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My journies through long-term juice fasting... more...

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Part Two; Day 8, or 53...   3 y  

Doing well...
Doing well on Day 8. Feeling better than in previous fast (or Part 1). Going to continue to do two enemas a day until what comes out is cleaner (looks better, smells better...) I am also taking cranberry to help my kidneys deal with the daily toxic release into my body (coffee enemas are doing their job). Also don’t think I’ve mentioned that I drink about for bags worth of chammomile per day. My hunger has not fully subsided, yet. It’s an unfortunate thing to deal with while fasting, especially while at family functions where food is always cooking. Very nearly ruined my fast in the ...   read more

Fast: Part 2, Day 5   3 y  

Part 2, Day 5 or Day 50
Delayed the start to part 2 for a little while longer. More life stuff getting in the way. Started part 2 about 5 days ago and doing well. The last week, prior to starting part 2, I ate a little more liberally (ice cream once and steak... yum) and lo and behold, the problems with my arm came back, as well as other aches and pains throughout the body. Just goes to show how sensitive some of us are to cruddy food. While some, like my husband, can just eat whatever and it doesn’t seem to phase them one bit, others get bogged down with the tiniest of impurities. Those are the breaks, right? ...   read more

Took a two week break at Day 45   3 y  

45 Days, two week break, back on for another 45 days and cancer...
Where to start? I took an unplanned two week break at day 45 and will begin my fast again tomorrow. Got back from a great camp out two days ago and am looking forward to the next leg of my journey, another 45 days. I also had a complete blood work up on the 43rd day. My cholesterol was fabulous, not that it was bad before, but now it’s better than perfect. My hormone levels improved and also declined. Estradiol was normal, for once. It has been low for years and years. But my testosterone was through the roof high. :( Growth hormone, vitamin D and thyroid were also very low. I supplemen ...   read more

Day 42   3 y  

Detox, Food, Celebration and Just Say NO to Pickle Juice...
Major detox yesterday. It seemed every bit of my body was focused on healing ”something” and I was out for the count. I really felt awful and am so glad it only lasted one day. I slept like a rock last night, not moving once from the position I fell asleep in. It’s getting harder and harder to stay focused on the goals of this fast. I want to eat, pure and simple. It’s 4th of July weekend, everyone is celebrating with activities and food, and I’m obstaining... (sigh) I also worry that I’m not losing much weight. I caved in and weighed myself a few days ago. The scale gave me three di ...   read more

Day 37 and the Pickle Juice Experiment...   3 y  

Yep, you heard me right!
Two days ago I decided to take in a tablespoon of pickle juice. I can’t give you the exact reason why except that it had been a very rough day, my veggie juice wasn’t mentally satisfactory and for some weird reason the pickle juice looked GOOD. Sooo... I opened up the new extra large jar and drank a tablespoon of it. Then, I had a little more... and a little more... by the time I’d finished my near alcoholic binge I’d probably ingested about 1 cup of pickle juice. I know, gross, right? Heck no, this stuff was amazing! I hadn’t had any type of TASTE in over 30 days! Then it hit me... ...   read more

Day 30!   3 y  

30 days of juice fasting and more to come...
Made it to day 30, hurray! It’s been a good couple of days. Lots of energy. Plenty of sleep. Positive attitude. Skin is looking beautiful. Breath is starting to sweeten up a bit. My body feels lighter, more agile, and younger. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. I have no desire to eat or end this fast anytime soon so until one of those changes... Onward! Best of health to those reading!   visit the page

Day 26 (right?)   3 y  

Life, progress, and a little TMI...
Doing well today despite minor mental breakdown 2 days ago. External circumstances, yet another death (an old friend of mine), and the start of a woman’s monthly ”visitor”. Major headache progressed into a migraine and I was out of service for an entire day. Fun times... But, I’m doing very well now. Had a good elimination this morning. Can’t believe what is still hanging around inside the body after 26 days of no food intake, including a liver flush at the beginning and daily enemas... Drinking a juice that seems to be giving me quite the energy kick. It’s kale, apple, celery, cucum ...   read more

Day 22   3 y  

Wow... Time is just flying along! Some days it feels as if I’ve been fasting forever and it will never end, most days time isn’t even a thought. Kidney detox seems to be on it’s way out. First the UTI, then some dull kidney pain and now I seem to be on the mend. Don’t worry, no fevers, nothing worth running to a doctor for. Alergy season has kicked in full blast. We moved to a new town this year and there’s quite the alph-alpha crop here and my entirely family seems to be reacting to it. My girls and I seem to be dealing with mild allergies, while my son and husband are getting the b ...   read more

Day 18   3 y  

Detox, coffee enemas, etc...
Well, I’m still going and still experiencing short detoxes here and there. Yesterday was rough. I was tired, achey and generally in a yucky mood. The last two days, I’ve been dealing with some sort of kidney detox probably due to my excessive watermelon drinking as of late. I’ve never experienced anything like it before, but I have had some very painful urination. Today it seems to be tapering down a bit, though. Hoping this little detox is on it’s way out, as tomorrow I have a funeral to attend. I’ve been doing more coffee enemas with this fast because my body is in worse shape than ev ...   read more

Day 15   3 y  

Fasting in Crisis
Almost forgot what day it was... The weekend was good, healthwise. Good energy levels, got a lot done. Good eliminations. Cold is gone. Skin is looking great and my face is losing that ”muddy” look. My face, arms, back and legs are thinning out, as well as my stomach. My eyes are very clear and bright and the mental clarity is great. Had a few stresses over the weekend and was so glad I was fasting to better handle them. My aunt passed away on Friday. She had cancer which spread to her spine. She was undergoing radiation and then chemo and wound up having a heart attack during one of ...   read more

Day 12   3 y  

Day 12... Moving along...
The last two days were good. I had reasonable energy levels, but still less than I’ve experienced in previous fasts. Last night I drank some lax tea and had an interesting flush this morning, but again, a rough night of sleep. Won’t be doing lax tea again for a while... Today I’m in a bit of a negative mood. External issues, most likely, but I’m still motivated to keep going. Of course, I’m losing weight but will not be weighing myself until the fast is over and my body will tell me when that is. 90 days is just a goal date, but I suspect it’ll be later than that... Skin is great, ...   read more

Day Nine   3 y  

Good days, weird nights and colds...
Yesterday morning started off great. Coffee enema (not great) went fine. It was actually a very calming experience, if you can believe that. Retention was easy, where as with other enemas it’s not. The sun was out so I spent most of the day doing yardwork. I expended my energy pretty quickly and had to keep drinking juice to keep going and sure enough, by twilight, I was pretty exhausted. This isn’t typical during my fasts, usually, unless undergoing a detox, energy is great throughout the day. However, I didn’t realize I was catching my children’s cold. I awoke this morning mildly c ...   read more

Day Seven...   3 y  

Still here...
Still here and still fasting. Drank some ”Smooth Move” last night before bed as I typically do every once in a while during a fast. Good elimination around 2-3am. Made for a rough night though. Tired today. Could be from lack of sleep last night, could be that I’m fighting off the cold my kids caught this week or it could be detox. Looking forward to bedtime. Have no desire to stop anytime soon. It is difficult when preparing my family’s meals. Spaghetti last night was killer! The smell was to die for... Smell is always better when fasting. Not a good thing. Yesterday and today ...   read more

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