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Some accounting of the process of ”Radical Honesty” and my awakening to the vital necessity for truth-telling and especially in self-talk. more...

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The Story of The Zodiac   5 d  

A brief mention of my ontological and cosmological re-searchings.
Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas found a meaningful connection within my own psyche/soul where I had long-held aspirations to know my place in the universal scheme, both ontologically and cosmologically. Once read, I was inspired to share the implications with virtually anyone interested. A couple brief conversations with a housemate or two validated my desire for conversation however these were short lived. (Maybe I need to visit the local universities.) Nevertheless I can always read more and blog some highlights! The following is quoted from the work of ”Alice Bailey & Djwhal K ...   read more

Integrative Sleuthing   6 d  

The 29th Gene Key
The Gene Keys is my Self-Mastery Program’s graduate course which I offer to others and which I am on as well! (My foundation course is in communications.) This particular entry is inspired by my research regarding an acute case of intestinal diarrhea that a friend of mine is experiencing. I began my research with a review of the individual’s Human Design chart. A separate reference to the chakra system had just clued me in to focus on the Sacral Center. Jackpot! My friend has a total of seven planetary activations in their Sacral Center! More auspiciously is the fact that three of these ...   read more

Awareness of The "Beast"   8 d  

The need for facing every fear.
It appears to me that we have a ”beast” with a ferocious appetite that is never satisfied. Based on my observations I now understand that the feeding of this beast demands ”economic servitude” (which is possibly a gentler way of saying economic slavery!). It also asks for certain ”sacrifices” (upon its alters of false gods). This beast lives in ”... a Sea of Supernormal Stimuli”(1) that permates our world, our cultures and societies and thereby this sea surrounds us in our day to day living. However, if we are willing to face the fear-based shadows (fears feed this beast) then we can ...   read more

Instant First-Aid   8 d  

A unique technique that virtually anyone can do for themself.
Just gave myself a unique first-aid treatment that is based on a technique that I realize I have not publicized as of yet. This is one thing, besides the communications that I advocate, that I think every individual would benefit from knowing. If / whenever you ”bump” into anything, [i.e. banging your hand on a stationary object while quickly grabbing something near by it (like I just did)] immediately bring that exact same part of your body back to the exact same location where you had just bumped into and hold your body part in that ”banged” position until all the pain dissapears. Whi ...   read more

Pathways To Truth   8 d  

The Sun Of Higher Understanding
”The path of regeneration or transmutation is attained through concentration, which is ... mastery of the mind, ... the state of illumination; through meditation, which is mastery and transmutation of feeling ...” H.J. Doumette - ”The Sun Of Higher Understanding” I find this comparable to what the Gene Keys book says and which also adds (and emphasizes) a third ”path” of contemplation as a middle path between concentration and meditation all leading to the direct realization of truth.   visit the page

I Read The "News" Today "Oh Boy"   9 d  

My first days in the current Uranus Retrograde.
I thought I had a ”full report” from the first day of our current Uranus Retrograde that I wanted to submit here however the spontainious reversals that I continue to experience with the ”freedom-loving impulse for sudden change” attributed to Uranus doesn’t seem to allow for that luxury! (updated on the 23rd) (original entry): I just sent the following message to unsubscribe from what I’ll call an independent contractor who ”talked” about ”community”-building to which my interest had ”lit up” and to which I had responded positively by signing up however with the latest message I imme ...   read more

A Season For Everything - Including Facing Problems   10 d  

Uranus Retrograde as of July 21st, 2014
”... Uranus ... pushes us to dig deep and really face the problems and the roadblocks that have impeded progress. It forces us to re-evaluate our values and our priorities. If we’ve been turning a blind eye to a problem, Uranus retrograde will put that problem in our face, front and center, and make it impossible to ignore. If we’ve been too willing to settle and reluctant to venture from our comfort zones, Uranus will shake us out of it ...”:   read more

The "Self Center" AKA "G Center" and/or "Ji Center"   14 d  

In the synthesis of the Human Design System there are vast fields of common ground.
The Human Design System is a daily part of my life in a number of ways. Whenever I’m having a conversation with another and I have the opportunity to express something that I realize is most unique to my Human Design I often will mention the fact that what I am saying is true for my Design! I love speaking ”Human Design”! I especially appreciate my continued learning and growing, both in the knowledge of the Human Design System (HDS) as well as the knowedge of my own most unique Human Design! I have my ”Self Center” Defined in my Human Design. The center is aka the ”G” and / or the ”Ji” ...   read more

"Airing An Old Bag ..."   17 d  

The cleansing of the ego consciousness
Just did an oracle reading with the Sabian Symbols and got Taurus 17 degrees then read the whole five-fold sequence and the clarity for me is more at 18 degrees: ”The symbol suggests that the real enemy is within the mind; it is the ego and its attachment to possessions.” I immediately and most definitely understand! This comes a day after reading Charles Berner’s writing regarding consciousness in light of true enlightenment. It is not just about consciousness! I would say Self-enlightenment is consciousness transforming. Yes, there is a cleansing required in the ego consciousness for ...   read more

"The Future Consciousness of Humanity"   19 d  

"The Solar Plexus and the Coming of the Sixth Race"
In the midst of my first listening to this free webinar with Gene Keys founder, Richard Rudd. The following is an attempt to transcribe from two replies that Richard gave during his Q&A session (at about one hour and ten minutes into the recording.: He said: There are shadows that we have to transmute. There are states that we need to pass through. That’s why the ’Golden Path’ was created. To take you step by step through the process. The Siddhi comes about by way of a mutation.(1) This higher activation of the DNA in the body needs a refined version of the physical body. That ref ...   read more

Human Design "Channel of Openness"   20 d  

Understanding what unconsciously defines us.
”The key for people with this manifesting channel is to wait until they feel like interacting socially.”(1) I have this channel Defined in my Human Design. Even though I have been into Human Design for the past decade I’m still learning the depths of my own Definitions! This particular channel may possibly have been the most difficult one for me to be fully aware of being that it is all unconsciously Defined! ”When their social interactions are guided by their moods, barriers come down and their fears dissipate. It is in this environment of social openness, this existential moment w ...   read more

The Harvest Cycle   21 d  

A personal "harvest day" and it's relation to the book that I am preparing.
”The most exciting part of studying the (astrological) houses is finding out which day of the year is your Harvest Day.”: ”The Book of Houses: An Astrological Guide to the Harvest Cycle in Human Life”: Yesterday was my ”Harvest Day”! I have a general ”overview” of my harvest now! I can’t totally and completely describe my harvest to you at this moment however I have the rest of my ”Harvest Month” to work toward a description. I wish I could devote myself just to doing that because by so doing I would be able ...   read more

"Free Energy"?   21 d  

"Russian Physicists Launch Campaign To Rebuild Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower And Power The World."
Just in case you haven’t heard. I am all for a truly ”free” and world-wide energy system that includes communications! (Especially in this moment - after I just discovered an unexpected charge (heading for my bank) from my telephone provider just one day after I had put my telephone account ”on hold” and then thought I had successfully made that change before their new billing cycle begins! It amazes that although I can be a really great communicator - a telephone company can f*** up their communications to such a degree that I might consider canceling the service altogether even tho ...   read more

Enhance Your Clarity   23 d  

Awareness of the flow of Qi.
Today during my early rising the ”flow of life” was impressed upon me. I understand how easy it can be to succumb to the outer world and its demands; especially when pressure appears and one’s capacity for pressure is limited and when one’s behavior is driven by attempts to ”eliminate” the pressure! These attempts often only add more pressure! The result is perpetual suffering. Suffering from not knowing the inherent existence of pressure and the function that it serves. Not knowing that it is most largely a mental pressure and that it can be observed rather than acted upon. This may ve ...   read more

Dr. Bernard Jensen   23 d  

Words of wisdom from an exceptional and wise man.
Eternal gratitude for this exceptional teacher whom I appreciate all the more through the passing years! In his book ”The Healing Mind of Man - Arise and Shine” by Bernard Jensen he speaks of ”the importance of the mental and spiritual levels in the healing life of man.” Here’s one awesome quote from that book: ”Don’t depend on people for your happiness. Let people go. The one idea you should be interested in is elevating yourself.” How about that? Dr. Jensen had a Human Design with four of his Centers Defined: Spleen Center, Root Center, Solar Plexus Center and (last but not least) ...   read more

The Most Common Regret   24 d  

"The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying"
”I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it.”: Just noting this for now a ...   read more

FZ Revisted   25 d  

"Let Me Be Perfectly Frank"
”The basis of Zappa’s animus toward the Establishment, Authority, and Received Wisdom would presumably have derived from the relevant psycho-dynamics of his youth and family of origin, but I have read that his stance against Authority may have been permanently hardened by his grossly unfair conviction on a trumped up p 0 r n o g r a p h y charge and spending ten days in jail. (Like any great artist, he was able to recycle the traumatic experience in service of his art.)” - See more at:   read more

Are You Composting?   25 d  

Chef Jemichel on Composting.
It appears that most people do not know what compost is let alone why it is an essential component in soil-building and therefore considered as ”the most important job on the organic farm”. ”... Composting of organic materials is an essential way to cycle nutrients back into the soil ... ’Producing quality compost is the most important job on the organic farm. A lot of the problems I see on farms I visit could be solved by making better compost’.” - Eliot Coleman: I’ve been composting since 1977 when I moved from Chicago onto an organic farm. It has ...   read more

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