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Subject: Ira M. Fine: 

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 09:48:39 EDT
Subject: Re: My theories, motivation, and backround


To the many people who indicated they want me to send them health related
information.  I would like to offer you all a perspective on myself.
What started out to be a short explanation of where my health information
comes from has turned into a much longer explanation on some of my theories,
and specific product recommendations, and ethical questions.
As a child, I grew up with many serious health problems.  It never occurred
to me that they were caused by poor nutrition and unsanitary conditions.
Fortunately for me, my wife was knowledgeable about the health benefits of
vitamins, minerals, and herbs.  I saw many chronic health conditions I had
had since childhood completely disappear or improve greatly so as not to be 
a major problem.  This made me a believer in alternative health theories.
My father came to live with us when he was 78 years old.  He had many health
problems such as high blood pressure, bronchitis, emphysemia, asthma,
vertigo, tinnitus, prostate and skin cancer, and many more.  I dedicated my
life to curing his maladies.  Over a period of four years, his health
improved greatly under my direct care.  His  doctor had the attitude that
vitamins and minerals would  not hurt him, so he did not try to stop me, but
my father's attitude was that he believed in the doctor, and his doctors had
to approve of everything I did.  This is when my studying of alternative
health began in earnest.  Except  for my wife, my whole family thought I was
a radical health nut.  However, they could not deny seeing the radical
improvement in my father's health over that six year period.  After my father
died, I went into a deep depression.  He did not die from the cancer, but he
died because his doctor told us he was cured of a bronchial infection, and
the doctor did not need to see him again.  The doctor was wrong.  As a
result, I have adopted a personal crusade to help others where I did not 
help my father enough.

My wife and  I do many hours of health study research each week, and some is
from reading books and corresponding with knowledgeable people whom we know.
Most of mine is on the internet, and I also subscribe to many health related
internet  mailing lists and subscriptions to magazines, most of which are
alternative health in nature.  Much of what I share with those to whom I send 
information on my mailing lists are from some of these mailing lists to which
I subscribe which I copy and paste and then forward.  We are well known at
all of the health food stores within a 40 mile range of where we live in
eastern Pennsylvania.
I  do not accept everything I read or receive as necessarily my being in
agreement with, but I always try to keep an open mind.  I have found that
some things that at first reading may seem to be unbelievable quackery, but
upon closer scrutiny, has shown to be totally very valid.  Hulda Clark's work
with the parasite zapper was one example of that for me personally.  Now I
believe her work and theories to be totally valid, and I whole heartedly
recommend her books and theories to others.  My wife and I have both been on
her program, including buying a zapper, and the results we achieved were
amazing.  The established allopathic medical community nor anyone else has
been able to disprove her theories.
We have also tried Earl Conroy's Thyrodine and ImmunoGuard for my
hypothyroidism, and my wife's weak adrenal problems.  We found that we both
had much more energy and motivation, and improvement in our mental attitudes.
Over the years, we have tried many of those MLM health product schemes, and
we have  found little noticeable improvements.  That is not  to say the
products are not good, or have not shown good results for other people who
have taken them.  It is just that we did not perceive any health
improvements, so we think the hype may have been exagerated for these
particular products.
I believe in the healing power of magnets:  I sleep on a Nikken mattress pad,
and I wear Nikken insoles in my shoes.  I have osteoarthritis and rheumatism.
The magnetic products helped me immensely.  I also drink distilled water
with coral calcium added, and I drink Dr. Drucker's Quest for Health
MicroMinerals.  These two products also have produced fantastic and very
noticeable health improvements for me and my family and friends.   These
products are MLM marketed, and I am a distributor for all of these products.
Is it unethical for me to recommend these products and then suggest you order
them through me??  Yes and no.  Certainly if I provide you with my
distributor numbers, and many of you do order these products using my
distributor number, I will receive a monetary commision from these companies.
Is it wrong for me to benefit  financially from recommending products that
work well and bring relief or solve health problems for others?  I think the
answer  lies in intent and results.  It really is not my intent to make money
from these products, but it is my intent to help others with sharing health
information, and if this information includes sharing products that I
personally believe in with others, I think that is all right.  What is
important is that if you try these products, you are also happy and very
satisfied with them because you have noticed the health benefits and
improvements they claim.  With the exception of Nikken magnetic products,
which I believe are grossly overpriced, any company that I deal with provides
at least a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.  You all are welcome to
order the products directly from the company without using my distributor
number, so that I would not receive any kind of a commision from your
purchase.  What is important is that your health problems are solved or
alleviated.  I am not trying to build a downline on these MLM products.  I
really only became a distributor so that I could purchase it myself at
distributor cost instead of paying the full retail price.
Most of what I do is sharing of found information, and it is up to each
reader to evaluate it and accept or reject whatever he or she may decide. If
I personally recommend either a particular product, or a particular protocol,
or other thing, it is based on my actual experience  with that product or
protocol.  If a particular product works and provides the health benefits
claimed, I do not believe it is unethical to endorse or recommend such
products.  I am not personally receiving any monetary commision or kickback
from those recommendations, unless it is something I am a distributor for,
and you use my distributor number when ordering those products.
Some of what I forward are commercial websites, and their purpose is to
persuade readers to purchase their products.  Often, I have not actually
tried the products these websites are promoting.  Many people who know me
personally have great respect and credibility for my personal
recommendations.  For this reason, unless I state that I am personally
recommending a specific product or treatment, assume that I am not.
Also, I have no degrees or other officially recognized medical credentials.
I  only have a passionate interest in alternative health and nutritional
studies due to trying to find solutions to health problems that I, my family
and friends and other loved ones have had.  It has become an obsession 
I believe in God, and I believe that God wants me to operate a rooming
boarding residency hotel for people who are in transitional situations, and
that God also wants me to help others with health problems based on
nutritional, vitamin, mineral, herbal, and other alternative 

Ira M. Fine