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by Chef JeM
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Some accounting of the process of ”Radical Honesty” and my awakening to the vital necessity for truth-telling and especially in self-talk. more...

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“No Room For Compromise”   6 d  

A Life Upgrade!
It’s one thing to have some ”thing” that is meaningful to you on your birthday and another to have a rebirth of your being! It doesn’t really matter to me whether I receive ”gifts” from others on my birthday (and especially when my life is focused on transformation to the extent that it is now). I was offered a particular ”gift” for my birthday that I imagined might be an auspicious start to my new year however I discovered that at least the timing is not correct for me to receive that particular gift and in the process of my discovery I gave my self an even greater gift! (This is amazing. ...   read more

I'm A "Creator"   9 d  

Results of a Jungian Archetype test
Just took a test based on Jungian archetypes based on ”Awakening the Heroes Within by Carol S. Pearson. The results are here:   read more

Nostrums   19 d  

"a medicine, especially one that is not considered effective, prepared by an unqualified person."
Although this word has not been in my vocabulary thus far all that is going to change now as the word represents what I think probably is the ”lion’s share” of why I am devoted to real healing, real remedies and real resolutions in life. I believe it also related to my Human Design at Gate 18 and this is largely why I am noting that here so I can pursue this further.   visit the page

Whales, Dolphins, Sea Otters Don't Have An "Inland" Option!   24 d  

fukashima waste waters beginning to wash ashore onto the West Coast what isn't surviving that aftermath.
Sent this link to a friend:   read more

Why We Can't Trust Government With Our Children's Health   28 d  

"The CDC Lies, Mainstream Media Stays Quiet and Our Children Suffer"
”The CDC has been caught red-handed altering data and lying to us about the MMR vaccine and the mainstream media is nowhere to be found.”: This is not the first time that an issue concerning ”data” has been raised by those concerned. I have previously blogged on the issue regarding raw milk. If you think about you may agree that there is a connection between raw milk and vaccinations. They both have an impact on immunity, one positive and the other very negative! More and more individ ...   read more

Are You Consciously Connected With What Is Most Uniquely You   31 d  

"Only 1% of people have ever even vaguely considered what their desires are."
If you consider that virtually all that you identify with as you, all that you think you are is conditioned from the moment you were born by your parents, family, schools, religions, friends, work, etc. then you may begin to realize how the authentic you can be covered over by all that is ”without” you. Are you consciously connected with what is most uniquely you - the you that is differentiated apart from all the conditioning? That differentiated unique self is where your true ”desires” are to be found. Apparently only 1% of people actually consider the ”desires” of their true self! Are y ...   read more

Got Perceptibili-teas?   32 d  

We are continually "drinking" from our cup/s of our perceptibili-teas.
”... The urge to transcend one’s self is universal through times and cultures (and was characterised by H. G. Wells as The Door in the Wall). (Aldous Huxley) reasons that better, healthier ’doors’ are needed than alcohol and tobacco.”(1) Can we find ”better, healthier ’doors’” with a change within our perception? If our perception is subject to projection then cleansing the ”doors” of perception by eliminating the projections can indeed allow for a transformation of perception and thereby providing us with better ”doors”. I found it interesting that ”The Milkmaid” by Johannes Vermeer ...   read more

From Depression to Bliss in Seven Steps!   33 d  

The power of the breath is by and large mostly untapped by people. Breath has so much to offer us, starting with tranquilizing the mind.
In light of the previous post: one thing I am deeply convinced of is the need to care for our psyche. That is why I have also recently created the ”Psyche & Health” Blog:   read more

"Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About!"   39 d  

11% of Americans Today Are Using Anti-Depressants a 400% Increase Since the 1980s $11.3B Are Spent on Anti-Depressants Annually in the USA
When I first heard the ”news” of Robin’s crossing-over I got silent and offered my loving thoughts. That remains in my spirit. Now with this presentation (at forbiddenknowledgetv) I’m more saddened about the challenge of anti-depressant pharmacuetical use and dependency. I’m surprised that so many talented, intelligent individuals apparently don’t have the non-drug options to consider or aren’t interested at least initially when they probably most want immediate relief. I do not claim to be an expert on ”pain” management (whether that pain is physical, mental, emotional, etc.) however I am ...   read more

Got Proper Context?   45 d  

7 Rules for Recording Police
The comment was made that: ”... as a teacher, I always hear about how there’s so many bad teachers when in reality, truly bad teachers are the vast minority. I’m sure it’s the same with the police and any other job for that matter (except Congress).” My reply: The problem within this particular context is that the ”job” of the police is not just another job. Although they are employees their employer (government) is in totally different realm than all the other ”jobs” within the social sphere of society. We need to see that we are dealing with a totally different context and that it ...   read more

Got Real Money?   49 d  

Inspirations after a conversation I had with a grad student (with a concentration in "philosophy of economics") whom I shared this four-fold overview about money.
Or does what you believe is ”money” have you? Four things to be clear about with regards to the ”economic sphere”.: The very first thing to be completely clear about is: - your beliefs about what you regard as ”money”. If you think real money consists of the paper cash (AKA Federal Reserve Notes) that you have or that any financial institute supposedly is holding for you then see if you can verify what is backing your paper. Or take my word - there is nothing backing it!!!! Where is the real money my friend? This leads to the second thing to be clear about and that is to have tru ...   read more

My Amazon Wish List   53 d  

Some of the books that I look forward to having.
I anticipate this list will come in hand soon!   visit the page

My Book Reviews   53 d  

Book reviews that include twenty-three of some of my favorite books plus a couple not so favorite.
Here are 25 of my book reviews at Amazon.:   visit the page

For The Record   53 d  

Work I Did To Save A House Foundation.
My 2012 Report - Dated: 5 Jan 2013 On Sunday, October 14th I had J over to confer with me about how I may proceed with filling in the (clay) pit that I had dug out by hand over four years ago in order to find the end of a drain pipe that needed to be cleared (so that we wouldn’t have standing water in the basement). I did succeed in that excavation project, as far as accessing the drain-pipe and then clearing it out, which resulted in the standing waters draining much more freely out of the basement! The next part was to fill that pit in a way that would also protect the foundation fro ...   read more

I'm Working In "5D"   54 d  

We are multidimensional beings. Therefore we require multidimensional understanding. It is my joy to give this understanding to others!
My very best encouragement, support and guidance comes through knowing your unique Human Design. The graduate course of The Human Design System is the ”Golden Path” of the 64 ”Gene Keys”. This path can be your own individualized ”course in miracles”. My work is in ”5D” - consisting of five dimensions.: Design – “The Course In Human Design“: Human Design shows ”The correlation between the I Ching and human DNA ... this is information held deep within our cells. Human Design can be a lived wisdom rather than a learnt philosophy.”: http: ...   read more

Dew Collection   54 d  

Water harvesting can include dew collection!
This structure has been called ”The Tree of Life”.: WarkaWater2.0: Apparently ”Wild Willow Farm” in San Diego is getting a dew collector. I’m looking forward to an update from my friend who visits there on the third Saturday of the month when they have open farm visiting plus a potluck in the evening. Mel makes pizzas in a wood-fired stove there as well!   read more

Manifesting   55 d  

All Human Design Types can manifest!
I’m grateful to have read a comment on manifesting that underscores that the ability is in every one one of us! Greetings Suzanne! I found you here by way of your comment at: which came to me as a result of my search for ”human design”+manifesting (as well as ”waiting” and ”anticipation”). I’m especially inspired to write at my blog (here) regarding anticipation as an essential part of the manifestation process and I thought I’d narrow my search by adding ”human design”. (It didn’t narrow it! ; ~ ) I appreciate your comment re ...   read more

Will "Americans ... See A Return of The Real US Dollar"?   58 d  

The Coming Of The Real US Dollar, By Leo Wanta
Americans have not had a ”US Dollar” (as it is originally defined) for longer than most people who are alive today have seen. JFK authorized a return of true US Notes however he was assassinated and the next day LBJ cancelled the order. Here’s more history and assessments.: The 8th - However, ”... At the signing of the Coinage Act on July 23, 1965, then President Lyndon B. Johnson stated in his Press Release that: ’When I have signed this bill before me, we will hav ...   read more

The Story of The Zodiac   66 d  

A brief mention of my ontological and cosmological re-searchings.
Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas found a meaningful connection within my own psyche/soul where I had long-held aspirations to know my place in the universal scheme, both ontologically and cosmologically. Once read, I was inspired to share the implications with virtually anyone interested. A couple brief conversations with a housemate or two validated my desire for conversation however these were short lived. (Maybe I need to visit the local universities.) Nevertheless I can always read more and blog some highlights! The following is quoted from the work of ”Alice Bailey & Djwhal K ...   read more

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