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      1. Arhritis, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Cancer,  Hypothyroid,Insomnia,PMS,Chronic Fatigue
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   Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 21:09:31 +0200
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Subject: Arhritis, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Cancer,  Hypothyroid,Insomnia,PMS,Chronic Fatigue

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Thank you for the welcome!
I'll be happy to tell you where I've come from and where I am now.
Five years ago, I was so wasted from fibromyalgia and arthritis' overall
pain and inadequate sleep that I could no longer hold a thought in my
I remember reading the same page over and over, just trying to get it to

I'll just list the rest that I can remember:

Arthritis, especially hands and hips
Hypothyroid condition
Weak wrist
Frozen Shoulder
Insomnia--neck pain so bad I couldn't lay my head down on the pillow
Poor bladder control
Chronic nasal back drip
Heavy, painful menses
Chronic Fatigue
Three cancerous breast lumpectomies and two courses of radiation
Throat would close off--had to constantly sip water
Bruise really easily
Uterine fibroids
Positive PAP smears
Several pre-cancerous uterine episodes ---and had the affected
cellsfrozen off twice
Massive gas and digestive problems
Itchy skin
Allergies to pollen, animal dander, pollution, fumes, feathers,
Chronic colon problems--6 months of diarrhea; two colonoscopies


Constipation coats the intestines so nutrients are poorly absorbed
andholds ingested foods so long that they turn to poison which is
reabsorbed intothe bloodstream.  I believe that caused the rest of my
problems.  Dr. Paavo Airola ['There is a Cure for Arthritis'] found a
very strong link between constipation and arthritis.  I imagine the same
applies to fibromyalgia, candida--maybe all the 'chronics'.  How about
you?? I'm curious
about the link between constipation and other diseases.  I'd
With a letter from my doctor, I applied for Disability.

Then I met a guy who was fascinated by my predicament because he had had
a life-diminishing body situation, also---and pulled himself out of it
byhis dietary choices.  He read books to me about individuals who had
guided his choices.  He said he thought  I could gain paradise health by
gradually shifting to just raw fruits and starchless vegetables, and
that he would do the diet with me.

At the same time as Richard was going--"Raw!  Raw! Raw!", an Ayurvedic
practitioner was soothingly reading my pulses, and telling me that my
constitution wasn't hardy enough to eat raw foods--that I needed cooked
food, warmth and sweetness in my life!  Which would YOU have been

Richard, of course!  He'd actually HEALed on what he
wasoffering---NObody else was offering anything but temporary relief.

So I added raw fruits and vegetables to what I was already eating---and
had a massive gas attack!  But I held to it, drinking up to a gallon of
peppermint tea with maple syrup a day, which did help a lot.  Then,
about two and ahalf months after starting, my elimination kicked in, the
gas passed, [chortle] and my body had made the switch.  What I did was
to gradually add more organic, non-starchy vegetables, green, leafy
salads and fruits tomy diet, and ONE BY ONE, eliminate hard-to-digest
and clogging-up  typefoods to which I was accustomed such as all salt,
grains, dairy products, meat, fish, tofu.

All these foods clog up your system, back up into your circulation and
create problems with all the systems of your body.  This switch was
completed over several months.  For the past four and a halfyears, I
have eaten organic fruits and vegetables and NOTHING ELSE. It was 80%
rawthe first few years; for the past three months and going strong, it's
beenall raw.

Wouldn't recommend doing it faster than feels right!  I'd tried all raw
out briefly nowand then, earlier, but for me, it took until now to feel
physically, with all raw.

I'm weighing in a little light these days, but when my body is cleared
of everything it wants to unload, I am confident that I will be at
whatever is my optimumweight.

I know that it sounds very radical to have no concentrated protein
orstarch in my diet, but these foods are difficult to digest, are
will bring your health down if you don't have a strong enough
digestivefire to break them down.   When your health is compromised, you
need to getback to the basics concerning food choices: fresh fruits and
starchless vegetables.

[They also provide the richest nutrition in all other areas as well.  So
you don't need as much as is usually recommended.] I've come to accept
from many knowledgeable sources that cooking proteins and starches
renders them nearly impossible to digest--that they sitfermenting and
rotting because they can't be moved out quickly enough.

Recently, I added flax seed oil to my daily salad for the essential
fatty acids.  I added flax seed, soaked overnight, to further improve


I might mention that over the years, I had been advised by an
herbalistto use several teas; by an acupuncturist, several tinctures,
homeopathicremedies and ointments; by a Chinese Medicine practitioner,
chicken, Chinese medicines and teas; by M.D.s, an armload of vitamin and
mineralsupplements. .Seeing no dent in my ill health, I dumped all forms
of supplements when I began to include fruits and vegetables and to
eliminate cooked starchesand the last vestiges of animal proteins from
my diet.'
My health has made quantum leaps for the better!  I'm climbing
mountains; can do hefty physical work; dance vigorously several times a
week.  My
concentration is much improved, though 'mind fog' perhaps will be the
last vestige of fibromyalgia to go.

A daily salad rich in dark greens such as dinosaur (or  'black') kale,
sprouts, spinach, arugula, boy choy--with freshly made avocado/lemon
juice/scallion/garlic dressing is what I added to my diet which made the
most difference of all.  I also juice vegetables, orange juice and
daily.  Twice or three times a day, I use reverse-osmosis water that I
purify furtherin the sun to make a quart of lemonade made with juice of
organic lemon and 1 T. organic raw honey.

I bone-deep believed that these changes would pull me through!  Surely
my mindset is powerfully working for me.  It certainly kept me going
through days when I needed the boost of a home colonic or during an
arthriticflare up.  Reports from others on this path offer reassurance
that flare upsare a sign of healing.  Healing looks like the disease,
only for a brieferperiod of time.  If you are eating harmful things or
are burdening yourself with stress, it may be disease.  If nothing
harmful is going in, most likely, it is a flare up that will quickly

As far as I'm concerned, THIS IS THE CURE FOR FIBROMYALGIA!  I have
nothing to sell or gain.  I'm sharing this because I want to offer what
has alreadybeen a miracle in my life.  I'd be glad to share information
sources--books, menus, my personal recipes,  etc., if this approach
appeals to anyone.

This way of life was a joint (pun intended!) effort with my friend,
Richard.  Having a juicing buddy with whom I prepared meals and bought
in bulk wasimmeasurably supportive.

 But what it really comes down to is doing it for your own life, in awe
ofhaving a body this time around.

We're in this together.  Have heart!  I believe you too can heal!