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by Ren
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I am beginning a journey within to recover the body and soul of the little girl that lost her way many years ago. I want to share this journey with everyone who will listen. I do intend to put my words into booklet form so others may be inspired by my life.… more...

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FIYAH!!!!! On child sex abuse!   14 d  

Starseed Healer is on point!!!!
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Black Santa Muerte...Furgeson protestor saint   21 d  

I thought of black Santa Muerte while watching all the Furgeson coverage. I am believer in peaceful non-violent protest and civil disobedience so I don't know why the black aspect called to me but here it is. Enjoy.
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Money Drawing candle video   26 d  

a nice video by Afrodeity Stone on making candles
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Red Santisima Muerte in my dreams!!!   70 d  

I went to sleep after a shitty shift, fight with my husband and negative thinking and then...Red Santa Muerte appeared in my dream. I have to make that statue happen.
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Healing Altar for Curezone members   73 d  

Prayer and Healing Altar
I am building a healing altar and taking requests, names on my healing altar. Let us pray together, align ourselves with Spirit, with God/Goddess/Buddha whatever...for our needs,wants and issues. Message me.   visit the page

Santisima Muerte...When She Wants to be Midwife   3 mon  

10th of July... I LEVITATED and soul journeyed back to the beginning of my soul existence. HARSH and HARDCORE...not for everyone.
So it was 10th of July when I sat down to a meditation ritual and I was on the waning end of my ”getting to know you” phase with Santa Muerte to see if she was appropriate to work with. I’ve not had it in me to sit down and record my experience. I can only say there have been two times I have levitated. Not far. Not like Peter Pan...just maybe an inch or so. This rebirthing literally felt as if I was being pulled through a vagina. I felt like a baby and I remember feeling skeleton fingers and thinking to myself this is Holy Death rebirthing me and it was NOT pretty. A psychic later told ...   read more

Cosmic Sexy Time...   3 mon  

Cosmic sex and love...this sistren is being 100% real NSFW
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Summer Fun video update   3 mon  

I made an impromptu video update! Still studying the Greystone Path though I am deeply focused on healing the little girl within and using a diverse approach. Okay eclectic...
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Lammas   4 mon  

What are you doing today? County fairs and I'm weeding the garden and spreading mulch! Lore and Rituals by Selena Fox IMG 7943Lammas, or Lughnassad, occurs in late July and early August. It is marks the middle of Summer and the beginning of the harvest. It is the first of three harvest festivals and is usually associated with ripening grain. It heralds the coming of Autumn. The Goddess manifests as Demeter, Ceres, Corn Mother, and other agricultural Goddesses. The God manifests as Lugh, John Barleycorn, and vegetation Gods. Colors are Golden Yellow, Orange, Green, and Light Brown. It is a festival ...   read more

Heal Your Ancestral Lines   5 mon  

embracing folk catholicism and earth based spirituality to heal my ancestral lines...this video is nice short explanation
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Season of the Seeker... learn wicca with me   5 mon  

Hurry up! I think you have less than 24hrs to apply. Let's take this together. If you don't get it, I will be sharing my journey here.
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Ramtha exposed!   5 mon  

whoa this is big time! The leader of a New Age consciousness and enlightenment school, who channels the voice of a 35,000-year-old Lemurian warrior when speaking to her followers, is suing two former students after they posted a drunken rant by her saying Jews have enough money to “have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now,” and Mexicans breed “like rabbits,” among other slurs. JZ Knight, a 65-year-old former rodeo queen and cable TV saleswoma ...   read more

Lucky Mojo radio show   5 mon  

getting a free psychic reading and hoodoo consultation I am going to try and get in and ask a career related question.   visit the page

Hoodoo Rootwork Radio Hour   5 mon  

Listening to this show now...I am going to call in next weekend I am off.
Find Additional Spirituality Podcasts with Lucky Mojo Curio Company on BlogTalkRadio with   visit the page

Your Twin Flame/Soul Mate   5 mon  

awesome video I watch it all then went to take my nap and had a really hawt dream...NSFW if only the love life could be that good :D Learned a lot on re-connecting with my husband.
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Death as Teacher (video)   5 mon  

another interesting video on the Bony Lady
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Blue Cliff Monastery People of Color Retreat   6 mon  

Q&A from BCM people of color to all but "poc" encouraged to come and practice and learn about engaged buddhism
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Hungarian Glad Woman   6 mon  

Hungarian Glad Woman...Blessed Virgin Mary Boldogasszony’s themes are winter, love, romance, relationships, devotion, purity and fertility. Her symbol is milk. This Hungarian mother and guardian Goddess watches diligently over Her children, wanting only the best for them, as any mother would. Her sacred beverage, milk, is also considered a suitable libation when asking for this Goddess’s blessing.   read more

Rodina...Mother Goddess of the East   7 mon  

The origins of Mother Russia! Mokoš (Old Russian Мокошь) is a Slavic goddess mentioned in the Primary Chronicle, protector of women’s work and women’s destiny.[1] She watches over spinning and weaving, shearing of sheep, and protects women in child birth. Mokosh is the handmaiden of Mat Zemlya. As the only female God of note to be worshipped by the Slavs, Mokos assumed a broad range of divine roles. She was first and foremost a symbol of the earth’s fertility. Dur ...   read more

Honey Jar spell   7 mon  

Did my lucky mojo honey jar spell today...stop gossip and backbiting. Can't take it at work anymore LOL The Honey Jar Spell is one of the oldest forms of bottle spell in the world. There are so many variations that i call it a ”spell family.” Most of them consist of a jar or box of liquid or solid sweetener into which you place the personal concerns of the person you want to influence, along with spiritually powerful magical herbs, wrapped in a name-paper or petition packet, and then burning a candle on top of the jar after dressing it with an appropriate conjure oil. This form of hoodoo spell casting is employed when you want to set up a powerfu ...   read more

Nominating someone for sainthood   7 mon  

Thinking about saints for our age...
Q. 1. How does one become a Saint? A. 1. Contrary to the common belief that there are 3 steps to becoming a Saint, the Catholic Church teaches that there are 4 steps the becoming a Saint. Many teachers of this matter omit the first step. Before a person can be considered for sainthood, he/she must have been dead for at least 5 years. (Pope John Paul II waived this requirement in Mother Teresa’s case.) First Step: When the subject arises that a person should be considered for Sainthood, a Bishop is placed in charge of the initial investigation of the person’s life. If it is determi ...   read more

Jesus' Malverde youtube in english   7 mon  

south of the border detour on my spiritual journey
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Jesus' Malverde   7 mon  

Mexican "Robin Hood" folk saint... Most Malverde devotees are from the underclass of Sinaloa and northern Mexico In the mustachioed saint they see a supernatural version of themselves. Alms collected at the Jesús Malverde Chapel in Culiacan are often used to purchase wheelchairs and crutches for the handicapped, as well as for caskets for those who can’t afford them and even free breakfasts for hungry local children.” The majority of petitions to Malverde concern health, money, family problems, unrequited love, employment, educational c ...   read more

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