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The Salt-Vitamin C Theory for CFS

The photos at this site are too horrible for me to contemplate, however, the Salt/C protocol is interesting.

Our theory is that due to the decreased consumption of salt in our daily diets, we have allowed the invasion of parasites into our bodies and those of our pets and livestock.

Date:   3/2/2005 2:46:18 PM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 21652 times

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many emails asking a variety of questions. Often the answers are already contained on the website. Take the time to look at the photographs and read through all the text on all the pages. Sometimes the questions are of a personal nature and are not appropriate to answer. While every person's illness is a personal matter, the solution or cure is not necessarily personal. The goal of the site is to make known and available to other sufferers the experiences and results of some who have tried a different remedy. Both the site and the treatment mentioned are a work in progress. This is and has been a journey, not a destination. The goal is good health. This is the path we have chosen and this is what we have found. But some questions deserve a more detailed response and we hope to do that here. We will update these FAQ's as needed. Again, please take the time to view everything on the site. Perhaps, with a closer reading, your questions will be answered.

Why is the site anonymous?

Who we are as individuals is not relevant. We are not doctors; we don't treat patients; we don't sell anything or receive any compensation. Being flooded with emails or phone calls in our personal lives would benefit no one.

What kind of salt do you use and where can I find it?

We use 1-gram Sodium Chloride USP tablets made by the Consolidated Midland Corporation (CMC). We order these through our local pharmacy. They are not a prescription drug, but not having widespread use are rarely a stock item and need to be special-ordered. The CMC salt pills have an NDC # of 0223-1760-01, which should help your pharmacist locate the exact type. The cost is about $10 US for a bottle of 100 tablets. We usually order a dozen bottles at a time to make it worth the pharmacy's effort. Given the costs of other treatments and the long-term debilitating nature of lyme disease, we think this cost is acceptable.

Can I use sea salt?

Any salt should help your condition, but it takes quite a bit to really get the effects you want. The salt tablets are in a compressed form that can be easily administered. It would take a lot of tablespoons of sea salt to equal the 8 to 12 tablets per day that we recommend. Sea salt, as well as ordinary table salt, also contains other compounds and we think it is the sodium chloride itself which does the trick. Our fear is that some salts contain multiple elements and these additions may compromise the treatment. The added elements could aid the parasites in their survival.

Is this much salt and vitamin C safe?

Salt and vitamin C are both water soluble.This means that as long as you are getting enough water into your system your body will flush out the excess. But for the average sufferer, there will be no excess. Your body will use up whatever you give it or flush it out in your urine. Again, drink plenty of water. We have all heard about the proverbial 8 glasses of water per day. We recommend a full glass of water each time you take the pills. A side effect of the treatment in the dying off of the organisms is diarrhea. But be prepared for the weird sensation caused by the organisms' using any and all paths to escape the salt and vitamin C. You will feel but not see these creatures coming out all over your body.

Can anyone use the salt and vitamin C treatment?

We see no reason not to try the protocol, no matter how old or young. The dosage should be relative to body weight. Therefore, if one was going to put a small child on the treatment, they might want to reach a 4 to 6 gram total on both the salt and C. Remember, drink plenty of water.

How much salt is too much?

In our research we could only find this tidbit of information that might be of some help. In ancient eastern customs, when a man dishonored his family, he committed suicide using his sacred sword. Women were not allowed to touch these swords, so upon their dishonor, they committed suicide by consuming one pound of salt in a day, and were dead by morning. Now, our treatment recommends approximately 8 to 16 grams of salt and vitamin C per day depending on body weight. One pound of salt is equivalent to 453.59 grams; therefore, our recommendation is less than 3% of a pound per day. We do not believe this is a harmful amount. As mentioned on the site, for centuries people consumed approximately 20 grams per day due to the way foods were processed and personal taste. We at lymephotos have tried consuming more salt than we recommend and have had no ill effects, we just feel that the body can only process a certain amount to combat the pathogens and the rest was leaving through the urine. Again, judging from one's body weight we recommend 8 to 16 grams of each per day, divided into smaller dosages throughout the day. Always take the salt and vitamin C together with a full glass of water, maybe every two or three hours.

Why do you believe this works?

Salt has been considered a bactericide for thousands of years. As far as the worms go, have you ever put salt on a slug? The salt sucks the life out of them. We have made their environment intolerable. The vitamin C rejuvenates your body, allowing your cells to rebuild.

How long will I have to take the treatment?

We think it is relative to how long you have had the illness. Bacteria and microfilarial worms reproduce at an astounding rate; therefore, the longer you have had the illness, the longer it will take to get rid of all the organisms. For some, the treatment could take 2 to 3 years.

Can you explain the contradiction on the site regarding the nematomorphs protecting the bacteria, yet also attacking and consuming them?

Just as humans raise and care for their food supplies, such as cattle, they brutally club and feed off the herds.

Why do you not recommend using an antihelminthic such as Ivermectin?

Ivermectin only temporarily reduces larval production; therefore, it does not eliminate the infection. Since it does not cure and because it has some major side effects, we do not recommend this treatment.

Can I add other products such as catsclaw,wormwood,walnut hulls, rife machine, or whatever else sounds feasible?

We feel that it would be a major mistake to add anything else to the treatment. Since in reality, we know so little about these organism and their propensity to survive. We know that the salt and vitamin C treatment kills the parasites. We do not know what possible altering effects other elements added to the treatment may have on the outcome. Salt and Vitamin C occur naturally in nature. It is just lately that our consumption of salt is so low. Salt is considered sacred throughout the Bible. Is this a gift from God? Will salt keep away the evils of the world; are we talking about parasites? We believe that the salt and C treatment is the only thing that truly works against this disease.

A few questions call for direct answers from an individual. We asked one of our contributors to answer these.

How long have you been infected?

I was bitten by a tick in the Spring of 1989, while on a golf course inhabited by deer. The majority of the time, I felt like death warmed over. I hated when people would ask how I was feeling.

How long were you on antibiotics?

I was an antibiotic junkie. For the majority of the time I was sick I was popping some type of antibiotic. I have been forced to do the IV treatment on two occasions. The last time, I did the rocephin IV for 8 weeks, at 4 grams daily. I had been on oral antibiotics almost continuously between the IV courses. It is true we feel better on antibiotics. But it really does not work to rid the body of the disease.

Are you currently symptom-free/in remission from lyme?

I feel good. I am back working full-time. The number count of the organisms is drastically down, so low that the pain is for the most part gone. But I continue the treatment, to make sure I get them all.

What was the weirdest thing that has happened to you since starting the treatment?

I had two really strange experiences. The first was when the microscopic worms started to exit my body through my eardrums. It happened after a shower, on two occasions; one hears a crackling noise. Upon further investigation, it was found that the worms were present on a Q-tip. My second strange event was lying awake one night and feeling a microscopic worm exit through the top of my head. Never break the microscopic worm off, let it come all the way out of your body. Just like earthworms, the worms can regenerate, and the remaining half can regenerate in your body. You want to allow the worms to crawl out and desiccate. The next morning, I had a scab on the top of my head. You will feel the worms crawling out of you, especially on your face since your head is where so many of them like to reside.


Why did we put this on the web?

We have tried on three occasions to get help through the CDC to no avail. The responses were things such as: thanks, we'll forward to a lyme researcher; or, we don't accept contributions or downloads from individuals; or, these pictures are obviously fakes. Whatever these pictures represent, they are not fakes or frauds.

We tried the university routine. A public health researcher put us onto a microbiology chair, who sent us to a CDC parasitologist, who said he wasn't a clinician and suggested a pathologist. We went around in circles. At times we felt that the best bet might be a veterinarian, as animals are susceptible to many parasites. To USA researchers, it seems, only third world countries have human parasitic infections. And that is a major point we are trying to make: Lyme disease goes far beyond bacterial infection and carries with it co-infection by other organisms not killed by antibiotics.

We tried the most noted lyme sites on the web. We were disappointed that most of them seem more concerned with fundraising than disease. And they offer heart-rending stories of suffering and dying people. We don't want to suffer any longer; we don't want this disease to kill us. We want a cure. We want to win!

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