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O2Xygen Therapies: A New Way of Approaching Disease (Energy Publications Alternatives , No Oti
by Ed McCabe [edit]

O2Xygen Therapies: A New Way of Approaching Disease (Energy Publications Alternatives , No Oti
********* 9 Stars!
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Brilliant review of the literature of oxygen therapies exceptionally well put together for the non-scientific and scientific mind. Written on several levels; a must for everyone suffering from cancer, AIDS and heart disease (to name only a few diseases covered)and for every doctor or healthcare practitioner in the world please! Reasoning is joined up and it's easy to see the links to real cures. Read also about pollution, modern agriculture and water treatment and the way it affects us. Everything is referenced.If you care about your health and the planet, read this!

Ed McCabe (Biography)

Mr. Ed McCabe is an investigative journalist and leading international author, speaker, and expert on the subject of oxygen therapies. His ongoing involvement with advanced healing modalities encompasses a span of over 25 years. He holds a degree in Educational Media from the University of Massachusetts, and he became expert on the subject of oxygen therapies since focusing solely upon them as a research journalist during 8 years of intensive study, investigation, experimentation, interviews, and travel.

Although several oxygen therapies have been in use for over 100 years, Mr. McCabe is the only person to date who has undertaken a worldwide investigation and publication of their effectiveness. To do this, he interviewed thousands of patients and hundreds of doctors, and regularly visits many of the major oxygen therapy treatment and research centers worldwide.

Although oxygen therapies are stated by many experts to be highly effective, before Mr. McCabe's published works and his extensive lecturing, these therapies remained mostly unknown to the general public, and the professional organizations promoting them were in danger of floundering. The patents on most of the oxygen therapies had expired years ago, so there had been little interest by the pharmaceutical houses and the media in promoting them, and almost no advertising had been done to let people know of their existence. Ed McCabe has daily spent the last 10 years of his life actively changing this situation in order to lessen the all too common and unnecessary suffering of people with serious diseases. The legion of converts to these therapies grows daily, and the manufacturers and professional organizations surrounding them are now flourishing, in large part because of Mr. McCabe's focusing the public's attention on them.

Mr. McCabe has publications, tapes, and videos which have over 47 distributors in eight countries, including the largest U.S. health book distributors. Now in its 75th printing, his best-selling classic book "Oxygen Therapies" was the first publication in history to detail all known ways of using special forms of oxygen to oxygenate the body. Now millions know that the use of oxygen supplementation and therapies are of prime importance in order to optimize performance, maintain health, and in the treatment of disease.

Mr. McCabe writes a syndicated newspaper and internet column and numerous national magazine articles appearing in "Aids Patient Care," "Health Freedom News," "Health Consciousness," "Explore!," and "New Perspectives" magazines. He has been a very popular guest on over 1,500+ radio and television stations and speaking platforms in the U.S., England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Holland, and New Zealand, including the U.S.'s "Maury Povich" national television talk show on April 21st, 1994, which devoted a whole show to the oxygen therapy work surrounding Mr. McCabe and his associates.

Mr. McCabe is the Executive Director of The Foundation For The Advancement Of Oxygen Therapies, a not for profit public service organization. The Foundation is dedicated to oxygen therapies research, education, and the spreading of the good news about oxygen therapies through the media.

Mr. McCabe is also a recipient of The International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation's prestigious "Special Recognition" and "Distinguished Speaker Awards." 

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