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Patience and Demand

A Discussion on Co-Creation and the Role Patience and Demand Can Play

Date:   12/6/2005 8:36:30 PM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 2123 times

As many know, I have a strong belief and faith in a person’s ability to create their life as they see fit by choosing that which they want to appear in their life. The energy of thoughts, words and emotions is projected by the individual outward where it is received by the universe which in turn transforms and makes manifest those same thoughts, words and emotions in the daily experiences and life lessons of that person. This is why it is so important for each one of us to monitor what we think, believe, say and how we act.

Although I am a firm believer in this process, I admit that I don’t at this point understand all of its components. This was made clear to me recently from my own experiences and through a conversation I had with a friend. At this time, I have been trying to concentrate my efforts on creating the perfect job for me. I am looking to manifest for myself a job that I will love and receive the utmost satisfaction from. I want the kind of job that you can wake up in the morning and be happy and excited to go to. The kind of job that energizes me and doesn’t wipe me out. Now I know many people will say that job doesn’t exist, but I have the faith to believe it does and the willingness to find out.

However, I have noticed that I have not yet begun to notice any opportunities coming my way. I have put the energy out there and have not yet seen its manifestation in my daily life. So in an attempt to understand what might have gone array, I was talking with a friend of mine and discussing the issue. Based on that conversation I had a revelation of sorts and developed a greater understanding of two key components to the co-creation process, namely: patience and demand.

I will first start with the idea of patience. Unfortunately, so many of us in the world today especially the youngest of generations are used to instant gratification. We want everything yesterday and don’t have even a modicum of patience to wait for it today and forget about waiting as long as tomorrow. Well this type of mentality or mind set can derail the most positive of intentions and the best co-creator out there. This is because one of the greatest obstacles to the belief in your power to create your life is time. Yup. Time. It is the lapse between the intention and the manifestation that can get you every time. Disguised and hiding within that time lag is the old test of faith. So many times when things aren’t manifested according to our timetable, we begin to question the entire process. Within this moment, we make the choice of which belief has greater power: the belief in our ability to create or the belief in utter randomness and chance. The success or failure of that intention or that choice depends directly on which side we fall on.

Based on this premise the most important question would be how to deal with the faith test and gain the patience required. The best approach I have heard so far came from the discussion with my friend and she in turn garnered this advice from a book called: Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn. I haven’t read the book yet but I plan on reading it soon. Anyway, the approach is to concentrate your thoughts on how you will feel and what you will experience once what you have chosen has been manifested in your life. Concentrating only on this aspect of the process allows you to be free of the worries we usually have concerning the how, where and when. These three questions are instant triggers of the faith test. Again it brings us back to the expression I have used before of let go and let God. It’s amazing to me how difficult a lesson this can be to learn.

I know that I had never realized until I started looking at my own behaviors and beliefs how much of a control freak I was being. Along with that goes the realization of how difficult it can be to give up that sense of control even if I am giving it up to God. I mean, seriously, if you’re going to give up control to someone who better than an all powerful force that knows and can do anything. Who better to trust? And yet in a very ironic sense, we all have difficulty in giving up that control and relying on our faith and trust in God. I guess many times we are scared to give up the control and rely on faith and trust as we question whether that faith and trust is truly strong enough. The amazing part to me is that these moments of questioning once resolved within ourselves create a wonderful opportunity to show us the boundless strength of our faith and trust.

So I acknowledge that I am still learning to let go and let God. I know it isn’t one of those lessons you can learn overnight. It is instead a lesson better learned through experience. I believe that this is precisely the lesson the universe is assisting me in learning right now. I had received the following message the other night which I at first did not have a great reaction to and I will explain why after the message. Here it is:

“It has been a little while since you have been willing to receive our messages. Why is this? We are always here for you and ready to assist and guide you. You seek for answers that we can provide. This you can trust completely.

We also know that you have been impatient in believing. This too can block our ability to assist you. Remember that time can be a great deterrent to your belief in us. Unfortunately, everything takes time and usually the amount of time us up to you and not us as you so often believe.

There are many opportunities now ready to be manifested in your life. These opportunities will both amaze and excite you. It will be up to you to decide which of these will bring you the most joy. They will come to you in various ways and will be like mini surprises. You will be shocked and amazed at how they will appear. Remember this so that when it does occur it is confirmation for you of what we have said. There is no searching needed on your part. Allow us to provide for you in a manner that you will gain a greater confidence and trust in what we can do and in what we say.

No. There is no need for you to do any searching. We know this will be difficult to accept, but these opportunities will present themselves to you. So be aware. You only need trust in our ability to provide. That is all that is required of you as you have already demonstrated your willingness to receive that which you have chosen to create in your life. Searching on your own and trying to create these opportunities will only leas to greater frustration on your part and this we do not wish to see so that is why we have said do not bother searching. We only ask that you trust and receive.”

Reading the message as I typed the words within this blog, I can’t believe that I ever had a problem with this message. Here the universe is telling me not to worry that everything is in motion and that all I have to do is trust and receive. You couldn’t make it any simpler than that. Yet it reminds me once again that in order to trust and be open to receiving I have to give up the control and allow the universe to provide. Now sometimes I think that this should be an easy lesson to learn, but what I remind myself and others is that we are dealing with a lot of old beliefs and thought patterns that need to be cleaned out of our subconscious minds and that is a process. A process of repatterning.

While I have just said that is of the utmost importance to have patience when creating your life, there are instances when you may have too much patience. This leads me into the discussion on demand and demanding. Again using myself as an example, I know that a lot of times when I question the timing part of co-creation I usually cough it up to not having enough patience. But my friend helped me realize that interestingly enough part of the problem may be having too much patience. If you put out into the universe that you are always willing to wait, well guess what? You are most likely going to wait. Being patient to a fault can demonstrate a lack of conviction in what you really want. You have to ask yourself how badly you want something if you are willing to wait forever for it. It’s interesting when you think of it this way. It just makes sense. If you are willing to wait ten years for the perfect job or the ideal relationship, how badly do you really want it? Not that bad.

However, if you really want something bad enough and are not willing to accept anything less than you allow yourself to make demands. There is an inherent power in this demand as it demonstrates to the universe that there is no question in your mind that you chose to create and manifest these things in your life. The problem is that most of us are not comfortable with making demands. This is probably a result of our own misguided definition or conception of demand. An online dictionary defines demand as the following: request urgently and forcefully. We can change this slightly to put it into the context of this discussion by saying it is to choose or create with force and urgency. So what could be wrong with that? So when we demand, we are really showing the universe that there is a force and urgency to our creation. It makes perfect sense to me that the universe would respond sooner to the individual who puts this kind of energy out there rather than the person who is willing to wait and wait and wait even more for their desires to be realized.

Now that I have put down these thoughts and words I have realized something really interesting and funny. While trying to create and allow for the manifestation of the perfect job, I have been both impatient and too patient. This could seem like a major contradiction, but I can see clearly now how both applied. I was being impatient with the creation process because I wanted the job opportunity to happen now and I felt it wasn’t. In the same regard, I decided that the problem was that I wasn’t patient enough and I should learn to be patient and wait my turn. Hence, I was putting out there that I could wait for things to manifest in my life and so that is exactly what was created more waiting. What a vicious circle I put myself in. What I could have done and have now decided to do is to turn my impatience into a demand. To put out into the universe that I demand these opportunities to be made manifest in my life. I demand it and will accept nothing less. This puts out there the conviction of my choices.

So I guess this whole message could really be summed up as follows:

If you are going to create your life, demand what you want and then be patient and trust that it has already been made manifest.

It took me a little while to get here, but I guess this is the basic truth of what I am trying to say in this message. Makes sense to me. Hopefully, it makes sense to everyone else.

Here’s to creating wonderful opportunities and experiences!!!

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