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Boutenko Lecture: Raw

Itneresting lecture notes from a lecture given by Victoria Boutenko, a raw foodist who has healed her failing health and become an expert in the raw food movement in doing so.

Date:   5/21/2005 8:46:39 AM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 3697 times

Notes from a Boutenkos lecture held in in Vancouver by anonymous note taker.

First are the notes, then there are "7 mistakes made by raw foodists", and last is Victorias "ode to green smoothies".
Raw Presentation
I'm glad that I got to go to one of Victoria's (there were two) presentations. I like best that she now does not recommend juicing. I like next best her #7 Common mistake. She says we should rely less on "authorities" and more on our own body/instincts - what feels right, in terms of raw food.

You know how I've been juicing and how much work & time that takes? I know that it's better to eat the food, but I know I/we wouldn't eat so much greens, so I juice. Victoria no longer recommends it. Aapparently, Ann Wigmore had made notes for another book which wasn't published before she died, and she did not think juicing was optimal either.

Victoria has found that by making green smoothies, she's been able to increase the hydrochloric acid in her stomach to increase the ability to digest greens. This has been after being raw for 11 years, and juicing in addition to the rest of her diet.

Reaching the Plateau
Although they were all feeling better on raw than SAD, she said that she had reached a plateau, wasn't feeling much better, and still couldn't get herself to each much greens. Sergei was having trouble with his teeth - cavities.

Man's Natural/Optimal Diet
She began seeking an answer. "How would you go about to find the ideal diet for human beings?" She concluded that we should study animals that are closest to us genetically.

When they were camping for 2 weeks in Costa Rica, they were able to observe the monkeys (who are closest to us genetically) and she found their ratio of greens to fruit, nuts etc. By the end of their stay, the wild monkeys were accustomed to their human presence and approached Igor who was holding one in each hand, a non-organic banana, and one that was organic. The monkeys peeled the skin & took a bite of the non-org one & threw it down. They ate the org one, skin & all - interesting.

Since our SAD diet has diminished our capacity to digest greens efficiently, especially when we coat them in oil dressing, she wondered how we could change it.

The story then goes waaaaaaay back.

Before they immigrated to the U.S., they had given the children newborn (2 week old) kittens who could instinctively smell whenever they brought home raw fish (which was well packaged & well covered amongst a lot of other things in a bag). The cats would be all over the bag as soon as the family walked in the door. They left the cats when they moved to the U.S.

When they first arrived, they stayed with people who had a cat which was raised on the SAD of scientifically balanced cat food. Victoria's family wanted to show the family their gratitude for hosting them, so one day they brought home raw fish to this cat. The cat had no interest whatsoever - wouldn't eat it. This was quite a surprise to Victoria's family since they had a different experience with the newborn kittens in Russia. They concluded that the cat had lost it's instinct to sense their real food and the ability to digest it.

I think the story continues that Victoria got a grown cat this last August which had to be weaned off cat food, and that she noticed that by increasing raw food gradually to their cat, it could eventually re-establish the ability to digest raw fish.

Ability to Digest Greens
After her own experimenting, she believes that we can also re-establish our ability to digest greens. She now recommends green smoothies. She found that eventhough she is super fast, it would still take her 30 minutes to make juice and clean up after. Smoothies are so much less work, faster, and better for us - way more insoluble fiber to pull out those toxins!

I agree!!!!! and they taste so good & are so fast & easy. No more juicing for me after I use up this last week's supply of juicing stuff.

She first started with what her body could tolerate, two small dino kale leaves, and eventually worked up to more. Now, she sips green juices all day and consumes maybe only 800 - 1000 calories a day and feels better. She still doesn't excercise the way that Igor does, nor does she sleep enough. Her family didn't like the smoothies at first, but not now. Sergei's teeth sensitivity has gone. (I can't remember if the cavities have gone, but I would assume that with all the green, calcium & chlorophyll would re-calcify the cavities).

Anytime, Anywhere
She finds that she can do it anywhere they are travelling by car. Just stop at a mall and find an electrical outlet. Then rinse out the blender when you're done. Couldn't do that with a juicer!

Travel Mix - Instant Soup
When she was travelling overseas, she took a duffle bag of dried (I'm not sure, but also powdered????) veggies and re-constituted it with water. That was basically what they had for about a month (I think that's how long she might have said).
Scientific Study
Now, onto the scientists' findings ! ! Apparently, after the Atkin's diet, the raw food movement is #2. I'm not sure where that info came from. Anyway, there were alarm bells going off (probably in the industries making money from selling us the SAD and products to get us unwell, and then selling products get to relieve our discomforts, diseases) so someone wanted some real data, not stories about the benefits of raw.

Three Cold Conservative Scientists
The University of Missouri eventually contacted Victoria's family to have then go there and have a gamut of tests run. When Victoria asked why they couldn't find subjects closer to home, the scientists said that they could not find anyone in the whole state who was raw. So Victoria & Igor went and had x-rays, scans, blood tests, physical fitness, oxygen efficiency, etc. tests galore run on them by three scientists. Upon first meeting them, Victoria offered them their books and they weren't interested. The scientists just put them aside as if the books didn't rate as valuable information. The scientists were very cold, stern, serious, skeptical.

Remember that both of them had scores of problems before raw - Victoria had heart problems and was supposed to be dead already, and that Igor had also major health issues. Anyway, the scientists found that Victoria has arteries that are super clean - no blockages, and that she is at the optimal level of her age group for many things - remember that she doesn't excercise or sleep enough. Igor, who exercises alot, has the oxygen efficiency of a 19 year old. All their organs were in top condition. Regarding the issue of B12, for which Victoria & Igor's readings were ideal, one scientist asked if they cheated & ate meat, cooked foods. When they answerered no, the scientist then asked if they ate dirt. Victoria, said, what do you mean? The scientist made the movement of spooning dirt into the mouth. Of course Victoria said no to that too.

They are in fantastic shape, according to these scientists. In fact, one scientist whispered to Victoria, that he had a young child with eczema, and whether she thought that raw food would help, and she whispered back, yes. They also asked Victoria if they could still have their books. They then asked if Victoria & Igor could stay another day! At the end, everyone was hugging each other - remember the cold & stiff initial demeanor of these scientist? !

Someone at this last weekend's meeting asked if these research findings could be posted to the rawfamily newsletter & Victoria said that it would take time for someone who understands and can translate/interpret the columns upon columns of scores & numbers of the tests & results, into language that we non-scientists could understand.

"7 common mistakes that occur on raw foods" :

1. Raw fooders do not eat enough greens. Solution: regularly consume energy soup or green smoothie to guarantee the proper amount of greens.

2. People on raw food often consume too many fats. When they try to imitate cooked dishes, they substitute starches with nuts. For example, when making raw cakes, they mimic a wheat crust with a nut mixture. Solution: use nut pulp left over from making nut milks, use more seeds and less nuts, and use more fruit and vegetable pulp from juices in your mixtures, to minimize the consumption of nuts.

3. When people go on raw food, they consider it unimportant for their food to taste good as long as it is healthy. Solution: use the five flavors technique to make food more palatable. Learn to prepare at least a couple of dishes perfectly delicious.

4. Raw fooders commonly try to become too perfect too fast. They don't give their bodies a chance to adjust to such a radical dietary change. Solution: gradually adjust and purify your own individual diet to help you ease into the most healthy diet for you.

5. When people change their diets, they usually decide the other components that make up health are no longer important, such as: sun bathing, exercising, proper rest, fresh air, etc. Solution: practice a well rounded healthy life style.

6. People on the raw food diet often over-indulge in some particular foods and neglect the variety of other fruits and vegetables. For example, freshly squeezed orange juice is very healthy, but in extremely lagre quantities, it can be damaging to tetth and sugar levels. Large ammounts of sprouts, berries, and anything else will inevitably create disharmonies. Solution: eat foods in resonable quantities.

7. The biggest mistake that many make is they listen to the raw food authorities and dont trust the invaluable messages their own bodies communicate.
Solution: keep a diary of your daily food consumption and how it effects your well~being.

"Ode to Green Smoothie"

As the Russian proverb says: New- is something old, that has been long forgotten. This summer I re-discovered green smoothies. What do I mean by green smoothie? Here is one of my favorite recipes: 4 ripe pears, 1 bunch of parsley and 1 big cup of water. Blended well. This smoothie looks very green, but it tastes like fruit. I like green smoothies so much that I bought an extra blender and placed it in my office, so that I could make green smoothies throughout the day. More than half of all the food I've had in last several months have been green smoothies. I have so much more energy and clarity that I have removed green juices from my diet. (Juicing has been something that I've been doing regularly for years.) Green smoothies have numerous benefits for human health.

1. Green smoothies are very nutritious. I believe that the ratio in them is optimal for human consumption: about 60% - ripe organic fruit mixed with about 40% - organic green vegetables.

2. Green smoothies are easy to digest. When blended well, all the valuable nutrients in these fruits and veggies become homogenized, or divided into such small particles that it becomes easy for the body to assimilate these nutrients, the green smoothies literally start to get absorbed in your mouth.

3. Green smoothies, as a posed to juices, are a complete food because they still have fiber.

4. Green smoothies belong to the most palatable dishes for all humans of all ages. With a ratio of fruits to veggies as 60:40 the fruit taste dominates the flavor, yet at the same time the green vegetables balance out the sweetness of the fruit, adding nice zest to it. Green smoothies are simply the best tasting dishes for the majority of adults and children. I always make extra smoothie and offer it to my friends and customers. Some of them eat a standard American diet. They all finished their big cup of green smoothies with complements. They were quite surprised that something so green could taste so nice and sweet.

5. By consuming two or three cups of green smoothies daily you will consume enough of greens for the day to nourish your body, and they will be well assimilated. Many people do not consume enough of greens, even those who stay on a raw food diet. The molecule of chlorophyll has only one atom that makes it different from a molecule of human blood. According to teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, to consume chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion.

6. Green smoothies are easy to make, and quick to clean up after. Many people told me that they do not consume green juices on a regular basis because it is time consuming to prepare green juices and clean the equipment after ' juicing, or to drive to the juice bar.

7. Green smoothies are perfect food for children of all ages, including babies of six or more months old when introducing new food to them after mother's milk. Of course you have to be careful and slowly increase the amount of smoothies to avoid food allergies.

8. When you consume your greens in the form of green smoothies, you can greatly reduce the consumption of oils and salt in your diet.

9. Regular consumption of Green smoothies forms a good habit of eating greens. Several people told me that after a couple of weeks of drinking green smoothies, they started to crave and enjoy eating more greens. Eating enough of green vegetable is often a problem with many people, especially in children.

10. Green smoothies can easily be freshly made at any juice bar, restaurant or health food store for the great convenience of health-oriented customers.
I encourage the readers of this article to start playing with green smoothies, and to discover the many joys and benefits of this wonderful delicious and nutritious addition to the menu.

Here are more ideas for your green creations. Some of my favorite greens to add to green smoothies: parsley, spinach, celery, kale and romaine. My favorite fruits for green smoothies are: pears, peaches, nectarines, bananas, mangoes and apples. Strawberries and raspberries taste superb in green smoothies, when combined with ripe bananas.

Delicious combinations.

Mango-parsley= 2 large mangos, 1 bunch parsley, Water

Strawberry-banana- romaine= 1-cup strawberries ,2 bananas ,1/2 bunch romaine, Water

Pear-kale-mint= 4 ripe pears, 4-5 leaves of kale, 1/2 bunch of mint, Water

Peach-spinach= 6 peaches, 2 handfuls of spinach leaves, Water

Apple-kale-lemon= 4 apples, ˝ lemon juice ,4-5 leaves of kale, Water

Finger banana-spinach= 10 finger-bananas, 2 handfuls of spinach leaves, Water
Mango-weeds= 2 mangos, 1 handful of lambs quarters, stinging nettles, purslane & etc, Water

Kiwi-banana-celery= 4 very ripe kiwis, 1 ripe banana ,3 stalks of celery, Water

Bosc pear-raspberry-kale= 3 Bosc pears, 1 handful of raspberries, 4-5 leaves of kale, Water

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