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I am retired in Mexico where I am a volunteer English teacher. I also direct a non-profit organization that pays for medical expenses for the needy in our area. I serve as a liason between local organizations -- such as the public schools and the senior activity center-- and the wealthy retirees who want to give financially and make a difference in their adopted homeland.

My avatar is the letter K from a work of sculpture depicting all the letters of the alphabet, on exhibit at St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

An avatar is a handle or appearance used to represent (yourself). In the Hindu religion, an avatar is an incarnation of a deity; hence, an embodiment or manifestation of an idea or greater reality. An atavar is a confusing wordplay on avatar, 'atavistic' meaning reappearance of a remote ancestral characteristic, throwback; reversion to an earlier type. Also, as ata-variable, a shape shifter (latin plural -ata as phenotypes from genotype).
So, in short, an avatar relates to a higher/future dimension, while atavar to lower/past, maybe also as light/darkness and other traditional mythological dicotomies. + 

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