see the
 pictures (trying their best to explain things).  They were ery puzzled b/c
the cat-scan  showed that the tumor was the same size, BUT, the insides
seemed to be clearing.  The  doctors were puzzled and suggested a biopsey
be done.  (No thanks!)  Thsi
clearing of  the inside of the tumor is just how the diet is to work/.  The
diet builds the immune 
system which in turn fights foreign objects.   

Today, I am still on that diet, as well as the amygdalin.  Don;t get me
wrong,  the diet is not always easy, esp. if others are eatig foods you
can't eat, right in  front of you.  Still tough, this many years later.  
	I have to mention, again, that without the prayers of many. and without
the  Lord's will, none of this would have been blessed.  I am thankful that
it was.  

All the best to all of you out there.  I enjoy your letters.   

Take care,and
			God Bless.
		Hans Oussoren
Phil 4:13  I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength.. 


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   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:08:52 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Epilepsy and parasites : Trace and epilepsy

One story from:

Success Stories
Using The Clark Method

Dear Bonnie, May 11, 1997 

Our son Trace (Tr-"ace") had his first grand mal seizure on his third
birthday, February 11, 1996 (one year and three months ago). The seizure
lasted approximately 3 to 5 minutes and he was unconscious for one and a
half hours afterward. He was taken to emergency and a Pediatric Neurologist
was contacted. Since it was Sunday the Neurologist didn't come in, instead
he listened to Trace's history over the phone and advised that he be
started on Dilantin. This was the start of our nightmare. 

Staph Infection At Birth: 

Trace's history includes a rough first year of life. He had contracted a
staph infection in his eyes in the hospital where he was born. It quickly
spread to his ears, and at one week he had double ear infections. From that
time on he suffered chronic ear infections and was constantly on stronger
and stronger antibiotics. At nine months, after nine double ear infections,
he had tubes placed in both ears. One month later he was finally off
antibiotics (for a short time). He continued to have sinus problems and was
very susceptible to any illness going around, including strep throat.
During his first year he had multiple high fevers (over 104°), but had
never had a convulsion. 

A Dog Bite (A Minor Puncture Wound) and Convulsions: 

At 13 months Trace suffered a minor dog bite (single puncture wound) to his
left cheek. Fourteen hours after being bitten the left side of his face
swelled dramatically and his fever went over 105° despite medication. When
I picked him up to take him to emergency he began convulsing. The
convulsing lasted 10 to 15 seconds and occurred twice in a few minutes. He
was in the hospital for three days and on IV antibiotics to resolve the
infection. He did not have any additional convulsions. At that time the
doctors did a series of blood tests to evaluate his immune system since
they felt he should not have reacted so severely to a minor puncture wound.
Nothing was found. 

From that day forward whenever Trace had a high fever (over 103°) he would
occasionally have brief one second convulsions. When we told his
Pediatrician about this she said: "Febrile seizures are very common and
nothing to worry about." 

When Trace was about two and a half his convulsions started occurring even
with 100° temperatures. We were again told that this was "nothing to worry

A Bump On The Head Leads To More Serious Seizures: 

A month before his third birthday, January 1, 1996, Trace fell off of an 8"
stool and hit his head on the bathroom floor. He went completely limp and
was unresponsive, then suddenly his body jerked and he returned to
consciousness. We had called 911, but by the time the paramedics arrived he
appeared dazed, but normal. The paramedics were preparing to leave when
Trace suddenly convulsed again. The paramedic sitting with him on the couch
saw it and insisted he be taken to the hospital. At the hospital he had a
computed tomographic (CT) scan which was negative for swelling and they
released him to follow-up with his Pediatrician the next day. 

This time his Pediatrician decided it might be wise to do an
electroencephalo-graphy (EEG) sometime in the future - but there was no rush. 

Four weeks later Trace came down with a fever of 105°+ for no apparent
reason, and he had over 10 convulsions in a 24 hour period. At the
emergency room the doctors took Trace's blood for testing and scheduled the
EEG for the next day. The fever resolved in two more days. We were still
waiting for the EEG report when Trace was sent home (his blood work showed

Grand Mal Seizures: 

On February 11, 1996 Trace showed no sign of being sick, but when I was
dressing him for Church I thought he jerked. I wasn't sure, and he seemed
fine, so we went to Church and thought nothing of it. Two hours later,
again for no apparent reason, he had a grand mal seizure. 

From that time on his longest period without a seizure was two weeks. At
first the doctors were optimistic because up to this time he had developed
normally and was a very intelligent child. These were good indications.
However, we found out that the convulsions or jerks that he had been having
since he was 13 months old were not normal febrile seizures. They were
myoclonic jerks which are not common. 

Despite increased medications the myoclonic seizures became a daily
occurrence as well as almost daily grand mal seizures. In addition, we now
had to deal with the side effects of his medications. 

Over the next six months the doctors went from optimistic to confused to
sorry. Trace went from our normal three year old son to a child who could
barely walk, talk or feed himself, let alone play or enjoy life. 

Five Different Types of Seizures/Over 100 Each Day: 

Trace had five different types of seizures: Tonic-clonic (grand mal),
myoclonic, atomic or drop seizures, absence (petit mal) and atypical
absence. At his worst he had over 100 seizures a day. The specialists at
UCSF Epileptology Center didn't have anything to offer and they felt our
doctors were proceeding just as they would. 

Some medications would help for a few days or at best a week, and then he'd
get worse than before. We spent weeks on end in the Pediatric ICU since he
was frequently in status epilepticas. They did multiple EEGs including one
with a 24 hour closed circuit TV. They did multiple MRIs, spinal taps, and
blood tests. Nothing produced answers. 

The Ketogenic Diet Proves Devastating: 

Finally we turned to the Ketogenic Diet, a very radical high fat diet used
with children with uncontrollable seizures. We though this was God's answer
to our prayers. We were going to give it our best shot. Our son almost died
from it. He was unable to eat or drink the high fat liquids and foods which
are necessary for the diet to work. He would vomit everything right back up
and finally refused to eat altogether. The doctors and the dietitian felt
that eventually he would get hungry enough that he would eat anything. He
dropped from a very thin 30 pounds to 24 ½ pounds and became so weak he
could hardly sit up - and the seizures never let up. 

Prayers and God's Helpers: 

We prayed everyday for answers and we had people all over the west coast
praying and searching for answers. 

Many people were sending us information about alternative treatments,
diets, supplements, etc. When we would get something that sounded feasible
or made sense we would ask the doctors about it. One friend of ours, Linda
Paris, was very persistent in sending us any information she could find. 

"Pay attention! Here's the answer that you've been asking for!" 

It was Linda Paris who told us about Dr. Clark's book The Cure For All
Cancers and the possibility that seizures might be related to parasites.
(She had used the liver cleanse recipe in the book for some health problems
she had had and it had been very effective.) 

Because of Trace's dog bite the information about parasites immediately
touched something inside of us. At this time Trace was in the hospital due
to status epilepticas and we asked the doctors if his condition could be
caused by or related to parasites and we mentioned, again, about the dog
bite. They said there was no chance: "Something would have shown on the
MRIs or the blood tests, etc." We didn't think much more about it until two
weeks later when Linda sent us a copy of a chapter out of another of Dr.
Clark's books. The book was The Cure For All Diseases (Linda had found it
in her health food store). I did not like the title and was very skeptical
when I began reading. The first sentence made me even more skeptical:
"Seizures are always caused by Ascaris." My first thought was: "No way!"
But, after reading the whole chapter, I couldn't shake the feeling that
this made a lot of common sense. It connected so directly with different
experiences we had had with Trace that I felt like God was slapping me in
the face and saying: "Pay attention! Here's the answer that you've been
asking for!" For instance, when Trace had been seizure free for a week and
seemed to be doing well, why did he go into status epilepticus out of the
blue . . . two hours after he had eaten Chinese food? He always ate his
favorite Chinese food: chicken chow mein and sweet and sour pork (MSG, red
dye, canned pineapple and pork). Also, he didn't get soda at home, but when
we went out to a Chinese restaurant he would always have soda (Xylene,

Trace Diagnosed with Lennox-Gestaut: 

One week after reading Dr. Clark's information our doctors informed us that
they believed what we had feared most was true . . . Trace had
Lennox-Gestaut, a relatively rare, incurable and progressive form of
epilepsy. The prognosis was that he would be severely retarded in three to
five years. He was already non-functional due to 100+ seizures per day and
the side effects of the four different drugs he was taking. The doctors
said he would most likely die in his teens to early twenties of one
continuous seizure. 

All the doctors had to offer were some experimental and/or
out-of-the-country drugs which might slow the process and to attempt the
Ketogenic Diet again by putting a tube into his stomach. We couldn't accept

An Avenue of Hope Leads To Success: 

I tracked down Dr. Clark and called her clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. I was
able to talk directly to Dr. Clark. I told her my son's condition, his
diagnosis and prognosis. She said: "Bring him down immediately." I asked
her: "Do you think you can help him?" She said: "I think I can cure him,
bring him down." Faced with doctors who didn't think they could do anything
for Trace and one who said she could cure him, we felt it was pretty
obvious what we should do. 

Nevertheless, we were scared. Especially about taking a sick child into
Mexico - we had heard that Tijuana was not the most honest or the cleanest
place in the world. We got lots of different opinions about what we were
about to do from friends, family and especially Trace's doctors. 

The people who had seen Trace at his worst understood why we had to pursue
this avenue of hope. Even Trace's Neurologist supported us. He didn't
believe it would work but he said he would probably do the same if it were
his child. 

The first day we went to the clinic we were relieved by its appearance and
location. Trace had a blood test and a technician took a saliva sample for
Syncrometer testing (Trace refused to be probed so all Syncrometer testing
was done using his saliva). We talked with many patients already being
treated - mainly for cancer. The stories were amazing - all of Dr. Clark's
patients were dramatically better or even cured. 

The second day we saw Dr. Clark. She reviewed and compared the Syncrometer
and blood tests. She told us what was wrong with Trace and what needed to
be done to correct it. She wrote out a whole list of things we needed to
do. She tested my husband and me for Ascaris and we were both positive.
(Before we left for Mexico, on Dr. Clark's instructions by phone, we had
given away our dog and steam cleaned our carpets.) 

We left her office completely overwhelmed. The scariest thing was that she
told us Trace would have to come off of all of his medication (because it
was contaminated with benzene and was killing his liver). 

We returned home with a Zapper and all the supplements that Dr. Clark told
us to get. Two days later we saw our Neurologist. He reviewed Dr. Clark's
tests and recommendations. Her blood test checked out against his and, in
his opinion, nothing Dr. Clark recommended seemed dangerous - except
stopping the medications. But, since they didn't seem to be doing much good
anyway, he gave us a conservative schedule for tapering Trace off all of
his medications. 

We started Trace zapping (7 minutes on and 20 minutes off, three
consecutive times, repeated once a day) and taking ½ teaspoon of Black
Walnut Tincture Extra Strength in ½ a glass of water twice a week. (This
regime is to be continued for two years.) During the first week Trace's
seizures got worse, especially when we began reducing his medication. The
first dramatic improvement we noted was when we began giving Trace taurine
three times a day. This seemed to reduce the drop seizures and myoclonic
jerks. Over the next two weeks Trace went from 100+ seizures per day to
seizure-free!! His nighttime and early morning seizures were the last to go. 

Herbal Modifications: 

Even though cloves and wormwood capsules were not appropriate for Trace
both my husband and I were instructed to take them. My husband does not
take the Black Walnut Tincture because it contains alcohol, but I take it,
and we are both zapping. 

Syncrometer Investigation Proves Successful: 

When attending the Syncrometer class I had one of Trace's stuffed animals
tested. It tested positive for toluene, a solvent highly toxic to the
brain. Trace slept with stuffed animals all over his bed. The day I
returned home from the Syncrometer class we removed all stuffed animals
from his room - and that was his first night seizure-free! 

Temporary Setbacks: 

Trace went 25 days seizure-free and during that time we were able to
eliminate two medications. Then, on the 23rd day, before we could stop him,
he hugged a dog. He put his face right in the dog's fur and gave him a big
hug. We zapped him that night and the next night, but he woke up the
following morning with a grand mal seizure. We asked ourselves: "Why didn't
the Zapper stop the parasites from returning to the brain?" We speculated
that since Trace had a chronic runny nose that possibly the parasites were
shielded in his fluid-filled sinuses. Dr. Clark reports that it takes as
little as two days for Ascaris eggs to hatch and the microscopic larva to
travel back to the seizure center of the brain. 

Trace had one other relapse 15 days following the first. It occurred two
days after a visit to his Pediatric Neurologist. At the Neurologist's
office, while waiting in the waiting room, he played on the floor with
other children who have seizures - and they were all handling the same
toys. This second relapse resulted in the most violent grand mal seizure he
ever had. However, with multiple zapping and administering Black Walnut
Tincture Extra Strength, he was back to normal by 2 pm (after waking up
with the seizure that morning). 

Both relapses occurred less than two days after Trace was exposed to likely
parasite egg-carriers and we believe the parasite eggs hatched and reached
his brain in less than two days because of his fluid-filled sinuses being
directly in front of his brain. 

Trace has now been seizure-free and medication-free for ten months. He has
no apparent deficits or delays. His chronic runny nose resolved three days
after his last dose of anti-seizure medication. 

During the past 10 months Trace got sick one time and we discovered it was
because our Zapper was broken. His fever went to 104°, but he didn't have a
single twitch, let alone a seizure. 

We have learned to give Trace a dose of Black Walnut Tincture Extra
Strength after exposure to animals or situations which are high risk for
parasites, and then we continue from there with his twice per week dosage. 

"Trace, The Miracle Child" 

One month ago Trace had an EEG because his Neurologist wanted to see what
it would show. His EEG was completely normal!!! 

According to our doctors no child diagnosed with Lennox-Gestaut has ever
been seizure-free, medication-free, or had normal development and a normal
EEG before. The doctors call Trace "The Miracle Child." We know God blessed
us with a miracle and Dr. Clark was His tool. 

Through hearing about our experience many other people have produced
dramatic changes in their health by pursuing Dr. Clark's methods. Among the
people following Dr. Clark's methods, after hearing about Trace, are two
other patients of our Neurologist. One was given our number by the
Neurologist himself. We dearly thank Dr. Clark for all she has done. 

Neways, A Company With Carcinogen Free/Solvent-Free Personal Care Products: 

Our life has recently become a little easier, in regard to following Dr.
Clark's instructions for a solvent-free life. We were introduced to a
company named Neways that claims to make carcinogen-free and solvent-free
health and personal care products. I was, of course, very skeptical of this
since many products claiming to be natural or pure had failed testing with
my Syncrometer. A friend gave me samples of Neways' shampoos, body washes,
toothpaste and multipurpose cleaners. I tested them with my Syncrometer and
they tested clean. Not completely confident with my own results, I sent six
of their products to be tested by Carmen Myers at the Self Health Resource
Center. Five out of the six tested completely clean. The sixth Carmen felt
might have a trace amount of tetrazine (a yellow food coloring). Tetrazine
is not associated with any specific health problem but Dr. Clark advises
against it because it is difficult for the kidneys to eliminate. Carmen's
tests were not conclusive for tetrazine, but I contacted the company anyway
to ask about it. They assured me that no dyes are used in processing their
products. I am inclined to trust them because of the purity of their other
products. I have been thrilled to find such pure products. Dr. Clark has
been invited to the Neways' plant to test all their products. Hopefully she
will do this soon. 

The five completely pure products are: 

1. Maximol Solutions - a colloidal mineral solution with vitamins, amino 

acids and enzymes. 

2. Silken Mild Family Shampoo 

3. Purge - a parasite cleanse formula 

4. Radiance - a tooth paste that also whitens 

5. Eliminator - a mouthwash and multipurpose antibacterial, antimold, 

antifungal cleaner 

The Product with a slight possibility of Tetrazine but otherwise pure: 

1. Revenol - a super antioxidant containing pycnogenol from pine bark and 

grapeseed extract


Do you have questions? Please call and I'll be happy to answer any
questions you might have. Call: Cynthia Miller (209) 745-9638.

God Bless.

Cynthia Miller 

893 Black Canyon Court 

Galt, CA 95632 

(209) 745-9638 


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   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:28:02 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Ulcerative Colitis, "Breaking The Vicious Cycle"

Archives of

[colitiscrohns] Digest Number 106

Message: 2
   Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:50:42 -0400
   From: "dan davis" <>
Subject: Introduction

Hello everyone,

I am new to the list and would like to introduce myself.  My name is Janice,
and I have been diagnosed with UC for 4 years now. The disease began with
mild (proctitis), self-limiting symptoms, which didn't really disrupt my
life much. In Feb. '98, after beginning a course of antibiotics, the disease
became much worse, and I ended up with full-blown pan colitis. I was
hospitalized twice in 3 months, received blood transfusions, and was
extremely miserable and fearful of where this experience would end.

There is a book called "Breaking The Vicious Cycle", that I had repeatedly
seen in the book stores while I was browsing. The author claims that if her
diet is followed strictly for at least a couple of years, people suffering
from Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac's, and other intestinal disorders can become
symptom-free...and stay that way indefinitely.

I was skeptical, but ended up buying the book a year or so before becoming
extremely ill. I tried to follow the diet at that time, but failed. I think
it was because of a combination of things. I could not withstand the
skepticism of those around me, and all the eye-rolling and negative remarks
that made me feel foolish for thinking that something as simple as a diet
could help me. Also, my doctor certainly thought the whole thing was a hoax,
and he recommended against it. The other reason I think that I could not
continue to follow the diet was because I WASN'T SICK ENOUGH!!! I felt
pretty good, didn't need any meds, and had no idea how horrible and
devastating this disease could be...and would be for me in the near future.

So,about a year later I found myself desperately ill, unable to look after
myself or my family, and I finally found the motivation to begin the diet
seriously and stick to it strictly. I did not know whether or not it would
work, but figured that if I ended up having to face surgery, I didn't want
to be wondering whether or not I could have avoided it, and saved my colon
if only I had given the diet a serious try.

I felt that trying the diet was very low risk. A couple of very
well-respected GIs had reviewed it and although they did not endorse it
(they said that they felt it needed to be studied under controlled
conditions before it could be recommended), they had admitted that it was a
balanced, palatable diet. They published a review of "Breaking The Vicious
Cycle", in the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology.

So, I followed the diet. I still suffered horribly for the first 4 months
that I was on the diet. After that, my bowel began to heal, and I found
myself feeling more and more incredibly well, energetic, better than I'd
felt in many years (even pre-UC.) Six months after beginning the diet, my GI
told me that my colon looked NORMAL. It has looked that way for the past

Just wanted to pass on my experience to others who might benefit from it.
The incredible part about this diet is that it is only a diet. There is no
magic supplement, or secret ingredient that someone is making tons of money
on. It's just a matter of feeding yourself good food, and putting an end to
consuming harmful stuff that most of us eat on a daily basis.

There are many others who have regained their health after following this
diet as well. Nine months after beginning the diet, I found the SCD list on
the internet, where there are about 250 others sharing information, and
support to newcomers, and many success stories.

Best regards,


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   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:01:35 +0100
   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Foreward to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease

Subject: Foreward to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease

This documents provided by:

The Arthritis Trust of America

This article is the "Foreward" to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and 
Rheumatoid Disease With Rheumatoid Arthritis by Anthony di Fabio & Gus J. 
Prosch, Jr., M.D

Your Search for Wellness

So! You've probably been to an establishment medical physician about your 
present ill-health.

You've probably been told that your pain is a consequence of age or 
genetics, soon to lead to an incurable condition! -- Or that it is such and 
such a malady, and is already incurable! That very nice man, that fine 
mannered, knowledgeable doctor said, "Here's a pill. Take it three times a 
day. Learn to live with your condition and pain!"

He may also have warned you against quackery -- people who claim to have 
cures, but only want your money -- also conveniently overlooking the fact 
that he claims not to have a cure, but is perfectly willing to take your 

He's an Authority -- a MEDICAL DOCTOR. Possibly he's one of the very best in 
your region, highly educated and trained, a respectable, leading citizen, of 
the highest ethics, a family man, recognized by both your local hospital and 
your insurance company as a man to trust.

Since -- you believe -- all medical doctors are equally trained, equally 
knowledgeable, all have had the same education, the same training, have read 
the same books, and all are at the very forefront of research, you'll profer 
trust in this nice man (or woman), you'll go home, suffer, take the pill 
three or more times a day, and be emotionally stricken as your body 
progresses into a grotesque disease condition.


Hopefully, not any more! Not after reading this book, and others available 
elsewhere. Thankfully people are beginning to wake up, to realize the 
ineffectiveness and futility of relying on traditional medicine, as more and 
more folks take up alternatives -- and achieve wellness.

Not all establishment medicine is bad, of course. It simply uses a faulty 
standard usually designed by medical boards, insurance companies, 
pharmaceutical industries, trade unions such as the American Medical 
Association or American Dental Association, or ivory towered professors in 
medical schools whose research is dominated by the pocketbooks of 
pharmaceutical industries -- hardly an unemotional or unbiased grouping.

While the gold standard of medical scientific proof is that of controlled, 
double-blind studies that often cost as much as $40,000,000 to establish the 
fact that one kind of pain killer is slightly better than another kind of 
pain killer, the crux of medicine is and should be whether or not people 
achieve wellness, and how they do so. We have, therefore, included actual 
case histories (usually under pseudonyms), describing how people suffered 
and what they did to achieve wellness.

In the osteoarthritis chapter you'll learn that William Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D. 
solved one of the basic mysteries of osteoarthritis, having proved his 
solution under rigorous scientific studies. Others also worked on pieces of 
the puzzles, and these include natural-medicine-oriented Rex E. Newnham, 
D.O., N.D., Ph.D. and Michael T. Murray, N.D., nerve specialist Roger 
Wyburn-Mason, M.D., Ph.D., surgeon/acupuncturist Dr. Paul K. Pybus, 
reconstructive therapists William J. Faber, D.O. and James Carlson, D.O., 
general practitioners Jack M. Blount and one of us (Gus J. Prosch, Jr., 
M.D.), chiropractors like Paul Goldberg, D.C., M.P.H., and many other health 
professionals -- all of whom have volunteered extremely useful knowledge.

Osteoarthritis is no longer a necessary concomitant of aging, being 
treatable and solvable. Would it also surprise you to learn that rheumatoid 
arthritis has been capable of being cured for many years?

The necessary treatment factors, usually involve (1) proper nutrition, (2) 
detoxification [mercury, foci of infection, herbicides and pesticides] (3) 
strengthening of the immune system, (4) elimination of foreign organisms 
[parasites], (5) treatment for food allergies, and (6) treatment against 
candidiasis, a yeast/fungus infestation. While accounting for all of these 
factors, and while all are necessary ingredients to achieve wellness, in 
particular cases they may not be sufficient, as each of us are designed with 
genetic differences and reared in differing environments.

What We've Learned

Both of us have experienced nearly fifteen years of freedom from rheumatoid 
arthritis, and one of us has successfully treated thousands of rheumatoid 
arthritis patients.

We've learned two impressive fundamental truths:

    (a) All health not related to genetic defects is a function of what we 
eat, drink, breathe, how we eliminate, the nature of our living styles, and 
our response to and the levels of experienced stress. "To be healthy," says 
the wise man, "then clean up your act."

This book describes how to start cleaning up your act!

    (b) There are probably more ways known to stay or get well than there 
are ways to achieve illness, or to stay ill. Apparently -- from the nature 
of wellness principles -- we humans work very hard to stay ill!

The Many Layers to Wellness

It took one of us (Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.) six weeks to halt the progress 
of "galloping" rheumatoid arthritis, two more years to pay attention to 
candidiasis, nutrition and food allergies, and the next 13 years to 
understand what's really going on with the factors that create rheumatoid 
arthritis and the other 79 related rheumatoid diseases. The following are 
layers which, when peeled apart sheet by sheet, surely will produce wellness 
in virtually everyone:

1. Stress

Stress is the greatest contributor toward a sick body. As a necessary 
ingredient of life, stress is totally unavoidable, arriving at our doorstep 
because we live, and appearing as either a physical or emotional stressor.

Physical stress includes heat and cold, polluting chemicals, daylight and 
darkness, the pull of gravity, microorganisms, changes in humidity and air 
pressure, accidents and sports, and so on.

Emotional stressors include offenses against others or against ourselves, 
shool discipline and study, work -- particularly if detested -- marriage 
relationships and divorces, and certainly the loss of loved ones.

According to Derrick Lonsdale, M.D. [Why I Left Orthodox Medicine], "Each of 
us live in a dangerous world, surrounded by all kinds of invisible 
stressors, many of which are indeed bacteria and viruses. The defense 
reaction to a stressor, however, regardless of the nature of the stressor, 
is much the same."

Some folks can handle enormous amounts of stress, and others very little, 
probably as a matter of their differing nutritional intake, state of health, 
and genetic factors.

We can make choices to reduce stress, but, short of death, there is no way 
to totally eliminate stress. It is our choices that determine the nature of 
our stress.

Whenever undue stress is unavoidable, or even if you've conditioned yourself 
to believe that a stress activity is enjoyable, some folks will get well 
simply by choosing to remove themselves from an environment of undue stress.

Stress has many faces, and it is never solved by blaming others, although 
it's possible that removing yourself from others may be necessary.

There are so many faces to stress that it deserves a book by itself.

Some folks can get well from rheumatoid arthritis and related rheumatoid 
diseases simply by removing themselves from stressful situations.

2. Nutrition

As we've repeatedly written -- as has Joel Wallach, D.V.M., N.D. and Ma Lan, 
M.D. (Dead Doctors Don't Lie; Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures, etc.) -- a 
successful farmer knows more about nutrition than the vast majority of 
health professionals graduating from the standard medical school. A 
successful farmer knows with a certainty -- a certainty upon which his 
family's welfare relies -- that unless he feeds his cattle, chickens, hogs, 
sheep, and so forth the very best nutrients, their market value will be low, 
and his income accordingly will suffer. Unfortunately few American farmers 
have learned to apply this same philosophy to their plant kingdom crops, as 
they seem to be stuck in the limited nitrogen/phosphorus "fertilizer" cycle, 
along with the use of hybrids that produce large, healthy appearing 
vegetation with lopsided nutrient values or without a whole lot of 
nourishing qualities.

Most religions teach that man is both spirit and animal. And while it is 
most important to nourish the spirit, this can be increasingly difficult 
without persistently buttressing our animal natures with the proper 
nutrition and nutritional supplements. If not, the spirit may leave the body 

Everywhere on earth are healthful foods growing wild: insects, worms, nuts, 
fruits, various vegetation. There's probably more healthful edible foods 
growing wild on this planet even today than there are unedible, poisonous 
foods -- but we and you are not about to break our childhood conditioning to 
seek after it. So, what is left?

Well, the closer we can come to the diet of our foraging ancestors, the more 
healthy we will become, excepting, of course, unavoidable intake of 
parasites, bacteria, et. al. In other words, we need organically grown food 
free of pesticides, herbicides, and chock full of enzymes, vitamins, 
minerals, and essential fatty acids. If we were to plant and raise our own 
gardens, insuring that the soils are balanced and mineral-laden, we'd more 
than likely not need vitamin and mineral supplements.

As it has become increasingly difficult to obtain what our animal natures 
require, we must do the best we can. After having chosen the very best store 
products available to us, we must choose wisely in supplementing with 
various vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids -- because our foods 
no longer contain the proper balance or they lack sufficient quantity of 
these life substances.

Those are just the general principles. A scientific discourse on the proper 
food baffles the best of physicians, so don't expect this non-encyclopedic 
book to provide you with foolproof, complete advice suitable just for you. 
Each person is genetically different, and each has different requirements, 
and those are the ingredients that you must learn about with the assistance 
of a knowledgeable health professional. The "4-food groups" or "6-food 
groups" recommended by dietitians is nonsense, not even suitable for 
grade-school children, providing incomplete, misleading information, and 
leaving out the very varying biochemistry that makes you different, or 
supports your life.

Derrick Lonsdale, M.D. (Why I Left Orthodox Medicine), describes five 
patients who are non-genetically related. Each of them are clinically 
diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis, each described as having joint 
inflammation, pain and swelling. Traditional medicine would attempt to treat 
each and every one of these five patients the same, but on a nutritional 
basis, each would require a different approach, depending upon their 
biochemical needs which must be learned by astute biochemical analysis. Dr. 
Lonsdale's nutritional approach also emphasizes that rheumatoid arthritis 
and related rheumatoid diseases are not a disease of joints, but a disease 
of the whole body -- and we wholeheartedly agree.

There are many who achieve wellness from rheumatoid arthritis -- and the 
other 79 collagen tissue diseases which we call rheumatoid diseases -- 
simply by improving their nutritional intake to that which best fits them. 
We would guestimate that about 30% can get well by this means alone.

Chose to remove undue stress, and improve nutrition, and you may very well 
achieve wellness from rheumatoid disease!

3. Candidasis and Food Allergies.

Candida albicans, a yeast/fungus, is an organism of opportunity, just as 
many other microorganisms are. Whenever conditions are right these 
organisms-of-opportunity set up shop in our bodies, particularly the 
intestinal tract. Right conditions are provided by the use of antibiotics, 
hormones (cortisone, birth control pills, etc.) and other chemicals, 
exposure to stress, and poor nutrition. A particularly virulent form of 
candidiasis -- the name given to the Candida albicans yeast/fungus infection 
-- is a fungal form that plants itself in the intestinal mucosal membrane, 
there to grow inward rootlets that penetrate all the way into the blood 
stream. (See The Yeast Connection, William Crook; The Yeast Syndrome, Morton 
Walker, D.P.M., John Trowbridge, M.D.; others)

Candidiasis, as will most yeasts, produces either acetaldehyde or alcohol, 
or both. Acetaldehyde is the metabolite of alcohol, the part of drinking 
liquors that gives you a hang-over the next morning. This persistent 
production of acetaldehyde in your intestinal tract passes through and into 
every organ and bodily system day by day, night by night, placing extreme 
chemical stress on your cells, organs, and systems. In time virtually every 
degenerative disease condition can be mimicked, including those of 
rheumatoid arthritis as well as the other 79 so-called "auto-immune" 

Simultaneously, as acetaldehyde is slowly, drastically, affecting your life, 
the rootlets planted in your mucosa are permitting small molecular particles 
of food to pass directly into the blood stream without being digested. These 
particles in your bloodstream are recognized as foreign invaders, and your 
immune system builds up protection against them, forming what's called an 
antigen/antibody complex which is the biochemical beginnings of a food 

The number of your food allergies increases over time, and they have some 
peculiar characteristics: (a) Some food allergies can be spotted as soon as 
you've eaten the substance: headache, nausea, joint pain, depression, 
lethargy, and so on. (b) Some food allergies require as much as three days 
from the time you exposed yourself to the food to kick in with headache, 
nausea, joint pain, depression and lethargy, and so on. This type becomes 
hard to associate with foods eaten by causal observation, and may require 
either a valid blood test for allergies or a carefully prepared log of foods 
eaten compared to daily symptoms (Dr. Braly's Food Allergy and Nutrition 
Revolution, James Braly, M.D.).

Just as infestation by Candida albicans can create a huge variety of 
symptoms, depending upon which tissues are most affected, so can food 
allergies. And, just as candidiasis can mimic rheumatoid disease, and the 
other 79 collagen tissue diseases, so can food allergies.

In short, candidiasis produces food allergies, and both of them not only 
create their own disease symptoms, but both of them can also mimic any of 
the 80 rheumatoid diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Incidentally, you're probably not going to want to learn that food allergies 
behave according to the same biochemical rules as does drug addiction.

Health professionals who have had their patients rid themselves of stress, 
improve nutrition, and conquer candidiasis and food allergies have cured a 
high percentage of those afflicted with rheumatoid disease.

4. Mercury Detoxification, Pesticide and Herbicide Detoxification, and 
Sterilization of Foci of Infection.

Solving stress may get the arthritic well.

Changing stressful conditions and improving nutrition may get the arthritic 

Attending to stressful conditions, improving nutrition, reducing candidiasis 
infestation, and avoiding allergenic foods may get the arthritic well.

-- and any of these life-style changes may be permanent or temporary, 
depending upon each individual's temperament and situation.

But what will surely work? And what will also come closest to returning your 
body (and youthful spirit) back to an early period when you were free of 

Broad Spectrum Anti-Microorganism Treatment

Two foundations, The Arthritis Trust of America and The Road Back 
Foundation, have historically recommended the use of prescription medicines 
to halt the progress of rheumatoid arthritis and some osteoarthritis (about 
10%). The Road Back Foundation recommends a series of treatments of 
minicycline, whereas The Arthritis Society of America has long recommended 
any one, or combination, of several broad-spectrum anti-microorganism drugs.

Both treatments have resulted in remissions or "cures," from rheumatoid 

Coupling broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment with treatment for 
nutrition, candidiasis, and food allergies has consistently resulted in an 
80% cure rate since 1982, according to one of us (Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D. 
of Birmingham, Alabama).

According to Lee Cowden, M.D. of Dallas, Texas, (Health Restoration Systems, 
Inc.) various foci of infection are important to remove, but they will not 
leave completely until accumulated herbicides and pesticides are removed. 
Hebicides and pesticides will not go completely until mercury is removed.

We don't want to use this limited space to get involved in a lengthy pro and 
con as to why each of these factors are so important. That's what The 
Arthritis Society of America's recommended books and articles do in some 
detail. We'll briefly describe the nature of each of the above factors.

Mercury Poisoning

The US Environmental Protection Agency sets no lower limit for the amount of 
mercury that is dangerous to health. Dentists who handle mercury must do so 
under guidelines set by the agency for a very dangerous substance, including 
the need to dispose of mercuric waste scraps in a manner that will not 
endanger our environment, thus also endanger people.

For some irrational reason, once mercury is placed in fillings of teeth 
American dentists consider it no longer of danger because, they say, it is 
in an amalgamated form -- mixed with other metals -- and will not come free. 
This assumption is demonstrably false, and can be easily shown to be false 
by measuring the percentage of mercury from removed fillings and plotting 
percentages of remaining mercury against the time the amalgam spent in the 
mouth. Mercury disappears from the amalgams in a very predictable (linear) 
manner. The longer in the mouth, the less mercury contained in the filling.

The Swedish Medical Association, after resisting these claims of danger in 
the use of mercury fillings and after studying available scientific data, 
concluded they were wrong, and they publicly apologized to the Swedish 
public. Sweden, as well as some other countries, are now phasing mercury 
from dentistry.

The normally intransigent American Medical Association has declared mercury 
dangerous, in agreement with the Environmental Protection Association.

The American Dental Association, however, is so blind, so protective of 
their trade union, that they and their licensing boards have threatened to 
take the license away from dentists who remove fillings and replace them 
with a non-dangerous substance.

When mercury is amalgamated with another metal, the filling exists in either 
an alkaline or an acid environment, the saliva and food mixture in your 
mouth which changes according to what you eat and when you eat.

Two dissimilar metals in either an alkaline or acid environment form a small 
battery which, when activated, produces an electric current. Such an 
electric current is easily measured in each and every metallic filling in 
your teeth.

The joint effect of all the little batteries in all of your teeth is also 
measurable as both a current, and also as a persistent source of evaporated 
mercury in your mouth.

Evaporated mercury combines with organic matter in the mouth to form a 
mercury/organic compound, which your body accumulates. Over time, your body 
will accumulate a considerable amount of mercury from your fillings as well 
as from other sources, such as consumed fish (which accumulates mercury), 
herbicides and pesticides, and additional dangerous environmental stressors 
surrounding us everywhere.

According to Hal Huggins, D.D.S. (It's All In Your Head), and other health 
professionals, here's the two major effects of the use of mercury fillings:

(1) Organic mercury tends to accumulate at nerve ganglion where it 
interferes with the proper functioning of nerve signals. Accumulated mercury 
in a ganglia in the face -- for example -- may easily affect performance of 
a joint in a remote part of the body, causing a form of "arthritis." The 
proof is that when the organic mercury is removed from the ganglion in the 
face, the pain in the joint stops immediately, and the joint begins to heal 
and function properly.

This is but one example among thousands of seemingly unrelated dysfunctions 
that might be cited, including that of improper functioning of the immune 

(2) Organic mercury forms small pockets or envelopes in various tissues of 
the body within which foreign microorganisms set up shop. These are usually 
mutated, anaerobic (live without oxygen) forms of organisms. When our 
macrophages and leucocytes try to attack these foreign organisms as they're 
supposed to do, they are prevented from entering the pocket by the mercury.

Thus, the foreign organisms continue to thrive, producing toxins (microbial 
waste products) which, if our human tissues are not already sensitive to the 
toxins, will, for the arthritic-prone, probably become sensitive to them. 
The daily production of toxins, and their distribution throughout the 
tissues, organs, and systems of our body are what produce the various 
disease symptoms that are then classified as one of the 80 so-called 
"auto-immune" diseases.

It greatly surprised one of us to learn that the red coloring matter used to 
produce partial dentures and full dentures are usually made of a mercuric 
coloring matter. This mercury also leaches out over time, continuing our 
accumulation of dangerous mercury. A clear flexite denture is recommended by 
Lee Cowden, M.D. of Dallas, Texas.

We were shocked to learn from one manufacturer of denture plastic that he 
used cadmium to help keep the red (mercury) from leaching out.

Yea Gad! Cadmium is as dangerous as the mercury, and a major problem for the 
Environmental Protection Agency to keep cadmium from leaching into our soils 
and water systems especially by it's improper disposal.

The problem of obtaining dentures made from a clear flexite material may 
prove difficult, but, if you insist, can be done.

Root Canal and Tooth Extraction Foci of Infection

Extracted teeth and root canal surgery are extremely large sources of 
persistent infections that create degenerative diseases, including the 
various arthritides. "Arthritides" refers to all forms of arthritis.

George E. Meinig, D.D.S. (Root Canal Cover-Up) reports on the work of Weston 
Price, D.D.S., who, under the auspices of the American Dental Association, 
headed studies performed by 60 top-ranking medical scientists from very 
prestigious medical and dental institutions.

Whenever a tooth is extracted, or root canal work has been performed, the 
muscular tissue in the socket is usually left in place, and the dentist 
makes an assumption that the use of antibiotics will penetrate this tough 
tissue killing any microorganisms that may be present after the surgery.

The assumption is demonstrably false.

Steptococus feci, or any one of hundreds of viruses, bacteria or 
mycoplasmas, will find themselves in these open sockets during surgery. 
Within the apparently healed gums, microorganisms that thrive in oxygen in 
the mouth (aerobic) will mutate to a type that thrives without oxygen inside 
the tooth socket (anaerobic).

Only 10% of those infected in the gums will have sore or sensitive gums, and 
will ever suspect that something is wrong.

One of us (Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.) had all of his teeth removed 50 years 
ago, and argued loud and long with those who insisted that the teeth be 
checked for a focus of infection. After all, "I had no root canals 
performed, and my gums felt normal!" Burton Goldberg (Alternative Medicine: 
The Definitive Guide) insisted, and so more to oblige him than because of 
belief, several non-invasive tests were made, and two blood tests.

Two kinds of non-invasive tests are effective in making such a 
determination: (1) kinesthiology, a method of testing for muscle strength or 
weakness in the presence of an antigen or allergen; or (2) a computron, or 
dermatron (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll), a device that sends a 
small amount of current along an acupuncture meridian. By reading the 
resulting effect on a changing electrical measurement one can determine if 
foreign invaders are involved, often what species.

Each blood test confirmed the presence of a species of mycoplasma, one of 
them also inferring the presence of an associated virus.

Under the care of a biological dentist, his computron confirmed the presence 
of both a mycoplasma and a virus throughout the upper and lower gums, also 
naming the organism's species.

Still there was no belief or acceptance, but permission was given to cut 
into a small portion of the gums as a final determination.

Lo! A greyish mass was present. We found this evidence of infestation 
throughout the top and bottom along my whole gum line -- a fifty year-long 
unsuspected focus of infection. These were laser sterilized and cleansed 
with hydrogen peroxide injections.

Later a nerve ganglion that could not be cut into by the biological dentist 
was also cleansed of infection by a medical doctor with appropriate 
techniques, as were other nerve ganglia containing mercury in other parts of 
the body.

According to Dr. Meinig, so long as the immune system is young, and 
functioning properly, these toxins and foreign invaders are properly 
handled. Once we age, as do our systems, the immune functions become slowly 
overwhelmed, and the various degenerative diseases set in.

By the way. None of this kind of dentistry should be attempted without a 
Biological Dentist. They are few in number, and not too easy to find. The 
untrained, normal dentist not only will not believe, but even if willing to 
remove mercury or cleanse foci of infection, they are likely to leave you 
worse off than when you began. Especially dangerous is the possibility of 
accumulating more mercury in your system than you had before amalgam 
replacement with a neutral filling. Specialized techniques and training are 

There are cases on record where once the mercury has been removed, and the 
foci of infection cleared up,(by use of the proper procedures) arthritis has 
totally disappeared without further treatment.

There are also cases where obvious health improvement has been obtained, but 
the arthritis has not cleared. Reason: Stress, nutrition, candidiasis, food 
allergies, and additional problems to be discussed in the following.

Adnoidectomies and Tonsilectomies Foci of Infection

Additional foci of infections may result from improper sterilization after 
adnoidectomies or tonsilectomies, according to Dr. Meinig.

What's Happened to This Important Information?

What's happened to this information, about the dangers of mercury, gum 
infection after extracted teeth and root canal surgery, and possible storage 
of infectious microorganisms after adniodectomies and tonsilectomies?

Why hasn't the public -- or the arthritic -- been told of it?

Although the important medical research was initially sponsored by the 
American Dental Association, when one of us asked his dentist about his 
knowledge of these fantastic, long-term, definitive research works, he shook 
his head, saying, "No, I've never heard of them! They never taught us this 
in dentistry school."

We gave him copies of Meinig's and Huggins' books.

Like so many important medical discoveries, the knowledge got buried by 
mean-spirited, closed-minded, suppressive personalities -- or people with 
vested interests.

Original research records are stored in the American Dental Association 
library archives, and copies are also found in the Price-Pottenger Nutriton 
Foundation (PO Box 2614, La Mesa, California 91943-2614). However, George 
Meinig, D.D.S. has nicely summarized the work in his book Root Canal 

Pesticides and Herbicides

Pesticides and herbicides surround us everywhere. It's as though we live in 
a sea of these dangerous, man-made substances. The initial idea was to kill 
pests (insects, rodents, etc.) or to kill weeds that are undesirable on our 
farms so that we could produce more and better crops. A similar motivation 
led to the use of antibiotics which, at first glance, appears to be a 
miraculous use of nature's own means of limiting undesirable microbes.

However, what has happened is this: Insects, microorganisms, and even 
so-called weeds adapt -- usually faster than we do. One surviving microbe, 
for example, can breed a generation of descendents that not only cannot be 
killed by the chemical or antibiotic that killed its forebearers, but 
thrives on it instead, and so another chemical or antibiotic must be 
manufactured against this new generation.

And so it goes, until there is hardly anything that can be used against 
these adaptable organisms that is not also dangerous to the cells of man.

Dangerous pesticides and herbicides have also become extremely widespread: 
winds spread the chemicals to our shores as does wave; and even traffic from 
country to country by car, ship, plane, and feet which all spread these 
deadly man-made chemicals.

There is little water, whether city conditioned, or farm well-water, stream, 
ocean, or lake, that does not contain these dangerous substances, just as 
there is little produce that reaches our markets that does not contain them. 
Nor are the snows and ices safe. Dangerous herbicides and pesticides can 
even be found in the arctic and antarctica, carried by wind and wave. Whole 
eco-systems and their many varied life-forms are dying by the tens of 
thousands from our poisonous incursions.

Harold Buttram, M.D. (Our Toxic World; Who Is Looking After Our Children?) 
reports that "about 70,000 chemicals are now used in commerce, of which 
several hundred have been tested for neurotoxicity, and among these only a 
handful have been tested thoroughly. Children have been estimated to be up 
to 10 times more vulnerable to toxic chemicals than adults."

Generally, these poisons or their dangerous metabolites are accumulated in 
the parts of the cells of the body called "lipids," or fatty parts of our 

Parasites, including infestations of candidiasis, amoebae, mycoplasmas, 
bacteria, viruses, worms, et. al., will not readily leave the body 
(especially intestinal tract) until these pesticides and herbicides are 
driven from the body.

There are many ways to detoxify herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals 
from the body, among which are (1) 3-1/2 to 4 weeks of sweat sauna at 
1400-1800 F, with replacement vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids 
(Church of Scientology); (2) use of body soaks with special preparations, 
including dry scrubbing, et. al. (3) specially prepared herbs and 
homeopathic remedies, and so on.

Primary, however, and according to Lee Cowden, M.D., is to get rid of the 
accumulated organic mercury compounds, which permits removal of herbicides 
and pesticides, which permits removal of parasites.


Getting rid of parasites, including yeast, amoebae, mycoplasmas, bacteria, 
viruses, worms, et. al. may require a number of different treatments over 
more or lesser time periods.

Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman (Guess What Came to Dinner) says, "If you 
think that parasitic diseases happen only to people in Third World 
countries, think again . . . An astounding one out of six people will test 
positive for parasites," -- those are only counting parasites for which 
tests are made.

Lee Cowden, M.D., for example, may recommend ozone colonics, especially the 
kind that can be used in one's own home. An ozone machine (to prepare 
ozonated water) is purchased and used in the home to freshly prepare a 
number of gallons of water, after which, and with the prior layout of a 
colema board and training in the method, one injects the prepared ozonated 
water into the lower colon. Dr. Cowden's rule of thumb is that for each 20 
years of life it requires about 1 week of such treatment, twice daily, along 
with other special dietary factors.

Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D. (Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management) 
describes other effective methods, as does Sherry Rogers, M.D. (Wellness 
Against All Odds), and

Louis J. Marx, M.D. (Healing Dimensions of Herbal Medicine), may provide 
specific herbal formulations for specific as well as general conditions.

Removing undue stress, satisfying individual nutritional requirements, 
detoxifying mercury, pesticides and herbicides, treating candidiasis and 
food allergies, killing undesirable parasites via prescription drugs, herbs 
and other means, and removing the thickened intestinal lining which harbors 
parasites, microorganisms, and worms will surely restore health with the 
vast majority.

5. Necessary Individualized Treatments

There is another level which might be required for optimum health for some 
individuals, and that is specialized individualized treatments. These are 
whatever individualized treatments are necessary for the specific person. 
For example: a person who has diabetes may very well have a type that 
William H. Philpott, M.D. of Choctaw, Oklahama has identified as being 
caused by allergies to certain widely consumed foods. The beta cells in the 
pancreas swell because of the allergy, thus preventing the body from 
receiving necessary insulin. We've known folks who, on talking with Dr. 
Philpott, have tried his allergy recommendations and subsequently have 
become free of insulin shots thereafter.

Whether or not the type of diabetes is from food allergy, any diabetic can 
benefit from chelation therapy, a method of improving blood circulation in 
80% of the peripheral (extremities) circulation. Such improvement in blood 
circulation is always accompanied by improved nutritional support for each 
individual cell, and thus improves ability to heal.

In fact, the use of chelation therapy can very well eliminate the need for 
by-pass surgery, one of those very costly, mostly ineffective standard, 
obsolete, medical practices.

As each individual differs greatly from others both in genetics, past 
nutritional intake, stress, and other important modifiers of our biology, 
only a trained health professional can determine whether or not Level Five 
is necessary, and in most cases, while perhaps not necessary, may be 

Level Four Toward Wellness. and possibly Level 5, are such an important 
steps (especially when combined with levels 1 through 3) there's virtual 
certainty that when properly, implemented every (100%) arthritic will 
achieve wellness. But this doesn't mean that all of the damage to joints and 
other body systems will necessarily be reversed. Special treatments may be 
necessary for damaged, irreversible problems.

Not just those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, not just those suffering 
from rheumatoid disease (the whole 80 of them), but also a large portion of 
any who suffer from many so-called degenerative disease will achieve 

We knowingly include many forms of cancer among the promised wellnesses 
accomplished through the directions described.

You see, we've sort of snuck up on you!

We started by describing simple levels of healing strategies just for 
arthritides, and arrived at a level that will heal almost everything, so 
common are the causes, and so basic are the common physiological conditions.

The Catch

Implementing the above recommendations can be a serious problem. Although 
The Arthritis Trust of America's physician list contains many doctors 
knowledgeable in one or more of the preceding treatment programs, there are 
few, indeed, knowledgeable or trained in all of them.

Finding a biological dentist in your geographical region, as has been 
mentioned, can be a pain in the tail. The Price-Pottenger Nutrition 
Foundation has a listing of biological dentists.

Finding a compatible physician or dentist may take some time, and may also 
require you to search throughout the country, or even out of the country. 
Some procedures can be accomplished only at the risk of the professionals' 
license in some states, and some medical procedures (such as colonics) can 
be best done by yourself, in your own home after proper training. Some, of 
course may be best with your family physician.

Thus it is -- with all the many implementation problems -- that we highly 
recommend that you begin learning. Learning is what The Arthritis Trust of 
America's publications and books are about. When you've studied the variety 
of aspects to getting well, you can decide for yourself how much expenditure 
of time and effort you will make to heal yourself.

Some things you'll do yourself, based on the knowledge we've provided you.

Some treatments will require guidance by a knowing health professional.

Some treatments will require full attendance by a knowledgeable health 

Some treatments can only be found a long way from your home.

Your best bet is still to begin by ordering books and materials from The 
Arthritis Trust of America and elsewhere.

Study, and decide!

Only you can get you well!


1. James Braly, M.D., Dr. Braly's Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution, 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

2. Harold Buttram, M.D., Our Toxic World: Who Is Looking After Our Children? 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

3. William Crook, M.D., The Yeast Connection Handbook, order from The 
Arthritis Trust of America.

4. Anthony di Fabio, Rheumatoid Diseases Cured at Last, 1985 edition, only 
computer print-out available, The Arthritis Trust of America.

5. Ann Louise Gittleman, Guess What Came to Dinner, order from The Arthritis 
Trust of America.

6. Burton Goldberg, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, order from 
The Arthritis Trust of America.

7. Hal Huggins, D.D.S., It's All In Your Head, order from The Arthritis 
Trust of America.

8. Bernard Jensen, D. C., Ph.D., Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

10. Derrick Lonsdale, M.D., Why I Left Orthodox Medicine, order from The 
Arthritis Trust of America.

11. Louis J. Marx, M.D., Healing Dimensions Through Bowel Management, order 
from The Arthritis Trust of America.

12. George Meinig, D.D.S., Root Canal Coverup, order from The Arthritis 
Trust of America.

13. John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. & Morton Walker, D.P.M., The Yeast Syndrome, 
order from The Arthritis Trust of America.

14. Sherry S. Rogers, M.D., Wellness Against All Odds, Pestige Publishing, 
PO Box 3068, 3500 Brewerton Road, Syracuse, NY 13220.

15. Joe Wallach, D.V.M., N.D., Ma Lan, M.D., Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures, 
Double Happiness Publishing Co., PO Box 1222, Bonita, CA 91908.

Detoxification Services

Health Restoration Systems, Inc., Dallas, TX, (972) 480-8909.

Non-Profit Nutrition Information and Archives

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, PO Box 2614, La Mesa, CA 91943-2614; 
(619) 574-7763.

This article is the "Foreward" to the book Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and 
Rheumatoid Disease With Rheumatoid Arthritis by Anthony di Fabio & Gus J. 
Prosch, Jr., M.D

If you wish this 350 page book, please send $10 to The Arthritis Trust of 
Canada, Fourth Floor, 300 March Road, Kanata, Ontario K2K 2E2 or The 
Arthritis Trust of America, 7111A Sweetgum Dr. SW, Fairview, Tn 37062-9384

$10 donation, 350 pages paperback; ISBN 0-9615437-3-6
The Arthritis Trust, 7111 Sweetgum Drive SW, Suite 1, Faiview, Tn 37062-9384

Copyright 1997 All rights reserved


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   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Arthritis recovery By Charles Duvall

From this page:

Arthritis recovery

By Charles Duvall

In October 1994, when I awoke in the morning my right hand was "asleep",
and I could not "wake" it up. This was the beginning of a very painful
year. Within one week, both hands were numb, and becoming increasingly
painful. By Christmas, the pain was so bad at night that I had to get up
every hour and soak my hands in ice water to stop the pain. By then, both
hands were stiff, and I could no longer make a grip with my fists. In March
1995, my ankles began to stiffen, and I began to experience pain when
walking. This stiffness quickly progressed to my feet, knees, hips, elbows,
and shoulders and by summer, I could not get out of bed without help. My
knees would not straighten. I relied on hot showers to "wake-up" my body,
but I became very weak, and unable to work more than several hours in the

In early July, I met with a client from London, and went to dinner at a
fancy local seaside restaurant to discuss a project in Mexico City. I
ordered stuffed eggplant with riccotta and mozzarella, with a cream sauce,
new potatoes, a glass of red wine. I followed this with a flaming dessert
of caramelized bananas with chocolate sauce. We talked for several hours at
our table. After the bill was paid, I pushed my chair back and quickly
realized that my legs would not support my weight. I told everyone that my
legs had "fallen asleep", and to walk on ahead of me. It took ten minutes
before I could stand and walk slowly to the parking lot. I attributed my
problem to sitting for such a long period.

Two weeks later, again I went out to dinner. This time I ordered a pizza
with onions, eggplant, and garlic with double cheese, a bottle of beer,
followed by a large slice of chocolate cake. After dinner, again my legs
would not support me. This second experience was enough for me to finally
make the connection between the food and my condition.

On August 1, I decided to eliminate sugar, dairy, and nightshade vegetables
from my diet. I had been a vegetarian for five years, and frequently ate
nightshades two or three times a day. Immediately, I began to lose weight,
and did not have any more shocking after dinner experiences, although I
continued to lose flexibility.

Finally, in September 1995, I gave in to taking the recommended drugs, as I
was diagnosed with rhumatoid athritis by a rhumatologist. I was prescribed
one of about two hundred possible types of NSAIDS. If these were not strong
enough, there were various stronger levels of drugs ranging form
sulfasulfates to cortizone, and even radiation therapy which could
eventually be available to me should I need more relief in the future. My
control over my condition was to become my choice of how many pills I
required to relieve my condition.

The NSAIDS relieved the pain in my ankles, and I could walk more easily,
but I still continued to loose my overall flexibility, and strength. I
could work about four hours before collapsing on the sofa for the rest of
the day and evening. I got a boost at 6pm when I popped the second pill.
The rhumatologist had explained that the drugs would relieve the pain, but
not prevent my condition from deteriorating further. I was skeptical about
taking drugs in the first place, and suspicious about the connection of
food because of my direct experiences. The literature of the Athritis
Foundation states that there is no scientific evidence of a connection
between diet and athritis, although some people have noticed effects from
eating certain foods.

I decided to take a short vacation at Nags Head before leaving for a two
week project in Mexico City in the end of September. I made a business
phone call to Maine, and an old friend picked up the phone. She mentioned
the Kushi Institute after hearing that I was experimenting with my diet. I
immediated called and signed up for the Way to Health program on October
15, even though I was basicly unfamiliar with macrobiotics. I had to
explore a food related solution out of intuition and desperation.

On October 11, I had an appointment with my rhumatologist. She prescibed
the next level of drugs, sulfasulfates. I should take seven pills every
day. I could eventually experiment with the dosage based on my needs. I
somehow knew I would never fill the subscription.

One week later, at the Kushi Institute, I quickly realized that I was in
the right healing place. The teachers immediately confirmed my suspicion
that my condition was related to my diet. The teachers emphasised the
relationship of lifestyle as a big factor as well. After several days, I
already felt the energy of the delicious balanced macrobiotic meals. I
stopped taking the NSAIDS. I tryed to absorb as much knowledge as possible
in this concentrated week of study, cooking, exercise, and healing. Sharing
experiences with other students and faculty was also a vital part of the
week. I realized that I was beginning a new way of thinking and living, but
I never grasped how powerful and uplifting the process would become, and
how it would begin to transform my daily life.

Slowly, my arthritis began to change. My joints started making cracking
sounds, and become gradually more flexible. I utilized frequent ginger
compresses on my ankles and knees. The swelling eventually subsided almost
completely. Initially, doing hot towel rubs in the morning and evening was
physically difficult, but after three months became easier to perform, and
has been very effective in increasing my vitality and circulation, and well
as increasing flexibility and eliminating pain and stiffness in my
shoulders and knees. Daily Do-In exercises have also added strength and
flexibility, as well as weekly Tai-chi classes. After three months of a
macrobiotic diet, the exercises became more effective than in the beginning.

Recently, I discovered that chewing the food has a direct relationship to
the stiffness in my joints, so I am now more focused on chewing every
mouthful. Learning itself is a process, and takes patience. It was not
possible to prepare every meal perfectly in the beginning, but gradually I
overcame obstacles. Now I am pretty proficient at getting breaksfast
prepared well, with rice, greens, and miso. It took effort and time to
establish a consistant yet flexible process for preparing breaksfast. Now,
I am trying to improve my preparation of dinner.

In February, I turned forty years old. I have been practicing macrobiotics
for four months. I still have good and bad days, but I am moving rapidly
towards healing and balance. Once the arthritis is behind me, I can move on
to a continuous and on-going process of healing, transformation, and
changes in my diet and lifestyle, and in my relationship to other people
and the world, and with myself. I look forward to returning to the Kushi
Institute in Becket to continue to educate myself about macrobiotics and
receive the support of others committed to health and healing.


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Subject: Diabetes is reversible

Hello all, I came across this article and since there has been so much 
discussion about diabetes lately, as well as candida, I thought it would 
make a good posting...........Kerry

Diabetes -- It's Reversible
Both juvenile and adult-onset diabetes can be successfully treated with 
minimal insulin injections once you bring the pancreas, adrenals, and liver 
into balance again using diet and herbs.

      by Daniel Dunphy, P.A. N.D.

      ABOUT 95% of the country’s 15 million diabetes cases are preventable 
and can be treated successfully with diet, nutrition, and herbs. While 
juvenile diabetes can have a genetic factor, adult-onset diabetes, in most 
cases, is produced by a combination of factors such as high stress, faulty 
diet, impaired digestion, and an overworked pancreas. That is why I maintain 
that diabetes is primarily a dietary disease.


      Diabetes mellitus is a degenerative illness involving the pancreas and 
the hormone insulin. Normally, the pancreas releases insulin to regulate the 
level of blood sugar, or glucose, absorbed from meals, and to move it into 
the body’s cells and tissues for nourishment. In people with diabetes, the 
pancreas is unable to fulfill its function and normal glucose blood levels 
cannot be maintained.
      Insulin is a protein comprised of 51 amino acids (protein building 
blocks); its chief role is to enable the body to use glucose as energy. 
About 25% of diabetics requiring insulin receive daily injections of insulin 
derived from pigs or cows; the remaining diabetics can use any of 38 
different types of genetically engineered human-based insulin (called 
“humalin”), also by injection.
      There are two forms of diabetes. In Type I diabetes, also called
insulin-dependent juvenile diabetes (which represents 5%-10% of
diabetes cases), the pancreas is unable to make insulin. Glucose builds up 
in the bloodstream, but cannot be delivered to the body’s cells, which begin 
to “starve.”

      Type II diabetes, also called non-insulin-dependent adult-onset 
diabetes, represents 90%-95% of all cases and develops in middle age. 
Statistics indicate that about 85% of all Type II diabetics are overweight 
when diagnosed. Here the pancreas produces insulin, but the body’s cells do 
not respond to its action and cannot absorb the glucose from food. When the 
glucose levels in the blood continue to rise because the body does not 
respond to insulin, the pancreas releases even more insulin to deal with the 
excess blood sugar. The result is both a state of low blood sugar (in that 
the cells cannot receive energy) and too much insulin (hyperinsulinism).

      Both types of diabetes, if not controlled, can lead to even more 
serious health conditions, such as heart and kidney disease, high blood 
pressure, strokes, nerve damage, cataracts, blindness, coma, and even death.


      At 42, Franklin was a highly athletic man, bicycling up to 50 miles a 
day and maintaining a healthy diet. Suddenly he developed symptoms of 
chronic fatigue and decreased circulation. During my examination of 
Franklin, I learned that he had been following a high energy, high fructose 
diet for his athletic needs, but that this had produced a condition of low 
blood sugar and high insulin, which is only a step away from diabetes.
      The high fructose intake overstimulated his pancreas which produced 
too much insulin. A blood test revealed that Franklin had higher than normal 
levels of Epstein-Barr virus, which is a marker for chronic fatigue 
syndrome. His adrenal glands were exhausted. He had been under a lot of 
stress; his father had recently died, he was having troubles with his 
teenage boys, and an old neck injury produced congestion in the circulation 
of cerebrospinal fluid through his spinal cord.
      At the time, I treated Franklin for chronic fatigue syndrome, using 
intravenous vitamin C and vitamin-mineral injections. I didn’t see Franklin 
again for 6 months. When he came back, his blood sugar levels had climbed 
past 300 (compared to a normal of 70-120); another doctor had started him on 
insulin, and now the insulin wasn’t working.
      Franklin had no family history of diabetes. His was caused mainly by 
stress and dietary factors. In fact, most of adult-onset diabetes is 
attributable to too much refined sugar and carbohydrates in the diet and too 
much stress. Franklin seemed to be a laid-back man, but on the inside, he 
was wrapped pretty tightly and had to exercise vigorously to burn off all 
his energy.

      I suspected an allergy factor in Franklin’s diabetes, and to prove 
this, I studied his bowel ecology. A stool analysis indicated he had a high 
level of the yeast Candida and a one-celled microscopic parasite called 
Blastocys-tis hominus in his intestines. His system was not metabolizing the 
short-chain fatty acids in his foods nor most fibers or proteins. A hair 
analysis told us that Franklin was deficient in chromium and vanadium and 
that he had elevated mercury levels. His blood sugar went as high as 500, 
and he was on 30 units of insulin a day to keep it down around 80.

      I devised a treatment program beginning with the root of a Mexican 
cactus called huereque (pronounced where-AY-kay) This is a cactus that grows 
in the northwestern Mexican desert and it seems to have strong effects on 
lowering blood sugar levels. In the last 9 months, I have prescribed 
heureque to 15 patients who came in insulin-dependent with adult-onset 
diabetes; all 15 are now almost or entirely off insulin. I started Franklin 
on 1200 mg daily, taken as 2 capsules (200 mg each), 3 times daily with 

      Using huereque, Franklin tapered his insulin injections down to 10 
units a day within the first week. By the second week, he was off insulin 
entirely, with blood sugar levels remaining under 110. The only drawback to 
huereque is that after 6 months of steady use, its
ability to control blood sugar starts to wear off as the body seems to
develop a tolerance to it in the same way it does to insulin. It’s important 
to realize that huereque is not a “cure” for diabetes, but is a helpful aid 
in controlling blood sugar if it is used with other nutrients and if you’re 
addressing all the factors that triggered the adult diabetes.

      One option is to use huereque for 3 months, then switch to 
nopal(another cactus which reduces blood sugar) for a month, and return to 
huereque at a lower dose, such as 800 mg in 4 daily divided doses. When you 
give the body a month’s rest from huereque, it works again. Incidentally, 
huereque is remarkably inexpensive; 1000 capsules cost about $15.

      The huereque was only a part of Franklin’s program. I put him on 
vanadyl sulfate (200 mg, 3 times daily), chromium (200 mcg, 3 times daily), 
acidophilus (1 capsule, 3 times daily), and a colon cleanser called Perfect 
7. He also started taking UltraClear™ for cleansing the liver. Twice daily, 
Franklin drank a mixture of UltraClear™ with a heaping teaspoon of spirulina 
(a phytoplankton containing amino acids and chlorophyll), a banana, one 
tablespoon each of flaxseed oil and lecithin granules, and filtered water.

      The liver mediates between the activities of the pancreas, which
releases insulin to lower blood sugar, and the adrenal and thyroid glands 
which elevate the blood sugar. However, if a person’s liver is sluggish, 
stressed out, or toxic (as was Franklin’s), it no longer stores glucose and 
the buffer between the pancreas and adrenals goes out of balance. In effect, 
the adrenal and thyroid glands “tell” the liver to release glucose, and it 

      Then, if the patient eats a great deal of refined carbohydrates (white 
flour products) and simple sugars, this stimulates the pancreas to produce 
more insulin to control the higher blood sugar levels. This gives the person 
a chronically elevated insulin level (or hyperinsulinism), which in turn 
suppresses the normal activities of the adrenals and thyroid. The result is 
that these systems “fight” each other because the liver cannot act as a 
harmonizing organ.

      Franklin’s adrenal glands were stronger than his pancreas, so he
developed diabetes. If his pancreas had been the stronger organ, which
is more common, then he would have fatigue, lowered body temperature, 
reduced enzymatic activity, and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Franklin’s 
original condition was chronic fatigue; this developed into the more complex 
and serious problem of diabetes.

      In Franklin’s case, a series of “insults” earlier in his life weakened 
his body’s ability to maintain balance. He had mononucleosis and abused 
psychedelic drugs when he was young; he was an exercise maniac for years and 
exhausted his adrenal glands; he worried a great deal and was under constant 
emotional stress. These factors weakened his pancreas and adrenal glands.

      With Franklin, I further suspected that the chronic viral infection 
from Epstein-Barr had injured his pancreas. I prescribed a series of 
homeopathic nosodes, specifically from the Epstein-Barr virus as well as 
Staphylococcinum and Streptococci-num, to help his immune system remove any 
adverse taints of these microorganisms.

      In addition, I prescribed Spengler colloids, a therapy originally 
developed in Germany. These included Polysan T (for tuberculosis) and 
Polysan M(for malaria). The Spengler colloid is a broth made of weakened 
bacterial toxins which is rubbed on the patient’s skin and absorbed into the 

      The Spengler colloid works as an antitoxin therapy or nosode for 
various chronic bacterial infections. My thinking here was that Franklin had 
a multiple infection syndrome of which Epstein-Barr was a part. The matrix 
of all these bacterial infections contributed to his chronic fatigue and 
diabetes. He was not strong enough to tolerate the nosode therapy, however, 
until his body was detoxified, stabilized, and strengthened.

      There are two additional therapies I used with Franklin. First, neural 
therapy works on the damage resulting from his neck injury which interferes 
with the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord from the sacrum 
to the head. After using electro-dermal screening to determine which 
substances are needed, I inject homeopathic and probiotic remedies (from 
“friendly” beneficial bacteria) directly into specific acupuncture points. 
When I first treated Franklin, I did this weekly for 3 months.

      Second, Franklin undergoes intravenous chelation therapy to remove 
heavy metals from his system and to generally improve his blood
circulation. He receives vitamins, minerals, and a protein substance
called EDTA in monthly infusions; he’s had 30 chelations thus far.

      After 18 months on this program, Franklin takes a low dose of insulin 
(10 units) only 3-4 times a week. His diabetes is stable. This is a 
maintenance plan and he will have to live with it for a while. None of these 
therapies are miraculous cures, but a patient’s hopeful, committed attitude 
and the desire to get well go a long way.



      Perhaps 5% of all cases of diabetes begin suddenly in childhood. When 
Billy came to me at age 5, he had been diagnosed with acute
juvenile-onset diabetes. His blood sugar level was 700 (compared to a
normal range of 70-120) and already he had been hospitalized a few
times. His health history revealed the causes of his diabetes. When Billy’s 
mother gave birth to him, she had a Candida infection (candidiasis). This 
meant Billy was born with an internal fungal infection. When he drank his 
mother’s breast milk, the candidiasis became seated in his intestines and 

      When he was 6 months old, Billy had a series of ear infections for 
which he received antibiotics over a 4-month period. After that, he 
periodically had allergy symptoms, rashes, nasal congestion, sinus problems, 
and more ear infections. When he was 3, he started having excessive thirst 
and frequent urination, which are often early signs of diabetes.  By the 
time he was 5, Billy was drinking 6-7 glasses of fruit juice every day. He 
craved sugar. The sugar in these juices fed his Candida and made him 
hyperactive and hypoglycemic. The antibiotics supported the Candida, rather 
than helping to remove it. Billy may have had a genetic predisposition to a 
weak pancreas, but by the time he was 5, the combination of these three 
factors—candidiasis, ear infections, and antibiotics—had exhausted his 
pancreas and sent him into a diabetic crisis.

      Billy’s insulin levels were so high (he was taking 30 units daily) 
that he became irritable, developed heart palpitations, and perspired 
heavily. The high insulin levels nearly sent him into a diabetic coma every 
day. His mother was frantic; meanwhile, his doctor was trying his best to 
manage the sugar swings with insulin. Yet, we got Billy completely off his 
insulin in less than 2 weeks.

      Here’s how we did it. We eliminated all fruit, fruit juice, and dairy 
products from Billy’s diet, except for one slice of apple or a cup of 
berries per day. We put him on a diet of proteins, vegetables, and whole 
grains, thereby replacing sugars with complex carbohydrates. We made sure he 
had frequent small meals instead of large ones. This is called an 
insulin-sparing diet.

      Then I put him on vanadyl sulfate (7.5 mg, 2 times daily) and chromium 
(in picolinate form, 200 mcg, 3 times daily). Chromium is a coenzyme that 
enhances the cellular activity of insulin and the enzymatic processes 
necessary for it to function smoothly; chromium is also found in high 
concentrations in the pancreas and is considered a sugar regulator. Vanadyl 
is a form of vanadium, an essential trace element that may have activities 
that mimic insulin. Billy would need to take both these supplements for many 

      Next, I gave Billy a homeopathic remedy for the Candida infection; 
specifically, this was a nosode of Candida itself (Candida 6c, 3 times daily 
for at least 2 months). In addition, I gave him acidophilus and bifidus to 
fortify his intestines with “friendly” bacteria (called probiotics). To 
supplement this, I put Billy on a bowel and liver-cleansing program, using 

      We monitored Billy’s blood sugar levels carefully and very slowly 
reduced his daily insulin. Within 3 days, his intake was 50% reduced, and 
within a week he was taking no insulin. I then instructed his mother not to 
give him any insulin unless his blood sugar went above 200. This happened 
only once in the first 3 months, when Billy had some fruit juice. Three 
months into this program, when Billy was stronger and his diabetes reduced 
and under control, I prescribed a single dose of Diptherinum 200c, a 
homeopathic remedy that was indicated because Billy’s father had suffered 
from diptheria and there was still a taint or energy residue of this illness 
in Billy’s system. This case shows that it is possible to significantly help 
manage and reverse childhood diabetes using herbs and nutrition.

      by Daniel Dunphy, P.A. N.D.

IRISES and HERBS online at;
Come and give us a visit!!
Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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   From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Breast cancer, Dr.Clark Method


Message: 2
   Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 21:44:29 +1000
   From: "kmarshall" <>
Subject: The reason I read Dr.Clark's books

When my aunt had a masectomy, the doctors removed lymph nodes under one arm
and followed up with radium therapy.Fifteen years later, the cancer showed
up in the remaining breast and my aunt passed away soon after. Another aunt
had bowel cancer 25 years ago and was treated with surgery and radium..This
year, the cancer returned.
Soon after Dr. Clark wrote "The Cure For All Cancers" , the wife of one of
my friends had breast cancer which had spread to the bones in her chest.She
use wormwood, cloves and black walnut tincture to kill parasites and then
took various supplements to strenghen her immune system. She is very
healthy now. Another friend had a daughter- in- law who cured her breast
cancer with the three herbs. I was so impressed  I bought "The Cure For All
Cancers " and "The Cure For All Diseases". I look forward to reading Dr.
Clark's latest book "The Cure For Advanced Cancers" because so many
relatives and friends have been affected by cancer.