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you do so at your own risk."

The results reported on CureZone WILL NOT occur in all individuals.
There is NO way that results reported WILL occur in all individuals.
Don't be naive!
All humans are not identical!
What cures one person, may kill another.

What one considers good health, another calls illness.

Self-help requires intelligence, common sense,
and the ability to take responsibility
for your own actions.
This information is provided with the hope
that it may be helpful for those
who choose to take a greater responsibility
for their own health.

Information contained on is suppose to be  educational and general in nature and is not meant to substitute the advice provided by health professional.

Please. always seek help from a health professional
before choosing to following any advice given on

We are just ordinary people sharing what works for us.

"Do not take my word for everything.
 Just listen to what I have to say, use what you can
and discard the rest." ~
Stuart Wilde

No substance, natural or drug, can be guaranteed to work in everyone, nor can they be considered absolutely safe. The reason for this is that everyone is biologically unique. Sleeping pills wake some people up! Rest assured, though, that unlike prescription drugs that kill five times as many people every year than die from auto accidents, the FDA is hard at work looking for someone killed by a supplement or herb.

This page and any other page available on may reflect personal opinions of the author, which are not necessarily shared by the owner of

 Owner of cannot assume any responsibility for opinions expressed in any message, article or book available on

Nothing that you can read on this website should be regarded as medical or health advice. None of the statements on are suppose to be understood as a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health related condition.  If you require medical or other assistance, you should consult a health professional!

If you are not ready or able to take responsibility for your actions,  seek advice from your health practitioner about utilizing this information!  If your health practitioner disagree with your opinion, find one that wants to listen to you!

"A physician is a person that treats a patient
until they die;
until their money is all gone;
or until they are cured by nature."


Sometimes, it is only a physician that can help us!

Sometimes, surgery is the only cure!

Do not forget that history of surgery is older then 10,000 years, and that surgery was practiced by healers in different parts of world.

Owner of cannot assume any responsibility for the message content.
Anyone can post messages on

You have the right to cure yourself!

CureZone team encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research ( and eventually in partnership with a qualified health care professional-  when available. We know that qualified health care professionals are not available everywhere!)

If you suspect you have a disease or health related condition of any kind, and you don't know what you should do, please learn and research .... Learn from more than one source!

If you are unable to learn, or if you are unable to help yourself,  you should contact a qualified health care professional practicing natural and holistic therapies immediately.

This information is for people who are ready to take full responsibility for their health.  If you are not one of those, then this information is for informational purposes only.

You have the right to remain sick!

This information is based on home experience, scientific studies (human, animal, or in vitro), clinical experience, or traditional usage as occasionally cited in some articles.

The results reported WILL NOT occur in all individuals.

We humans are not all identical!

There is NO WAY that results reported WILL occur in all individuals.

None of the statements on this site are an official endorsement of any particular product. 

Products mentioned here are products used by web site editors, and are here because we like those products, not because we are paid to promote them.

"Medical science" has been manipulated by Pharmaceutical industry and is going a very wrong way. It is not acknowledging significance and  importance of:  diet, lifestyle, cleansing, nutrition, body's ability to cure itself, health, herbal medicine, psychotherapy, homeopathy, spirituality ... the main pillars of health and healing.

Nothing on this site should be considered cure for cancer or any other "incurable" diseases.

Cure for cancer and other diseases is inside of you !

Free yourself from Fear, Guilt, Resentment, Excessive Anger, Excessive Jealousy, Toxins, Parasites, bad habits, unnatural foods. poor diet, polluted houses,   ... and your body will cure itself. 

Foods, cleanses and therapies are only to assist your body, your mind and your spirit.

It is your own body, mind and your spirit that have potential to cure cancer and any other "incurable" diseases.  Diets, cleansing, herbs, remedies,... are just a support tools.


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