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Are there really 100,000 women in the state of California growing breast tumours as a result of their nickel crowns right now as we are sitting here today? Is that a possibility? And you know what? They paid for that. They paid to have that done

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This is a collection of dental quotes. I don't suggest you rush out and have all your teeth out, but it wants looking at.  We have a dentist here with an EDS machine, who should be able to tell which teeth, root canals, or focal infection is causing any problem. Cavitations seem to be similar to root canals, and are pockets left behind after tooth extrations.


"One of the most important things that you can do for your health"--Dr.Hal Higgins



Dr Pinto thought mercury was a cause of Hodgkin's & Leukemia.



"I don't feel comfortable using a substance designated by the Environmental Protection Agency to be a waste disposal hazard. I can't throw it in the trash, bury it in the ground, or put it in a landfill, but they say it is OK to put it in people's mouths. That doesn't make sense." - Richard. Fischer, D.D.S.


"What is it about the mouth that makes this hazardous waste non-toxic?" - Sandra Denton, M.D.


"If I was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease, I would definitely extract any questionable teeth. The infected tooth you leave in could be the one that is killing the patients." - Harold Ravin, D.D.S


Mercury as a carcinogen

Amalgam here

Mercury is more toxic than arsenic.

Dentists have the highest suicide and divorce rates among professional. Female dental personnel have a higher spontaneous abortion rate, a raised incidence of premature labour, and an elevated perinatal mortality.

Research has demonstrated that 100% of all root canals result in residual infection due to the imperfect seal that allows bacteria to penetrate. The toxins given off by these bacteria are more toxic than mercury. These toxins can cause systemic diseases of the heart, kidney, uterus, and nervous and endocrine systems.


"Electrogalvanism is frequently the cause of lack of concentration and memory, insomnia, psychological problems, tinnitus, vertigo, epilepsy. To name a few."---Edward Arana, D.D.S.



inyour.jpg (16102 bytes)It's All in Your Head

The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness

by Dr. Hal Higgins

This book, exposes the deteriorating state of the public's health and describes the possible effects of mercury toxicity - including Alzheimer's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other auto-immune disorders.




Dr Hal Huggins, D.D.S.

in a lecture to the

Cancer Control Society 1993.

Tape 93F014. Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo St, LA, CA 90027. Ph: 213 663 7801.

Dr Huggins, D.D.S:


"More than 75% of the crowns placed today are nickel, and that is present in braces. Here we call it stainless steel. It is like silver fillings, it doesn't have much silver in it, and you would pay for silver and gold what you wouldn't pay for mercury. So it kind of boils down to a matter of salesmanship, and stainless steel sound pretty prestigious, so they put that in children, and what happens? You see teenage behaviour that may not have been there a few days before the braces were put on.


At the University of Colorado when I was nearly 50 years old I went back to take a degree in immunology because I could see I was affecting the immune system. The first case we studied, we took a woman and put braces on her, and I am kind of sensitive to immunology, I studied it for 4 years, and about 2 weeks after that I only knew about 2% of what was going on in immunology, it is a field that is expanding very rapidly, but a term I hear many people saying is - you know this product it boosts your immune system. How does it do that? What does it do to the T4's and the T 8's?-.when you can study the cells of the immune system with the sophisticated equipment we have, and we can find that in this case I put the braces in. We did all the sophisticated testing, we put the braces in, and then the patients ends up with big bruises on her thigh. How did they get there? Well, a little sloppy dentistry, but these are huge bruises, no trauma involved there. Emotional things, a lot of change. Sleeping patterns, the first thing to change in an immunological challenge? Yes, big changes there. Things begin to look a little uncomfortable by day 3 so we took the conventional blood test, and what did I find? Nothing I could identify at that time, but this was 10 years ago. Today I could identify it, then I couldn't, but things were still getting worse, and that afternoon we did the T subsets over again and what did we find? Immune system shutdown. I mean the T4's were zero, the T8's were zero, T11's were zero. All of these things may not have a lot of meaning, but I can tell you zero is not where they should be. Within a few hours of death. We decided maybe we better take the braces off. The patients was for it, the faculty was for it, I was for it, I mean this was my wife we are talking about so it is not a real scientific case. So we took the braces off and the immune system came back-in 3 moths we were almost half way back where we were 3 days before. It does not recover overnight.


And I have other records on my desk where they did not take the braces off on the fourth day, and the reports show the same changes in the white blood cells, the same changes in the red blood cells, the same changes in the body temperature, everything is identical except when we get to day 4 and the braces were not removed, that was the last date that was entered on the autopsy reports, because these kids died, as they can with what is called the chrome crowns. That is a cutesy little term, chrome crowns, but these kids, I see them in the airport all the time - and I see little kids with tri-focals on, glasses about that thick. When did you have your chrome crown placed? I see people pushing along in a wheelchair. I wonder when did you have your root canal done? Because root canals so far have turned out to be one of the most vile things that I have ever run into, and my life for the last 20 years has been with a lot of vile essense


In California we found a woman who had some nickel crowns placed, she ended up with a specific type of breast tumour and she went through the lumpectomy, she went to the support group afterwards, and she said to me you know my husband was talking to this guy out in Colorado about nickel being carcinogenic.

What does that mean?

That mean it produces cancer.

Do you suppose there is any relationship between my crowns and my breast tumour?

Another woman in the group said - well I went to Dr So and So dentist down the street here.

He put nickel crowns in my mouth and a couple of years later I came down with this same tumour you have got.

She said - that is the same dentist I went to.

And then we found a third woman who had the same crown, the same tumour, the same dentist. Same day we found a fourth woman with the same crown, the same tumour, the same dentist.

Then we found a fifth, then a sixth.

Is this suggestive of the need for further investigation? Or should we cover it up?

Are there really 100,000 women in the state of California growing breast tumours as a result of their nickel crowns right now as we are sitting here today? Is that a possibility? And you know what? They paid for that. They paid to have that done


Now, is there anything in the scientific literature on this?


Dr Moss was mentioning someone talking about 1000's of articles.

Yes, there are 1000's of articles on nickel being a carcinogen.

There are not thousands, but maybe hundreds of articles showing that nickel does something else. After nickel gets the cancer going how do you keep it under control?

You keep it under control with one of the white blood cells called a natural killer cell, the NK cell. What does it do?

It goes out and it kills off the cancer cells. Now all the rest of the immune system has to ask somebody. The B's have to ask the T lymphocytes, and so on, everything is a committee in the immune system, except the NK cells.

There is cancer---bang. They don't ask anybody. These are nice guys to have around. What does nickel do? It suppresses your NK cells. So nickel starts the tumour, then takes away your defences system. Is that nice? No, that is not nice. That is not nice to put on children aged two with their chrome crowns. That is not nice to put in our teenagers, or adults, with braces. It is not nice to use as crowns and bridges just because you save ten bucks. Is it worth ten bucks to go through breast surgery? If you feel that way have it but be informed ---if you want mercury in your mouth, if you want nickel, OK, but how many people in this room have nickel crowns in their mouth?

How many people have nickel crowns put in their mouth when they paid for gold crowns?

It is estimated that 50% of the dentists put in nickel crowns and charge the insurance companies, or charge you for gold. Nickel does not cost the same as gold. Nickel is not as safe as gold.


Root canals

Then we get into the root canal business, and that is the most tragic of all.

Isn't there something you can put in the centre of the canal that is safe?

Yeah, there probably is, but that is not where the problem is. The problem with a root canal is that it is dead. Lets equate that.   Lets say you have got a ruptured appendix, so you go to the phone book, and who do you look up? Lets see, we have a surgeon and a taxidermist, who do you call?

You going to get it bronzed?

That is all we do to a dead tooth. We put a gold crown on it, looks like it has been bronzed. It doesn't really matter what you embalm the dead tooth with, it is still dead, and within that dead tooth we have bacteria, and these bacteria are in the absence of oxygen.

In the absence of oxygen most things die except bacteria. They undergo something called a pleomorphic change------like a mutation .. they learn to live in the absence of oxygen-now produce thioethers, some of the strongest poisons on the planet that are not radioactive.

These get out into the body and you may notice in the medical literature of 1900 they mentioned a few heart attacks, so it wasn't a big deal in 1900, but by 1910 2% of the US population, which is a lot of folks had had heart attacks.

By 1920---10% of the population had had heart attacks, and we are up to about 25% about 10 years ago, and everywhere you go you see joggers running around. Menus in the restaurant have this little heart over it because we are on low cholesterol diets what has it done. It has dropped the 25% down to around 43% .

We are going in the wrong direction and root canals are going up. In 1990 we did 17 million of them. This last year we did 23 million, and the ADA hopes by the year 2000 we reach 30 million a year.


Weston Price knew this back in 1920 - he would take a person who had had a heart attack, take out the tooth with the root canal, take a little segment of it, put it under the skin of a rabbit.

We have done this with guinea pigs, and in about 10 days that rabbit would die of a heart attack. And you could take it out and put it under the skin of another rabbit, and in 10 days he would die of a heart attack--he would do this to 30 rabbits and every one of them in 97% of the cases would die of heart disease.

What if they didn't have heart disease? If they had something else, the rabbit picks up the something else, but all of them that we have tested in this way have ended up with an auto immune disease in the kidney, and if you look at the work of Joseph Issels in Germany  who for 40 years treated terminal cancer cases. He started on them when they had already had their chemo, surgery, radiation, then they came to him.

That is having 3 strikes against you and a fast ball down the tube there before you get up to the plate. He turned around 24% of 16,000 patients over a period of 40 years. What is the first thing he did? Have a dentist take out the root canal teeth.


OK, so I have this shirt tail relative down there about 24 years old, and she has brain cancer, so what do they do? They take out half her brain. Then it comes back so they take out the other half of her brain. Then it comes back a third time, and there is not much left to take out. Now they probably didn't take out half, I may have stretched the point there a bit, but she was still fully functional, but it was right smack full in the middle of the brain.

Three tumours growing, three root canals, and she is pregnant, and it is hard to overcome the stress to the body that pregnancy does, much less trying to overcome cancer, much less trying to overcome the root canals.

So we took out those 3 root canals when she had 3-6 months to live. And that was 6 years ago, and she is still alive today, and MRI can't find the tumour anymore. It went away.


So there are a lot of things, and this is just a tip of this giant chunk of ice under the water that has been making us think we are normal when we have all of these things going on in our body that we caught at the dental is time you were informed.

Don't rush out and have your fillings removed because we get 20 phone calls a day from people who say they rushed out and had there fillings removed and I am in worse shape than I have ever been in the whole of my life. Get yourself educated first."---Dr Hal Huggins, D.D.S. in a lecture to the Cancer Control Society 1993. Tape 93F014. Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo St, LA, CA 90027. Ph: 213 663 7801.

"Nickel is rapidly gaining a reputation for its toxicity, too. Most partial dentures are made of nickel. Approximately 80% of crowns use nickel, even "porcelain" crowns. Braces usually are nickel. Stainless steel is usually nickel alloy. Nickel compounds have been unequivocally implicated as human respiratory carcinogens in epidemiological studies of nickel refinery workers, and there appears a relationship between nickel crowns and breast cancer in women."---Thomas Levy, M.D.


"Nickel is used routinely by national cancer centers to induce cancer in laboratory animals to study can-cer. The nickel alloys they are using are very similar to those we are using in patients' mouths. Dentists are causing a major health problem."--- Dr. David Eggleston


Eggleston first measured several important immune system components, the T-lymphocytes, in the patients' blood. The normal range for T-lymphocytes is considered 70-80% of the lymphocyte population. In one 21-year-old woman with amalgam fillings, the T-lymphocytes comprised 47% of her lymphocyte population. When Eggleston removed her amalgam fillings and replaced them with plastic temporary fillings, the T-lymphocytes rose from 47% to 73%-an increase of 55.3%!

Next Eggleston removed the plastic fillings and reinserted amalgam. The T-lymphocytes fell from 73% to 55% (a decrease of 24.7%).

Finally, Eggleston removed the second set of amalgam fillings and inserted gold inlays. After this procedure, the T-lymphocytes bounced back up to 72% (a rise of 30.9%).

Patient No.3 was a 35-year-old white woman, with symptoms of advanced multiple sclerosis. After nine amalgam fillings were removed, her T-lympho-cyte level rose from 60% to 71%; It is not known what other long-term results may have occurred, although obviously such information would be interesting.

Patient No.2 was a healthy 20-year-old white male. when a composite filling was removed and replaced with a nickel-based crown, his T-lympho-cytes dropped from 63% to 56.7%. They rebounded to 73% when the nickel crown was removed and re-placed with gold.

Although the public is not aware of it, this nickel crown experiment is highly suggestive. Many dental crowns are formed on a nickel base. But nickel is a known carcinogen; industrial studies of worker exposure to nickel dust and alloys show that such expo-sure "will markedly increase the incidence of cancer." ( Quicksilver Associates)


"An abnormal T-lymphocyte percent of lymphocytes or a malfunction of T-lymphocytes can increase the risk of cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune disease." - Dr Eggleston


"Nickel is not nearly as active as mercury, however, it corrodes and is far more carcinogenic. One of the most severe known reactions to nickel toxicity is described by Dr. Eggleston. A patient pre-sented herself to the Long Beach Memorial Hospi-tal with kidney disease. She was diagnosed as having idiopathic glomerulo-nephritis. They called it idiopathic because they did not know what was re-ally the cause of the kidney ailment. After examin-ing the patient, her family physician suggested that she be checked with electro-diagnosis. When this was done it was found that she was highly reactive to nickel. The doctor asked her if she had any den-tal work done within the past seven years. She said that she had three porcelain crowns put in by her dentist. The doctor explained that porcelain crowns have metal jackets (made of a nickel alloy) under-neath the porcelain and suggested that she have these crowns removed immediately. After the removal of the three crowns the patient lost all symptoms of kidney failure. This was one case in a million which was diagnosed properly. Her kidney problem was primarily due to the nickel toxicity. This was poi-soning her system."---John Lubecki, D.C.


"I have been told about a woman who had a breast tumor. Oncologists (cancer specialists) do not like to operate if there are signs of other infection. Her physician asked the woman to have an abscessed tooth taken care of before surgery. Immediately after the dental appointment, while lidocaine was present in her system, the woman had a Thermograpy x-ray that revealed a thin white line extending from her tooth, down her neck, through the tumor in her breast and on down into her stomach. In light of the discovery, her physicians decided not to operate. Four months later the tumor disappeared. That was the first time direct connection to disease following an acupuncture meridian was clinically observed and was an immeasurably important observation for western medicine. Every tooth has a separate acupuncture meridian running though major organs in the body.."---Tom Warren


Dr Huggins:


Dr. Pinto explained that his parents had both been dentists. His father had attended a conference in the 1920s at which a speaker had condemned mercury. The elder Pinto remembered this a while later when he was asked to treat a child dying of leukemia. Her biggest complaint was that her gums hurt. He removed her amalgams qui-etly, and the terminally ill child responded within a few days. "Spontaneous remission!" announced the medical profession. Pinto responded by telling the physician he had removed the amalgams. There was a pecking order at that time, just as there is today, in the health profes-sions. He was academically whiplashed and made to feel inferior and foolish. This was standard procedure. So Pinto quietly replaced an amalgam in the little girl, then told the doctor to watch for a recurrence of the leukemia the next day. There was a recurrence. He removed it, of course, and the child recovered again.


"Then there was the case of Hodgkin's disease," Dr. Pinto continued.


"Hodgkin's?" I retorted. "Wait a minute. You're talk-ing about heavies. Medical diseases! Real diseases! Not allergic reactions."


Dr. Pinto quietly proceeded with diseases and dates. "This type of lymphoma was not noted until 1832, a short time after amalgam was introduced in the area where the disease was discovered. The first amalgam to be placed in an African-American was in 1904. Sickle-cell anemia was noted to move out of the rare in 1906."


"But pathologists weren't very smart then," I challenged. Later I found that some of the most brilliant pathologists the world has ever known were alive then. I also learned that sickle cells are not difficult to identify.


I argued that these could be spontaneous coincidences, that there were no double-blind studies, that.. .. I spluttered while he continued to deluge me with anecdotes. Then he began quoting scientific literature.


"Where did you come up with that information?" I finally asked.


"I was taking a master's degree at Georgetown Univer-sity. Mercury toxicity was my topic. I compiled the largest bibliography on mercury toxicity that probably existed on the planet at that time," he answered.


"When was your thesis published?" I asked.


"It never was. The National Institute of Dental Research-part of the National Institutes of Health-found out about my project and forced the university to have me stopped. I had a choice of returning to Brazil or changing my topic. I had no choice, but I still have the materials."


"I have had a number of patients with breast cancer, all of whom had root canals on the tooth related to the breast area on the associated energy meridian." John Diamond, M.D.

John Diamond, M.D., Triad Medical Centre, 4600 Kietzke Lane, M-242, Reno, NV 89502. Tel: 702 829 2277. Fax----2365

"Dr. Issels innovated the surgical removal of focal infections of the jaw and Waldeyer's tonsillar ring for rapid improvement in the immune status of many patients. He published his observations a number of times in the umpired medical journal of Germany. He was careful to send all extracted dead teeth, root canals, and tonsils to outside pathology labs where they were almost to the last sample documented with multiple infections, atrophy, hyperplasia, etc."

----Gar Hildenbrand, Chief of Clinical Epidemiology ISSELS/CHIPSA/GRO



Case history (diabetes): Sylvia Blank had a root canal tooth removed. She was diagnosed with diabetes 8 years ago and was crippled with joint aches, with violent intermittent shooting pains in her face and head, wheezing, recurring bronchitis and extreme fatigue. On extraction the head pains went more or less immediately. Her diabetic symptoms, stopped completely after a few weeks.

Case history: It was 1977. Just after I had a large filling done (amalgam), I started to salivate heavily, heard voices, and became quite disturbed. I went to a dentist to see about having the amalgams removed. Well, the dentist called my mother (I was 17 at the time), insisting that I have a psychological evaluation. The police put me in hand-cuffs and leg restraints (chains), and I was hauled off to an institution.

I was there for two weeks. I was heavily drugged, so badly that I could not stand or walk. I stayed on the medications for about a solid year. Immediately upon my stopping the medications, I went to a different dentist, insisting on removal. You are not going to believe this, but the dentist drilled about half of the amalgom out, and then capped the teeth with white porcelain or ceramic. On my last visit, I just happened to bring a mirror with me, which is how I discovered this. Well, I did not want another episode with mental personnel, so I decided to remove it myself.

I removed two at a time, and went to a third dentist, who filled them with those miracle-mix fillings, which emit flouride. Needless to say, my psychosis was relieved, for the most part, but not until I started taking heavy doses of vitamin B12, Bcomplex, and multivitamins. I was also taking zinc and iron suppliments.

I still suspect that I might have mercury or heavy metal problems, as my short-term memory is not up to par. I also have problems with attentiveness. My mind wanders. I am rather uncomfortable with medical personnel, at this point, as you might imagine. A female friend of mine had the same experience as mine, all starting in the dentist's chair.

Case history: She was shy, timid, spoke like a child, and was a diagnosed schizophrenic. Se-vere chest pain made her writhe in agony. She had tried to tear out her heart and she thought she was going to die.

She was bloated and had a poor com-plexion. She'd hyperventilate to the ex-tent that half her body sometimes turned red. There were problems with the thy-roid, liver gall bladder menses and, es-pecially, the nervous system.

The third day after her mercury-contain-ing dental fillings were removed, she laughed and said, "It's not going to get me. It's not going to be bad."

With time, everything improved. Her complexion cleared, the bloating de-creased, and she felt connected to her body again. Her thyroid became normal, she no longer felt pain on menstruation, her heart didn't hurt, and the schizophrenia was gone.



In the 1950's, German physician Dr. Josef Issels heard a lecture by Dr. Gerson, and subsequently successfully used alternative treatments in helping many cancer patients. Dr. Issels himself spent some time at the CHIPSA hospital, and, while there, pointed out the severe damage caused by root canal fillings. He said that he refused to treat any cancer patient who did not allow all "devitalized" (dead) teeth to be removed, as he found that he could not obtain good

results without this procedure.


George Meinig, PO Box 10, Ojai, California 93024. Tel: 001 805646 2865. Fax---1506

Hal Huggins, 5080 Lift Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. Tel: 001 719 548 1600.


Christopher Hussar, Reno, Nevada, USA. Tel 001 707 826 1200 fax----3001 (performed over 2500 cavitation surgeries)

David Kennedy


John Anderson, Penclawdd Dental Practice, 4 West End, Penclawdd, SWANSEA SA4 3JZ. 01792 850223.

John Roberts, 141 Whitworth Rd, Rochdale, LANCS OL12 ORE. Tel: 01706 525905/712935.

Robert Hempleman, Brompton Dental Clinic, 221 Old Brompton Rd, LONDON SW5 OEA.Tel: 0171 370 3132 Fax: 0171 244 0286.


Jorgen Steen Hartz & Caitlin Catley, Stotsalleen 11A, DK-2930 Klampenborg, Denmark. Tel 45 31 64 19 87.


Dental Publications/Groups

Heavy Metal Bulletin, (Monica Kauppi), Lilla Aspuddsv. 10, S-12649 Hagersten Stockholm, Sweden. Tel/fax: 0046 818 4086.

DAMS, Inc (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome Support Group), 6025 Osuna Blvd NE Suite B, Albuquerque,NM 87 109 2523,USA.Tel 001 505 888 0111. Fax 4554.

Bio Probe, PO Box 608010, Orlando FL 32860-8010. Tel: 001 407299 4149. Fax:----290 9670 Also supply dental books and publish the Ziff and Stortebecker books.

International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT)

P.O. Box 17597, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80935, (407) 298-2450

UK - John Roberts.

Recommended books:

The Mercury In Your Mouth---Quicksilver Associates, 10 East 87 Street, New York, NY 10128. Tel: 212 423 3074 Fax - 289 3046

The End of Cancer by Charlotte Dubois & John Lubecki, D.C.

It's All In Your Head by Hal Huggins

Root Canal Cover Up by George Meinig

Toxic Metal Syndrome by Casdorph & Walker

Dental Mercury Detox by Ziff


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