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From: "C Johnson"

Subject: Your website
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 12:42:10 -0500

I found your web site from the posting you made on the Cancer Survivors
PlanetAll group. My wife has been fighting cancer for 5 years and we
subscribe to the same beliefs and came to the same conclusions as you have.
We have changed our lifestyle and diet drastically (still have a ways to go)
and have noticed marked improvements in both of our lives. Although she is
not yet cancer free, we are determined to win.

I am very happy to see that you are spreading this truth, and I hope that
together we can convince others that this is the only way road to a cure.
University of Michigan
Department of Biology
830 N. University
4060 Natural Science Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1048

From: "Annette"

Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 13:09:25 -0500

Thanks so much for your insightful letter. Your web-site is terrific, have
passed it along to my 34yo son who is in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma.
I have a couple of questions - Colloidal Minerals I have been told are high
in arsenic and other toxic minerals. I know that Mr Wallach claims his are
not, have they been tested? What is your opnion of juicing vegetables (as
well as eating)? I think I heard that some macro experts are saying it is
<>< Annette

Sent:     Monday, December 28, 1998 12:23 PM
Subject:  Dr. Johanna Budwig's anti-cancer diet

My mother was diagnosed with rapidly advancing adenocarcinoma of the lung in November.
She was 85 years old with emphysema.
Conventional medicine offered no hope, so I tried to get her to go to Burzynski's clinic in Houston, which has much success treating with non-toxic anti-neoplastone therapy. Not being able to get full cooperation from my family, I began treating her in the hospital with Dr. Budwig's anti-cancer diet, Essentially Omega-3 enriched flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. This diet was discoered in Germany in 1951, and was re-examined by a Dr. Roesch in 1990. Anyways, after not being able to eat much for nearly 4 weeks, I introduced the first dosage of Budwig's diet at night. The following morning she had an appetite, and ate 2 solid meals. More treatments, and she continued to eat 3-4 meals per day, and one morning she called me
craving an egg-salad sandwich with mustard, which I delighted to supply her! Each day on the diet seemed to cause a marvelous return to vigor. Eventually, her oxygen supply was reduced from a mask set on 5 liters, to a canula set on 2 liters of oxygen. The doctors insisted that she go on Hospice because they insisted that she was dying. Meanwhile, friends of mine from high school (1968) came to visit her and replied,"this woman looks too good to be dying, we'll come back in a few days to visit again." As her vigor was returning, I noticed that her pulse rate was dropping and that her oxygen saturations were rising. I couldn't believe it! The hospice doctors took her off of her medications, hoping that this would cause her to expire earlier and in less pain than if they continued to medicate her claiming that as the disease progressed, she would need morphine to control her agony. My mother never once needed pain medication, and continued showing increased vitality. As a matter o fact, once she was off of her "meds" she became a lot calmer and her hands stopped shaking from the epinephrine and albuterol stimulants. Again, her ability to breathe continued to improve! She began taking deep yawns and doing deep sighs, like a person getting their first breath of springtime air. I took one of those oxymeters, a gadget that measures inspired air volume, and was surprised to see her send the little ball all the way to the top 5 times in a row! Something else I noticed was that any time she had a bowel movement (which became quite frequent after the start of the diet) it was so foul smelling, almost like she was excreting rotten flesh! She was only on this diet for 9-10 days, and I'm amazed that the results seemed to occur so rapidly.

I wish that my story had a totally happy ending, but it doesn't. At 10:35 on December 5, five days before her 86th birthday, she suffered a rapid loss of blood pressure moving from the toilet back to her bed. Because she was in hospice, they did nothing about it, and she died in just a few minutes. I've been told this phenomena is called "valsalva" If she were not in hospice, they could have recovered her but, of course, they wanted her to expire, and so she did. I watched in horror, holding her hand, as she took her last deep breaths. At least she was in totally unmedicated condition and didn't even know she was going, no pain at all. She remained completely lucid and communicative right to the end! At least for that I am grateful to the Dr. Johanna Budwig anti-cancer diet. A week later I was searching through the web and found an 8-9 page testimonial to the flaxseed oil diet, and in it 2 incurable lung cancer patients were able to revers thier condition on this diet in 3 months! I find this totally believable, based on what I've seen in my mother's case. In Europe, I understand that this diet is used as a preventative as well as a curative for cancer. This also is totally bevievable to me since the cancer occurance rate is lower (1 in 8-10 as opposed to ours 1 in 3) and their cure rates are higher. For more information, consult Cancer Victors of Canada in the web. I welcome all comments.

From: "R. Mathis Hurt"
To: <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 09:52:42 -0500
Subject: [cancercure] Excellent Web Site

List members:

I just visited Dusan's health web site, and I highly recommend you visit it.
There is much excellent info there about nutrition and health, especially
regarding incurable diseases like cancer. I am definitely adding it to my
list of recommend sites.

Robert Hurt
R. Mathis Hurt

From: "Zapperman"

Subject: zapper
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 06:13:30 -0000


Your letter to the cancercure message board resonated with my own heart.

I appreciate the resources that you have provided on your comprehensive
website. Dr. Peter Pappas at Ohio State University started conducting test
on parasites with one of my zappers last June. He has begun the in vivo
stage recently. After contacting me about a referrence on my website to the
CDC's alleged claim that the average north american has 2 pounds of
parasites, I offered a zapper to him to see for himself whether it worked or
not. I was pleased that he took that challenge.

My approach to research is the same as yours, but I don't wait for experts
to tell me that what I already know is true. Your experience with the 100
cancer patients would be more convincing that $1 billion worth of
institutional studies to the average person.

I don't see from my scan of your website that you are aware of the zapper's
benefits. In my experience, a zapper makes parasite herbs unnecessary. I
have even found Dr. Clark's claim that a zapper doesn't kill intestinal
worms to be unfounded.

In 2 1/2 years of my own research I have only found one type of parasite
which resists the zapper: hookworm, and other shelled worms. I have found
that a strong DC electromagnet kills them, though, and I believe that a
frequency generator will do so more thoroughly.

I would like to send you one of mine if you are interested in experimenting
with it. You might like to look at my website, which has information that
Dr. Clark and others are unaware of or don't discuss (I have more info
since the last update, as well).

These are easy to make and I'm not trying to push mine on you--I am more
interested in sharing information. If you email your mailing address I will
send you one.


From: "Hoyt C Hobson" <>

Subject: Your WEB site & Information
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 08:44:50 -0500

I read through MSN cancercure lots of your email to people and am
extremely impress with your fortitude and helpfulness you provide. I am sure
that thousands of people are helped tremendously by you so let me take the
time to say thank you for them again. If I can ever be of any assistance
please do not hesitate to ask. I started my company a few years ago to help
an HIV infected family member and friends and now I try to help everyone but
feel very inferior to what I see you doing. If you would take the time to
see my web site, very small in comparison to yours , but it's there to help
everyone purchase herbs, vitamins, minerals , & supplements at a much lower
price than anywhere else. Please take a minute to look at it because I'm
sure it will be of great financial help to many paying to high a price for
their supplements and I am here to help provide research and help get any
items that are not on my site for much less so that everyone can afford the
health they deserve.

I look forward to reading more of your mail and again thank you for all you

Hoyt "Sonny" Hobson


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