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Mike was born in London (UK) to Italian parents and grew up within the Italian community. His background is in music of which he has written many works for orchestra including a musical portraying the real life story of Joan of Arc. He occasionally gives talks about who she really was and what really happened all those years ago to those wishing to expand their minds and free themselves from the fiction told by pop history education.

He continues to right music for pleasure and for his own projects.

Hobbies and recreational activity include flying and being around rugged nature like the Scottish highlands and the Alps, renovating old furniture and property, and you might also find him crooning in a karaoke bar!

He has spent the last 25 years unlearning most of what he was taught at school to replace it with a new and more accurate paradigm, more recently he founded Vitalis News and Vitalis News Radio, an internet radio station with a wide variety of subjects, many taboo, which gives listeners the opportunity to expand their minds and encouraging them to think outside the box.

He currently works as a healer channelling universal energy and as a natural health consultant advising people of the various nontoxic therapies and products available, he specializes in ozone therapy.

He now lives in Vienna, Austria with his beautiful wife Elizabeth and commutes to London almost on a weekly basis “to take care of business interests”.


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