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Some accounting of the process of ”Radical Honesty” and my awakening to the vital necessity for truth-telling and especially in self-talk. more...

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American Freedom!   13 h  

It started with the Declaration of Independence and continued without government!
Just sent this message that is directly following in response to the message: ”You Can Make A Difference!” by Patricia Cota-Robles (that follows after my letter). Greetings dear Patricia, I am all-grateful for your messages! My I AM Presence is always nourished with loving words of truth. As a fellow American I deeply appreciate your connection with the true Spirit of America that I am reasonably confident we would agree is one of freedom and which is expressed in the words that are inscribed in both the Declaration of Independence and in the hearts of many fellow Americans. As ...   read more

Twelve Archtypal Perspectives On Wellness   5 d  

A 'Son of Truth' search starting with the astrological
I’m posting this here instead of at ”Chef Jemichel”: as I think this subject matter lies more in the vein of a ”search for truth” through esoteric systems (like astrology) rather than a more conventionally familiar approcah to wellness via nutrition and the like as I typically feature at my Chef Jemichel blog. I have an idea of identifying twelve perspectives on wellness via the 12 astrological houses and/or the zodiac signs. (I am inspired by Jen Matthews’, ND list of 10 ”topics”: 1) Nutrition 2) Fitness 3) Financial 4) Mental/Emotional ...   read more

Got Reiki!   6 d  

It is now twenty-seven years since I first began sharing Reiki.
What is Reiki? ”The word ’Reiki’ means spiritually guided life-force energy which has intelligence. It’s term comes from two Japanese words - Rei, which means God’s wisdom or the higher power and Ki which is life-force energy.”: I’ve been sharing Reiki since around the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. My preference is to include some Reiki in all of my private sessions with individuals wherever they may be which is conceivable since I also do distant Reiki. Recently I shared a session in which the recipient choose to include certain ...   read more

I Love You Water, Thank You Water! ...   11 d  

The News of Masaru Emoto’s Death
... is my daily acknowledgement of water each and every ”morning” (as I take my very first drink of my favorite spring water) and that has been exclusively inspired by Masaru Emoto whom I now include in my daily acknowledgemets.   read more

A Framework For A Truth In Science “Sniff-Test”   11 d  

"Connecting the Dots: GMOs, Vaccines and Revolving Door Conflicts of Interest" By Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D. Global Research, October 19, 2014
”Humans suffer from hubris – we think we know better than nature, can fix it, manipulate it, and master it. There are (at least) two major transgressions that follow similar patterns, raise important red flags, and most certainly do not pass the sniff test: GMOs (genetically modified “foods”) and vaccination. Here’s what they have in common”: This is the first time I’ve seen these two issues addressed in a single presentation such as this. I find this revealing of two trac ...   read more

MS and the New Medicine!   11 d  

The shock conflict / causitive emotional conflict in MS.
This is just the tip of the ”iceberg” on this subject matter. Here are four links to sites that present a new perspective on MS (plus Parkinson’s and paralysis) two of which include at least some reference to the new medicine known as German New Medicine while the second and third links give more extensive covereage.:   read more

The Dutch Lead The Ban On Roundup!   15 d  

Dutch Parliament Bans Roundup, France and Brazil to Follow!
My comment: Thank You Dutch Parliament! Once again it is the Dutch who takes the lead in forward thinking. (In this case it is certainly about time!) I hope this article proves to be correct in regards to ”the dominoes”. I am glad that at least one country has decided not to play that ”game” and I certainly hope Brazil will follow! I wish I could say the same about the ”United States” (however that is a different story altogether). Blessings on the Dutch Parliament! My comment is awaiting the scrutinizer at: ...   read more

2014 In Retrospect   17 d  

With Mercury Retrograde in Libra now it is natural to allow "retrospect" on at least the previous three months or so.
This morning (Monday the 13th) VerDarLuz sent notice regarding a ”Soul-Contracts and Karmic Partnerships Webinar” in which he said: ”... 2014 - The Year of the Horse is the year of riding that crazy wild stallion of relating - ...” Had I known on New Year’s Day that 2014 would be ”the year of ...” (just as VerDarLuz says) I’d have come into this year with a whole different perspective! It seems that my ”reading” on the year must have been permeated with my wishful projections as I do know I had some kind of expectation (based on the Chinese New Year image of the ”Wood Horse”) that th ...   read more

The Truth About Flu Vaccines   20 d  

Thousands of Nurses March/Protest Mandatory Vaccines
Thousands of Nurses March in Protest Against Mandatory Vaccines Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines ”On November 1, Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines members will be marching and demonstrating peacefully in their home towns to protest firings, forced vaccination, loss of income, loss of privacy, etc. and informing private citizens of the truth about flu vaccines, and the truth about the 90% rule.”:   visit the page

In The "First House"   22 d  

Rediscovering who I am, once again!
Based on these recent posts it appears that I am on some kind of an astrological wave now. I believe I have an earlier post identifying astrology as a ”Language of Light”. ”Gene Keys” is certainly a language of light as well as ”The Human Design System” which corresponds with the Gene Keys. The great harmonization of knowledge in the Human Design System is portrayed in astrological activations into the DNA that corresponds with the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching. The system underscores how astrology is literally a ”Language of Light! Speaking of which reminds that earlier today I read a ...   read more

Under the Eclipse   23 d  

Wyoming is 'Land Where the Mother Goddess is Loved'
4:09 AM PST right as the ”Total Aries Lunar Eclipse” is occurring in the western sky! Moments earlier (3:50 AM) I saw raccoon siblings at our pond here. I was inspired by Patricia Cota-Robles mention that ”the translation for the word Wyoming is ’Land Where the Mother Goddess is Loved’: and found the following to share with you!: ”Among some native peoples, the region was known as the Wyoming. The name could be translated as ’Land Where the Mother Goddess Is Loved.’ Other people called it the Wakananda, or the Manitouba. These, too, are names for ’ ...   read more

Mercury Retrograde October 2014   24 d  

What's-up with this Mercury Retrograde?
This Mercury retrograde transits my first astrological house and will conjunct my natal Neptune. If Mercury transits your natal first house then you may want to consider the following: ”... You may feel like the way others perceive you doesn’t reflect who you are on the inside. Mercury retrograde in this house can help bring the inside and outside together, restoring confidence. Take a personality test, read up on your natal chart – for others to know you, you have to know you.” For more information: ...   read more

Got Parental Rights?   26 d  

"Federal Court Issues 'Blistering' Ruling Against San Diego Child Protective Services"
”The court’s detailed analysis is instructive to parents facing a CPS (Child Protective Services) worker and well worth a close read. The take-away is that the children were never in jeopardy in their parents’ care, and that CPS overstepped their roles when substituting their own ’armchair quarterbacking’ for the parents’ judgment in how to care for their child’s injury. Judge Whelan’s analysis concluded that this was improper invasion of the Swartwoods’ parental rights.” ...   read more

A Most Welcomed "Plunge In Kindergarteners Vaccination"!   29 d  

Plunge in Kindergarten-aged Children Vaccination Rates, US Officials Pushing for Herd Immunity
“. . . 92 percent of the children requiring a tonsillectomy operation had received the measles vaccination, indicating that the vaccination for measles may have made some of the children more susceptible to tonsillitis.” I find this most interesting as I had a tonsillectomy operation when I was about six years old after have had the vaccination for measles. In any case I’m encouraged to read this report By Christina Sarich!: Originally brought to my attention vi ...   read more

A Most Welcomed "Plunge In Kindergarteners Vaccination"!   29 d  

Plunge in Kindergarten-aged Children Vaccination Rates, US Officials Pushing for Herd Immunity
“. . . 92 percent of the children requiring a tonsillectomy operation had received the measles vaccination, indicating that the vaccination for measles may have made some of the children more susceptible to tonsillitis.” I find this most interesting as I had a tonsillectomy operation when I was about six years old after have had the vaccination for measles. In any case I’m encouraged to read this report By Christina Sarich!:   read more

“No Room For Compromise”   37 d  

A Life Upgrade!
It’s one thing to have some ”thing” that is meaningful to you on your birthday and another to have a rebirth of your being! It doesn’t really matter to me whether I receive ”gifts” from others on my birthday (and especially when my life is focused on transformation to the extent that it is now). I was offered a particular ”gift” for my birthday that I imagined might be an auspicious start to my new year however I discovered that at least the timing is not correct for me to receive that particular gift and in the process of my discovery I gave my self an even greater gift! (This is amazing. ...   read more

I'm A "Creator"   40 d  

Results of a Jungian Archetype test
Just took a test based on Jungian archetypes based on ”Awakening the Heroes Within by Carol S. Pearson. The results are here:   read more

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