Blog: Codependency: The Curable Addiction
by randigfine

"A Fine Time for Healing" Radio Talk Show

A sanctuary for your emotional wellbeing. Show host and author Randi G. Fine discusses life-skill topics that heal and enhance our life experience. Very informative!

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"A Fine Time for Healing" Radio Talk Show

A sanctuary for your emotional wellbeing. Show host and author Randi G. Fine discusses life-skill topics that heal and enhance our life experience. Very informative!

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A Fine Time for Healing is a Blog Talk Radio podcasted half hour sanctuary for your emotional wellbeing.  Show host and author of My Story of Hope, Love, and Destiny,  Randi G. Fine, discusses life-skill topics that heal and enhance our life experience.  Tune in for informative, inspiring, uplifting, and empowering tips for living your best life.  New show added every two weeks. All shows are taped/archived and can be listened to at your convenience.

April 21, 2011 - Relationship Codependency: The Curable Addiction -

Roughly 100 million Americans suffer the effects of relationship codependency today.  Relationship codependency is often referred to as the "White Knight Syndrome," because those that suffer from it feel compelled to rescue others.  A codependent person has a psychological addiction to painful, frustrating relationships that are more often than not, unbalanced in nature.  It is in essence "Toxic Love."  This show explains the characteristics and feelings associated with this debilitating addiction, explains the root of the disorder, discusses healthy relationship boundaries, explains how this behavior pattern impacts others, and offers a direction for healing.  The purpose of this show is to promote a greater understanding of relationship codependency, and offer hope for a happier, emotionally healthier tomorrow.

April 30, 2011 - Faith and Spirituality: The Foundation for a Fulfilling Life -

An in-depth discussion of the true essences of faith and spirituality, how they relate to generalized religion, and why they are both so important in our lives. This show is informative and inspirational, and will leave the listener with much contemplation.

 May 18, 2011 - Letting Go: Releasing the Pain that Holds You Captive -

An eye-opening examination of why certain painful events in life are so difficult to accept, and why we may block or avoid dealing with our feelings in response to them.  Learn how to move past raw emotional wounds, better cope with life's daily ups and downs, and discover the infinite rewards that await when we free ourselves from these burdens.  This show, offering a positive approach to life's challenges, teaches how to hold the power over pain.

May 31, 2011 - How to Attract What You Want in Life: Gratitude and Abundance -

Who wouldn't want to find the key to living a better life?  It doesn't take money or tremendous effort to accomplish that goal; the truth is that attracting abundance to your life is much simpler than you think.  Discover how easy it is to make the adjustments that will tremendously enhance your life and bring you all that you hope for.   

June 15, 2011 - Parenting: Giving Your Children the Successful Edge in Life -

While raising children, we plant many seeds in them and hope they will grow. It is difficult to know how we are doing as parents and what the end results will be, because these seeds take many years to cultivate.  Every good parent hopes for their children to grow up and be self-sufficient, successful, happy adults.  This show elaborates on ten crucial areas of concentration that will give your children the successful edge in life.

June  30, 2011 -  Truth and Honesty: Living Your Life With Integrity

People have struggled with the concepts of truth, honesty, and integrity since the beginning of time.   We are all looking for the happiness, harmony, and peace of mind that comes from living a virtuous life.  That does not mean that it is easily achieved, but it does give us a focus and something to strive for as we continue to learn about ourselves and the world around us.  This show teaches us how to hold our heads up and live a life of truth, honesty, and integrity in a world where it is not popular to practice those virtues.

July 14, 2011 - A Woman's Journey to Find Hope, Love, and Destiny

This show discusses the journey of healing and discovery that the author/radio show host took in the aftermath of many years of life altering trauma and adversity.  The goal of this show is to inspire you to recognize what is not working in your life, and encourage you to make the changes that allow you to be who you are truly meant to be.

July 28, 2011 - Love Is as Love Does

Think about all the ways you love and receive love in your life.  Do you love others in ways that lift them up, empower them?  Is your love unconditional and is it kind?  Do you allow others to love you?  The goal of this show is to explain what it really means to love someone, and to help you reevaluate the way you love yourself and others.

August 10, 2011 - Dreams: What Are They Trying to Tell You?

Despite the progression of modern science, dreaming remains a mystery.  Throughout history dreams have been known to influence governmental decisions, spark revelations and prophecies, inspire the creativity of artists and musicians, and lead to psychological and scientific discoveries.  Still we wonder why we dream and what our dreams mean.  This show discusses the most commonly known and commonly shared dream themes, and what they mean to you. 

August 25, 2011 - How To Heal a Broken Heart: Life After a Breakup

If you’ve ever been in love, chances are that you have suffered the devastating feelings of at least one relationship break up.  Immediately following the death of love relationship, your heart is shattered.  The pain you feel seems unbearable and permanent.   Age and experience tell us that we will eventually heal, but pain is still pain; it hurts no matter how old or seasoned we are.  Through this show you will learn how to recover from a broken heart and move on to a happy life again. 

September 9, 2011 – Karma: The Cause and Effect of Our Actions

The word Karma is new age, spiritual, and trendy, but do you really know what it means and how it works in your life?  Through this show you will gain an understanding of what your Karma is all about and the vital part reincarnation plays in it.  You will learn how to free yourself from the patterns you may be stuck in and nouriish the ones that help your life flow.

September 22, 2011Life After Death: Where Do We Go From Here?

Death is one of the greatest mysteries of life.  Every religion claims to have the answer to, "What happens after we die?  But all the answers differ.  Is there a definitive answer?  According to doctors and scientists who have studied life after death theories such as near death experiences and reincarnation, there is.  This show presents an enlightening point of view; listen and draw your own conclusion.

October 6, 2011 -  Controlling, Difficult Mothers: Life Without the Guilt Trip

If you are the child of a difficult, controlling mother you know how stressful and guilt provoking it can be.  Adulthood has not made dealing with your mother any easier - she still seems to have an invisible hold on you that you can't seem to free yourself from.  You've grown tired of her controlling ways, but short of erasing her from your life, don't know how to get your power back.  The goal of this show is to help you understand how the problem began, what perpetuated it, and how to take back your life guilt free. 

October 20, 2011 - Domestic Abuse and Violence: From Seduction to Survival

Domestic abuse and violence do not discriminate. Anyone, regardless of gender, physical strength, sexua| orientation, age, income, or ethnic background can become a victim.   This show's primary purpose is to help victims recognize the abuse, understand the danger they're in, and learn how to get help, stay safe, and if desired, how to get out of the relationship.  This show also aims to teach observers how to identify and help domestic abuse/violence victims. 

November 3, 2011 - Menopausal Weight Gain: Understanding Your Changing Shape

Around the time of menopause many women, about 90 percent, begin accumulating unwanted pounds, and an uneven shift in the body’s weight distribution, even though they’ve maintained their eating and exercising habits.  The diet industry would like you to believe that willpower and counting calories will help you to lose weight, but that is not entirely true.  The systemic changes our bodies go through during menopause create an entirely different weight loss problem.  This show explains what is actually happening to your body, why you are gaining weight, and how to take off those unwanted pounds.

Few of us would argue that behavioral differences exist between men and women.  Though we innately think and act differently, relationships between the sexes do not have to be difficult.  Harmonious male/female relationships are more easily achieved when we understand ourselves and accept the natural differences that exist between the sexes.  The goal of this show is to illuminate the male/female tendencies in order to encourage positive current or future relationships in your life.
We are each born with special talents and gifts that we experience as natural abilities.  Other skills have to be worked on and developed.  The same is true with the development of the sixth sense.  With knowledge and insight, those who don't have a natural psychic ability can still develop one.  Not everyone will become a master or a professional, but much can be gained from learning about and developing your sixth sense. The goal of this show is to give you a clear understanding of what your sixth sense is, how to develop it, and how to use it to best benefit your life.
December 12, 2011 - "Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides: Our Faithful Friends"
When we enter the physical world at birth, we bring two or more purposefully chosen spiritual companions to accompany us; our spirit guides and our guardian angels. The terms "spirit guide" and "guardian angel" are often used interchangeably as if they are representative of the same thing. Though they often work in tandem, their missions are different. Through this show you will learn who they are, how they are different, what they do, and how you can connect with them.
Everyone experiences the frustration of memory lapses from time to time. Have you ever walked into a room to get something then totally forgotten what you came for? Have you ever tried to remember the name of a song, book, or movie that you know well but just drew a blank?  Do you forget the names of people you meet right after they tell you? Wouldn't life be much easier if your memory functioned optimally?  This show offers an easy-to-understand overview of how information gets stored in your brain, how it is recalled, and how you can stay mentally sharp and vital at any age.

January 18, 2012 - Interpersonal Attraction: What Draws Us To Other People

The first impression evaluation we make of other people has always been an area of great curiosity.  We are naturally attracted to certain people and repelled by others for reasons that are not often clear to us. Have you ever experienced instantly liking someone you have just met or feeling like you have known them forever? Are there some people you meet that you immediately dislike and want to get away from?Through this show you will learn about the various human attraction theories that have been explored and what has been discovered.

February 2, 2012 - The Power of Human Touch 

Our need to touch and be touched is essential; as necessary to human survival as the need for food, water, and shelter. This subtle, wordless form of communication is the first language we learn. Study after study has shown that touch is beneficial in treating disease, relieving pain, and emotional and physical development. Various kinds of touch therapy are available to enhance your wellbeing.and keep you in optimum health. This show discusses the many aspects of  human touch and  why it is important in your life. You'll learn some very interesting facts.

February 16, 2012 - The Art of Saying No

How many times have you said yes when you really wanted to say no? How many times have you agreed to do something before realizing the enormity of the commitment? Do you say yes just to be nice or polite? Saying yes probably seems like the right thing to do at the time, but it isn’t the right thing to do if you end up regretting it afterwards. This show explores all the hows and whys of saying no; why we find it hard to say it, why we should say it, and how to best say it in a variety of circumstances. Learn how to break the habit of always saying yes

March 1, 2012 - Worry, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

Do you worry about things that you have no control over? How many times have you put yourself through the emotional pain and stress of worrying, only to find that the outcome was not nearly as bad as you thought it would be? When you worry about the future you are forfeiting the present and all it has to offer. Is this really how you want to live your life?Through this show you will learn why you worry, how detrimental worry is to your health, why it's useless to worry, and how to stop doing it.

March 15, 2012 - The Madness Behind Men Who Murder Their Families

How many times will we have to hear the heart-breaking news about men who have murdered their wives or girlfriends, annihilated their kids, and then committed suicide? How can we recognize the signs these monsters give before they senselessly and tragically wipe out their entire families?  What can we do as a society to stop this madness?This show covers the existing theories of why men kill their families and offers tools to help you recognize and ward off these impending tragedies.

March 29, 2012 - Cancer: A Holistic Approach

Cancer is on the rise. The only way we can win the war against it is by empowering ourselves with the knowledge of what is causing the epidemic. Scientific evidence suggests that up to one-third of the 500,000 plus cancer deaths occurring in the US each year are related to nutrition and lifestyle.It is a frightening illness. Most people, even the most resilient of us suddenly feel powerless upon learning that they have cancer.  The purpose of this show is to empower you with knowledge of holistic, alternative options should you or someone you love suddenly be faced with such a diagnosis.

April 19, 2012 - How to Fight Fair and Compromise With Your Partner

Conflict is a normal, healthy part of relationships. People who spend a significant amount of time together are bound to have them. Healthy relationships do not just happen. Two people with two sets of baggage do not magically meld into one happy couple. It takes time and work to grow a relationship. When conflicts occur there are specific techniques that can be used to effectively resolve them. The goal of this show is to help you and your partner strengthen your relationships through the use of  “fair fighting” skills and mutually satisfying compromise.

 May 3, 2012 - How Self-Aware Are You?

If you were asked the question, “Who are you,” how would you respond? Would you state your name and occupation, describe your physical characteristics, and talk about the roles you play, or would you describe the true essence of your being? To be self-aware you must be able to look well beyond the roles you play, the things you do, and your physical attributes. These aspects of yourself are certainly important and necessary, but in relationship to all you are and all you can become, they play a very small role. The goal of this show is to help you find out who you are,what makes you tick, and teach you how to achieve what you truly desire from life.

May 24, 2012 - Seven Truths in My Opinion

In this show I will be discussing seven commonly relatable topics that represent my points of view: learning to laugh at ourselves and life, maintaining the temple we call our body, the purpose of life, the prevalance of goodness in this world, selfless parenting, how to not take things personally, and the purpose of forgiveness.

June 14, 2012 - Life Transitions

Endings are not sudden, nor are beginnings. They come about through the process of transition. Transitions, the uncertain spaces between the beginnings and endings of change, the processes of life, are inevitable. The goal of show is, to help you understand what you are going through, and offers great tips on how do deal with the changes that will inevitably occur in your life..

 July 11, 2012 - What Are Your Personal Truths?

How do you define yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Who or what influences the way you feel about yourself? What are you personal truths? Your truths are different than anyone else’s truths. Your needs are different than anyone else’s needs. The journey into discovering your personal truths is one you must take if you truly want to know yourself—if you do not want to live your life according to the truths of others—if you do not want to live your life by default. The objective of this show is to encourage you to reach beyond your comfort zones to discover your personal truths, and to help you identify the facets of your authentic self to discover what is working and not working in your life.

 August 2, 2012 – Is Our Ability to Emphathize Eroding?

As human beings we just cannot wrap our heads around the stone cold callousness of a perpetrator who can wipe out innocent men, women, and children without guilt or remorse. We ask ourselves what could possibly possess someone to commit such a heinous act. Is it insanity or evil-doing? Who knows? What we do know is that a person who could do that cannot possibly possess a shred of empathy. Prompted by my need to understand how such a thing could happen, and my desire to help you understand, I chose the topic of empathy for this show.

August 22, 2012 – Miracles Happen!

What is a miracle? Is it a religious experience, a supernatural experience, or simply an appreciation of rare occurrences? Do only the faithful have them? Is there a clear line that can be drawn when distinguishing a miracle from other occurrences? This show discusses miracles of all proportions from the profound, indisputable miracles of saints to the everyday miracles that we all experience. Learn how miracles happen to you and why you may not even recognize them when they do.

September 10, 2012 – Addictive Personalities

Those with addictive personalities have characteristics that make them more susceptible to physical or psychological dependencies. These tendencies may or may not develop into full-blown addictions. Knowledge is essential in addiction prevention. This show will teach you how to recognize the tell-tale signs of the addictive personality in yourself and others, and will explain the mindset of someone caught in the web of addiction. . It will educate you about addiction prevention while empowering you with ways to help yourself and those you love.

October 15, 2012 – Are You Living Your Legacy?

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose is here, what you are supposed to add to the world? A better question to ask is, “Am I living the legacy I hope to leave behind?”Each of us will leave a legacy behind after we pass on; that is a given. It doesn’t matter how young or old we are; we never know when our days are up. Would you be proud of the legacy you left behind if you died today? This thought provoking show will help you see yourself as others will see you long after you are gone and help you to define the goals for the legacy you would like to leave.

October 29, 2012 – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Have you ever felt like you were emotionally suc***-punched? You were just going about your business trying to live a good life and be a good person when “Wham,” someone surprise attacked your feelings and your integrity. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are very adept at disguising their true nature. They show a facade that is supportive, charming, praising, and flattering. They are very good at making others feel valued. That is the ploy they use to gain the trust, confidence, and loyalty of their targets. This show gives insight into how the wolves in sheep’s clothing mind works from both psychological and spiritual perspectives. You will gain a clearer understanding of these insidious creatures and get the tools you will need to deal with them should you ever become their prey.

November 15, 2012 - Self-Love and Boundaries Build Healthy Relationships

Are you someone with a generous nature who loves to give to others but often feels taken for granted? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I so giving to others yet I’m always getting stepped on and/or rejected? Why don’t others ever appreciate what I do for them? Why do I always find myself being taken advantage of?” If you have asked yourself these questions you have probably wondered if you are doing something wrong. But how can generosity can ever be wrong? The issue is not so black and white. This show will answer all your questions and help you understand the mechanics of respectful interpersonal relationships.

December 12, 2012 – Depression is More Than Having the Blues

Some studies say that more than twenty-five million Americans suffer from depression each year. When left untreated it can be a deadly disease. Depression is more than just sadness. It is all-encompassing, intense, and unrelenting despondency. It overshadows us with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness. It makes us feel empty and fills us with despair. Depression it is not a weakness of character, it is a disease just as diabetes or arthritis is. Embarrassment or shame often prevents those who need help from getting it. The goal of this show is to educate others in the hopes that those suffering will recognize the signs and get the help they need. The message is that suffering is unnecessary. Depression is a highly treatable disorder; those who have treatment lead perfectly normal lives.

December 31, 2012 – Change Your Life With Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Positive thinkers are not born, they are consciously developed. Over the years we have impressed many thoughts on our brains, some positive some negative, through the use of affirmations. These affirmations consequently create the tone of our lives. We can create undesirable situations for ourselves without the slightest bit of awareness that we are doing so. It is therefore important that we learn how to exercise control over our thoughts. This show explains how to rid yourself of negativity, manifest the positive changes you desire, and make your life the very best it can be.

January 24, 2013 – The Beauty of Imperfection

Striving to obtain perfection in everything or anything we do inevitably leads us to frustration, unhappiness, and lower self-esteem.We are human and therefore fallible. Should we manage to achieve perfection we will find it fleeting. Nothing is perfect and nothing lasts forever. Still many of us live in societies that reward perfection and criticizes imperfection. But much beauty can be found in the flawed, unconventional, and impermanent. This show explains how to accept yourself and the world around you just as they are, and open your eyes to the beauty that exists in the most unusual places.

February 20, 2013 – Dealing With Difficult People: Know-It-Alls

Just hearing the phrase know-it-all probably conjures up images of the faces of people you know who are like this —the kind of people who have poor listening skills and who tend to dominate every conversation—the kind of people who do not want learn anything new about a topic, no matter what the subject matter is, because they believe they already know everything about it. Life is filled with difficult people and that can be a huge source of frustration for those of us who must deal with them. We may never have ideal or satisfying relationships with those who have know-it-all personalities, but the interactions can certainly be managed to the point where they are bearable. This show will help you understand what makes someone with this personality type tick. It will give you the tools you will need to cope with the know-it-alls who come and go throughout your life and the ones who are here to stay. You will also learn the mechanics of proper conversation etiquette so you can avoid ever being labeled as a know-it-all yourself.

March 15, 2013 -How Do I Honor My Father and Mother Who Act Dishonorably?

The commandment “Honor your father and your mother” becomes a huge moral issue for those of us with difficult or abusive parents, one that leaves us feeling guilty and inadequate. Even worse is when others judge us, preach to us, and label us as sinners. Today’s show is about morality but not about religion. It is about finding ways to accept, forgive, and honor our parents when we feel they don’t deserve it, healing from our past wounds, and coming to terms with whatever situation we are left with in life.

April 1, 2013 – Finding Faith Despite a Religious Upbringing

Are you someone who has been raised in a religious family but has failed to find faith and meaning in what you have been taught? If you answered yes to that question you are not alone. Many people describe their experiences with faith this way. There is widespread confusion about the words faith and religion. Some believe these concepts go hand in hand but that is not actually true. They can exist together or apart. In this show I share my personal journey to faith after rebelling against my religious upbringing for many years. I explain why faith is so crucial to our lives and how each of us can define it in a way that fulfills our individual needs.

April 30, 2013 – Narcissistic Personality Disorder: What Is It?

In episode one I’ll be giving a general, clinical overview of what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is for those who don’t understand the difference between healthy narcissism and narcissism that is attached to a personality disorder. I’ll discuss the traits and characteristics of someone who has this disorder. This show will give you the background needed to understand the information presented in the next four shows.

May 1, 2013 – Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Parent/Child Abuse

In part two of this series I’ll begin discussing the many facets of Narcissistic Personality Disorder with a special emphasis on the dynamics of parent/child abuse.

May 2, 2013 – Narcissistic Personality Disorder: The Family Portrait

In episode three of this series I’ll be talking about the narcissistic family portrait, the roles assigned to the children, and the feelings of children who grow up in this abusive environment.

May 3, 2013 – Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Narcissistic Mothers

In episode four I will talk about strategies for dealing with the narcissistic parent and then move onto a discussion about narcissistic mothers.

May 6, 2013 – Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Part Five

In episode five, the final episode of this series I will finish the discussion on narcissitic mothers and then talk about daughters of narcissistic mothers.

May 7, 2013 – Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Answering Your Questions

Today, after having finished a five part series on the topic of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I will be taking your calls and answering your questions.

August 1, 2013 – How to Bring More Happiness Into Your Life

Everyone wants to be happy. But what exactly is happiness and how do we find it? Does it exist within us or is it circumstantial?Should we be happy all the time or is that an unrealistic expectation? Happiness means different things to different people, and one person’s perception of happiness can be very different from someone else’s. Today’s show will give a clearer understanding of the reality of happiness for you as an individual and give you tools for living your happiest life possible.

September 9, 2013 – Child Abuse: When Children Are Used As Pawns In Divorce

Today, for the first time ever, A Fine Time for Healing will feature an expert guest who will bring to light a widespread form of child abuse that for many years has been swept under the proverbial rug. This abuse is called “Parental Alienation.” Today’s guest, Sara Hassman, is a diligent, caring professional with a passion for children’s rights. The organization she founded, Parental Alienation Solutions, focuses on bringing awareness to a specific form of child abuse; the emotional abuse of children of divorce who have been taught to hate or fear their other loving parent. This abuse is devastating to both the child and the alienated parent. The long term effects are serious for the child’s mental health. A notable percentage of these children end up with substance abuse problems, paralyzing self esteem issues, and may even use suicide as a way to escape the years of unbearable pain. The alienated parent ends up in a lose-lose situation, suffering the heartbreaking destruction of the loving parent/child bond. This powerful show will bring knowledge and awareness to the topic of Parental Alienation, and it will offer those who are victimized by it tools for coping, healing, and prevention.

October 17, 2013 – Tough Love

In life we have the opportunity to express our love in a variety of ways. Love is the act of giving of ourselves, lifting others up, and always wanting the best for those we care about. But love is not always beautiful and it is not always easy; it sometimes requires pushing our own needs to the side in order to do what is best for someone else. There are times that having someone’s best interest at heart requires the use of tough love. When used properly tough love is rooted in deep devotion and unconditional love, though it usually does not feel like a loving act to the person on the receiving end of it. That is why using tough love is so hard to do; we never want to hurt the ones we care about and love. But tough love is not used to hurt someone; it is used to help someone who is making destructive choices in their life. The goal of today’s show is to offer a clearer understanding of tough love; what it is, what it is not, when to use it, and how to use it. If you are dealing with someone who concerns you, someone who does not respond to gestures of traditional love, today’s show will help you understand what you need to do. If you are not currently dealing with someone who is in need of tough love, it is important to listen as well. There are times in life when each of us will have to employ its use.

October 23, 2013 – Re-parenting the Wounded Inner Child

Those who have suffered difficult childhoods, lacking in the consistency and safety of love, support, and guidance, generally have lingering issues that have held them back in life. Those who have done healing work are clearly functioning better than those who haven’t, but there is always something lurking below the surface. That “thing” is the wounded inner child. The inner child is a powerful entity, separate from our waking conscious minds, that carries the wounds of past traumas and impacts much of what we say and do as adults. It is a protective device, similar to a defense mechanism, triggered by reminders of these wounded aspects of our selves. We will never be free of our pasts until we face and heal this child within. The goal of today’s show is to help you identify and get to know your inner child, explain why re-parenting is so critical, and suggest ways for you heal the wounded child that has hidden inside of you for so long.

November 13, 2013 – Living a Guilt Free Life

A significant amount of the mistakes we make as individuals will impact others. The degree of the impact will vary. Those of us who are conscientious and compassionate will be sensitive to the feelings of others and remorseful for our words or actions. Saying we are sorry and making due amends are the appropriate actions to take. Once said and done it is time to move forward. That is a healthy response to feeling guilty. On the other hand, guilt becomes unhealthy when those who have done nothing wrong distort a situation in their minds and irrationally believe that they have, or when one assumes more responsibility than is warranted. The goal of today’s show is to help you understand what kinds of guilt are healthy and what kinds are not, and then help you find ways to release yourself from the burdens of feeling guilty over things you have no control of.

December 6, 2013 - Sound Healing Music for Your Body Mind and Soul

Today’s show features fascinating special guest, Jill Mattson; author, artist, musician and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of sound healing. Jill has written four books and produced six CD’s that combine intricate sound healing techniques with her original award winning musical compositions. The CD’s consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient and modern techniques, musical compositions using ancient healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill unveils secrets from ancient cultures as well as the latest findings of the modern scientific community showing the incredible potential and healing capabilities of sound. She draws on her extensive research of modern research and sound healing, and over 20 year study of ancient civilizations and secret societies in her music, lectures, workshops and writings. To learn more about Jill Mattson and receive free sound healing Mp3′s please visit

December 31, 2013 – Proud To Be An Introvert

Have you ever wondered if something was wrong with you because you prefer being alone to being with other people? Do you prefer the company of one person or a few close friends to the company of many? Do social situations overwhelm you and tire you out? Are you a deep thinker who is most comfortable and feel the most emotionally balanced in quiet places? Are you an individualist who finds it hard to fit in with the crowd? Do people call you shy or tell you to just get out of your shell? You may very well be an introvert, and contrary to popular belief that is a very good thing. There is nothing wrong with you; in fact there is a great deal that is right with you. What makes you different is what also makes you especially gifted. Learn what makes you tick and what makes you extraordinarily special. By the end of this show you will understand yourself in a way that will make you feel proud to be you–proud to be an Introvert!

January 7, 2014 – Whether to Forgive or Not Forgive the Narcissistic Abuser

Many recovering victims of narcissistic abuse struggle with the dilemma of whether or not to hold the narcissist accountable for his behavior. We also struggle with whether or not to forgive our abuser. We learn in our recovery that narcissism is a personality disorder, and wonder “Isn’t having a personality disorder the same thing as having a mental illness? And if so, how can we hold a mentally ill person responsible for their actions?” For today’s show I’ll be talking about the true accountability of those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a topic that survivors of NPD find very confusing. One of the things that make it so confusing is that we were programmed to feel sorry for and make excuses for our abuser. We were also conditioned to blame ourselves for the abuse directed at us. We were brainwashed to feel guilty and punish ourselves instead of holding the Narcissist accountable for their actions. After listening to today’s show you will have a clearer picture of the narcissist’s accountability and a better idea of how to move forward in your recovery.

February 5, 2014 - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

According to the National Institute of Mental Health about 1 in 30 adults in the U.S. suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in a given year. Those with PTSD suffer persistent fear, flashbacks, hyper vigilance, and more. Though PTSD is largely recognized in war veterans, many different people who have survived traumatic events, such as rape, abuse, or natural disasters, can be impacted by long-term psychological symptoms too. It is usually triggered by a fearful, helpless, or horrific event that threatens injury to one’s self, or the witnessing of these types of traumatic events that happen to others. My special guest for today’s show is Author Dan L. Hays, a man who has first-hand knowledge of this paralyzing disorder. Dan was diagnosed with chronic and severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from two incidents in his childhood that he only began remembering as an adult. Dan is a very interesting speaker and writer with extensive knowledge on the topic of PTSD. He will be sharing his knowledge with us today and illustrating what the road to healing looks like.

March 26, 2014 – What Is An Empath and Are You One

Have you ever wondered why people who are strangers or people you hardly know open up to you and share their most trusted thoughts? Do you have an instant connection with animals? Are you unable to watch violence, cruelty, or tragedy on television or in the movies because your soul just can’t bear it? Do you have an instant knowing about the character of the people you meet upon first meeting them? Are you highly spiritual and find the physical world and everything in it heavy? Are you often tired and have physical ailments that cannot be medically explained? If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions you may be an “empath.” Today’s show will explain what an empath is, discuss the positive and negative aspects of being one, and give you tips on how to live with this amazing gift you have been given.

June 3, 2014 - How the Physical & Spiritual Worlds Interact, with Medium Kelle Sparta

Special guest, Kelle Sparta, a gifted medium, shaman, psychic, channeler, and healer who has been interacting with souls who have passed ever since she was in her crib, will appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing and take your calls. As a healer, Kelle reads auras and uses her intuitive gifts to help her clients discover the areas they need to focus their work on to accelerate their personal growth. Today Kelle will talk about her gift, share her experiences, and explain how the physical world interacts with the spiritual world. Save the date and tune in live to hear Kelle! It is going to be a fantastic show! For more information about Kelle Sparta, please go to

June 6, 2014 - Changing the Way We Die: The Hospice Movement with Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel

Special guests, Sheila Himmel and Fran Smith, both award winning writers who have written extensively about health care in America for publications such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, New York Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post, appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing to discuss the hospice movement and take your calls. Fran and Sheila demystify the common misconceptions about hospice being a last resort place we go to die, but rather a way to live--the best hope for peaceful dying well and living fully until we do. They present the hospice movement as a philosophy of deeper respect for the spiritual dimensions of life and the transition to whatever comes next. After sharing their feelings about the experiences of losing their fathers in a close period of time, these two friends co-authored the book, Changing the Way We Die: Compassionate End of Life Care and the Hospice Movement. The purpose of their book is "to lift hospice out of the shadows; to explore how its compassionate holistic approach is changing the way Americans dies and how its principles can be integrated in health care broadly, to improve care for everyone." For more information about these special guests and their wonderfully eye opening book, please visit

June 11, 2014 - Akashic Guidance for Spiritual Transformation with Aingeal Rose O'Grady

Special guest Aingeal Rose O'Grady, a healer trained in many modalities will appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing and take your calls. In her healing work, Angeal provides understanding, guidance, and support that far surpass the linear view commonly experienced in the physical world. Today she will discuss her book, A Time of Change: Akashic Guidance for Spiritual Transformation, the first in a series of her “Honest-to-God” books. The Akashic Records is a library in the spiritual realm where recordings of the entire history of life are kept. Within that library is every soul's own book detailing each of the many lifetimes it has experienced as well as its spiritual experiences in the non-physical world. Aingeal, who has been doing Akashic readings for the past 15 years, will be discussing the Akashic Records in greater detail, explaining where the records are located, how they can be accessed, and why each of us may benefit from accessing them. For more information about Aingeal Rose O’Grady and her fascinating book, please visit

June 13, 2014 - Greatest UFO Story Ever Told, with Chad Meek

Special guest Chad Meek, Writer, Director, and EX EC utive Producer of epic UFO thriller,Giant Rock The Movie will be LIVE on a Fine Time for Healing to tell his spellbounding story. Chad is the nephew of reknowned 1950's Ufologist George Van Tassel, who for many years allegedly channelled extraterrestrials at a place in the Mohave Desert know as "Giant Rock." Today Chad will talk about the events he witnessed as a child while living at Giant Rock, including his own childhood UFO abductions.He will explain how as a young boy he knew ahead of time that he was going to have an encounter. He will share the emotional pain he suffered as a result of all his experiences and talk about the psychic powers the abductions left him with. This is story like no other. Be sure to save the date and tune in. To find out more about Chad's movie, please visit http://www.giantrockthemovie

June 17, 2014 - Matthew Douglas Channels Spiritual Advisor Group Called Rainbow Walker

Today's special guest is the very gifted spiritual channeler Matthew Douglas. Matthew has been channeling collective spiritual advisors who call themselves Rainbow Walker since 2003. This group includes Yogi (an ancient master), Joy (an angel who raises the vibration), Zac (Matthew's personal guide), and Seth (his friend Cheryl's personal guide and confirmed to be the same guide who worked with reknowed channeler Jane Roberts in the 1970's)). Matthew lovingly shares Rainbow Walker's perspective on any topic. Today he will appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing channeling his Rainbow Walker advisors. These spiritual advisors will be present, channeled through Matthew, ready with their infinite wisdom to take your calls and answer your questions. Mark your calendar and save the date. This will be a remarkable show to experience. To find out more about Matthew Douglas and the six books he co-wrote, as well as watch Matther channel his advisors, please visit

June 18, 2014 - Emotion Code Healing Therapy with Tim Janakos

Special Guest Tim Janakos, certified Emotion Code practitioner, student of several other healing modalities, and host of his own podcast, From Time Without Beginning, will be on A Fine Time for Healing, calling in LIVE from his home in Japan. Emotion Code Therapy is based on the concept that we all store in our bodies emotional baggage from past emotionally charged events. It is an energy-based therapy used to quickly identify these trapped energies and rapidly release them. Tim will be doing free live call-in energy healing sessions for 3 to 5 callers. Everyone listening LIVE will get an Access clearing and at the end of the show, a group Quantum Touch 2.0 Healing. This is an experience you don't want to miss. Save the date and call-in. For more information on Tim Janakos please go to

June 27, 2014 - The Path to Spiritual Maturity with Dr. Margaret Placentra Johnston

Special guest Margaret Placentra Johnston, OD, author of the award winning book, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind, will be sharing her well-educated perspectives and discussing her book LIVE today on a Fine Time for Healing. Dr. Johnston's "Spiritual Deveopment Theory" is based on the work of fourteen theorists of various centuries, parts of the world, and disciplines. These theorists have all described a universal spiritual path toward improving the collective human experience in our current reality and uniting us all in our common search for a connection with something greater than ourselves. Dr. Johnston offers an eye-opening perspective of spirituality based on conscious choice that looks past the restrictions of organized religion; one that is highly beneficial to each of us personally and to the global world we live in. To learn more about Margaret Placentra Johnston, OD and her book, please visit

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