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How to Buy a Water Ionizer
by Life Ionizers [edit]

How to Buy a Water Ionizer
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ISBN: 0984394168
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Water has amazing secrets that science is only beginning to unlock. However, our ignorance has led us to take water for granted--abuse it, pollute it and forget how vital it is. New scientific theories like Dr. Robert Young's New Biology and Quantum Physics are beginning to unravel some of the hidden mysteries of water. In this in-depth guide to alkaline water and water ionizers you'll learn how you body is similar to an alkaline battery, why alkaline water is the single most important thing you can do to better your health, how water ionizers work, and all you ever need to know about buying a water ionizer. This exclusive book will take you on a journey beyond pH, beyond ORP, beyond the confusing literary of features - to discover how Life itself uses alkaline water to transfer energy and information to your cells. Written in a style that turns complex subjects into common sense, this book is ideal for everyone interested in alkalizing their bodies, without all the hype!

Life Ionizers (Biography)


LIFE Ionizer® and Earthtrade Water, Inc. Headquarters is located in beautiful Carlsbad, California, we also have offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Below are some of the members of LIFE’s Pure Essentials® family who are dedicated to be of service to you, the independent small business person and the health-conscious consumer.

Thank you for your interest in LIFE Alkaline Water Ionizers .

We've built our company on the belief that, through the work we do, we can change the world and better your health!

LIFE Ionizer® is an environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible firm with one goal in mind: to serve you by discovering and bringing to market the best health products the world has to offer.

Among our staff, you'll find many highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to serving you and your clients. We’re also equally dedicated to helping your clients achieve optimal health; to you and to them, we raise our glasses and, as one, say CHEERS!

LIFE Ionizer® manufactures what we believe to be one of the finest water ionizers in existence. As the foremost manufacturer-distributors of these products, we are proud to be family-owned and operated, as well as noted for providing the best service at the most honest, fair prices.

Drinking water from LIFE’s water ionizers promotes good health with its superior hydration, mineralization, oxygenation and cellular detoxification. Utilizing a series of internal and external filtration systems, the water is ionized using the finest-quality titanium platinum-coated plates, creating micro-clustered water with the highest anti-oxidant qualities in the industry.

The research engineers and hydrologists at LIFE Ionizer® continuously upgrade and design the most advanced alkaline ionized water systems. LIFE technologies are cutting-edge as the result of our never-ending quest for technological superiority with such exclusive innovations as high-definition circuitry and quadruple levels of amperage delivery. We never stop imagining newer innovations in order to remain ahead of the next technological advancement.

We have been in business for 14 years and we have purchased and tested machines from China, Taiwan and Malaysia and because of the inferior materials, especially the titanium plates and electronics, we do not include them in our reviews.  They are inconsistent in testing and many fail after short use and with extended use there are a myriad of problems.  The two best countries for quality machines are South Korea and Japan.  This is the reason we design our alkaline water ionizers in the USA and have them manufactured in South Korea with some components from Japan.  We feel this provides the highest quality and the best value to our clients.


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