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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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On Reclaiming Science in America--AAAS HIstory and Revival   18 h  

On Reclaiming Science in America--AAAS HIstory and Revival THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN SCIENCE, ETHICS, and FOOD ASKS TO BE EXPLORED NOW As a visionary, I contend that the conversation between GMO and Organic lovers is one of the issues of our age. History, one 1000 years from now, will look back at what we as science journalists say now, this very weekend, and the stand that scientists with integrity express. No industry can be strong in the eyes of the public that does not monitor its own strengths as well as potential weaknesses. I am deeply honored to be here among the press. I am deeply honored to be one of your Science Journalists. Thank you AAAS for opening my eyes to the good that you bring. Together, we will bridge Science and Society. I remain Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener
On Reclaiming Science in America--AAAS HIstory and Revival Garden Management Journal October 29, 2014 3:11 pm I had a powerful day of feedback and moving things forward today. I got some big Yes’s in response to requests I put out for products. It is good to know that my emails were heard and those I wrote to responded in ways to make my Pacific Symposium 2014 a success. Today I worked many hours on a blog and my body allowed me to do this without the need for anti-inflammatories. I naturally feel better and can control my diet intake when my spir ...   read more

GMOs? What's on the Insecticide Part of the Equation?   27 h  

GMOs? What's on the Insecticide Part of the Equation? Rachel Carson, in the classic work, "Silent Spring," said more than fifty years ago that if we kept using the insecticides the way we were, the chemicals would no longer work, and where would we go from there? Dr. Ramon J. Seidler, Ph.D, former EPA Senior Scientist paraphrases her in an excellent interview with Kathleen Hallal of WWGF News. We have reached the point that we can go no further using this GMO approach to farming. We are in the process of producing super insects that cannot be controlled. The insects have developed resistance to all the insecticides we are throwing at them. It's time to get the message out. GMO farming is all about pesticides, Making calls today to Label GMOs in Oregon & Colorado is a good next step to stop the insanity. Both Governor candidates in Oregon are asking for YES on Labeling, David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap reports in this interview.

#pacificsymposium2014 will have FES Formulas   45 h  

#pacificsymposium2014 will have FES Formulas
#pacificsymposium2014 will have FES Formulas One of my joys of the yearly Pacific Symposium, this year November 4-11, 2014 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel is introducing old and new friend practitioners from around the world to the Flourish Line of emotional remedies, and the Seasons of the Soul kit from the Flower Essence Services. This delightful kits are arsenals in my frequent use to maintain some semblance of balance. The potential of the Seasons of the Soul Oils is vast among those who do bodywork. If you are nearby the Catamaran Resort Hotel toward the ...   read more

#pacificsymposium2014 will have FES Formulas   45 h  

#pacificsymposium2014 will have FES Formulas
#pacificsymposium2014 will have FES Formulas One of my joys of the yearly Pacific Symposium, this year November 4-11, 2014 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel is introducing old and new friend practitioners from around the world to the Flourish Line of emotional remedies, and the Seasons of the Soul kit from the Flower Essence Services. This delightful kits are arsenals in my frequent use to maintain some semblance of balance. The potential of the Seasons of the Soul Oils is vast among those who do bodywork. If you are nearby the Catamaran Resort Hotel toward th ...   read more

#Pacsymposium2014- Prep Time and Focus!   53 h  

#Pacsymposium2014- Prep Time and Focus!
#Pacsymposium2014- Prep Time and Focus! 4:17 am Oct 28, 2014 FACEBOOK ALBUM REMINDERS #Pacsymposium2014 PCOM STUDENT COUNCIL ON TWITTER   read more

Gluten Free Ebola South Park   6 d  

Gluten Free Ebola South Park
Gluten Free Ebola South Park!airdate   visit the page

Harmony for Humanity David Pearl Concert October 23, 2014   6 d  

Harmony for Humanity David Pearl Concert October 23, 2014, San Diego State University
Harmony for Humanity David Pearl Concert October 23, 2014 San Diego State University Sara Appel-Lennon, Committee Chair for the Harmony for Humanity concert with Yale Strom, Jewish Studies Program Artist in Residence, San Diego State University (SDSU) The concert was October 23, 2014, the day of a partial eclipse. The following day was Global Oneness Day around the world. This was the fifth year of the Harmony for Humanity event at SDSU. Sara Appel-Lennon expressed a dream to see the event grow in San Diego. She would like it to be one day at Symphony H ...   read more

index to Iphoto Libraries   6 d  

index to Iphoto Libraries I have been switching from Iphoto Libraries….I have been looking at this one, 3rd Festival-National Heirloom Expo 2 for a while. I need to get back to my Current Library. I want to upload photos from today.
3rd Festival--National Heirloom Expo 2 Albums Some of the photos from the EG backyard are here. Some Pacific Symposium photos are here. Come Grow with Us Or Rekindling of Faith OR Events Folders   visit the page

Global Oneness Day is Now! Listen in!!!!   6 d  

Global Oneness Day is Now! Listen in!!!!
Global Oneness Day is Now! Listen in!!!! @Goneday Incredible and very inspiring….A clear invitation to come down on the field, I am supportive of @rareseeds The National Heirloom Exposition. Plant Your Dream Global Oneness Blog Post My Plant Your Dream Blog Raw Notes:   read more

Another Day of Severe Bowel Incontinence   6 d  

Another Day of Severe Bowel Incontinence
  read more

Taking Some Action!   7 d  

Taking Some Action!
I have not heard back from a big sponsor that I had in mind for the upcoming Pacific Symposium. It started to shock my system. I was feeling grumpy last night and started to express it to Nadine. Sorry about that! I blogged yesterday: I am hungry now. I spent the day going to Lab Corps three times to turn in test results. Part of it was physically messy. My Health Picture My health picture is a big question mark and that is getting to me this morning. I really am feeling the results of throwing in the ...   read more

Collecting Raindrops   8 d  

Collecting Raindrops
Collecting Raindrops 6:52 am Oct 22,2014 This is the first morning that I have consciously collected raindrops since returning home from a near one-month journey on the road.. 7:16 AM STILL GATHERING RAINDROPS I’m doing a 24-hour urine test. It’s about up in seven minutes. Going to take this into lab Corps. Hopefully this will provide a little more profile regarding the condition of my kidneys and what to eat. I’ve had kidney stone issues two years in a row. My goal this new year is to improve. I do not want to have another hospital visit in 2015. ...   read more

took a break...aztec volleyball   10 d  

took a break,,,aztec volleyball
took a break...aztec volleyball I like watching these women play. enjoyed especially   read more

Nadine's Favorite Ingredients--Fall 2014-Spring 2015   10 d  

Nadine's Favorite Ingredients--Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Time to redo the graphic! Time to order Nadine's Favorite Ingredients and mine for our Fall to Spring 2015 Projects. Eden Foods are on my list and I am ordering some now looking at the Online Catalogue. It is making me hungry looking at these high quality foods!
Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients--Fall 2014-Spring 2015 I am in recovery from my month long trip to The National Heirloom Expo. That next journey is slated for late summer to early fall 2015. The dates of the event are September 8,9, 10 2015. My first outing will be Spring for the Natural Product Expo West where I visit with my sponsors that are chosen because of the quality of their products. I will be visiting with Michael Potter of Eden Foods. Eden Foods are on our top list of products that we feature in the Enchanted Garden Pantry at home. I am looking thr ...   read more

Frey Wines belongs on Top Shelf where I shop   11 d  

Frey Wines belongs on Top Shelf where I shop
It’s time to prepare for the Pacific Symposium. I want to take time to thank sponsors who have helped me on my Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds. Among them is Frey Vineyard. When I see my sponsor allies at the Pacific Symposium, I want to offer some of them a bottle of this wine. I ultimately would like to see Frey Wine served in the bar at the Catamaran. They already go so far as to serve Stone Brewery beer, another local San Diego company I admire. Frey wine, among those companies that use their resources to make a better world. MORE LATER… started this insp ...   read more

Eden Foods Research & Why I support this Company   12 d  

I have been writing and researching about Eden Foods and the idea of Boycotting their products all day. I found some very intelligent comments that I have reprinted on the Plant Your Dream Blog from members of the Willy Street Co-op is WI. Their members expressed opinions on to continue or discontinue stocking Eden Foods. I may not agree with all the Values that Eden Foods Owner Michael Potter is reported to have said, however, if the intelligence expressed by some of the Co-op Members has anything to do with them eating or choosing Eden Foods, I support more people raising their intelligence through eating from the Eden bounty online catalogue that is available online here: I highly support people left and right on the political spectrum going out and eating more from this company that supports indigenous farmers and raising the bar on food reform in America.--Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, Plant Your Dream Blog. One Willy Coop members says: "I'd like to see us ask the questions, "What opportunities for discussion, action, change does this circumstance provide? What is the root of the problem?" I agree.
UPDATE October 23, 2014 4:41 pm Spoke to Michael Potter today for about twenty minutes over the phone. I believe he is sincere that his primary complaint was government overreach. His employees choose to use whatever birth control method they choose. He simply noes not feel the Government has a right to be asking him to pay for this. The belief that the Government was overreaching was a vote taken by the Eden Board of Directors composed of three women and two men. Two women and one man voted to take this action against the government. My sense, from our conversation is t ...   read more

Spreading the word about the National Heirloom Expo 2015   13 d  

Spreading the word about the National Heirloom Expo 2015 This Plant Your Dream blog tells the story of how I was drawn to participate in The National Heirloom Expo, The World's Fair of Pure Food. The Fifth Annual event will be held September 8-9-10, 2015 in Santa Rosa, CA. I am seeking support for this Seed Dream: I want to help The National Heirloom Exposition become more well known through the "Vehicle" of The Enchanted Garden Mobile's Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds and my writings on the Plant Your Dream Blog. The Enchanted Garden Mobile is my 68 VW Van. I have successfully completed the 1600 mile trip three years in a row. Each trip has been a Rekindling of Faith in my ability to surmount health issues and concerns that "she" and I would be able to successfully make the trip.
I am working on this blog…it is incomplete… 10:26 pm October 17, 2014 Spreading the word about the National Heirloom Expo 2015 Notes with Paul Wallace I had a meeting with Paul Wallace yesterday on the phone. Paul is the director of the Petaluma seed bank as well as the national heirloom expo held each year at the Sonoma fairgrounds. The next show is September 8-9-10 2015 and I’m going to do everything I can to be there. I hope you’ll be there too. My journey to the National Heirloom Expo began at the Hillcrest Farmer’s market in San D ...   read more

Looking ar Rick's grant idea   13 d  

Looking ar Rick's grant idea
Looking ar Rick’s grant idea   visit the page

Psychological case study for Israel Trip?   13 d  

Psychological case study for Israel Trip?
Psychological case study for Israel Trip? Do i dare write this up? A Journey into the dark side of me Now. How to I get my physical health back? THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS The Holy Squash Rebuffed at Elijah M? Simple goal…not followed up on. Did get the CD from Echoes of Shlomo psalm to Anne?Who has a copy? 10/17/2014 8:03:38 AM Support Russ Pierce What Judith Reno said Mayah   visit the page

Learning the Kaddish Prayer   14 d  

Learning the Kaddish Prayer
Learning the Kaddish Prayer October 16, 2014 8:12 am Uploaded on Mar 20, 2009 From Internet notes: Did you ever want to know the meaning of Kaddish? This video will give you insights into Kaddish that will forever change the way you look at Kadish. You will understand the deeper meaning of Kadish which will comfort you in these difficult times. Extended Version RAVEL KADDISH I like this! Singing Kaddish This melody is familiar to me. ...   read more

PCOM & Pacific Symposium 2014 Updates from @YourEG   16 d  

PCOM & Pacific Symposium 2014 Updates from @YourEG
PCOM & Pacific Symposium 2014 Updates from @YourEG Garden Management Journal Felt empowered yesterday in my first visit back since coming home from about a month on the road to The National Heirloom Expo, and the High Holidays with B’nai Horin in Los Angeles/Simi Valley. Beth did a good treatment. It was fun and healing to interact with my long time friend Warren Sheir, a supervisor at teacher at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He gives my life continuity. Spent time with Tiffany. I put some flowers at her door. I am going to make a regular ritual of thi ...   read more

Simpson Library _Department of Agriculture Events Update   16 d  

Simpson Library _Department of Agriculture Events Update
Nine weeks after the initial story broke, July 31, in the Carlisle Sentinel newspaper covering events in Mechanicsberg, PA, and the initial story about the Simpson Seed Library-Department of Agriculture communications, stories containing misinformation and inciting public opinion continue to spread the rumors that the Department of Ag Crack downed on the Seed Libraries with the intent of stopping participation in the Seed Library. Paper 11, a collection of auto generated listing of information stimulated by reader ratings, continues to reprint stories that attempt to indicate th ...   read more

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